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Greengables95's HAUNTED TALES

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Greengables95, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Greengables95

    Greengables95 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm putting it here instead of the Fan Fic thread because of inconsistences. This is a pretend TV Show that I'm currently writing (and been slacking off too) that has the similar mold and premise (and some of the stories) from Are You Afraid of the Dark?. It features six very different kids (Eric: The oldest member of the group who likes to tell mysterious stories with a "grabber" ending, George: A boy with a weird nature who has to deal with his crush on Jodie that likes to tell very weird ghost and fantasy stories, Eva: A girl with a gothic nature that likes to tell really scary stories, Jodie: An African-American girl that whose stories that are usually about true love and its endurance even after death, Mary: A Irish-American girl who likes to dress up for her stories that are usually about some strange outside force with unfinished business and need the help of the living to complete it, Mike: An African-American boy that likes to tell funny stories) from different schools with different interests and the one thing that draws them together: The Strange and the Supernatural. Some are original tales, others are recreations of some of my favorite horror stories (like the Tale of the Elderly Passenger= The Twilight Zone episode "The Hitch-Hiker). I would appreciate any criticism (good or bad) as well as any story suggestions you might have.
  2. Greengables95

    Greengables95 Well-Known Member

    Story the First

    Haunted Tales episode 1

    Eric: We are the Nightmare Society. Our names are Eric, George, Mike, Jodie, Mary, and Eva. We are 6 ordinary kids, we go to different schools, we have different interests and we are all afraid of something. One final warning, if you want to join this society, you must leave the real world behind and you can’t be afraid of the dark. We hope you have a nice trip with us; we’ll be here for quite a while. Submitted for the approval of the Nightmare Society, I call this first story

    The Tale of the Panic Attack

    Eric: The Arch in St. Louis is one of the world’s finest landmarks. It can bring out our innermost fears, too. Robert Mansfield, a young man of 22, was frightened to death of it.

    Robert (Thinking): It won’t be so bad; after all, it’s just a trip. One time in, and one time back. I am entering the elevator.

    Ms. Evers: First time on here, bub?

    Robert: Well, yes.

    Ms. Evers: It’s not really as scary as you make it.

    (Elevator goes up)

    Robert: Yes, it’s the same as driving on a subway, only more cramped in.

    Ms. Evers: They are literally the same thing, but there is one keen difference.

    Robert: What is it?

    Ms. Evers: Come closer and I’ll tell you. (Ms. Evers has fangs and red eyes now). Get on the rail, dear!

    Robert: No, please, I want this to stop!

    Ms. Evers: (Evil Laughter) This is not your dream anymore, Darling, It’s Mine! I am the one who makes it stop!

    Robert: (thinking) It is impossible for me to fall, there are no barriers (looks down). Oh no, I probably should have not said that.

    Ms. Evers: Well, you are far enough now! I am Now going to tell you the difference. (Pushes Robert) The only difference is that it’s a long way down! (Evil Laughter) Next stop, the underworld!

    (Robert wakes up and screams loudly)

    Adam: Robert, what’s wrong, I heard you scream.

    Robert: I had the dream again, the one about the crazy lady in the Arch.

    Adam: You have been having that dream for several nights now. I guess you are really afraid of that place.

    Robert: I think my mind is telling me something will happen; I just don’t know what. I’ll see you tomorrow, Adam.

    Adam: Try not to think of it.

    (The Next Day)

    Robert: Adam, the reason why I am taking you to work today is that I want you to meet a friend.

    Adam: You have a dame?

    Robert: Yes, she is a pretty one, too.

    Marilin: Robert Mansfeld, I was hoping for a visit! Who is this?

    Adam: Hey, pretty gal, my name’s Adam.

    Marilin: Robby, can I talk to you? Well, Rob, we have been together for 3 months now and you haven’t been at my favorite place. I really love St. Louis; you might like it, too.

    Robert: Sure, just as long as we stay away from the Arch.

    Marilin: Why, it’s my favorite part! I really like the scary atmosphere. You never know what might happen there.

    Adam: It will take care of your fear, too!

    Marilin: Please, just one time.

    Robert: I might even overcome my fear. Well, here we are.

    Marilin: After that long ride, I feel like I am going to pop. May I go to the bathroom? Oh, I feel like I am in school.

    Robert: Well, Mr. Mansfeld says yes.

    Marilin: Thank you.

    Robert: You look just like….

    Marilin: Just like what, hon?

    Robert: It’s kind of a long story, I have been having this nightmare, and I hope this trip will show me there’s nothing to be frightened of. You look like the villain in it, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

    Marilin: This is the elevator to the cavern.

    Robert: It won’t be so bad, with my love at my side.

    MARILIN: Just as you suspected, huh?

    Robert: Yes…

    Marilin: Just like a subway?

    Robert: How did you know about that?

    Marilin: (Evil Laughter as Marilin turns into Ms. Evers) How did I know, indeed. I am Ms. Evers from your dream. I changed myself as Marilin to trick you into coming here, and now you will experience your dream again. Only this time, it’s for real! You can never escape now. Come a little closer.

