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Happily EVER after?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    April 2, 2008

    Foreword: Ok, so as most of you know, I have not posted anything on here in MONTHS. Boo, I know. I've really wanted to, but it's just that time has been getting in the way of things. But, being as the end of the semester is so rapidly approaching, that means that I have will have more time to devote here. Yay, I know. :) So, as I've noticed, we've lost a lot of our best authors here lately. I know it won't make up for everyone, but I thought at least some new story might be nice.

    Unfortunately, the story I had already started is just dead. It wasn't going where I wanted to go, and frankly, it just wasn't worth it anymore after a while. However, if you did read my first story, then you're in luck. If not, you can go ahead and go back, maybe read the first couple of chapters, because this story is all about Megan! Well, mostly about Megan. (I hope this makes you especially happy, Ed. ) This story will be much like my last story in nature, it will take place with Robin as a teenager, and go from there. It's Robin and Megan's story, and it describes the progression of their relationship. Look for the first chapter!
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member


    WHEEEEEEEEEE! Oh, it is SO good to see you! And YAY, a new story! YAAAAY! <bouncy bouncy bouncy>

    Very muchly looking forward to READING! YAAAAY!

    (Also, <Hugs> for the other story going where you didn't want it to go. Tales can be SO disobedient, can't they? Why, not too long ago, I was just writing this lovely little story, and it was all going so well, when all of a sudden in barged this COMPLETELY different character who just darn near went and ruined everything and... <Ahem> Sorry. I ramble. My point is that I can totally sympathize.)
  3. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    oops! I accidentally posted it before I was ready! Sorry guys!
  4. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Words of Encouragement for my Brother

    Dear Jared,

    Remember when we were kids? Everything was much more fun and simplistic, wasn't it? Not to mention everything was solved through play. Mom and dad always used to get the biggest kick out of watching us make up new games - no matter how ridiculous they seemed. A few worhty mentions; our sandbox came where we couldn't touch the middle because it was filled with poison peanut butter, or how we'd rescue the princess from the wicked wizard only to find out the princess was a spy from another planet? How about when we used to play vacuum, only to discover rugburn? We played the greatest games then,but even though we're grown up now, I'm not ashamed to admit I remember your favorite game: Pirates. Remember? Grandpa's old coat became your pirate jacket, because you were the captain, and the captian always had to have a special jacket. You always loved it, sailing the high seas, and searching for buried treasure( which was really buttons we borrowed from mom) - no kid was ever happier than you were.

    Even though at the time, it was just a game to us, looking back now, I think there' s a lot of symbolism in playing pirates. I mean, you were always the captain, that means that after all this time, you've finally decided to take control of your life-you finally decided to quit acting like an idiot and get married. (I'm just kidding) You're taking the helm Jared, and I couldn't be prouder of you. Even though we're too old for treasure hunts now (or are we?) and we no longer believe in our boyhood games, you never stopped believing in love. You almost did, but you remembered: it's when you believe you've stopped believing that you find the most wonderful thing of all - true love. Do you remember when Justin ambushed us once and stole all your treasure? And how happy you were when you found that one last ''ruby'' in your pocket? That's what real, true love is like. Even though you lost all your treasure, you still had that one little button, but that button made all that difference. After that, we were retired pirates - rich retired pirates! That happiness you felt that day is what marriage is like - she'll make all the difference, and she'll be all you need to survive.

    I know that you're looking into the big scope of things that is the future, and it's more than a little scary. But, the fact that it's scary is what makes it so great. Love is scary, confusing, unnerving, and wonderful all at the same time, and believe me, I know. It's going to seem really scary and impossible at first, you might even question if this is the kind of life you're cut out for. You're going to have that feeling in the pit of your stomach, maybe even up to the wedding day -until you see your bride. She'll be smiling at you-both with her lips and her eyes. And the look in her eyes will say, ''You can do this-I love you.'' It's at that exact spot that you know that you'll be ok; when your doubts and fears just melt away.

    When Megan and I got married, I was feeling the exact same way that you do now, scared, uncertain, happy, dazed, I felt it all. But then I remembered something Uncle Kermit once told us about girls: ''If you make each other happy, then that's all that matters.'' That's the advice that I'm offering you today, little brother. As longs as you love and care for each toehr, then everything else will come naturally.

