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Fraggle Fanfic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Emosewa, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Emosewa

    Emosewa New Member

    This is my fanfic I've already posted in the Fraggle Rocker, and I'm sharing for those of you here who are interested. I've actually written several stories, but you guys are in luck. I'll just post (so far) what seems to be the most favorite, and saddest. Annd you guys won't have to wait forever for me to finish. ^_^


    Alone At Last!​

    In a dark cave in the corner of Fraggle Rock shadows danced along the walls as a lone fraggle stood mixing things over a fire. "Hmm.. I must do this absolutely right or it could make a big mess.. Now.. I've added the bleach nut, I just need a few doozer sticks, and then some greaseberry dust should do the trick.." As the fraggle said this, she added the last ingredient which caused a large puff of smoke. Tripily staggered back and coughed several times fanning the air. "Wow, that was certainly an interesting reaction!" The green fraggle walked away to some paper and wrote several things down. "I'm certain this will do something, perhaps my most amazing experiment yet.. But as to what.. I don't know." The young fraggle reached in carefully with a stick and fished out the bleach nut, "I don't need this to stay in there, it has enough in it.." She leaned over and sniffed at it momentarily. "Hmm.. it smells just like doozer dust stew. Well, no one comes around my area of the caves anyway unless they need information from me, which is almost never anyway." She gave a sad sigh but then shrugged and grabbed a few of her empty baskets and left to sneak into the gorg's garden for a few ingredients since all of this cooking was making her hungry. "I can leave it out, it'll be safe", she commented as she left.

    "Great, I have to go all the way to these chilly caves just to ask Tripily for my bleach nut back since I don't want to walk even further for another. " Boober sighed frustratedly as he looked around jumping at every noise."Oh its so creepy around here, why can't she be like a normal fraggle and live closer to the Great Hall like the rest of us?"
    He happened to just barely miss the fraggle in question as they went around opposite sides of a dividing pillar of rock. When he got to her cave he noticed it was empty. "Tripily? Ohh Tripily? Are you here? Hmm.. I wonder where she went.." The little green fraggle murmured frustratedly as he proceeded to glance around her cave. "Ah ha!" he smiled triumphantly and grabbed the bleach nut but quickly dropped it, "Yuck its soaking wet. She must have just been using it for laundry.. Even though I don't see any. Oh I hope she wouldn't just leave it soaking!!" He looked into the pot it was beside, but noticed it certainly wasn't laundry. "Hm.. this smells like .. Doozer Dust Stew! Yumm!" He glanced around and then laughed a little to himself. "She wouldn't mind if I had just alittle taste.." He grabbed a spoon and dipped it into the strange concoction and sipped a little. "Hmm.. not bad.. "
    Suddenly, Boober fell to his knees and had to brace himself up against the ground as his body shook and he coughed. "Oh no! It was poisoned! I.. I'm gonna die!" He fell down weakly and closed his eyes passing out.

    It was barely a moment later when the timid fraggle regained consciousness and found someone laying beside him. He quickly leapt up in surprise and saw it was Sidebottom. "W-what are you doing here???" He quickly shook his alternate personality which complained as it was rudely woken up.
    "Hey Boober.. Calm down, I didn't do it on purpose. I was happily telling doozers jokes when I actually passed out with you. Really weird huh? Hmm. I seem to have been let out!" The twin fraggle grinned as he looked at his hands to make sure he was indeed in his solid form.
    "Well come on back! We can't let anyone see you!" Boober said, as just then he heard Tripily humming happily as she came down the tunnel.
    "Ok ok, sheesh you never let me have any fun", the wild fraggle said sadly as he shook his head. He moved quickly to Boober to 'wriggle' back into one fraggle as they'd done several times before. But both fraggles gave a sharp whimper as their heads knocked together and they fell back.
    "What? It.. it didn't work! Oh no, I can't get you back. This is terrible! Quick, quick, hide!" Boober pushed Sidebottom behind a corner as he leaned against the wall trying to appear calm when Tripily returned.
    She blinked a few times and stared at Boober. "Why are you here?" She said as she poured the stuff into a seperate pot wondering if she should try it or dump it out, and put it on a shelf so she could think on it.
    "Oh.. I.. I was ..looking for my bleach nut.." He said on reflex as he eyed her, wanting to ask her about it, but afraid she'd get mad at him for eating her stuff-though she should be glad! It was obviously terribly contaminated. The female fraggle smiled and wiped off the bleach nut and handed it over thanking him for letting her borrow it. She looked at him as he still stood there, and asked if there was something else he needed. "Well.. actually..um.. I was wanting to comment on your .. stuff.. I.. well it smelled really good and I tried a little." He said nonchalantly.
    "Oh?" Her eyes lit up as she peered at him closely and moved around him looking him all over. "Do you feel weird? Notice anything unusual about yourself?"
    "No! Um.. well no.. not myself.." Boober said with a little shake of his head. He hated to mention Sidebottom to anyone but his closest friends. They would just think he was weird.
    "Oh rats.. It didn't do anything.. Alright.. well I have things to do Boober. Please though, come and visit me again ok? Sorry to make you leave but its hard to work with a fraggle breathing over my shoulder. " She gently pushed him out of the cave and went back to looking through her newest items, not noticing the other fraggle slip out behind her.

