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Fraggle Rock fanfic: Song Of A Midnight Place

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Redsonga, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    Author's Note:
    This whole idea came about on the LiveJournal Fraggles group when I was asked the question about if Mokey and Boober should get together. I said..well, you will find out later ;). But it all ties into my own idea about the future of the lifes of the main fraggles, about ten years after the show ended. Some may say I take it too seriously, but the way I see it the future of Mokey most of all is more than a bit depressing. And yet, keeping the fraggles true to themselfs, they are always able to find happiness in the small things, and know that with darkness there is light...

    Song Of A Midnight Place
    By Alicorn (aka Redsonga aka Alicornmoon )


    The design seemed to be far too perfect to be natural and yet, at the same time, something somehow born of the world itself.
    The rock-formation of a lotus flower with three lonely petals reaching up toward the unseen sky beyond the stone ceiling looked as if they were carved from a prism of magical fabric.

    If a passerby was to look closer however, they would have found that the colors actually came from a collection of ordinary pebbles. Blue starfoot, clear white weedring, and rare rubysend rocks, were all intently woven together with doozer glue, were polished bright by the hands of time upon the marker.

    Even at its base, a small patch of snowdrop flowers grew on with a silent dignity of having once been faithfully cared for…

    All this could be seen by any creature that passed by with even a bit of artistic wonder. But even the sharpest eye would have to be very quick to notice the slip of weathered paper tied tightly to the central petal of the lone headstone inscribed deeply with the fraggle lettering of 'Cantus'.

    The paper was marked with a much neater fraggle hand in what had once be brighter shades of berry juice ink:

    The leaf,
    the leaf,
    the one leaf,
    from its place on high
    it falls down, down
    to die.
    In death as in life
    The song of a midnight place,
    I love you.
  2. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Wow, it seems Fraggle Rock fanfics are just popping out of the bassboards these days! Very cool!
    It's very interesting the pairing you have planned, as we have several stories here already in which Boober and Mokey are together. This one will fit in nicely!
    Just remember Mokey's my favorite, so please try not to torture her too much...
  3. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    Well, it's not just you're everyday Mokey/Boober fic, at least I hope not. The start of the fic should be enough to show that:excited: ...
    It's not so much torture as it is how I would think things would really play out...I never have read any other fraggle fics so my ideas are 100% unaffected by fandom :3
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I am already hooked! I also wrote a couple of Fraggle fics where Mokey and Boober get together, so I LOVE the pairing. :) Can't wait to read more.
  5. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    :O OMG!
    -Clings to RedSonga-


    X3 Postage...is needed.

    -Puts on a weird face-
    O_@ :D
  6. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Yes Redsonga, she's always like that.
    :smirk: Love ya Squeaky!

    No, I would hardly call any story in this story tipical, but I do recomend you read some of them. Beth is a great fraggle author, as is Ryan (Theprawncracker) and Christy B.
  7. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I have this rule I live by: Never read any fanfic for the fandom I am writing for untill I am done with said fic :). It helps, because I sometimes pick up other peoples themes without thinking about it...I try to keep my write pure of any outside things :3.
    I'm glad everyone likes it, at first I thought it might be too dark, but I'm glad no one thinks so.
    Next part will be posted..when it's done :). I don't know how long this story is going to be so I am not putting it into chapters so much as writing part by part of one big story that will be slapped together in the end, so sometimes it might be 200 or 1500 words, I can't say right now, it just wants me to write it...*goes back to writing her own songs for said fic*:excited:
  8. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member


    The colorful berry ink mosaic wallpaper that decorated the small , dank, nook of a hole in the ground was a wonder to beyond

    . A wonder that is, if anyone was not running and playing and otherwise whipping though the fraggle rock caves. Since nearly all fraggles did this by nature all their lifes, the artistic merit of the wall was left unnoticed, save for the watchful eyes of Boober.

    Secretly, this was just as the little green fraggle liked it.

    Inhaling the steam from the pot that was now shimmering beneath his wooden spoon with an almost merry bubbling sound, he raised his head slowly.