    It almost doesn't seem like it, but Megan and I wil be married for four years tomorrow. The fantastic four. Depending on what kind of mood you found me in at the time, I'd either tell you they've been the happiest four years of my life, or the longest and most trying. You know Meg, she's absolutely wonderful, but she can be quite fiesty at times. For fear she's going to clock me when she reads this, I'll move on. My point is that the time you and your wife have together is precious-make every day count, because after you get past the first six months, time is just going to fly by. Now I hope you have enought patience to endure a little friendly brotherly advice. These are things I've learned along the way, and some things I think might help keep you out of the frog house.

    Always let her know you appreciate her-both with your words and your actions. Even a simple thank you goes a long way. Always listen to her when she talks, and let her know you're listening. Sometimes a simple 'uh-huh' will do the trick, but sometimes you actually need to respond, because she'll need support. That's the next thing: always support her. As long as she's serious in what she's talking about, your job as a husband is to stand beside her. Never go to bed angry. The last thing you want to see is an angry wife-especially is she's angry with you. And believe me, she will be. Admit your mistakes and know how to say I'm sorry- because you'll have to - a lot. Use balloons instead of flowers, she'll forgive you much faster. Every once in a while, take her on an outdoor excursion;we're frogs, for crying out loud! I know this is going to sound mushy and lame, but massage her. If you don't know how-learn! Trust me, you will be in good with her if you know how to massage her. Tryto do nice things for her, small things, and do they randomly. They let her know you still care. Give her space to be alone or have a girls' night out occassionally, she was her own frog before she met you, after all. Find time to hold her and tell her how beautiful she is. Mushy? You bet, but it works. Never let her out of your sight without giving her a kiss goodbye. It puts her in a good mood for the day. Finally, never, ever, ever let a day pass without telling her you love her. She needs to know. I mean, she does know, but she likes to hear it, and you'll like it when she says it back, too.

    These are just some friendly suggestions to help you get started. Now of course, I can't give you all my tips: two perfect husbands in this family would just be too much. (Just kidding) Anyway, there's a lot of uncertainty going through your mind right now, I know, but you just have to let it go, and trust your heart, bro. I trusted mine, and it led me to the best thing I've ever done-marrying Megan. If nothing else, this will bring us closer together as brothers;being husbands together. I'm proud of you little brother, and I have no doubt you'll make a terrific husband. Just remember-cherish your jewel, and you'll be a well off, retired pirate. I love you Jared, and I'm with you 'til the end.

    Your Brother,


    P.S. One more thing: the secret to a happy marriage? Always have your playground time. You'll never feel teetered until you found your totter.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Huggles. Just fixed it by merging both posts. Thank you for the exciting new read. Wonder if this'll go any further. Even if it doesn't, there is definitely enough here to last us a good while with good fluffy feelings.

    Thank you so much for coming back and sharing this with us greenstuff. *Leaves hot chocolate.
  6. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Thanks for fixing it, Ed. Much love. Of course there's going to be more, silly! This is just the prologue - I wouldn't tease you that way. :)

    *sips hot chocolate* Mmm yummy. Thanks, Count! :)
  7. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Oooooh... I like it already! That's a wonderful letter, with lots of good advice... And now I'm all CURRRRRRRRRRRIOUS... Which is what a good story beginning should do, of course... <Bouncy!>

  8. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    hmm..to post or not to post? that is the question...
  9. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Nicee! To post, that is the answer! Please? Pwetty please? Do so want to find out about Robin and Megan, and the whatever elses you may have in store.
  11. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    POST! Post, post post POST, of course! PLEASE?
  12. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    wow! well okay, I think I just might. So I'd like to share something with all of you guys here. So as of today, I am officially a senior in college! So, to celebrate, if I were all of you, I wouldn't be surprised to find some story posted sometime this weekend... :) see ya soon!
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yaey! *Huggles Nicee. :excited:
  14. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    hmm..wonder what happened...I posted the next segment about 20 minutes ago...let's see what I goofed up..sorry about that, guys.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Please keep us updated if you find the installment posted. Maybe you need to post it again?
  16. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Huggles for Nicee. *Leaves cookies for her. Don't steal these Clauds, you'll get yours if you update too.
  18. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    >< Rats. LOL!
  19. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Oooooh! Cookies! *gobbles them up. Looks up.* Oh..uh...hi there guys! So what's this I heard that some of you want more story? Well absolutely! Comin' right up! To make up for the long hiatus that I've been on, I made this chapter extra long. Enjoy everyone!
  20. green stuff