    "Why didn't you tell her the truth?" Sidebottom frowned at him as they headed back to the Great Hall.
    "I don't like telling people about you! You're an embarrassment. It's not the fact you have fun..well it kind of is.. It's more that they'll think I'm weird having another fraggle in my head."
    "I'm not another fraggle, I'm you, just a different part of you, the parts you try so hard to deny", Sidebottom said in a sing song voice.
    "Well you might look like me, but you aren't me! You dress funny, you act funny, you are too funny. I might.. just might like a few of those things, but I'd never admit it. And you are too crazy, if I acted like you even half of the time I'd be locked up. "
    Sidebottom turned to Boober with a pained look on his face. "You really think that?" He hmphed and stepped up to Boober angrily. "YOU REALLY THINK I'M SO BAD? Well, Mr. Fantastic and Perfect Boober Fraggle! I'll have you know I was a part of you, and I know everything about you, having been a part of you. Even other memories you have buried too deep to remember! But guess what? I don't have to go back to you now. I'm my own fraggle, since you do not know how to appreciate someone who is so important, more important than you can even imagine!" With that he turned and quickly ran down the hall way.
    "No, come back!" Boober chased after him but quickly lost sight of the loudly dressed fraggle.
  2. Emosewa

    Emosewa New Member

    Where'd He Go?

    Gobo blinked as he saw a fraggle zoom by. "Hey, Boober! Where're you going? And what's with that odd get up?"
    Sidebottom panted softly glancing back nervously but then grinned. "Gobo, old buddy old pal. I have terrible news!" He said delightfully. "I think I've been bit by the Gaga Bug. I don't feel like myself, I felt like dressing in something very colorful and fun! That's the first sign! If you see me dressed like normal but talking crazy, please, lock me up imediately! I don't want to go completely crazy and hurt one of my friends. I'm just hoping this is a mild case. " He heard footsteps. "Sorry, gotta run!" He once again hurried down the hallway.
    "Um.. ok.. Well, something must have happened for him to act so strange! I better keep an eye on him." Just a few moments after Gobo said that, he saw Boober dressed like normal looking around completely out of breath and in a panic. "Um.. Wow Boober, you sure changed fast."
    Boober blinked and frowned, "What? What are you talking about? Oh! Nevermind! Quick, Gobo! I need help. It's bad, real bad. You see, I drank some stuff Trip made and it made me all sick and woozy and I passed out. And when I woke up, HE was free and HE escaped!" He said as he shook Gobo's shoulders to emphasize the horror of his news.
    The other fraggle stared at him, "Ok, it's ok. We'll help you.. um.. catch this guy.." He suddenly leapt onto Boober and pinned him down. The green fraggle showed he had a lot of fight in him as he struggled and screamed to be let up. "No, you just told me you had the Gaga bug. And I think its turned for the worse and youv'e gone delusional!"
    "I told you?!?!? Wait!" Boober frowned and instantly calmed down and turned his head to look at Gobo. "Did 'I' happen to be dressed in bright colors. In fact, did I talk and act and dress like a certain someone you met once.. in a dream?"
    The fraggle who had been pinning him blinked in realization and hopped up. "What? Sidebottom? But how could that happen? He's just in your dreams.."
    "No, he was Gobo.. He was.. but.. That potion Trip made did this to me! It split us up, and now he's running wild. We have to catch him! Quickly!" His friend nodded and they were off to get the others to help look.