    Robert: Make this nightmare stop!

    Ms. Evers: No one can hear your pathetic screams, just you and me now. Oh, Yes, prepare yourself. (Evil Laughter) Be Careful, It’s a long way down. And Ms. Evers lived happily ever after.

    Robert: (Screams as he falls down)

    Ms. Evers: I can’t wait to know who my next victim whose nightmare I can make real will be, and I intend to have many others. This was only just the beginning of my nightmare game.
    Eric: The end. Be careful of your nightmares, you never know which ones are made up, and which ones are real. I declare this meeting of the Nightmare Society closed. Until next time, pleasant dreams!
    I know it's pretty stinky even for the first story, but I promise you all there's going to be much better ones along the way.
  3. Greengables95

    Greengables95 Well-Known Member

    Story the Second (It's actually the twenty-first and the eighth for the second seasonin chronological order. In this board, I'm going to skip around stories.)

    Haunted Tales Episode 21

    Eric: Mary, I am going to get you!

    Mary: Mr. Eric, you’d wish you never compete with Mary, the mistress of arm-wrestling! Oh look, Jodie and George!

    Eric: Hi, guys!

    Mary: Made you look, Eric! I WIN!!!!!! So, that makes two for me, and one for you. How about best two out of three?

    Eric: Now’s not the best time, Mary.

    Mary: Scared that a girl’s going to beat you again, Eric?

    Eric: Speaking of scared, it’s Jodie’s turn tonight. You ready to knock us cold, girl?

    Jodie: I have a story tonight about something incredibly horrifying. It’s not about demons, witches, or the usual scary things we talk about in our stories. It’s about something that can strike at any time, always when you least expect it. Everyone wants it, and when they have it, their lives are never the same again.

    Eric: What is it, Jodie?

    Jodie: This answer is going to be very shocking, it’s true love.

    Eva: You are kidding us, Jodie!

    Jodie: Come on, who says love is not scary? It can really hurt sometimes, but it’s what people live for. In my story, it’s sort of what they die for. Submitted with the approval of the Nightmare Society, I call this story

    The Tale of the Dream Ghost

    Jodie: David and Shannon O’ Reilly come from an Irish-American family. They were obviously brother and sister, but they were also best friends.

    David: Oh yeah! Steeerike! Papa O’Reilly’s back in town!

    Shannon: You have strange ways of showing victory, David.

    David: Would you like to try, Shan?

    Shannon: I don’t think I know how.

    David: Just let the king of bowling show you how it’s done.

    Shannon: Dave, you may be good; but I don’t think you’re that good.

    David: You just take the ball; put both of your fingers into the eyes of the bowling ball. You send it away from the body, and let it roll!

    Shannon: Not bad for your kid sister, huh?

    David: You knocked down three pins! I agree, not too shabby for your first try.

    Shannon: I could stay at this bowling alley all night, but I have this Science project to finish for tomorrow.

    David: Did I ever tell you that you’re my favorite sister, Shan?

    Shannon: I’m you’re only sister and you’re such good company.

    David: Well, at least you ain’t alone! Shan, did you see that girl?

    Shannon: What girl?

    David: That girl in the varsity jacket. I’ve the strangest feeling I saw her somewhere before.

    Mom: Shannon, why haven’t you gone to bed yet?

    Shannon: I worked all night on this.

    Mom: I guess it’s okay. You have school tomorrow, please go to bed.

    David: What’s up with Mom?

    Shannon: Oh, you know she’s got a lot on her mind. She was so much more pleasant when we had Dad with us. She’s trying her hardest to raise two kids on her own.

    Ghost Girl: David, David, David.

    David: (Screams suddenly) Who are you?

    Ghost Girl: I’ve waited a long time for you, David. Please come into my arms.

    Shannon: Are you okay, David? I heard you yell.

    David: I’m all right, Shan. You need your sleep; you’ve had a long day.

    Jodie: It didn’t just happen in his dreams; this strange ghost girl invaded his life at school too.

    David: That’s really odd, why would someone leave a class ring and half of an orange rose in my locker? Mike, you might have left things in my locker!

    Frank: Dude, what’s happening?

    Mike: I thought I heard someone call me but when I looked around, the only person I saw was you, Frank. Real oddball thing.

    David: I think that might be the girl! Megan, I think you might have mistakenly left some things in my locker. I’ve been having these weird dreams about you as well.

    Megan: That’s odd; I thought I heard someone talking to me! My mind’s obviously is playing tricks.

    Ghost Girl: Don’t you worry, my dear David. I will always love you.

    David: That’s odd, there she is again.

    Shannon: Hey Dave, a letter came for you today.

    David: “Roses are red, violets are blue. Do you feel the same way I feel about you? Love, the Ghost Girl. P.S. I’ll be at Vincent’s Diner tonight, please let me see you there.” I just wish this girl would leave me alone.

    Darian: Hello, welcome to Vincent’s Diner. I am Darian.

    David: Did you see a girl with a denim varsity jacket come in?