    green stuff Member

    Chapter 1 - Once upon a Time

    Feeling: Joy

    ''Are you a princess?'' --- Robin

    ‘’There,’’ Robin said. He looked at the book reflectively, patting it happily. ‘’I hope she likes it.’’

    20 Years Earlier…..

    ‘’Ok, settle down now, Robin,’’ Kermit said through several breathy chuckles. As much as he tried, he just couldn’t keep up with the rambunctious little guy. ‘’Save some of that energy for the park, ok?’’

    ‘’Ok, Uncle Kermit!’’ For the next 30 seconds or so, the two walked in utter silence, and Kermit took this rare opportunity to breath in a whiff of the outdoors, savoring. He held it lightly in his lungs, exhaling softly. He looked down only when he heard the energetic little one call on him again.

    ‘’Hey Uncle Kermit?’’
    ‘’Are we there yet?’’
    Kermit looked out at the horizon, chuckling a little. ‘’ Not yet, partner. When we get there, I’ll tell you.’’
    ‘’Ok!’’ Robin exclaimed. He continued hopping along excitedly, almost as if on rhythm to a song. Still though, even though he was satisfied with this answer for the time being, he and Kermit both knew that he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm and excitement for much longer. Seeing him scuttle along this way, Kermit couldn’t keep himself from laughing again. ‘Oh, to only have that kind of energy again,’ he thought to himself.

    Still though, it was fair to say to Kermit was having something of a second childhood with Robin around. True, Robin was not his son, but the process of raising him and teaching him things almost gave him a renewed sense of discovery himself - and he loved that. Things that he would normally take for granted, like an elevator or an automatic door, suddenly became wonderful again and well, magical. But Kermit liked it that way. It taught him to appreciate even the simplest things, as well as reminded him to enjoy the simpler things in life. Yes, to say the least, with Robin around, everything just seemed so much nicer and simplistic; and that was the way Kermit liked it.

    What wasn’t simplistic however, were the circumstances that brought Robin under Kermit’s care in the first place. It wasn’t the sort of thing one explained to a five year old - ever. Kermit refused to even fathom the thought of forcing his beloved nephew to grow up in the concepts of marital strife - and death. In his mind, these were things a child should never have to think about, so he tried not to, either. Granted, he would have to talk about it some day, but that day was definitely not today. Today, he was taking him to the park for the first time since he had come to stay with him, and that was the end of it. No more, no less. There was plenty of time for him to grow up later - wasn’t there?

    The thought was shaken out of his head once the park came into view, though. As they drew closer and closer, Kermit knelt down to Robin, covering his eyes, causing both of them to giggle.
    ‘’Uncle Kermit, what are you doing?’’ objected Robin. He playfully tried to remove his uncle’s hands from his eyes, but Kermit’s grip was tight.

    ‘’Shh, we’re almost there. It’s a magical place, I can’t just let you see the place all at once. ‘’ He smiled profusely at the little one, glad to have rid himself of those nasty thoughts. In the last steps leading up to the park, Kermit kept his grip tight, and guided Robin’s steps, like one big game of trust.
    ‘’Just a few more steps…yes, there we go..just one more flipper step, and…yes! We’re there - open your eyes!’’

    Kermit released his grip, and allowed Robin to take in the magic and wonderment that was the playground. Robin gasped as he opened his eyes- Kermit was right! It was truly an enchanted place- nothing like the playgrounds he was used to back home. There was no water here, for one, but it had all the other things he was used to seeing at the other parks - slides, monkey bars, teeter-totters, the works. There was just something…special about this playground though. Maybe it was the way the sun shined on it that make it seem special, maybe it was the newness of the equipment, or maybe it was just the fact that this park was in an environment that he wasn’t accustomed to. Whatever the reason, to say that Robin was anything less than entranced would be the understatement of the century. And then…he saw…it. It wasn’t anything that he’d ever seen anywhere else, but yet it looked so cool, so inviting, even a little challenging. It was a - a- what was it?

