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Fussypiece Theatre-Monsterpiece theater spin-off

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by InvaderZim, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. InvaderZim

    InvaderZim Well-Known Member

    Fussypiece Theatre is my Monsterpiece theater spin-off featuring several of my favourite things (Apple products, Invader Zim and SS)

    Fussypiece Theatre overture plays as we pan in on A.A. Fussy seated in his chair wearing his lovely black leather jacket.)

    A.A. Fussy: Good evening, and welcome to Fussypiece Theatre. Me Alistair Fussy. Tonight me proud to present, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". Story of Apple's Mac OS X Tiger and the debate over its release on April 1 . Here now, "One Flew Over Apple's Nest".

    (He picks up what looks like a script in a red school binder and reads to himself as the scene changes to three Apple execs with Donald Grump. They stop chatting about release dates and look up as a silver X on the screen

    Bert: OK, so when's the Pentium 5 out?

    Jhonen: Hey, what is that?
    Alvin N.: Do you mean the Pentium 'Dee'?
    Donald:Ernie-you could be fired unless you can ship the product you just said.

    (The Windows XP logo flies away off-screen.)

    Ernie: Maybe it's our faster G5 towers supposed to be out next week.

    (All three of them look at the camera and go, "Huh?" as the scene changes back to the studio and A.A. says ...)

    A.A. Fussy: Hey! Hold it, stop! Sorry, that not "One Flew Over Apple's Nest". No, that, umm .... (he checks his notes) ... let's see ... yeah, here. That "Pentium 5 Flew Over G5 Coup", story of the mystical but handsome CPU, Pentium 5 and the G5. (checks his notes again) Let's see, okay, here, here, here, here now, "One Flew Over Apple's Nest".

    (Scene changes to Apple's campus .)

    Steve: Sid?

    Sid W. : Yeah, Steve?

    Steve : Can the eMac have a G5 or a Big Bird edition ?

    Sid : No, Steve

    Steve : I thought the financial guy said it in January

    A.A. Fussy: Whoa! No good! Me very sorry, that not "One Flew Over Apple's Nest"! That ... ummm ... let me see .... (checks his notes) .... that, yeah, here. That " The eMac and the G5", a very slow story. Now, let's try again or me get new job, oh ho! Here we go, "One Flew Over Apple's Nest". Me hope.

    (Scene is filmed on April 1 )

    Apple rep: We just announced Tiger-just on time

    Big Bird: Wow-can I be your best friend
    Apple: You can have the first boxed copy

    (Back to the studio.)

    A.A. Fussy: There you have it, "One Flew Over Apple's Nest". Finally! Very beautiful, very moving, very silly. Join me next week for "Oscar's Grease ", story of ... a 70's love story set in northern Greece, very grouch y stuff. (He tosses the binder over his shoulder.) This Alistair Fussy, good evening. (A.A. sits back, his chin lifted and his hands across his chest as he strikes a pose.)

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