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Fraggle Rock DVD Wish List

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by GelflingWaldo, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo New Member

    HIT Entertainment and Henson are starting plans for Fraggle Rock DVD sets. What type of things would your Dream-DVDs have? Please share your ideas here. Also feel free to write to HIT and give them your ideas as well.

    The address to mail your letters is:
    HIT Entertainment
    Consumer Relations (Fraggle Rock)
    P.O. Box 9000
    Allen, Texas 75013

    or consumerrelations@hitentertainment.com

    Here are my personal ideas/dreams.

    First I think Fraggle Rock should be released in either season sets or volumes. Some shows are released in season box sets which each set contain all the episodes on a season; this would make 5 season sets for the Fraggles. Other shows create volumes releases, these enclude the episodes in-order but the split points between volumes is decided rather than on seasons but to make each volume equal in size (some fraggle seasons had more/less episodes than others) or to make more volumes. Instead of 5 season sets, you could have 10 volumes. This is more a marketing thing than a practical thing. All I want is all 94 episodes, without having to buy 94 diffrent DVDs. I want box sets! Here are some "extras" I would also like to see!

    Down at Fraggle Rock: Behind the Scenes
    Muppet creator Jim Henson takes viewers on a toue of Fraggle Rock's Toronto studio. Featuring interviews with performers, writers, composers, and technicians, the one-hour show provides a wonderful backstage look at Fraggle Rock.

    Fraggles Around the World Featurette
    Dace your cares away, down at "Furagol roku", "Fraggel-Land", "Fraggelbergen" and more! Fraggle Rock was shown all over the world. The Doc and Sprocket sequences in the show were localized for each production country. In Canada, USA, and Germany, Doc was an inventor. In the UK, he was a lighthouse keeper, and in France, a chef. See clips of Fraggles in diffrent lanuages, and hear about how the show is the same and diffrent all over the world.

    Animated Fraggles Bonus Episodes
    They should place selected "bonus episodes" of the animated Fraggle Rock cartoon show in each set. There are 13 episodes (half hour each) of the show, and episodes enclude the cartoon sagas of: A Growing Relationship, Where No Fraggle Has Gone Before, Big Trouble, Necessity, Gobo's Song, Homebody Matt, Laundry Never Lies, What Boober's Nose Knows, Mokeys Flood of Creativity, What the Doozers Did, No Fraggle Is An Island, Red's Drippy Dilema The Funniest Joke In The Universe, The Best of The Best, Ambassador Gorg, The Great Fraggle Freeze, The Great Radish Round Up, Lucky Fargy, The Radish Fairy, Fraggle Babble, Wembley & the Bemble, Fraggle For All Seasons, Wembley's Trip To Outer Space, and Fraggle Fool's Day.

    Interviews with Cast/Crew
    Hear performers, writers, composers, and creators look back on the show 20-years later. Share stories, talk about their roll in the show, and give the inside scoop.

    Behind the Scenes Image Gallery
    Pictures from behind the scenes of Fraggle Rock

    Promotional Reel
    Commericals and Promos for Fraggle Rock

    Promotional Image Gallery
    Pictures, ads, publicity shots and more for Fraggle Rock

    Commentary on Selected Episodes
    Hear performers, writers, composers, technicians, and even Fraggles talk about selected episodes

    Bonus Trailers
    View promos for other Henson and HIT entertainment shows, movies, and DVDs

    Close-captioning / Subtitles on all episodes

    Interactive Menus

    ...and much more!
  2. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage New Member

    Very good suggestions there. That little "Fraggles Look for Jobs" thing, or whatever it was, could be good too.

    Weren't there 96 episodes, though?
  3. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo New Member

    Yes you're right, I don't know what I was thinking. :o

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