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Guy Smiley's Here Is Your Life: Piano

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by GuySmileyfan, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. GuySmileyfan

    GuySmileyfan Well-Known Member

    (There is logo with the book that says Here Is Your Life and we heard announcer.)

    Announcer: And now, it's time for everybody'd favorite reunion show, Here Is Your Life.

    (The logo fade out and we see a music store which fills with instruments and such. Guy Smiley was hiding behind the cashier's desk peeking out to surprise someone.)

    Announcer: And now, here is your Here Is Your Life host, Guy Smiley!

    (The audience cheer and Guy Smiley comes out.)

    Guy Smiley: (Whispers) Oh, for goodness sake! SHHHHHHHH! This is Guy Smiley and I'm here at the music store where we about to give someone a surprise of his or her life. Let's go.

    (Guy Smiley starts to look around where he meets the piano.)

    Piano: Yoo hoo sir! Yoo hoo! May I be a service to help you find some fabulous music?

    Guy: No I don't. I'm just here to say Piano, HERE IS YOUR LIFE!

    (The audience cheer and the music starts playing.)

    Piano: What? Me?

    Guy: YES!

    Piano: You can't be serious!

    Guy: Yes, I am serious piano. And you wouldn't be here today, if it weren't for our first guest. Why don't you listen to this voice, won't you?

    Voice: Oh, I remember Piano when she was in my sketch of paper. (Perky laugh)

    Piano: Oh no!

    Guy: Oh yes! All the way from Eureka California the one who design you is miss Stella Steinway!

    (A fat blue AM name Stella Steinway enters and kiss Piano.)

    Piano: Oh Stella!

    Stella: (Perky laugh) Hello Piano dear!

    Guy: Tell us, Stella! What ever gave you an idea for making Piano look like that?

    Stella: Oh, I'm so very glad you ask Guy! Well, first I took a pencil and a sketch a paper and drew some lines here and there. (Shows her sketch pad.)
    I even add piano keys, strings inside the piano, and I even made the cutest pedals that you could put your feet on. (Perky laugh)

    Guy: I see. Well, thank you so vey much, Stella.

    Stella: Thank you. (To Piano) Bye Piano dear. (Perky laugh and exit)

    Piano: Bye Stella.

    Guy: Yes Piano. After you been designed, you starting to get build. Listen to this voice.

    Voice: When I started building Piano, I knew she would look glamorous.

    Piano: It isn't!

    Guy: It is! Here is the man who build you, Bill Broadwood!

    (A orange AM name Bill Broadwood enters. Similar to Bill Smith from The Remembering Game.)

    Piano: Oh Bill! My darling!

    Bill: Hello sweetie! Good to see you. Me and my crew brought some wood and we sometimes try to paint it. We even added some keyboards, strings, and pedals. And we made her look grand.

    Piano: You're so sweet!

    Guy: Thank you Bill!

    (Bill nod and exit)

    Guy: And so they finish building you, Piano. And now, you have to be check by this person.

    Voice: (Sang) I remember when I check the piano keys to make sure her strings play perfectly.

    Piano: Don't tell me!

    Guy: I will! Please welcome your tune person, Ludwig Yamaha!

    (An purple AM name Ludwig Yamaha enters.)

    Ludwig: (Sang) Hello my dear, Piano! It's been a quite a while that I help make your music sound wave.

    Piano: (Sang) I know. And my music sway perfectly.

    Guy: Yes. Uh...Thank you Ludwig.

    Ludwig: (Sang) Anytime. (Exits)

    Guy: (Clearing his throat) Well Piano, after you been check you were transfer here in this music store and there some other string instruments are beside you.

    Piano: Yes.

    Guy: You were happy until, someone bought them and took them away from you.

    Piano: (Sniff and sobs) Oh dear yes. That is the saddest day of my life.

    Guy: Indeed it has. But there more then friends, they were part of your family.

    Piano: (Sniff) Yes indeed. Because, I have strings. I just wish they come back to me.

    Guy: Well Piano, your wish is our command. Because we found them!

    Piano: You didn't!

    Guy: We did! And here they are, all the way from the Carnegie Hall and the Grand Old Opry, Doug Guitar, Viola Violin, Jerry Cello, and Sally Harp.

    (Guitar, Violin, Cello, and Sally enter.)

    Piano: Oh my darlings!

    String Quartet: Hi Piano! We're so glad to see you!

    Guy: Yes. And here is a surprise moment Piano. The same person who bought your string family decided to bought you. And his name was Don Music!

    (Don Music enters)

    Piano: Oh, mister Music you really going to buy me?

    Don: Yes I am. My old piano broke down by banging my head for discourage. And you my dear are the perfect one.

    Guy: Yes! This is been your life Piano!

    Piano: Oh thank you, Guy!

    (The whole participants re-enter.)

    Guy: And to help you remember this homecoming, we be giving you a musical book of memories, some charm bracelets, and there'll be a party at the Radio City Music Hall.

    Piano: Oh wonderful!

    Guy: Yes! And this is Guy Smiley saying tune in again next time for another episode of Here Is Your Life!

    The End

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