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Fraggle-ish Muppets

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Rymoore21, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Rymoore21 Active Member

    Hello all. I recently tried to make my own "Fraggle" style muppet. Tell me what you think and offer suggestions. Thanks![IMG][/IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
  2. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Very nice! But is it's hand stuck to the body?
  3. Rymoore21 Active Member

    No, I just had them pinned up to his chest because I didn't have my arm rods with me.
  4. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    This is awesome! Who is Francais Fraggle anyway?
  5. Rymoore21 Active Member

    I just made it up. He's my own "fraggle" creation.
  6. MuppetsandMe New Member

    he looks amazing! keep building puppets!
  7. JacobsBest Member

    Nice work. For Muppet style puppets, I prefer a solid black pupil. But this definitely makes me think "Fraggle".
  8. Rymoore21 Active Member

    Thanks so much!:)
  9. kumakami Member

    I think you did A wonderful job, The connection of the mouth plate to the lips bugs me A little....but that is more nit picking then a real complaint.
  10. Rymoore21 Active Member

    Thanks. It bugs me too. It was my first try at sewing in the mouth. Do you have any tips for connecting the mouth? Feel free to email me at rcmoore1986@gmail.com
  11. kumakami Member

    quick queston..what stitch did you use?
  12. JacobsBest Member

    I go with a simple whip stitch on the "wrong" side (puppet turned inside out). The trick (for me) is to maintain even tension/spacing between stitches and to the edge of the fabric.
    Also I do not try to go all the way around in one shot. For a smaller mouth I do it in halves. Top to bottom on each side meeting together at the bottom. I have also done it in 1/4 for larger mouth. Top to corner / bottom to corner on each side. At any rate the mouth is such a huge focal point you really have to give it some effort. In this picture you can see how even the mouth looks with this method.
  13. Rymoore21 Active Member

    this was my first attempt at using the Henson stitch on the mouth but I rushed through it. I think I have improved (see my Kermit avatar's mouth.)
  14. kumakami Member

    JacobsBest: I love that puppet!
    Rymoore: JB has it more or less right, I tend to do wrong side up and either a whip or locking whip, aka a button hole stitch. The seam on a mouth is ok to see, as theres an rather visible color change. So in there end you can't really hide it all that well
  15. JacobsBest Member

    You're Kermit's mouth looks great! And thanks Kumakami :)
    I have to add some pics of the completed project to that folder.
  16. kumakami Member

  17. Rymoore21 Active Member

    I have been rebuilding one o[IMG][IMG]f my old puppets. I am not completely finished attatching all the parts but here is my progress. Before and after:

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