    "Well, this is certainly a bizarre twist of fate", Mokey said calmly. "Oh but don't worry, Boober. Of course we'll help you find Sidebottom. He wouldn't have gone far, there's not much fun the further you get from the Great Hall."
    Boober straightened his cap and sighed, "Oh I do hope you're right."
    "Alright, its settled. Red, you and Wembley and Boober go look for Sidebottom. Me and Mokey are going to Tripily and see if she can find an antidote", Gobo said sternly and the group split up.
    When Mokey and Gobo rushed into the dark cave, they nearly made the poor green fraggle jump out of her skin. "Please, don't do that." She breathed deeply.
    "Sorry, its about Boober.. you see.."
    "Don't tell me. He's split right? Luckily I tried some on a plant, hoping maybe it would be good fertilizer or something..." She shrugged and pointed to two plants sharing one pot. "It's quite unusual. The original, "she gestured quickly to the plant that had large beautiful flowers but the leaves were whithered, " half of it got much better and half of it didn't.. But the other.."She pointed to the other plant which only had tiny shriveled bulbs, though the rest of it was bright and green. "It's the opposite... I'm not sure what this means, but i'm calling my newest discorvery the Hyde potion."
    "Well, do you have an antidote??" Gobo said impatiently.
    She laughed softly and waved him away with her hand, "Of course not. I just made the stuff, I wasn't even sure what it would do. It was his fault for drinking it. But not to fear, it may just wear off. But, just in case. I'll study and experiment to see if I can find one. "
    "Thanks a lot, Tripily! We haveta go now and see about a wild fraggle. "Gobo and Mokey said as they hurried out.

    All day long, they searched. And while several fraggles claimed to have seen him. The wirey fraggle was not to be caught. They finally had to give up, though Boober begged them to continue. "No! I'm sorry but its already getting dark. Just get some rest and we'll find him in the morning." Wembley shared Boober's cave, just incase Sidebottom came in during the night. While he slept like a rock, Boober's dreams were filled with a strange and alien sorrow.

    "Please.. is... is someone there?"Boober frowned looking
    around frantically as there was a thick fog all around. Suddenly
    a fraggle appeared walking to him through the mist. It was very
    hard to see her, but it was definitely a her and she had such a
    warm smile that seemed so familiar to him. She stepped a bit
    closer, almost in view but suddenly started to pull back and
    turned quickly walking away, back through the mists. "No!" Boober
    frowned and tried to run to the fraggle, everything in his being
    told him he had to catch her. But each step was like lead, and
    he kept slipping on the wet ground. Tears filled his eyes as he
    begged her to come back but she never did. "No, don't leave
    me, mother!"

