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Fraggle Rock Episodes: Have and Need

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Boober_Gorg, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. My Name Is Jeff

    My Name Is Jeff New Member



    Beginings – CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company)
    Wembley and the Gorgs - CBC
    Let the Water Run - CBC
    You Can’t Do That Without a Hat - CBC
    The Thirty-Minute Work Week - CBC
    The Preachification of Convincing John - CBC
    I Want To Be You - CBC
    The Terrible Tunnel - CBC
    Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk – CBC Kids
    Catch the Tail by the Tiger – CBC Kids
    The Finger of Light - CBC
    We Love You, Wembley - CBC
    Capture the Moon - CBC
    Marooned - CBC
    The Minstrels - CBC
    The Great Radish Famine - CBC
    The Garden Plot - CBC
    Wembley's Egg - Unknown
    Boober Rock - Unkown
    The Trash Heap Moves - CBC
    Red's Sea Monster - CBC
    Uncle Matt Comes Home - CBC
    Boober's Dream - CBC
    Mokey and the Minstrels - CBC
    All Work and All Play - CBC
    Sir Hubris and the Gorgs - CBC
    A Friend in Need - CBC
    Doozer Contest - CBC
    Red's Club - CBC
    The Secret of Convincing John - CBC
    Manny's Land of Carpets - CBC
    Junior Sells the Farm - CBC
    The Day the Music Died - Odyssey
    Doomsday Soup - Odyssey
    A Cave of One's Own - Odyssey
    Doozer Is as Doozer Does - Unknown
    Boober's Quiet Day - Unknown
    The Bells of Fraggle Rock - CBC
    Red Handed and Invisible Thief - Unknown
    Boober and the Glob – Unknown
    Pebble Pox Blues - Unkown
    Home Is Where the Trash Is - Unknown
    Believe It or Not - Unknown
    Wembley and the Mean Genie - Unknown
    The Secret Society of Poohbahs - Unknown
    Gobo's School for Explorers - Unknown
    Scared Silly - Unknown
    The Great Radish Caper - Unknown
    Born to Wander - Unknown
    The Incredible Shrinking Mokey - Unknown
    A Dark and Stormy Night - CBC
    Gunge the Great and Glorious - CBC
    Sprocket's Big Adventure - Unknown
    Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water - CBC
    Sidebottom Blues - CBC
    The Perfect Blue Rollie - Unknown
    A Brush With Jealousy - CBC
    Wembley's Flight - CBC
    Space Frog Follies - Unknown
    The Voice Inside – Unknown
    The River of Life - Unknown
    Mokey, Then and Now - Unknown
    The Gorg Who Would Be King - Unknown
    The Honk of Honks - Unknown
    Change of Address – Unknown
    ***More than likely the Unkown is from the CBC, but I can’t guarantee that is so.

    Treasure of the Fraggles
    The Challenge
    I Don't Care
    Gobo's Discovery
    Mokey's Funeral
    The Beast of Bluerock
    New Trash Heap in Town
    The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
    Fraggle Wars
    Wembley and the Great Race
    Invasion of the Toe Ticklers
    The Grapes of Generosity
    Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe
    Beanbarrow, Burden, and Bouquet
    The Battle of Leaking Roof
    Playing Till It Hurts
    Bored Stiff
    The Cavern of Lost Dreams
    Uncle Matt's Discovery
    Junior Faces the Music
    A Tune for Two
    Red's Blue Dragon
    Wonder Mountain
    Boober Gorg
    Mirror, Mirror
    The Riddle of Rhyming Rock
    The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer
    Beyond the Pond
    Gone But Not Forgotten
    Ring Around the Rock
    Inspector Red

    I prefer video files for pc such as mpeg or avi, but will accept any form of media.

    For trade, buying, selling, or question, please contact me at zippe@mepotelco.net
  2. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

  3. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    This thread, started by me, is way outdated by now. But Jeff, I'm curious: did you actually tape FR when it was first shown on CBC in the 80s? Or are your episodes from the 2000-01 CBC reruns (which, to my knowledge, didn't show anything from Season 5)?
  4. My Name Is Jeff

    My Name Is Jeff New Member

    :smirk: :excited:
    Actually, I didn't tape these, I got them on downloads on a file sharing program.
  5. Frogster

    Frogster Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,
    I've actually been trying to get ahold of the last episodes that I haven't seen... does anyone here feel like doing some trading? The ones I don't have are as follows:
    The Cavern Of Lost Dreams
    Wizard Of Fraggle Rock
    Ring Around The Rock
    Riddle Of Rhyming Rock
    Playing Till It Hurts
    30 Minute Work Week
    Mokey's Funeral
    Gobo's Discovery
    Beast of Bluerock
    The Challenge
    Red's Blue Dragon
    Beanbarrow, Burden and Bright Bouquet
    The other ones I have are all on DVDs; I hope someone replies... I really want to be able to say I've seen them all. :smirk: :excited:
  6. My Name Is Jeff

    My Name Is Jeff New Member

    Hey Frogster, go about 4 post previous, see the list of what I have and need. Willing to make trade!!! :excited: :smirk: :excited:
  7. Frogster

    Frogster Well-Known Member

  8. chestermcdragon

    chestermcdragon Well-Known Member

    here are my episodes

    i have 2 fraggle animation episodes,i have all of the episodes on the meet the fraggles,fun in doozer doings,search and find,haunted fraggle gorg and festive fraggle holiday videos and the 12 episode dvd,dance your cares away and where it all began dvds well im not sure what the episodes are called but i have those.
  9. Rugratskid

    Rugratskid Well-Known Member

    Are the CBC ones from the UK?
  10. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    No. The UK version were never shown outside the UK. It's only the U.S. version that get's shown the most.
  11. Rugratskid

    Rugratskid Well-Known Member

    Oh. Well if I ever find any UK episodes, I will let someone know. Right now all I have are all of the US episodes on my PC.

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