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Floyd varient 2

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by kmcphoto, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. kmcphoto

    kmcphoto Well-Known Member

    So, if I order a case, there is no way of ensuring that I would get one? That seems alittle quirky. It looks to me like a way the guys at Palisades just found a way to jack up sales. You will now have serious collectors (also hugh muppet fan) like myself going out, buying a case, and getting screwed by not finding one, then I will have to go out and buy another. Now I know this will proballly scorn the usually friendly Palisades loyalist on this site, but I think if you have been collecting for a long time, like most of you have, this doesent seem right. I mean, I thought it was pretty rotten the only way to get a totally invisible Beaker was to be at a "industry party."where upon most people partied, and really didnt care as we do about the figure. To me, that was a slap in the face. We are the people that keep these collectables afloat, because we relate to these figures as a part of our chilhood. And the "industry" people recieve a rare figure. So go ahead, respond to this, but remember before you attack me and my right to believe this way, ask yourself, dont I have a point?

    P.S.- And when I said "partied" I ment had a good time, so dont respond that you were insulted that I dared insinuated that there was alcohol at this event. Heaven forbid I dare be so brazen.
  2. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Before we go another further - you could have just added this to your original thread. No need to start a new one.

    Secondly - it was clearly stated that if you buy a CASE then yes, you will recieve one variant Floyd figure.

    The whole idea of a chase is that you have to work for it - bug your local store as to how many cases of figures they've ordered and hassle them as to when they'll be getting their shipment. Rush to the store, being the first to stumble upon the new figures will ensure theres a variant Floyd sitting there ready for you to buy. It's supposed to give you a feeling of Muppety goodness that you found the Holy Grail and also give the line a boost from people chasing the figures.

    I don't think being a long time collector means you are entitled to automatically get whatever rare figure is out there - in fact it kinda shows you are so used to it that your enthusiasm is waning - it's supposed to be fun to chase the figures, not a pain in the butt !

    As for industry give away figures, yes, that IS a pain in the butt - but its not the same as the chase idea, and if you don't raise your profle in the industry then you get no attention for the figures - its kinda a whats gotta be done has to be done !
  3. kmcphoto

    kmcphoto Well-Known Member

    While I totally agree with you, I didnt expect to get the figure the easy way. Of course not. I own every exclusive made so far, including the totally invisible Beaker. I had to trade, use ebay. what I was trying to get at was that I would have to by a case(a.k.a spend more money then I would have had to) to recieve it. But thank you for you curtious responce. by the way, are you sure if I order a case, I will recieve one? And do you mean ordering a case of Floyds or somthing else? Your help will be appreciated.

    P.S.- You are right about the post, I made a mistake with my mouse.
  4. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 Well-Known Member

    you get a case with all the characters in it.a Gonzo,Fozzie,Crazy Harry,and A Floyd and floyd variant.you get like 4 of everyone i think except the Floyd there is only 1
  5. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Yep - you order a case of all the different figures and you get one variant Floyd. I know it's spending a lot more money but thats the easy way to ensure it.

    Of course there is absolutely no obligation to spend more money - you could just walk into a toy shop, see it sitting there and get it for $8. It's all about the luck and the chase.

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