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Frank Oz on CNN & Yoda Stuff

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Buck-Beaver, May 8, 2002.

  1. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    Did anyone else catch CNN's "Live From Skywalker Ranch" earlier tonight? Connie Chung interviewed key cast & crew members from the new Star Wars film live (from Skywalker Ranch in Calif).

    Frank Oz was interviewed via satellite from New York about his role as the voice of Yoda on AOTC and his past role as performer. Connie also interviewed the FX Supervisor responsible for Yoda, who is an entirely digital creation this time around.

    Frank said he was thrilled by the work ILM did with Yoda and was very quick to point out that ILM could actually do alot more with Yoda in terms of animation, but they are limited by Yoda's previous appearances and a desire to make sure the green Jedi master's digital and puppet incarnations are all consistant.

    Oh and FYI for you Star Wars fans - a friend of mine (who I can't name) on the west coast with some ILM connections has seen a near-final cut of the FX-heavy climax of "Attack of the Clones" including Yoda's big fight scene and he says that it is like nothing, but nothing you have seen in any movie anywhere before. Be prepared to geek out. I can't wait until May 16th.

    Getting back to the Frank Oz interview, Connie also put Frank on the spot about the rumours about his trouble with Marlon Brando during the shoot for "The Score" in Montreal. Frank politely clarified the story, explaining that Brando was "not pleased with me as the production progressed" but there was only one scene where Brando refused to take direction from him on set and he simply directed the scene from a trailer, relaying his instructions to Robert DeNiro who acted as an assistant director.

    There's more information on CNN's "ATOC" coverage (but sadly no online video of the Frank Oz interview that I could see) at:

  2. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Ol' Buddy Bert Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Frank's performance as Yoda...

    I viewed The Empire Strikes Back once more and was just amazed at the power of his performance. There was something about Yoda that didn't work for me in Phantom Menance (the character seemed rather wooden to me) but after watching Empire I realized just why the character is so beloved.

    Perhaps the only soliloqy that you'll ever find in the Star Wars canon is given by Yoda as he talks about the force. Just watch the performance and all the subtleties from the hands to the eyes that Frank (as well as his assistants) give the characters. I also think this film contains some of the finest acting Frank has ever given.

    In addition to all that, I think the lighting, set and atmosphere are perfect for allowing the audience to suspend their disbelief and put their faith in that character. He is real for all intents and purposes.

    It's a great character and great performance. I am very excited to see how they develop him further in this next film.

  3. Sir Didymus

    Sir Didymus Well-Known Member

    I saw a thing on T.V. about the New Star Wars movie, and two guys said that the old Yoda looks like a "Sock Puppet". I totally disagree because he did not look like that. He was very well built and performed.

    Sir Didymus
  4. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Ol' Buddy Bert Well-Known Member

    I saw that, it was on Ebert and Roeper.

    I think the context was that the new CGI version of Yoda is so good that it makes the puppet (as good as it was) look like a mere puppet.

    I haven't seen it yet so who knows...but the original (particularly in Empire) looked incredible to these eyes.

  5. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Sock puppet?!? hmm, i guess they are NOT true Star Wars fans.

    Well, with out that "Sock Puppet" they would have nothing!

    Allways aprecate what's there, because it could all disapear in a snap.

    Zack)Rowlf the, with out are little green coat Kermit....we wouldn't have kermit, glad he's safe resting on a rocking chair now;-)Dog.

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