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Funniest Muppet Moment

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by LiLdUcKy, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. LiLdUcKy

    LiLdUcKy Member

    I just have a question for everyone, what is your funniest Muppet moment. Looking forward to hearing replys!
  2. PiggyPerson

    PiggyPerson Active Member

    Nurse Piggy:I may be a nurse but i am a woman first.
    Dr. Bob: Wrong you're a Pig first nurse second. Infact I don't think woman makes the top 10.
  3. Frogster

    Frogster Well-Known Member

    I have to go introduce Dyan Cannon; would you take care of Foofoo, Scooter?
    I have to tell Dyan she's on. Take care of Foofoo Fozzie.
    Uh, listen, uh, I got a date with a polar bear...take-take care of Foofoo Gonzo
    Oh, I got an anvil in the oven! Take care of Foofoo, Floyd
    Uh, I think I got the hoopin cough! Take care of Foofoo, will you, ah...uh...oh no! :sing: (Bark bark!)

    :) Let me take you away from all of this... a marriage made in heaven; a frog and a pig. We could have bouncing baby figs!

    Loretta Switt: You can't just pick her up and throw her out in the snow! Kermit: Not without a forklift I can't!

    (I just got done watching The Kermit and Piggy Story for the first time in years! It is so cool!)
  4. Mokey Fraggle

    Mokey Fraggle Active Member

    My funniest muppet moment is from "A Muppet Family Christmas". My little brother and I used to go into fits every time we saw this part! It's in the beginning when everyone is arriving at Fozzie's mothers house and everything's loud and hectic - but Beaker sticks out the most with his hilarious screeches. Right in the middle of talking to Bunsen or whoever, he slips on the icy patch and lets out the funniest squeal that I can't even begin to explain. The next time you guys watch it, pay attention to this part because it's just the funniest thing!
  5. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Well-Known Member

    -One that comes to mind,the John Cleese episode,where Gonzo catches a cannonball with his bare hand & John stretches Gonzo's other limbs the same legnth.

    -The Peter Sellers sketch,with Link Hearthrob,twisting Link into a pretzel.

    -The Announcer falling from the ceiling in Vet's Hospital.

    -Rowlf's piano duet with Fozzie."Can you play 'hatless'? I don't know,who wrote it?" "Modulate.What?Modulate."

    -Koozbanian mating ritual. "Ah,there she is,and what a beauty."

    -The Muppet Movie: the Steve Martin scene,the Mel Brooks scene,the Beaker/Honeydew scene."Myth!Myth! Yes? Good grief,its a running gag."

    -The scene in The Great Muppet Caper,when the group puts on 'funny glasses' & then-after when the dogs are released they all scurry up the side of the museum. In TGMC,when Kermit,Gonzo & Fozzie are thrown out of the plane.Piggy in TGMC,pretending in the office to be Lady Holiday.

    -TGMC:How come you don't have an English accent? Hey I'm lucky to have a driver's license.

    -TGMC:What floor are you staying on?Oh. We're staying on the fourth floor.Oh, I'm sorry. I can only take you as far as the lobby.

    -In TMTM,where Kermit pitches his movie idea to Lenny(John Landis).

    -TMTM: Maybe you expected me to go HOG-wild? Maybe you could bring home the BACON! Ahhh... the sounds of love: su-EEEEE! Oink, oink!

    -Mokey's initiation into the Secret Society of the Poohbahs.
  6. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar Well-Known Member

    -Beau driving the cab in GMC.
    -The commentary on MFS. "That telescope cost us 1.3 million dollars. Later we learned they came in specially marked boxes of Cap'n Alphabet." "But they didn't come in yellow."
    -Cabin Fever in MTI.
  7. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    :flirt: Look, everyone, Christmas cookies!
    Cookie monster: gobbles them up
    :flirt: Who was that strange blue creature?
    :halo: That my kinda fella!
  8. MockMockChef

    MockMockChef Well-Known Member

    It was on the TMS epsode with Diana Ross.

