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Fluff Fear campaign

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by nofluff, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. nofluff

    nofluff New Member

    So alot of you who I have hit up for help before know that I run a team who travel around putting on shows for orphanages In South Africa, Last year we had a great year and managed to get a lot of ground covered before christmas believe me the work put in and the sleepless nights where worth it when you saw those kids faces the largest of which we did in a huge tent with 400 kids in the blazing 35 degree heat we went for three hours lost track of time and would have gone on longer if the stage had not given up and collapsed lol. SO this year we are going bigger and better so its with excitement I launch the Fluff Fear campaign No child should be scared to be a child so here it is https://www.design4t.com/nofluff
    I went with a parody of a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt which I loved when I was Younger
  2. nofluff

    nofluff New Member

    It seems that because I come from a third world country the tshirt company will not ship over seas only told me this after I had orders sigh so here is a link for another that does ship please take a look and if you cant buy share the link I think its a cool shirt...


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