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Gone But Not Forgotten

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Frogster, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Frogster

    Frogster Well-Known Member

    This is a tear-jerker, just so you know...
    Wembley is getting ready for his first solo overnight hike. Gobo, like the typical older brother to Wembley he is, is nervous about him going by himself. Wembley is very excited about it, however, and has everything ready to go, and leaves before Gobo expects him to.
    As Wembley's walking, finding a place to stay, he decides to stop and set up camp. However, where he is planning to camp at is a falling rock zone, and as the rocks fall, Wembley is buried underneath...
    When we next see him, he's lying down with his eyes almost closed, and a tall brown fuzzy creature comforting him. This character is played by Richard Hunt, and has a fun-loving, bouncy tone to his voice; Mudwell the Mudbunny. He basically watches over Wembley and helps him recuperate from his head injury.
    After Wembley falls asleep again, he is awakened by Mudwell's singing, and the song is called, "Just A Dream Away," and Wembley really likes the song, which is good for Mudwell, because it's the only song he knows. He then gives Wembley his special soup; peach and pepper patosh, which is Wembley's favorite dish. He especially likes it with turnip toast, which is also given to him by Mudwell. He then tells Wembley to take it easy with the nasty bump on his head; but Wembley knows how to rest and have fun at the same time by playing games in his head. He invites Mudwell to play, and they have the greatest time ever.
    Next thing you see is Wembley waking up. He's alone though, and thinks that Mudwell went off to get more food. Mudwell shows up a few minutes later, and wonders why Wembley's still there. He then, rudely, tells Wembley to leave. Wembley doesn't understand, and thought that they had fun. Mudwell's emotions doesn't change, and finally tells him to leave and never dock near his mud puddle again.
    Gobo, Mokey, and Red are waiting in the Great Hall for him to return from his trip. Wembley finally shows up, but he's so sad. The others ask him what happened, but he doesn't want to talk about it. As he's crying in his room, Boober shows up, telling him to cheer up and that he made his favorite dish; peach and pepper patosh. Wembley just bawls and dashes out of the room, running over Mokey and Red on his way out.
    As Gobo's sitting on him, Wembley tells him and the others about the fun, yet confusing friend he made. Gobo then tells him that usually when people act like that, there's a reason. So, since Wembley thinks he deserves an explanation, he goes back to Mudwell.
    Mudwell is stirring mud with a stick, feeling bad for what he did to his only friend, but sticks to what he did earlier, saying it was a terrible time to go and make friends. But the mud is right, and it's time. Wembley overhears this, and asks, time for what? As he tells Mudwell he wants an explanation, Mudwell tells him that they are two different creatures. Wembley says he still wants to be friends, and that he had a good time with him. Mudwell admits he had a good time, too, and then climbs up beside the mud and lays down. Mudwell then says good-bye. Wembley thinks he's goofing around telling him that he wants to work things out. Then Wembley notices that he's really quiet..."Mudwell...? Mudwell..." Then, he leans in to listen to his heart; "He's...he's dead."
    Wembley's now sitting on a rock in the Great Hall, crying his eyes out, as Gobo and the others are not too far from him. Gobo says that they need to help him deal with death. He knows that if they do anything, they've got to do it now. So, Boober decides to get Wembley to scream his sadness out, but that doesn't work. So Mokey's idea is to hold a funeral, but Wembley just leaves in the middle of the ceremony.
    Gobo then drags the World's Oldest Fraggle to Wembley's aid, which is the worst of all; he cracks jokes about death. Wembley gets really mad at the World's Oldest and says he just feels terrible. He then tells Wembley that when you're really old and you've been in one place for so long, you can't wait for a change of scenery. This finally gets Wembley to stop crying for a sec and he laughs, then falls off the rock he was sitting on.
    Gobo and Wembley go for a walk, and as they do, Gobo tells Wembley that when he was young, he had a pet thimble bug. He built a nest in the corner of his room one time. And Gobo never knew if he got lost, ran away, or even died. He just knows that he felt as bad as his best friend did . Wembley discovers that in order to get over Mudwell's death, he needs to do something in rememberance of him.
    Wembley goes back to where Mudwell died, and there is a cocoon the size of Mudwell where he laid to rest. Wembley is carrying a bouquet of flowers, planning to rest them by his grave, when a small pink and blue creature emerges from the cocoon. He tells Wembley that his name is not Mudwell, and that he'd like to check the place out. Wembley lets him do his thing, and then Wembley starts to whistle a familiar tune he once heard from Mudwell. The new creature recognizes the tune, and asks Wembley what he was singing. Wembley sings the first line of the song, then the new creature sings the second line. Then, they add in the words of the song, and sing together.
    Then, late at night, Wembley returns to his room where Gobo is sleeping. Gobo wakes up, and asks if he finally learned to accept the fact that Mudwell is dead. Wembley says yes..."But I had a little help."
  2. Avalon

    Avalon Active Member

    Mudwell's song is one of my favorites.

    This is definitely one of those shows that transends the basic limitations of a "puppet show" and goes into something else. It's exactly what Jim was intending for Fraggle Rock.
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  3. SarahFraggle

    SarahFraggle Well-Known Member

    I have not seen this one but had only a small decription of it. While reading this and got to the part where Mudwell died and I started to cry, now I really want to see this one. :cry:
  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Bump! Just A Dream Away is one of my favorite songs. I had my dog, Bo, but *sighs* I still miss my dog, Coco and it is hard to say goodbye to someone that will no longer be with us.

    The reprise of the same song
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

  6. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    One of the best episodes of the show and my favorite Fraggle Rock episode ever! I always feel so sad for Wembley and I can relate to him experiencing the deaths of a few family members and animal friends. I love how he learns to grieve for Mudwell's death in his own special way.

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