    Lost Legacy of the Mother

    In the morning, everyone else had gathered while they wondered what to do to get Sidebottom. Wembley interrupted the conversation, giving his friends a serious look. "I think we need to do something else first. Last night, Boober was talking in his sleep. He called out his mother's name. And there were tears.. He was crying her name! We should ask someone about her, afterall. We didn't have any luck yesterday.. I can't help but have a really bad feeling about this, he never had any nightmares like this before when he had Sidebottom." The others looked at him surprised, but finally agreed. Sidebottom could take care of himself, and Boober seemed mostly worried what his friend would do to his good name. They convinced Boober to look for his alternate personality on the other side of the caves, while they went to the Storyteller, it was a stretch but she knew all sorts of things, and she would have met his mom.
    "Oh, why do you always ask me to tell you such sad stories?" She frowned and sighed looking away.
    "Please, Storyteller. Boober's had terrible nightmares last night. And we are worried, we feel there might be more to this whole Sidebottom thing then he's let on. He was crying in his sleep calling for his mother.."
    She hmped and finally relaxed against the wall and took off her glasses whiping them clean as she spoke. "Well.. I'm not surprised.. But.. if you must know. Its a tragic story.. You see, back in the days. His mother was quite the popular fraggle. She was athletic, energetic, artistic, beautiful, and was always there with a joke or a song. And happy to help any fraggle who needed her. In her later years, her biggest pride was her son Boober. She always talked about him and watched over him. He was growing up to be just like her, a fun loving fraggle if there ever were one. Unfortunately, things did not continue that way.. When she suddenly never left her cave, we finally came to check on her. But.. it was too late.. She was suffering from AFIN. We never knew she had gone traveling about in the Gorg's Garden. Though it wasn't a huge surprise, she loved to wander around among the flowers and things , and loved seeing the blue sky. And Boober, he was such a small child, how could he have known she was sick? He merely thought she was very tired, from being so energetic, he only thought it was natural she'd need an extra nap here and there. It was much too late, we couldn't do anything for her. We were all quite upset you understand.. But Boober.. Oh poor poor Boober. I remember when your Uncle Matt told him the news.."
    "Uncle Matt told him??" Gobo gasped in surprise.
    The storyteller frowned at being interrupted but shook it off and gave a somber sigh. "Indeed, and even he had tears in his eyes, the child just couldn't accept her death. After that day, he was never the same. He blamed it on her lifestyle. So he shunned away from laughter and happiness. He's gotten better, he does try not to enjoy life though I do occassionally catch him singing, or enjoying a joke secretly. He can't deny who he is.. But, sometimes I feel almost like he's forgotten the reason he's trying to hide.. Like.. he's forgotten his mother deep inside." The fraggle sniffed wiping a tear from her eye and quickly went back into her room, slamming the door in their faces, as she tried to calm herself.
    "Wow, poor Boober. No wonder he's so miserable.. "Mokey sighed sadly.
    "Let's go talk to him, we have to settle this. Its no wonder he's become so obsessed with medicine. Deep inside, he doesn't want a repeat of what happened to his mother.." Red said simply and headed off with them.
    They found the red haired fraggle looking in some caves and he jumped as he heard them behind him. "Oh, there you are! Did you find him?" he asked hopefully.
    "No, but we did find out something about you. Why didn't you ever tell us about your mother?"Gobo said.
    "My.. my mother? What are you talking about? We have to find Sidebottom." Boober turned to continue looking, but was grabbed by Wembley.
    "Its ok, Boober. I'm sure it must be painful, but maybe you created him because you couldn't handle things. You needed to let out that fun side.. After you tried to hide it."
    The small fraggle pulled himself free, "I really have no clue what you are talking about. I never knew my mother!" He frowned simply. "And I don't appreciate you getting so off track. We aren't looking for her.. We are looking for Sidebottom. Remember?" He shook his head muttering about easily distracted fraggles and stormed off looking, while his friends shook their heads sadly.
  3. Emosewa

