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Grover on ice

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Mary Louise, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Mary Louise

    Mary Louise Well-Known Member

    I remember a sketch from many years ago, starring Grover and Kermit. As I recall, though, Kermit wasn’t seen at all; I only heard his voice. He said something like this: “And now Grover is going to show us ‘near’ and ‘far’ on his ice skates!”

    Grover skated close to the camera (or was he already as close to the camera as he could get?) and said, “This is near!” Then he skated into the background and shouted, “This is faaaaaarrrrr!” He did this several times, until at last he lost control of his skates and slipped right out of the picture. There was a splash, and Kermit was heard saying, “Grover, get out of the water!”

    "Ohhhhh, froggie...!” moaned Grover’s voice.

    I have not been able to find this on video. Does anyone remember it?
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  2. fuzzygobo

    fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    I remember it. Way back in the 70's when they first hosted Sesame Street On Ice at Madison Square Garden. There was a similar clip of Bert dreaming he was ice skating- same rink. Then a year or two later a number of Muppet skaters made their way into a few opening scenes of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. But it had to start somewhere.
  3. Mary Louise

    Mary Louise Well-Known Member

    I remember those segments, too. Bert imagining himself ice skating was one of my favorite memories. Ernie actually helped Bert fall asleep instead of keeping him awake.

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