    Pigs in Space Annoucer: Is this the end of Pigs In Space?
    Audience: Yes!!!
    Annoucer:Tune in next week....
    Audience: No!!!
    Annoucer: OK, see of i care
  9. (to paraphrase) Statler & Waldorf:
    “What are you looking for?”
    “My contact lens.”
    “Oh, here it is” [stomps] *Crunch*

    Dog City:
    Bubba: “So you were a shepherd. Big deal, you sit around and bark at sheep all day.”
    Ace: “Bark? Bark?? Oh, sure, you bark. At first. 'Til one day, you bark, they laugh. Ever hear a sheep laugh? It’s a mean, evil laugh. ‘Hah-hah-hah.’ 'Til one day, you get a bat. And sure, sure, the bat works fine. For a while. Then they start to laugh at the bat! So you get a gun. And sure, sure! The gun works fine. ...For a while! You know they say a sheep’s eyes can stare right through a dog. Sheer h---. Well, when they started talking about land mines, I knew it was time to get out of the shepherd business.”

    The frog has come to have his say
    The pig will never get her way
    Bib and napkin, knife and fork
    Is the only way that I’ll touch pork

    Don Music rolling his head from side to side on the piano keys when Kermit helps him rewrite “Yankee Doodle.” “HOW can he COOK and GO to TOWN at the SAME TIME!?” Kermit’s facial expressions during this sketch are hilarious too.

    On Family Feud, the question was “Name something a little girl’s doll might do that would make her think it was really alive.” Bobo thought it over and then said, very calmly and Bobo-like, “Cr-- in 'er pants.” Kermit was so embarrassed he hid his face in his hands. My whole family laughed like crazy.

    From the Disney World special:
    :D “What do rock musicians want to do more than anything else in the world?”
    :halo: “I know! I know! I know!”
    :DBesides that.”

    Marshal Grover rides his horse Buster into a saloon and orders milk.
    Bartender to Buster: “Can I getchyou a milk too?”
    Buster: “No thanks, I’m drivin’.”
  10. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Here are some scenes that made me laugh a lot. :)

    Beauragard rocking in a chair while playing a harmonica. Then rocking so fast that he tumbles out of the chair.

    Fozzie Bear dragging an aggressive octopus into the police station.

    A bunch of football players chasing after Miss. Piggy thinking she's a pigskin.

    Sweedish Chef trying to get a squirrel down from a tree. "COOM DOON SQUIRLEY!"

    And everything in the Marty Feldman, Arabian Knights, episode. This had to be the funniest episode I've ever seen.

    Marty. "I am the genie!"
    Fozzie. "With the light brown bear!"
  11. In the John Denver Christmas show, Piggy wants to know why the bible doesn't say "Goodwill toward men and women," because (can't remember the exact words here) "in biblical times, this woman begat that one and that one begat another one and with all that begatting it's obvious there was a great deeeeeal of goodwill toward women, you know what I mean?"

    (It reminded me of the begattin' song by the Reduced Shakespeare Company; anybody heard it?)

    Also, in Rocky Mountain Holiday:
    Fozzie claims to speak Bearish but, due to a lack of communication, he's being chased by an angry mountain bear: :o "He speaks Grizzly! I only speak Paddington!"
    And I cracked up when I saw Rowlf lying in that inner tube on the lake. He's sunk way down in it with his big feet sticking out... it has to be one of the goofiest-lookin' things I've ever seen.

    But since a visual gag ain't so funny in words, I'll end with a line: when Kermit hosted The Tonight Show (man, I love the The Museum of Television & Radio! :) ), a veterinarian, Dr. Fox (of the human and not Muppet species) said "If you try to genetically cross a frog with a pig, it could give rise to some strange things."
    Piggy: "I should hope so."

    Wocka wocka!

    :o Uh, I don't get it.

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