    Emosewa New Member

    Face the Past

    Another day passed, and there was no sign of him. It actually had the others worried. What if something had happened to him? What would become of Boober without his fun side? Indeed, as the day passed Boober became more solemn and quieter. He was quick to a temper with them, and when Gobo finally stood up to him about it, the fraggle broke down in tears saying he felt empty and just a pain inside he couldn't explain. It was frustrating and stressful for him, and he wanted Sidebottom back as soon as possible. Finally Mokey and Red forced him back to his room to do some cooking for dinner, since it would calm him, and they went back out to look for the missing fraggle. Again, they found nothing that night and had to regrettably give up. They told Boober to stay home and relax. Once again his night was plagued with nightmares, and so a few hours later after he woke up, his best friend came to visit him. Wembly went into his room a few hours later, and saw Boober calmly sitting watching the laundry dry."Hey Boober, how you feeling?"
    The fraggle sighed and took off his cap and wrung it in his fingers, "I.. I feel nothing Wembley.. I normally love doing laundry, but.. I don't. I don't dislike doing it either.. It's just.. I feel all numb inside.."
    The light green fraggle sat by his friend and patted his shoulder. "Don't worry! I'm sure its just because of all this stress, what with the nightmares and Sidebottom missing.."
    "What nightmares?"
    "You really don't know about the nighmares you had last two nights?"
    He shook his head and Wembley frowned. "It's ok.. We'll.. we'll tell you about it later.. "
    "No, you'll tell him now.." a voice said from behind. It was Sidebottom. He was leaning against the doorway with his arms folded.
    "W-where have you been?" Wembley stuttered in his surprise.
    "In the Gorg's Castle.. There was a tunnel to there didn't you know? It was so fun, I had Junior thinking his shoes could talk, and I told him such funny jokes. "The fraggle laughed softly then shook his head and walked closer. "But I'm tired of Hide and Seek."
    "You were playing? I thought you were mad at me.." Boober said softly.
    "I AM mad at you! But I am also a part of you, so I don't hate you. And I'm willing to have an apology.. But I think you are starting to understand.. I am a part of you. You have buried your mom's memory and I remember it crystal clear. It's a big part of me afterall, and its time you start facing your darkest fears. You're afraid of losing someone close. You couldn't handle her, so you pretended it never happened, she never existed. Well, her memory is deep inside, and you need to see it again. Do you remember the lullaby she used to sing?" He said facing his original more seriously then he'd ever appeared.
    Boober shrank back, "Y..You're lying, trying to confuse me!"
    "When the rock is dark..
    And your home is hard to see..
    Just listen, and I'll sing
    A little song for thee.." Sidebottom's voice sang out in a soft almost soprano voice.
    "NO!" Boober covered his ears staring at the fraggle angrily.
    "Your heart might be asleep
    And its time you did too.
    But one day you will awake,
    And I'll be there,singing this song.. for you.."
    Boober feel to his knees sobbing and holding onto Wembley's hand, since he was right there. The small blueish green fraggle's body shook and he sniffed slowly turning to look up at the fraggle who had been singing. "Why? Why are you making me remember?"
    "I should slap you for forgetting! She loved you,and you show her how much you care by forgetting? Remember your mother, and everything else you are hiding in yourself.. It's time!" He grabbed the kneeling fraggle and shook him.
    Finally Boober hugged his lighter side and cried more, "I.. I remember! But I don't want to remember the pain.. I don't want to remember having to say goodbye.."
    "We all say goodbye sometimes, Boober. Just concentrate on the happier times, and remember those that are gone are always with you .. deep inside.. If you never met anyone, you'd never grow. And meeting someone, means one day you'll have to say goodbye. "
    He nodded and sniffed looking away. "Thank you.. I .. I'll try to remember.. and not dwell on death and disease... well not so much." Sidebottom grinned at him and shrugged.
    "Hey, its a start.."

    Back to Normal?​

    The fraggle five had been so busy, they hadn't heard the news of the creeping clingers that had set in around a few of the outer edge tunnels and caves. So there were flowers everywhere in the Great Hall, and Boober, with Sidebottom's help (he didn't feel so empty when he had Sidebottom nearby) helped pass them around. Though every once in a while, there wouldn't be any fraggles in need of blossoms and Sidebottom took that moment to leap into the pond, since he was so aggrivated that Boober never went for a swim. Of course, Boober turned right around and scolded him. For two days this continued, Boober unfortunately still had the occassional whimper in his sleep but he faced it strongly and got better because of it. Sidebottom didn't help matters by constantly running off to have his own fun. He even one time gathered a group of Doozers and somehow managed them to do an opera. Secretly, he had gotten Convincing John to do it, since he found it quite a laugh, as did any fraggles who happened upon it. Sidebottom was constantly in the attention of his friends. He was embarrassed when the others first found out about it, but they all loved the fun and frantic fraggle. Gobo and Red had gotten him to go with them for a round of Follow the Leader through Spiral Cavern, but soon Sidebottom said it was enough. He hadn't seen Boober for hours and was getting worried.
    They went to where they found Boober in a huff cooking quickly.
    "Hey Boober ole pal! What'cha making?" Sidebottom slid into the room suavely and Gobo and Red left, since they saw he was alright.
    "Dinner, I still do important things while you run off with my friends." THe fraggle said firmly, trying not to be mad, but gave off the aura of his sulking mood.
    "You're jealous. You shouldn't be, remember I'm a part of you.. While not physically at the moment.. It's still true. And they are your friends before mine, they are just not used to me. Give it time and they'll be back around you like before.. Well, when you let them."
    Boober tossed down his apron and turned to Sidebottom waving his spoon threateningly. "I don't care! I'm being very nice to you Sidebottom, and maybe.. we are the same. And I'll accept that. But you don't understand that they are fraggles. Of course they'll always like you. Why would fraggles care about cooking and cleanliness when they can have jokes and songs?"
    "Now now. That's not true, they do appreciate you, but they don't find waiting around for it to get done very fun. And you act so bored of jokes." Sidebottom smiled leaning against Boober's back as he talked, peering over to look at the food.
    "Stop it! I know, you're right. But, it doesn't help that this lack of attention makes me feel under appreciated. Sometimes.. I wish you were back in me, and not around where they can enjoy you."
    Sidebottom moved back from him, "you know you don't mean that! I'm your buddy and you like having me around, I know because we're one and the same! And I'll never be gone.. not really. so.. just admit you can't stand having me not around."
    Boober rolled his eyes and laughed weakly stirring his soup. "Oh, like I could care less about you? Though I guess things couldn't get worse."
    The next thing he heard was Sidebottom collapsing to the stone floor of his pantry.
  4. Emosewa