    His gaze fell upon the wallpaper, which actually was a collection of single pages of parchment all lined up neatly together. Each page had no words printed upon them but as a simple picture, nearly a living travel history of every living thing in the rock:

    Here a doodle of a flying dreedlebug , there a profile of a lily at night, and every dozen pictures or so a group doodle of five smiling fraggles together, done in a little bit more skilled hand each time.

    Boober paused for a moment in turn at the profile of two flying birds weaving together a ribbon, and much farther down, the outline of an egg with green spots, colored in with soft blue watercolor.

    His eyes trailed down to the newest looking paper, a bird flying though inky black darkness.

    Boober sighed softly, turning his red furred head back to the business of his pot.

    Suddenly a loud shrill voice rang out, nearly making him dunk his nose into the burning stew.

    "Boober? Boober Where in the rock did that little…?"
    A set of ginger red pigtails tailed into view from the doorway, followed soon after by their owners sunny yellow face. Which was at this moment smiling bright enough to light up the whole rock.

    "Oh, there you are!" She continued, trotting in with was pace that would make a gorg dizzy.

    Boober sighed again, this was the deeper more practiced sigh of the two. The sort of sigh, he admitted , he was getting a bit too use to using as the years went by. Still. He did try his best to talk…

    "Oh hello Red, be careful I just…"

    "Hey Boober guess what I just got from outer spaaa!"

    The young fraggle slid halfway across the kitchen, and fell head over tail, ending her trip with a painful sounding crash.

    "….Waxed the floor."

    A pitiful whimper of a voice trailed up from the ground.
    "I can see that. Why are..you..so extra clean..all of a sudden?"

    "I just want everything to look nice for Mokey when she comes home. Something you could have been helping me with you know." He added, pointing his wooden spoon in Red's direction.

    "Oh, that's a great welcome home present, " Red said, grunting as she tried to get a better hold on the broom she had found to keep herself upright.
    'Hello Mokey, fancy not seeing you for the last five years, so sorry about you lifemate, here, step into my parlor and break your neck!"

    Red said a quickly before the old broom gave way and sent her into another face-plant with the floor.

    "Hmm. Maybe I did use a bit too much polish."

    "I'll say…Anyway, I just got a new new..letter..from Gobo… and Wembley."

    "What did they ?...ACK!" He yelped as Red grabbed him around the waist trying to steady herself and only succeeded in taking him down to.

    With great effort Boober craned his neck up slowly to come eye to eye with the offending Red.

    "You do realize if I wasn't in so much pain I'd force you to finally read a whole one these yourself don't you?" He spat

    "Yes. Don't care. Read!" Red barked with her usual good manners.

    "All right, all right. "Dear Red," Oh he's writing right to you now is he? What…"

    "Please just read the card already…"

    A polaroid photo overlooking Niagara Falls was papercliped to the top of the letter, showing Gobo sitting on a railing bravely and waving, only half of the scene viewable thanks to a telltale thumbprint over the lens.

    “ Dear Red,
    You won't believe what we found the other day: the end of outer space!

    It's a magical, wonderful place where all the water of all the fraggle ponds go to crash over the edge!

    The oddest part about it is that the falling water makes a mist that seems to act like a love potion for silly creatures!
    Whenever they come near the edge, all the couples stop to hug and kiss.

    Even Wembley got kissed by one of them, I think he was a little upset when we had to leave her.

    Our little guy really is growing up!

    We look forward to coming home for our yearly break, it will be great having the whole gang together again…If Mokey gets back before we do tell her hi for us!

    Gobo & Wembley

    P.S. Red I think… “

    "..and thaaat's enough! Thank you Boober." Red said in a suddenly rushed tone, snatching the letter from Boobers hands from where she now stood above him.

    "A little bit secretive are we?" Boober said, a rare playful tone in his voice.

    "None of your beeswax!" Red said, crumbling the letter to her chest protectively, and holding up the attached photo to the light with an annoyed grumble "Why does Wembley always put his hand over the lifemirror?"

    " Fine, fine. I really should be watching this stew."

    "Oh no not Steeu ….!" Red's last comment trailed off from the inside of the cave as she was jettisoned into the distance in her attempt to cross the floor again.

