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Fozzie Prototype is finished

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Adam Kreutinger, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Adam Kreutinger Active Member

  2. Animal31 Active Member

    Wow, he looks excellent! Nice Job!!!
  3. charlie bird Member

    amazing!you rock!
  4. Luke Active Member

    wow, nice work
  5. TSSD Active Member

    Great job! Looks great!
  6. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    Fantastic job.The only couple of things that give him away from being the real fozzie is that his fur and tie is a bit different.Someone will be making Fozzie tie fabric soon-
  7. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a server error with the fozzie tie fabric link at the moment.
  8. KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Adam, I gotta say bro, GREAT WORK!! I was checking out your entire gallery earlier today, but was rushed at the end so I didn't get to comment. Don'tcha just LOVE having your very own working Muppets?!? :D Pure awesome.
    Adam Kreutinger likes this.
  9. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    The link is working now.
  10. callmemilo Member

    Fozzie looks fantastic, dude, as does Kermit. I'm being a dork and working on a Kermit too, with a friend making Fozzie. Should be a fun project. You've set a nice HIGH bar to reach :p
  11. The Shoe Fairy Active Member

    Your Fozzie is looking fantastic, great work.
  12. TML Member

    Very nice work. Fozzie is one of my favorites. Adam, I'm curious, what did you use for Kermit's mouth plate?
  13. Adam Kreutinger Active Member

    Thanks, I use 1/16 inch thin low density polyethylene sheets for Kermits mouthplate.
  14. Adam Kreutinger Active Member

    Thanks for that link. Its a little frustraiting at times when making a muppet replica. the characters are inconsistent in how they look. Look at Fozzie in the Muppet show season 1 and compare it to season 3 and 5. There are many differnt looks to Fozzie bear. It was tough finding the fabric i used for the tie. it was the closest I could find at the time. And for the fur, it was just stuff from joanns. I want to order nicer fur when i do the final Fozzie. This one is my prototype, was making him to make a pattern for the final. But I have a ton of other projects coming up so i dont think i will be able to start working on the next fozzie till probably about January.

  15. AcadiaCOA New Member

    Thank you so much Muppetperson!! I have been looking all over for this fabric. Being the huge Muppet fan that I am, I have a 5 year old Newfoundland service dog named Kermit the Dog and his 5 1/2 month old nephew named Fozzie Bear. I bought a porkpie hat for when Fozzie gets bigger, but I needed to make him the tie. Kermit the Dog has a green sequinned bow tie for special occasions.

    Adam, your prototype is amazing!!! I would love it if you could share the pattern for the porkpie hat so I could make a small felt one for puppy Fozzie. It will be quite some time until he fits into a human sized hat.

    Here is a picture of my boys from Pooch Prom 2013 Fundraiser. They won cutest couple.

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