    Darian: No there are no other girls here besides me.

    Ghost Girl: Hey Dave, am I late?

    David: No, you are right on time. Yousaid to be here at one thirty. It’s now two o’clock.

    Ghost Girl: Oh, I’m sorry about that! I’m always late for everything, just like the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Do you want to dance?

    David: Hey, this song’s pretty good! You dance very well, whoever you are.

    Ghost Girl: Come on, David. You know me! Come to me before it’s too late.

    David: Sorry, but I think I have to go!

    Ghost Girl: To jog your memory, my name’s Violet. Violet Shaunessy!

    David: Shannon, I know how good of a sister you have been to me. You have always been there when I needed you. I could have never asked for such a kinder and more understanding sister. I just want you to sit down and let me tell you my recent troubles.

    Shannon: Sure, shoot!

    David: Recently, I have been seeing this girl. She is very beautiful, but she is sort of freaking me out. She invades my every thought and I can’t stop thinking about her. I am sort of scared of what she wants. Last night she told me her name, Violet Shaunessy.

    Shannon: That name seems awfully familiar to me, Dave. I’ve saved a newspaper article about her. Does she look familiar? “A sad story is to be told. Last night, local Violet Shaunessy and her boyfriend were driving home and their car stalled. The boyfriend ran with the girl, but she forgot her class ring and was suddenly run over by an oncoming train.”

    David: That’s it, she is a ghost and we’re going to go to the cemetery tonight. To put a stop to this charade once and for all.

    Shannon: Did you find anything, Dave?

    David: Yes. Violet Shaunessy, this is it. This is her grave.

    Shannon: You sure?

    David: Yeah, Shan. How many other Violet Shaunessy’s could there be?

    Shannon: How did you know it would be right here?

    David: I didn’t!

    Shannon: You decided to wander away from me, get lost, and suddenly find the grave out of nowhere? You knew exactly where it was. Dave, how is it? Maybe you’ve been here before.

    David: No it’s a cemetery!

    Shannon: Come on Dave, try to remember. The car stopped on the tracks, you two got out of the car but Violet forgot her ring. She went back to get it but the train was coming at an alarming rate.

    David: Violet!!!

    Shannon: What happened next, Dave?

    David: I tried to run back and save her, but it was too late. My girlfriend died.

    Shannon: Come on, Dave. Please don’t hold back, there’s more to the story.

    David: Here lies Violet Shaunessy…And David O’Reilly, two Teens that Died tragically together in true love. Now I remember, Shannon! The train not only ran my Violet over, but it also got me too. That means I’m dead, right?

    Shannon: That’s pretty much it, Dave.

    David: Now I know why everyone was ignoring me and why Mom’s sad all the time.

    Shannon: Come on, David, now’s not the time to crack jokes like that. We are discussing your death! And why suddenly you would just remember the accident! Why could I see you, and no one else could? But, it’s okay! Forget Violet; please stay with me, David.

    David: I don’t think I can, Shan. Dead or alive, I feel as if though my soul will die without her.

    Violet: So, I guess you found out, huh? It was a tragic death, but at least we weren’t killed in a drive-by shooting or murdered by some street thug. It could have been a lot worse. Now, most people see death as the end. But how wrong they are! I see it as the beginning of a new life, but with less pain and suffering. There are no such things as second deaths in the place I’m going to take you, David.

    David: Did we make it to Heaven, Violet?

    Violet: Yes, we did. God takes great care of people who died in our situation. You see, as He closes one door, He’s always ready to open another.

    David: It’s been so long since I last kissed you. Can I?

    Violet: Yes, oh how I missed that. Please say goodbye to your sister, it’s going to be very long before you see her again.

    David: Well, Shannon. I guess this is goodbye.

    Shannon: David, please don’t leave me!

    David: You know how much I don’t, but I must. You shouldn’t worry, though. Violet’s taking me to a better place. One final hug for my favorite sister.

    Shannon: I was your only sister.I’ll miss you, jerk face!

    David: I think Violet wants me to give you her class ring, so you’ll always have something to remember me by. I’ll love and miss you to the Moon and back, Shannon.

    Violet: Your have of the rose, please. As this rose turns into a full one again, our true love will rekindle in Heaven.

    Shannon: Goodbye, best brother! You meant more to me than anything in this world. I’ll miss that boy.

    Jodie: As Shannon threw the last orange rose petal into the river, she felt two emotions. She was really sad that her brother and best friend was gone, but she was happy that David O’ Reilly can finally enjoy Eternal Peace and Paradise with his Dream Ghost, Violet Shaunessy. The End.

    Eric: That was such a nice story. That’s probably the best one you told so far, Jodie!

    Mary: Being a ghost with no idea you are one, cool story, Jodie!

    Eric: Just like you’re a chicken with no idea you are one! Let’s finish arm wrestling.

    Jodie: Should I put out the fire tonight?

    Eric: Sure Jodie, we’re going to be a while.

    Jodie: I declare this meeting of the Nightmare Society closed. Good night, everybody.

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