    "And maybe put down nice entryway rug." Boober added to himself.
  9. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Ah, that was great! Very funny what with the running gag of Red slipping on the waxed floor, and the banter between her and Boober. Great and a little wistful with Gobo saying that their little Wembly's growing up. Wonder what's happened with Mokey these past years? And I also wonder how Gobo and Wembly got hold of a camera. For a bit I thought maybe Doc was with them. Oh well, maybe it was a present from him when the boys started exploring together.

    Please post more as soon as you can.
  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Oooh, I like! I love how Gobo and Wembley have been exploring Outer Space, Boober is still good old Boober, Red falling on the waxed floor, the letter and Mokey, gone for five years? Oh I must know more about this! I can't wait to read more of this story, you have me hooked!
  11. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    With a grunt of effort Boober lifted an old, worn, dirty looking length of ivory carpet up to drape it over a ridge of stalagmates, and began to thump it with a rug beater.

    As he hit it he started to hum to the beat:

    "A place for everything, and everything in its place"

    A tiny troop of dusty looking bunnies appeared from under the carpet, giving an angry chatter before running out of the hole.

    "That's what makes a home just so."

    The bunnies made a sharp u-turn farther down the passageway, away from the telltale crashing sounds that told that Red to was cleaning in her own way.

    "No one telling you what to do, having your own space…"

    She wiped her brow after tossing barbells, books, and assorted swim-wear junk over her shoulder and into the closet in a flurry of movement.

    "That's what makes home the place beee!"
    Red shrieked seeing a leftover plate of something that use to be food sprout legs and walk bold as brass across the floor.

    Boober paused lost in thought as the two sang in unison.

    "At least that's what I use to think, but now I'm not so sure,"

    Red flopped down exhausted into her hammock.

    "..could home not be just a place, but a little more?

    "Home might be feeling." Red sang softly, gazing at the letter.

    "It might only be a wishful memory…" Boober added sadly.

    "Could he be home to me?" She sang to the photo.
    "Could she be home to me?" He asked the drawings upon the wall.

    "Does he know… that he is home… to me?" Red ended the song, still with the letter in hand.

    The last section was written very neatly and carefully.

    "Red, I think about you everyday. I really miss you."
  12. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Awww, I love it! Very nice song, and very nice having Red and Boober duet even though they are singing to different people! Or well singing about different people. I love it so much, I want to hug it, and squeeze it and I'm going to keep asking for more please!
  13. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    :0 -Prods her to post-

    I melted.
    'Nough said!
  14. Pork

    Pork Well-Known Member

    I am really enjoying this fic. I love the way you've written it. Can't wait for more.
  15. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    The two shadows made their in the midnight darkness with a silent certain pace that showed a long history of having traveled by night without a lantern. Ever forth step or so the larger shadow of the two had to stop and let the smaller catch up with a hopping pace.
    But all and all they were making a good graceful progress, as they finally stepped into the great hall.

    Suddenly, a bright wave of light bathed the room, and a shout of 'Surprise!' sent the smaller figure ducking under the biggers' heavy traveling robe.

    The tall lilac colored fraggle blinked and rubbed her eyes at the vision of several hundred grinning fraggles in their pajamas come to greet her.

    "Oh my, good evening and morning everyone!"

    "Welcome home Mokey!" The crowd replied, all bowing low with great respect as in the same moment the World's 2nd Oldest Fraggles' right hand fraggle was gently prodding her and her slightly bulging robe onto the makeshift stage overlooking the pond.

    Her eyes lit up would they came across the sight of Red and Boober standing in the first row. Red of course was hopping up and down with excitement before Boober grabbed her tail tightly to bring her back down to earth.

    "It is with great pleasure," The World's 2nd Oldest Fraggle began with a cough "That we welcome back home Mokey The Minstrel."
    Many fraggles waved and Red resumed her hopping, nearly dislocating Boobers' arm.

    Mokey nodded in reply, the tiny metallic ribbons in her back length hair catching the light.

    "And we humbly request, not in anyway meant to disrespect the trade of the memory of her lifemate Cantus."

    At this, everyone but Mokey, who remained oddly still, looked to the floor sadly and a mummer of 'Moon rest his soul' echoed.

    It ended with the graveled voice of the 2nd Oldest Fraggle.