    Emosewa New Member

    Just for reference this color means Boober and this color means Sidebottom and this color means both of them at once.

    Don't Say Goodbye

    "Hurry! I need help!" Boober gasped as he carried the unconscious fraggle. Gobo and Wembley helped lay him down on Gobo's bed, since they were all in his room. "What's happened to him? He's suddenly burning up in fever, and he seems so weak."
    "It's.. its all my fault! If I hadn't had any of that stuff to drink, this wouldn't have happened.." Boober sobbed into his hands.
    "Don't be ridiculous.. its not your fault.. "Sidebottom said weakly as his eyes fluttered open.
    "Sidebottom! Y.you're ok!" Boober said as he stood by him.
    "Of course I am.. don't be silly, I'll be fine.. I just.. need to rest.. "He closed his eyes but slowly pushed himself up to sit up against the side. "Hey.. can I talk with my buddy Boober alone?"
    Everyone nodded and left quietly. Boober rubbed his face trying to keep from crying , and Sidebottom chuckled weakly. He gave a low moan as he moved to grab Gobo's guitar and played alittle note. "You could have been quite a musician, but you're happy with that old blues harmonica of yours.."
    "Sidebottom.. I.. "
    The sick fraggle shushed him quickly and started to play a song:

    Who knows why you're so loud,
    Why knows why you're so glum,
    Who knows why we bug each other so?
    And who knows why its so hard being apart..

    Who knows what you saw in me,
    Who knows what I saw in you,

    Who knows what it is that makes us so different?
    And who knows what is it that still makes us friends.

    Boober frowned as Sidebottom sighed heavily and rested back against the side and grew quiet and stopped playing.

    Who knows why I was always so angry with you..
    Who knows why I fought so hard..
    Who knows why I regreted our first meeting..
    And who knows..why..its so hard.. letting. you go..

    He quietly grabbed the guitar and moved it back and gently nudged him. "S-sidebottom? Sidebottom?? Say something? Um.. w-wanna hear a joke? hehe.. um.. What do you call a smart gorg? A mountain!" He chuckled weakly as his nervousness grew and he shook him."Come on..w-wasn't that funny? Why aren't you laughing?" Tears started to appear in his eyes and he cradled the silent fraggle's head to his chest. The others peered in from the doorway and watched sadly with tearfilled eyes and quickly moved away to leave him in peace.
    Down the hallway, they ran into Tripily who held a withered potted plant in her arms. "Guys! I'm sorry.."She panted heavily catching her breath. "Its..the potion.. It seems that its the only thing keeping the duplicate alive. Once its run its course.."She rubbed her eyes showing them the plant. "I've tried everything.. there's nothign I can do.. Oh it's all my fault. "
    "No, its.. its not your fault! You didn't mean for anyone to drink that stuff." Gobo consoled her and they continued away, leaving Boober to his privacy.