    ‘’What’s this, Uncle Kermit?’’
    ‘’What’s what, Robin?’’
    Robin scurried to the mysterious piece of equipment, running his hand over the plastic seating. ‘’This! What is it?’’
    Kermit let out yet another chuckle. He just loved and adored Robin’s enthusiasm and curiosity. ‘’Oh, that. That’s a swing.’’
    ‘’A swing?’’ Robin repeated. He perused it again, giving it a quizzical look. ‘’What does it do? How does it work?’’
    ‘’Well here, I’ll show you.’’

    He took the swing next to Robin, sitting down in it demonstratively. ‘’You see, you sit down in it like this, and-’’
    Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Robin sitting in it exactly the way he was, to the tee. Robin looked up at him with an expression that said, ‘’Ok. Now what?’’ Kermit smiled.
    ‘’Ok, Now you see these little things on the side- one on the left, and the other on the right?’’

    ‘’Yes,’’ Robin was already clutching them tightly , a step ahead of the game.
    ‘’Well, you hang on to those, and hang on to them tightly, ok?’’
    ‘’Ok,’’ Robin said, his energy increasing every second.
    ‘’And then uh, you just kind of lean back, like this - no a little bit further Robin. There you go. And then you just..let go.’’
    ‘’Let go? What do you mean? Let go of the handles?’’
    ‘’No no. I mean, let go like this,’’ Kermit thrust himself forward swinging back and forth freely; in fact, it almost looked like flying to Robin. He wanted to try, too!

    ‘’Wow! Cool! Hey, can I try Uncle Kermit? Can I can I can I?’’
    ‘’Of course, Robin. Just remember to hold on tightly, now.’’
    ‘’I will! I promise!’’ Robin plopped down onto the seat, grabbed the reigns of the swing, gripped it tightly in his hands, leaned back, and…

    Just then, Robin spotted something even more amazing than the swing coming their way: another frog! Robin hadn’t seen any other grogs since he had come to stay with Kermit, so needless to say, his curiosity was peaked. This other frog was a lady, a bit on the tall side, donned in a white t-shirt, pink shorts, ad her golden hair tied back in a single ponytail. She wasn’t the amazing part to Robin, though. No, Robin’s stature was a little bit smaller than hers, and because of the significant advantage, he saw the amazing part.

    The amazing part was what she was holding onto. She was holding her by one hand, for her path of walking was still a little shaky, but it made her all the more charming. The bigger frog was holding the hand of a little girl frog, and she was beautiful! This little bundle of joy was dressed in purple overalls cut into shorts, a white shirt with pink flowers, and the same beautiful blonde hair as mom’s, tied in pigtails. Despite her forest green hue, she had rosy red cheeks, and a smile that could allow her to get away with murder.

    Robin watched in amazement as the little girl’s mother took her by both hands, placing her in the sandbox, causing the young girl to giggle.
    ‘’Now have fun, but be careful, ok sweetie?’’
    ‘’Ok, mommy!’’ the young girl said, her falcetto voice shaking with excitement.
    The young frog continued to play by herself as she scooped up some sand in her hands, and started to mold in into what looked like a cake.
    ‘’Hey Uncle Kermit! Look! Other frogs!’’ Kermit looked to where his nephew was pointing, with a mild amount of interest himself.
    ‘’How about that? I guess there are some other frogs around here, huh?’’
    ‘’Yeah,’’ Robin said, still entranced.
    ‘’Hey Uncle Kermit, can I go play with her?’’
    ‘’As long as she wants to play with you,’’ Kermit answered, amused. ‘’Just make sure you’re n ice to her and treat her with respect, ok?’’
    ‘’Ok!’’ That was all he needed to hear. He scurried over to the young frog, while Kermit watched cautiously.