    "That is, we would very much like it if you would take on the title of our humble rocks' storyteller."
    Mokey cleared her throat softly as the crowd leaned forward.

    "I heard of your need some time ago and I would be honored to be your new storyteller."

    A yell went up that nearly made the startled fraggle fall over.

    "All right then, let the ceremony began!" Their leader shouted " Bring out the robe!"

    Mokey looked to one side and then the other as two fraggles came up behind her and wrapped a white enbordered robe over her traveling clothing.

    The melody that was welling up from the hall was a soft music box chorus:

    "Oh storyteller, storyteller, could you tell me a story?"

    The circle of fraggles asked, Boober at their head.

    "'Oh I'd be delighted' the storyteller replied." Mokey sang in a light tone

    She leaned in a bit in the direction of Boober, and poked his nose gently.

    "I'd tell of the giant glopigor and its love of parsley pudding."

    Boober put a hand to his nose slightly before the crowd welled up around him to sing in merry triumph.

    "Oh hear ye our storyteller, with her tales of beast!"

    The circle shifted, now with Red as the leader.

    "Oh storyteller, storyteller, could you tell me a story?"

    Mokey curtseyed politely to them all.

    "Oh I'd be delighted, the storyteller said."

    She mimicked a solder marching in place.

    "I'd tell of Brave Sir Comageese, the fraggle with the least,"
    She formed a set of imaginary jaws with her hands and weaved them with an air of horror in Red's direction.

    " ..who to escape his encounter with the Three Eyed Mild Melter had to cut off his own tail."

    The crowd whooped and went back to dancing in its ring, this time not stopping.

    "Oh hear ye, our storyteller with her tales of historic gore!
    Oh storyteller, oh storyteller, tell us a story, tell a story, just one more!"

    Yes certainly, which story would you like read?" She asked

    "A bedtime story," They chorused ending with the lone voice of the worlds 2nd oldest fraggle "..so all we sleepy fraggles can get back to bed!"

    With that last note all the gathering of fraggles quickly scattered back into the caves from where they came, leaving only half of the candles burning.

    The soft embers bathed the three remaining fraggles in a warm glow like an indoor sunset.

    "I have to admit, they're very honest." Mokey mused to herself.
  16. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I'm glad everyone likes my story, I plan for it to sort of be like a double length episode/movie thingie. Sort of what might have happened if Fraggle Rock had had a true future wrap up episode. I hope everyone likes my songs :\
  17. Pork

    Pork Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I do like your songs. I'm looking forward to the next instalment. Very much enjoying this Songa. Thanks.
  18. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Loving this! You really have a great style to your storytelling and I'm really loving what you are doing here. Mokey will be a wonderful storyteller! And everyone is so in character, I love Red's bouncing with excitement and Boober pulling her tail to calm her down. Just awesome! Keep it coming please!
  19. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    "Mokey!" Red exploded in a wave of emotion, hugging her old friend with a force that nearly knocked the taller fraggle over.

    "Red! Oh I missed you so much!" Mokey replied, hugging her and grasping her friends hands, starting a long ago practice of skipping in place with gee.

    "I missed you too!" Red agreed.

    "I have so much to talk to you about!"

    "Me to! " Red replied taking in a huge breath before starting to talk a mile a minute "The all rock swimming finals and Doc's new piping and the gorgs…"

    Mokey's attention was swayed as she felt a familiar set of arms hugging her around the middle from behind.

    She reached back to hold one of them softly.


    The smaller fraggle buried his nose into the fabric of the white cloak at the sound of her voice.

    'M..mokey..I..that is.." Boober's voice came at a wavering whisper "I..oh Mokey I missed how..always...you're…"

    "Oh Boober." Mokey laughed, turning around to use both hands to prop up his shoulders and face in turn.

    "You don't know what its been like," Boober's voice strengthened a bit.

    "..spending months and months alone with…that." He ended, gesturing in Red's direction.

    "Hey, what am I, a sick batworm?" Red fumed

    "See what I mean?" Boober lowered his voice
    " I think she's given me a compulsion, I really do."

    "Dear, that sounds very serious." Mokey said, equally low.

    "It is." He concluded.

    "Now wait a second ," Red said, stomping a foot "… you know tons of other fraggles who…"

    "Oh I nearly forgot you two, I brought you presents" Mokey interjected quickly before things got out of hand.