    "Heh.. that was.. pretty good. But.. I ... have a better one, Boober old buddy."Sidebottom's voice spoke up softly.". What do you call someone who works harder than you?" He gave a weak grin up at Boober's confused but relieved face. "A doozer.." He laughed a bit and Boober laughed loudly with him. A few moments after the laughter started, Boober was looking down at the quiet fraggle and his laugh turned to a loud cry. The fraggle in his arms was turning cold and limp in his arms. He sobbed into his shoulder and when his voice became too hoarse for a decent cry, and his eyes had become dry after so many tears, he rocked him weakly and whimpered. "Please.. please .. say something.. anything.. You. .you can't leave.. you're part of me. Sidebottom.. wake up.. please.. I need you..." He knew that nothing would wake his friend again...
  5. Emosewa

    Emosewa New Member

    You Can Never Lose Yourself

    They spent several hours working together to bury Sidebottom in a nice spot not far from the Great Hall where he wouldn't be bothered but he could always be close to the fun, just as he wanted. Mokey spent the entire occassion reading a poem to him, and Wembley and Boober worked hard to find a nice stone to work as a memorial and etched into it. Now, when fraggles came, they would see a spot that looked like any other in the caves with rocks, save for there was a bouquet of flowers there and scralled onto the stone as neatly as possible:
    "Here lies Sidebottom,
    A Fraggle Who Lived For Fun."​

    They gave a moment of silence before leaving Boober to mourn. An hour later, Wembley went to retreive his friend. "You can't just stay here.. Sidebottom wouldn't have wanted that. And its not good for you. I know how you feel, Boober. I lost a friend once." He said softly trying to help his friend.
    The shorter fraggle turned to him with a frown. "You lost your friend? You're right, that was terrible. But it was a mudbunny you had just met. He was a part of me! And he died right in my arms..." He whimpered covering his face.
    Wembley sighed sadly. "But..if he's a part of you.. He's never really gone." He looked down at his feet as Boober refused to reply to him, just hoping his presense was enough. Though a moment later Gobo came down the hall to retreive him.
    "Sorry, Wembley.. I know he's really upset right now. But I could use alittle help. It seems Tripily's really torn up about what's happened and still blaming herself.."The light green fraggle nodded to his best friend and they solemnly said goodbye before leaving the lone fraggle.
    That night, after they finally calmed the estranged fraggle, they had all gone to their rooms for sleep. They were sure it was all they ever needed. While Boober laid back in his bed, he once again had a strange and important dream.
    "Sidebottom? W-what? You're alive!" Boober exclaimed
    as he hugged his friend tightly. Sidebottom sighed and
    laughed as he shook his head. "Don't you ever learn, old
    buddy? I never was alive really. Well, ok that body was
    very much alive. And it's gone now, as much I go. You've
    really grown a lot this past week and we are both very
    proud of you.." When Boober wanted to ask what he meant
    he saw the fraggle from his dream before. His mother!
    She smiled and wrapped an arm around Sidebottom
    like the motherly character she was. "I'm very proud of what
    you've become, Boober. And I'm always here in your heart
    as is your fun side. Though he will not visit you as he did
    before. You've changed and have learned to accept both
    sides of yourself. So you will never truly lose either of us."
    She suddenly vanished like a puff of smoke and Boober
    wanted to cry out for her, but his twin stopped him. "She
    can't stay.. Just like I can't.. I have something to tell you,
    but first how about a little fun before I go?"
    Side bottom grinned as he started to dance with his other
    side. And they went into singing "I'm Never Alone" and
    it did make Boober feel much better. But then Sidebottom
    sighed heavily. "Now it's time for me to go. But.. Boober,
    you've really grown and learned to accept all parts of
    yourself.. So.. I think you're strong enough to take what
    I have been hiding from you .. for a very long time. It's another
    memory you've forgotten.."

    Boober sat up in bed in a cold sweat panting heavily. He looked around and sighed heavily. "I.. I'm gonna miss you Sidebottom. Just like I'm sure.. deep inside I've always missed mom.. Now I know I gotta be stronger, and appreciate the fun that we have.. But now I also know the truth.. That I need to one day return to the fraggles I came from.." He laid back down, as it was still late and it had been an exhausting day. He knew things would be better, but there was also a long journey awaiting him..

    (yes, really)​
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    Poor Sidy. :cry: :cry: :cry: Poor, poor, poor Sidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Read it with a sob. The keyboard got wet through.
    Emo! You`re a great and, yes, very prolific writer!!! (GRRRRR! When I only shall be free at last too to write my stories till the end!)
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    Now that I got through all that... wow.
    I love it.
  8. Emosewa

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    Yeah on the other forum I did it all up chapter by chapter. But since it was already completed I just put it all together in one huge chunk here. ^_^ Sorry 'bout that. Glad you like it though!

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