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Fraggle Season 3 arrives September 11

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Phillip, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    It's now official, Fraggle Rock Season 3 will debut on 9-11. A very appropriate release date especially considering that the purpose of the show is to bring peace to the world

    The DVD box set will include:
    All 24 episodes
    All-new featurettes and interviews with Fraggle Rock cast and creators
    "Under Construction"
    "The Puppet Collection"
    "The Hall of Fame"
    "The Hall of Fraggles"
    "The Fraggleterium"
    "Fraggle Gardens"
    Stereo English audio track
    English & Spanish subtitles
    Deluxe embossed collector's packaging​
    Since most all of us will be getting Fraggle Rock Season 3, I'd like to mention that if you order the release from Amazon using the link above, a small portion of your order will go to Muppet Central to help keep the site, forum and radio running smoothly. It's a great way to help MC and get a great price on the DVD set with free shipping. We greatly appreciate each person that helps support MC by placing orders through the site.
  2. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    How exciting!
    :excited: Does this mean there won't be another replica notebook then? My mom loved reading the first two!
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Nothing like that has been announced but we're hoping to have more info on the bonus features soon.
  4. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh well, I guess there are only so many notes one can have on a project.
    ;) Thanks for the info Phill.
  5. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I know this is probably a long shot, but I think it would be neat to see a replica of the sheet music for "Follow Me" or one of the MANY other songs on Fraggle Rock. I think that would be really cool.
  6. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    I think including something like replicas of the original promo cards from HBO would be a nice touch as well.
  7. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Just three months away!:excited:
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member


    Phil, you say that FR Season 3 will have "all 24 episodes".
    Does that mean it'll have the twenty-two episodes that make up (Broadcast) Season 3 and the first two episodes of (Broadcast) Season 4?
    Or will it just have all the episodes that make up (Broadcast) Season 3 instead?

    Just asking, as this was something we were waiting for Greg to report on in the old thread when the DVD boxset was announced last week.
    Thanks, have a great Fragglish day.
  9. plucky

    plucky Member

    This is awesome, a TMS AND Fraggle set this fall! I'll be watching too much TV come September now!

  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wonderful news, I'm going to be broke this fall, Fraggle Rock Season Three, TMS Season Two, Old School SS Vol. 2....oh well, it's a good thing for Muppet fans to be broke right?
  11. SweetumsMonster

    SweetumsMonster Active Member

    Excellent news,

    One of my fav episodes, The Bells of Fraggle Rock will finally be on DVD.

    It would be great to see a replica of the ''Fraggle Bible'' or a style guide.

    Also, I recieved this weekend ''Doozer Music'' VHS, its nice to see the segments specially made for the VHS of Matt and Cotterpin, be good to see this on one of the DVD sets!

    Roll on September.

  12. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

    The season 3 set will have 24 episodes. I talked with HIT Entertainment and they told me that they are releasing the Fraggle Rock sets by production seasons, not by broadcast seasons. There should be four sets of 24-episodes each. The plan is to follow the four evenly sized seasonal groupings and episode order that Henson originally produced and intended (before HBO decided to stretch the 96 episodes out into 5 seasons for broadcasting).

    More information can be found here: http://muppetnewsflash.blogspot.com/2007/06/fraggle-season-set-episode-confusion.html
  13. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    I think I'll probably just ask for the set for Christmas this year since I'm thinkng about spending my money on the Muppets Show Season 2 and Sesame Street: Old School Volume 2 boxsets. But then again, I'll see what happens. :smirk:
  14. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member


    :excited: :excited: :excited:
  15. wembleyfraggle

    wembleyfraggle Well-Known Member

    I can't wait to find out what the features mean! Like is "Under Construction" the building of Fraggle Rock 1983? or 2007? I wonder if they will say anything about the movie and so on? Im way excited no matter what though!
  16. Squall Leonhart

    Squall Leonhart Well-Known Member

    At first I thought the release date was a typo, sort of strange release date...but like Phil said, fitting. Now I can't wait for September! So we should have the complete series in 2009? I guess it's worth the wait ... seeing how many bonus features are coming with it... :excited:
  17. wembleyfraggle

    wembleyfraggle Well-Known Member

    Actually we will have the complete set by 2008. It was stated earlyer that they are putting 23 or so ep's on each season to exclude the 5th and a full season. They were protuced in 4 seasons, but aired in 5. So we will be getting 4 box sets!
  18. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Excellent! I just saw this thread, I had no idea there was a release date yet. So excited!
  19. SweetumsMonster

    SweetumsMonster Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note to all UK fans, you can buy this set from www.playusa.com for only £17.99 with free postage.

    Quite a good price, I used this company for season 2 and it was fine.

  20. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    According to this month's "Licensing Book" magazine:


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