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Fraggle Rock on "I Love the 80's Strikes Back"

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Philo and Gunge, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. I just read that on October 21 during the "I Love the 80s Strike Back" for 1983 wil have Fraggle Rock as one of the topics. It airs at 10:00PM on VH1.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for the heads up. Where'd you hear this from?
  3. From ToonZone fourms.
  4. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Some production assistant came here asking for pictures a while back. Wonder what became of that!
  5. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    Sounds good. I just wonder how much the interviewees know about the show.

    Really? You're a member there? I'm "The G Man" on that forum, and I mostly visit The Termite Terrace Trading Post. (LONG LIVE CLASSIC CARTOONS)
  6. I'm not on ToonZone (www.toonzone.net), I do visit from time to time. I myself am a classic cartoon fan (Only 26 days till "Looney Tunes: Back In Action"). If only Cartoon Network butthead didn't can Bugs & Daffy and replacing with more Scooby-Doo.

    Back on subject, I can't wait. :smirk::excited: and all the rest.
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Ahh... Fraggles... once again on cable with no way of me seeing it...

    I wonder if they'll ever get around to doing something really obscure, like MUSCLE figures on something like this...
  8. NikZane

    NikZane Well-Known Member

    They're on in 5 minutes! I'll be back...
  9. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    The second the announcer used the term "Muppets on acid", I had a good idea of what to expect. The women kept spouting about how much they loved it, yet the guys seemed to concentrate on how hippie like the characters were. Well, it was nice to laugh at Boober saying, "It's a hiddious round thing".
  10. NikZane

    NikZane Well-Known Member

    Well, that was brief. The Fraggles were probably the shortest of the segments in this section (the others being Martina Navratolva, Kiss removing they're makeup for the first time.. and maybe something else).

    Most of the comments were good, Juliette Lewis is a big Fraggle fan. Red Fraggle was the only Fraggle that was actually mentioned, and they had a little Red plushie.

    The dude from 'Queer as Folk' (i've no idea what his name is), only referred to the Fraggles with his usual sardonic sarcasm.. "The Fraggles are another example of puppetry combined with pot smoking... they're obsessed with eating, and they look like hippies". I never did like like this guy, not since he bagged out The Cure on the last season of I Love the 80's ;)

    All in all it was generally a pretty positive 2 min segment, thankfully (they're not always positive).
  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Though I'd tend to disagree, Mokey is sort of Hippie-like...\

    Of course, I wouldn't take Untalented as Folk actors seriously. After all, which one of them will be remembered years from now, especially in plushy form... :smirk: :excited:

    I don't mind if they bag on MUSCLES... they just need to mention them somewhere...

    How could you not love a series of collectible minifigures based on a silly super hero comic book from Japan no one has ever heard of?
  12. NikZane

    NikZane Well-Known Member

    Oh fer sure... Mokey was definitely hippy... man. Ok, good point ;)

    Muscle figurines, they were those little pinkish, rubbery guys of about a zillion different shapes yeh? I remember them ever so vaguely, the name was an acronym for some ridiculously complicated title right? Miniature something something, lurking, something.... something..?

    Heh, it's amazing what crud the ol' gray matter retains sometimes, yet I can barely remember yesterday. :)
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I've seem to become the resident authority on the subject, though I totally forgot about it and never had them when I was younger.... long story short, I find out it was a japanese Comic called Kinnikuman... After reading it, there is little reason as to why they didn't import the show as well as the toy, as the show was really hyper violent (people graphically getting ripped in half), and had a lot of stuff unappropriate for viewing audiences (One scene has the hero defeating a villain, and to cellibrate[he's Giant.. keep that in mind] he urinates, then defecates on a building, while wearing fishnets).

    The actual (pretty stupid) acronym is "Millions od Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere... I have the NES video game.. it's pretty much a joke...They have one on Game Cube, much better...
  14. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon Well-Known Member

    I've heard so much about "I Love the '80s". I'm wishing I had cable right now. Sounds like there's all kinds of great stuff on there, from Fraggle Rock to Simon and Garfunkel's reunion concert. Too bad they don't show this kind of stuff on network TV... They could just take off all those dumb dating shows and stuff and put in more interesting things like this...
  15. haha, hal sparks. i like that guy. i remember when he was on the show "Talk Soup." my brother hated him because he was nothing like john henson. oh well
  16. NikZane

    NikZane Well-Known Member

    It is pretty neat... being an 80's child, watching it is like a trip down memory lane. They bring up stuff you've completely forgotten about... Like the show 'Small Wonder', with the little robot girl, I totally forgot that even existed!

    I spend significant portions of my time going "Ohhhh yeahhh!! I remember that!!"

    Ahh, yeh that's the guy. Heh, yeh he's probably alright... *shrug* I don't watch QAF, so I've no idea really. But nobody, *nobody* disses my good buddies and pals (yeh I wish), The Cure, lest they be struck down by the almighty wrath and fury of Nikkius Zanius... mwAhaHahAHh :crazy:

    LOL, hahaa... I remember now. Man, like ILT80's, you've unsurfaced a tiny piece of data that was previously lost to me!
  17. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Loved it thought it was pretty funny. I love when they make fun of the Muppets and u get to see who remembered them and who didn't like them at all. They thought it was pretty funny when whats her face wanted to know who else watched the show. Now I wished she would join but shes proubley not a big fan or something. I loved the 80's. I lived the 80's!!! :excited:
  18. jediX

    jediX Well-Known Member

    They are definately well put together shows. I really enjoy those.
  19. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    They were looking for some fanatics of extreme measures for a new show, and interviewed me because of my love of Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers (that Aykroyd Connection). Ultimately, I don't know if they scrapped that idea or what, but I did get interviewed by a magazine and they "might" run the article, and it was basically the same interview as with VH1.
  20. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon Well-Known Member

    Cool!! :D What magazine was that?

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