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Funniest Fraggle Rock Moment!!

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by SillyRed, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. SillyRed

    SillyRed Member

    Mine is where Red and Mokey argue in the cavewarming episode.:D :p
  2. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    In Scared Silly, I think it's hilarious when Red picks Wembley up by the shirt collar, throws him down, and literally walks on him! LOL :D
  3. Sidebottom

    Sidebottom Member

    "Gobo, if they're arguing, why are they hugging?"
    "Well, Wembley-- uh, I'll ask them."


    My vote is a tie between:

    1) All Boober's arguments with Sidebottom in "Boober's Quiet Day".

    2) Convincing John (as the Vanguard) constantly interrupting Mokey in "The Secret Society of Poohbahs":

    "WAAAAAIT!!! She cannot deliver her speech until Mokey has introduced her."
    "Oh, all right... Um, this is my good friend Red--"
    "WAAAAAIT!!! You cannot introduce a speech in Oopidad unless you are speaking Uffafluff!"
    "That's ightruffafluff!"
    "Oh, yes... Um, isthuffafluff isuffafluff ymuffafluff--"
    "WAAAAAIT!!! You cannot speak uffafluff unless you are standing on one foot and twirling around on tippietoe and flapping your arms and hiccuping!"
    "Isthuffafluff isuffafluff ymuffafluff--"
    "WAAAAAIT!!! You forgot to hiccup! And therefore your friend Red Fraggle gets the Ordeal of the Glumberglotts!"
    "No! No, please, you can't do that to my friend! She didn't do anything wrong! It was all my--"
    "SILENCE!!! Do you have any IDEA what a Fraggle must DO in the Ordeal of the Glumberglotts?"
    "Um, uh... No."
    "She must wear... FUNNY NOSE GLASSES!!!"
    "And furthermore... She must juggle okrah soup!"

    I love how Convincing John always wiggles his fingers when he says "the Ordeal of the Glumberglotts". :D
  4. SillyRed

    SillyRed Member

    Another is where the World's Oldest Fraggle Bops his henchfraggle on the nose, What was his name again?
  5. Re: Re: Funniest Fraggle Rock Moment!!

    LOL!!! I LOVE that passage!!

  6. Sidebottom

    Sidebottom Member

    His name was "Henchy".

    The World's Oldest bopped him on the nose (or on the head) quite a lot. Amazingly, it never ceased to be funny. :D

    "All right, Fraggles, listen up!"
    "They are listening."
    "Don't sass me! (clunk!) Now, as we all know, every month since the beginning of time, the most beautiful object has appeared in Fraggle Rock."
    "The Fraggle Moon!"
    "Of course it's the Fraggle Moon, gorg-bait!" (clunk!)
  7. LOL!!

    Yer my fav'rite "passage re-itterater"!


    You are!

  8. Sidebottom

    Sidebottom Member

    Awwww, thanks.... :)

    I always quote from Fraggle Rock to all my friends at school. For some reason, I am gifted with an incredible memory for quotations. Now, since I'm only 18, I only caught the tail end of Fraggle Rock when it was on TV back in the eighties, and most of my peers never saw it. Since my friends always thought my Fraggle quoting was so funny, I convinced them to watch the actual show, and showed them a couple of my taped episodes. They were all really disappointed -- they told me that watching the actual episodes was not nearly as funny as listening to me quote the episodes! I'm not quite sure how to interpret that... :)

    Peace out,
    Fragglemuppet likes this.
  9. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    Definately #2,Mokey's Initiation,showing her how silly she looks following others,instead of following within herself.Thanks for the whole quote! :excited:
  10. SarahFraggle

    SarahFraggle New Member

    I love these ones," For the last time, I'M NOT A BUG!"-Cotterpin
    "What do you think I was born tommorrow!?!"- Junior
    "He's hyjacked the Doozer Mobile!"-Boober
    "Gobo, you are going to half to give him mouth to leaf resusatation!"
    "'How to cook a bug';oh a little present from my husband-uh wife,"spiderfly/odd old man.
  11. Starbelly

    Starbelly New Member

    I just doesn't get any funnier than pukka pukka pukka pukka squeedily boink!
  12. Kayeleigh

    Kayeleigh New Member

    Henchy. :)
  13. WemblerDaniel

    WemblerDaniel New Member

    Any and all Sidebottom appearances. He seems to be the only Fraggle that was based directly on shattering what was normal..... even for Fraggles.
  14. TwoHeadedLlama

    TwoHeadedLlama Active Member

    When Gobo get scared by Sprocket and made the face which is currently my icon, lol.
  15. tutter_fan

    tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    Sprocket talking like :hungry:
  16. Kayeleigh

    Kayeleigh New Member

    When Red flicks Mokey out of her hammock, and Mokey lands in the Pool< and then the Fight! :oops: Uh Oh...:( LOL xD
  17. Beige Fraggle

    Beige Fraggle Member

    The one moment that always made my mom crack up was in "Uncle Matt Comes Home." Gobo and Uncle Matt are arguing over whose methods work best for finding the Crystal Caverns when Gobo says "You couldn't lead your way to that rock!" to which Uncle Matt angrily replies "What, this rock? This rock here? This rock, Gobo?" while pointing at it repeatedly.
    WemblinFool18 and Kayeleigh like this.
  18. WemblinFool18

    WemblinFool18 Active Member

    Idk about you guys, but my favorite is probably in "Scared Silly", after Wembley is freaking out because he believes he scared himself and Boober so badly that they blew up.
    Philo & Gunge: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Noone blew up!
    Wembley: OH YEAH? Then what are we doing here, huh? Answer that!
    Always has me in stitches, that one. :laugh:
    Dodo likes this.
  19. Dodo

    Dodo Member

    "Gobo, listen to reason. We wouldn't be in the land of having blown up if we hadn't blown up, now would we?"
    Actually, I'd say we have to mention Scared Silly in its entirety if we're talking about the funniest moment :p
    WemblinFool18 likes this.
  20. WemblinFool18

    WemblinFool18 Active Member

    Honestly though. It's probably my favorite episode.
    Dodo likes this.

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