    ‘’Hi! I’m Robin! What ‘s your name?’’ Suffice it to say, Robin wasted no time.
    ‘’Megan,’’ replied the young girl, smiling shyly.
    ‘’Oh. You’re very pretty.’’ This made Megan giggle right out. She quickly turned away, but looked at Robin again playfully. ‘’So are you, ‘’ she said.
    Now it was Robin’s turn to turn away. ‘’What ya doing?’’ he asked shyly.
    ‘’Making sand cakes,’’ Megan said, still smiling. As she said this, she went back to actually making them. ‘’C’mon, I’ll show you how to make them.’’ Megan didn’t have to tell him twice; in two seconds flat, he was in the sandbox with her, anxiously awaiting learning to make sand cakes.

    ‘’Jasper really likes them.’’ Megan continued.
    ‘’Who’s Jasper?’’ inquired Robin.
    ‘’Oh, he’s my horsey.’’ Megan reached behind her and pulled out a plastic horse, Jasper.
    ‘’He’s my favorite toy. Jasper’s just a toy, but I hope to have a real horsey some day.’’
    ‘’Oh yeah?’’ said Robin, growing more and more interested by the second.
    ‘’Yes,’’ she said, and smiled coyly at him.

    While keeping an eye on Robin, Kermit sat on the bench next to the other older frog. She looked more than usually stressed, and looked like she could use someone to talk to.

    ‘’Heigh ho, there.’’ The female grog looked up from watching the two youngsters at a handsome male frog.
    ‘’Well hi there.’’ She smiled at him uncertainly, unsure of what he wanted.
    ‘’Mind if I sit down?’’ he returned the smile, assuring her that he meant no harm.
    ‘’Oh, uh, sure.’’She scooted over to the other side, and Kermit took up the corner on the opposite side, but couldn’t help but notice she still looked a little uneasy.

    ‘’I’m sorry - have I scared you?’’ The young female smiled a little, clearly embarrassed. ‘’ Oh no, not at all. It’s just that we’ve been here so many times, and we’ve never seen any other frogs here. You just…surprised us, is all.’’

    ‘’Oh,’’ said Kermit, curious. ‘’Well, it’s our first time here.’’
    ‘’Oh yeah?’’ the lady asked. ‘’Well welcome.’’
    ‘’Thank you,’’ Kermit said, his smile returning. ‘’My name’s Kermit, Kermit the Frog.’’
    ‘’Oh hi Kermit, I’m Jasmine.’’
    ‘’Pleased to meet you Jasmine,’’ he extended his hand, which Jasmine took and shook.
    ‘’Same here.’’

    ‘’So, what brings you here, Kermit?’’ Jasmine asked. Kermit’s first response was a peer at their playing children.
    ‘’Playtime,’’ he chuckled. ‘’ Yeah, me too. That’s my daughter, Megan.’’
    ‘’Oh, she’s very pretty. But I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’’ Jasmine blushed profusely.

    ‘’Well thank you. Your son is very handsome, too.’’ Now it was Kermit’s turn to look uneasy.

    ‘’Though I’d be proud if he were, he’s not my son, he’s my nephew. He’s my sister’s son - she ran into some troubles, and now he’s coming to stay with me. That’s why you’ve never seen us before.’’
    ‘’Oh, ‘’ Jasmine said with an all-knowing nod. ‘’I’m sorry to hear that. What ‘s his name?’’
    ‘’Robin,’’ Kermit replied simply.
    ‘’Robin,’’ she repeated gently. ‘’That’s a name you don’t hear too often anymore.’’
    ‘’No, I guess not,’’ Kermit stated thoughtfully. Suddenly, they both focused on the little ones hard at play.

    ‘See how well they play together,’ Kermit thought. Both Kermit and Jasmine were watching as the kids moved from the sandbox to the teeter-totter. Robin had helped Megan onto her seat, and even let her start teetering first. Never mind that Kermit and Jasmine couldn’t contain themselves when they hear their kids laughing giddily. No two kids were ever happier.
    After a few more minutes on the magical machine, Robin grew bored, and wanted to show off his new found knowledge.

    ‘’Let’s go on the swings,’’’ he urged.
    ‘’Ok,’’ Megan agreed. ‘’But will you push me?’’ Robin wasn’t quite sure what that mean, but he was fairly sure that he would like it.
    ‘’Ok-let’s go!’’ The two rushed over to the wings, holding hands all the way.

