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Forum problems

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by towels, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. towels New Member

    Is it just a problem with my computer that after I mark all messages read, and go to a different section (Action Figures, TV Sightings, etc.) that the read tags go away? This happened for a while when I first joined, then it went away for a long time, but it has popped back up again.
    As if it's not hard enough to keep up with the latest around here already, I'm having to go in circles!
    Maybe I can just ask everyone not to post while I'm catching up.
  2. scarecroe Active Member

    You can mark messages red? What color are they now?
  3. towels New Member

    They keep going from yellow to grey which is okay, but then they turn yellow again. I just want to get them when they're ripe!
  4. Jackie New Member

    LOL it's an inside joke. "What color are their hands now" LOL!
  5. scarecroe Active Member

  6. towels New Member

    Actually, I think I may have seen that movie sometime!
  7. Jackie New Member

    Did you bring the paper towels?
  8. towels New Member

    can somebody get the light?

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