    "Yay! Presentspresentspresents!..." The little yellow fraggle shouted, holding out her hands greedily "What are they?"

    "They're from the fraggles of Northwest rock,"
    Mokey spoke as she dug into the inner sleeve of her traveling cloak "They live right near the surface of outer space, you can hear silly creatures as they walk right over!"

    Boober's face was wide with wonder but Red was simply still making 'give me' motions with her fingers.

    "I thought of you when I saw these Red, they have a very free spirited aura."

    Mokey produced two ten inch lengths of bright prism cut pink christmas ribbon.

    "Golly, look at them sparkle, these are so cool!" Red snatched them away and began to retie her pigtails with them with a doozer like vigor.

    "Thank you!" She added as an afterthought.

    "And for you Boober..I'm sorry if this isn't the right size,"
    Mokey reached deeper into a hidden pocket and came back out with a gold colored soup ladle.
    "It's made of something the Wester fraggles call 'Cop-per'."

    Boober took the small cooking utensil in his hands slowly and carefully, as if he was afraid it would brake at any moment.

    " It's the most beautiful thing …I've ever seen." He said tearfully, resuming his former place hugging her back like a living magnet.

    Mokey laughed, it was a sound that seemed oddly worn out around the edges.

    "I'm so glad you both…"

    "ACK!" Boober yelped, recoiling back from Mokey's form as something moving poked out at him.

    "The storyteller robe, it's alive!" Red exclaimed, halfway though tying her second ribbon.

    "Don't worry Mokey I'll protect you!"

    Boober yelled in the heat of the moment, brandishing his new ladle like a club and holding it over the moving spot.

    "..Filthy germ infested thing probably hasn't be washed in years…"

    "NonoBoober!" Mokey shouted, "Don't worry, its okay."

    Both fraggles gathered near the front of their friend in curiously, their tails wagging silently in lazy curls.

    "Red, Boober, I'd like to introduce a very special gift the sky gave to me some time ago."

    Mokey said in a warm way that betrayed deep emotion.

    "I'd like you to meet Poppy…my son."

    Mokey opened her rode slowly with a soft mummer of 'it's okay'.

    The tiny hand gripping her leg was soon followed by a pair of bright black eyes, wide with wonder under a patch of light yellow hair. As if considering the group of older fraggles before him he fidgeted ever so slowly, itching the back of one leg with a mismatched polka-dot socked foot, and putting his free thumb in his mouth.

    Boobers own mouth was agap in silent awe from a short distance.

    "Oh Mokey, he's absolutely adorable!" Red gasped, reaching out slowly to greet the little rose colored fraggle.

    Poppy gasped in fright, his pink fur frizzing up a little under his blue overall style shirt as he ducked behind his mothers leg again, making the silver buckles on his shoulders jiggle.

    "I didn't know you and…" Red paused softly as if catching herself in mid-thought "…hatched an egg!."

    "Didn't you read the drawing letters I sent?" Mokey asked, holding one of Poppy's hands now in reassurance.

    "Ummm.." Red said, suddenly very interested in the ground.

    "I tried to show them to her, but she would never sit still!" Boober shot out in a lordly tone.

    "Well, sooorry!" Red shot back pointing a finger at the smaller fraggles midsection. "If you weren't always trying to force me to eat your rotten cooking every time…"

    The tearful whimper of a baby fraggle made the two stop dead in their tracks.

    "Don't cry, don't cry, see ?" Boober said softly, putting an arm around Red " Red and I weren't really fighting."

    Red shook her head with a cheery fake smile.

    "Weren't you now?" Mokey asked with a giggle "Well, it might be best if we all got a good nights sleep"

    "Oo, oo!" Red remarked, grabbing the trim of Mokey's robe and starting to lead her down the tunnel. Mokey walked with a limp slowly, thanks to the still attached Poppy.

    "You guys can stay in my cave, I cleaned it up extra good!"

    Boober shrugged his shoulders with an flabbergasted sigh, trailing behind them along the cave path.
  20. Pork

    Pork Well-Known Member

    Awww, I reeeaaallly like this story. Please post more as soon as you can.

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