    ‘’Oh Megan, be careful! Don’t run too fast!’’ Jasmine smiled as she realized that Megan wasn’t listening to a word she was saying, but somehow, seeing how happy she was made her ok with that. As she turned back to Kermit, her expression turned slightly more somber.

    ‘’I think we have a problem here, Kermit.’’
    ‘’Problem? What?’’ As if. Kermit knew exactly what she was talking about, he just didn’t want to admit it.
    ‘’I think my daughter has a crush on your nephew.’’ Again, the adults watched as Robin helped Megan onto the swing with perfect gentlemanly conduct. Even Kermit was surprised. He had seen his young nephew interact with girls before, but never like this. Maybe - just maybe, Megan was- nah! Impossible! They both were too young for that type of thing - weren’t they?

    As Robin helped Megan up to the seat, he was enchanted even more by her. She looked like an angel. If he could, he would’ve stayed there all day, just so he could sit next to her on the wings. ‘Wow,’’ he muttered. Megan laughed and smiled at him, almost as if she knew exactly what he was thinking.

    ‘’Wow,’’ Kermit echoed. ‘’I think you’re right. The bigger problem is, it looks like my nephew is smitten with her as well.’’
    ‘’Well,’’ started Jasmine, slinging her purse over one shoulder, ‘’maybe they can see each other soon.’’
    Kermit laughed nervously, gulping loudly. ‘’ Uh, yeah, yeah. I guess so.’’

    ‘’Well, it was nice to meet you Kermit. Guess I’ll see you around.’’
    ‘’Nice meeting you too, Jasmine.’’ Jasmine gave Kermit one last smile, then turned to Megan.
    ‘’Come on, Megan, let’s go! We have to go pick up Daddy from work! Megan!’’

    But Megan didn’t hear her at all - she was talking to Robin.
    ‘’Are you a princess?’’ Robin asked in an ever-so-sweet voice. Megan giggled at his silly question.
    ‘’No, silly! I’m just a regular girl.’’
    ‘’Are you sure?’’ Robin asked. Before she got to answer, she heard an intrusive, ‘’Megan!’’
    ‘’Oh! I have to go. I have to go with my mommy to go pick up my daddy.’’
    ‘’Do you have to?’’ pleaded Robin, clearly discouraged.
    ‘’Yeah. But I’ll come back tomorrow.’’ Hearing that instantly lifted Robin’s spirits, however.
    ‘’Ok! See you tomorrow, then! Bye Megan!’’ Once again, Robin helped her out of the swing, and they both smiled at each other and hugged. Seeing this surprised Jasmine, and not in a good way.

    ‘’C’mon Megan, let’s go,’’ and she took her firmly but gently by the hand. As Jasmine did so, Megan turned around and looked at Jasper, which she had left by the swings. Robin saw her concerned look, and picked Jasper up. He started to speak, but before he could, Megan whispered,’’ You can keep him ‘til tomorrow. Jasper likes you, anyway.’’

    ‘’Ok,’’ whispered Robin, and with that, Megan sadly waved goodbye.

    As Robin got a good look at Jasper’s chestnut hue, Kermit came behind him and grabbed him by the hand.

    ‘’C’mon buddy, time to go home and nap.’’ A nap, however , was the very last thing on Robin’s mind - he wanted to see Megan again!

    ‘’Can we come back tomorrow, Uncle Kermit? Can we can we can we? Please?’’
    ‘’Well, I don’t know, partner, we’ll see,’’ Kermit laughed.
    ‘’But we have to! I have to give Jasper back to Megan!’’
    Kermit stopped walking then and turned to look at Robin.
    ‘’Who’s Jasper?’’
    ‘’Oh, he’s her horsey - she let me have it, until tomorrow, that is. Robin opened his hand to show him.

    ‘’I see,’’ said Kermit simply. ‘’Well, we’ll see how good you are between now and then, ok? Now c’mon….Romeo.’’
    ‘’Romeo? But Uncle Kermit, my name’s Robin.’’
    Kermit scrunched his face up a little bit at this. ‘’Oh, I was just,’’ he sighed. ‘’I’ll explain when you’re older.’’

    It was just as well, because Robin wasn’t listening anyway. He was too excited focusing on the goings on of tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow for Robin and Megan never came. In fact, they would not see each other again for many, many years.

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