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Frosty's 12 Days of Christmas Podcast

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by SJohnson, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. SJohnson Member

    Greetings Friends and Family,

    We have just posted episode 1 of Frosty’s 12 Days of Christmas Podcast. Over the next 12 days Frosty the Snowman will be counting down to Christmas with some very special guests. In episode one, Frosty talks with Santa’s reindeer Dasher. :)

    Check it out: http://swazzle.com/blogs/theswazzlepodcast.html

    You can help support the podcast by clicking the advertising link at the end of the video. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    This is completely adorable, I love it! How cute is that Steve the snowball?
  3. SJohnson Member

    Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks also for posting the link on Puppetvision! :D
  4. SesameKermie Member

    How did you get the glittery stuff on Frosty and Steve? Great Podcast!
  5. RubbeRoomStudio New Member

    at first i thought it was going to be cute... then BLAM!!! awesome... Donner, no Dasher, Santa's second reindeer... Cool
  6. SJohnson Member

    Thanks, Check out my blog I'm showing how I made Frosty right now: http://swazzle.com/blogs/puppet101.html
  7. SJohnson Member

    Wow thanks. I hope you like the next 11 episodes.
  8. SJohnson Member

  9. RubbeRoomStudio New Member

    i laughed all through ep 2... oh, man... i'm putting these on my ipod to show my family on christmas... they are gonna be a hit...
    Congratulations on being so awesome!!!
  10. SJohnson Member

    Thanks. Kevin Carlson did a great job with Prancer. When we were shooting it was hard to keep from laughing. Let me know how the family likes Frosty.
  11. Blink Member

    Great job Sean. Kevin was dynamite, but I really appreciate your character's calmness, it really helps to make Kevin's performances stand out. Kind of like an offensive lineman in football, these efforts can sometimes go unnoticed.
  12. SJohnson Member

  13. SJohnson Member

  14. Luke Active Member

    Hey, i really loved these. So funny. Especially the first one and the one with Santas bodyguard. There are some really amazingly talented people on this forum. I'm sure Kitten Rescue appreciated the plug, and from reading the Myspace, i'd like to congratulate Steve on his web design skills.
  15. SJohnson Member

    Thanks, we are so glad you all have been enjoying the podcast. We had so much fun making it. I'll let Steve know that you like his web design.
  16. SJohnson Member

  17. bezalel New Member

    Awesomely inspiring, Swazzle! Fantastic!
  18. Luke Active Member

    Great to see these continuing, i'm thinking of starting a Steve fanclub, and is there any truth to the rumor he's dating Britney Spears? I also dig the Stve keychain ... it's good to see you took a stand against commercialism and only stocked quality products!
  19. SJohnson Member

    Wow, a Steve fan club. Steve would be very happy with that. If you get it going, I’m sure he would add a link to Frosty’s home page.

    As to the rumors about Britney Spears... lets just say that Steve’s people will neither confirm nor deny that relationship... makes you wonder.

    I’m glad you like the Steve keychain - I’m also fond of the Steve postage stamp, what a great way to send holiday cards.
  20. SJohnson Member

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