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Happy Birthday Janice & Mokey's Man

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Sam T Eagle, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. Sam T Eagle

    Sam T Eagle New Member

    I hope you have A Great Day and A Great Year! May all your MUPPET WISH come true!
  2. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

    Happy Birthday, Byron! *raises glass of SM* I hope that your day is wonderfully rainy and full of Muppety surprises.:D
  3. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BYRON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You hairy little beagle !)

    Hope Muppety fun fills your day aplenty and the year ahead is a good one for you.
  4. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    Happy Birthday Byron!!!!

    I hope you have a great day and stuff!

  5. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member

    Happy birthday Byron!!!

    I think we all know what you REALLY want as a present. What's SM?
  6. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

    Happy Birthday Byron!!!!!

    Today is the day where things start looking better!! yay!!!!

    What would we do if Byron were not brought into this world on this very day? We could probably end world hunger but that's a different story!!

    hehe!! Just kidding!!!!


  7. SammieRose

    SammieRose New Member


    Happy Birthday to my duet buddy!!! I hope you have a simply cheese filled day with a smidge of Heart tossed in there! You never told me what you wanted, so DROP ME AN E-MAIL! :D ¡CORAZON Y QUESO SIEMPRE!

    Sammie Rose
  8. AbbessBryony

    AbbessBryony New Member

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. julia

    julia New Member

    Happy Birthday Byron! Sorry I'm late... What did you get?
  10. Hey y'all, thanks for the great birthday wishes! :)

    I got a couple of small things from a few friends, and my sister and brother-in-law have "somethin'" for me (nothin' from the folks, cause Fauna, my new vehicle, is considered a BIG birthday present!!), and OMG EMMY ACTUALLY SENT ME *MUFFINS!!* AND A *JANICE* BIRTHDAY CARD!!! :D LOLOL!!!

    I even brought some of the muffins to work this mornin' for breakfast---thanks, Emmy! :D

    And I think a great present was debutin' my Janice website the night before, and gettin' visits and nice comments yesterday---thanks, y'all! :)

    Janice: "Fer sure!":


    Thanks again, y'all! :D

    Muppety love,

  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    OHHH! GEEEZ!!! I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday yesterday!! Lordy, I feel like such a mook!!! I completely zonked out!!! I hope your Birthday rocked, anyway!!!
  12. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    It's good to hear that you got the muffins, and are putting them to good use!

  13. That's okay, I totally forgot to wish you yours, too!! :eek:

  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That's okay. I just have SOOOO many projects due at once, I almost forgot MY Birthday.
  15. Joggy

    Joggy Member

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Byron & Dr. Tooth!
  16. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

    Byron, you freaky deaky....

    The other day, oh, about the 29th, I'd say, I thought, "Miles is ten days old!" And then I thought, "there was something important happening on the 29th." Then I thought, "well, I'll just eat these muffins and contemplate how glad I am that my son wasn't born on this unfortunate day..."

    And then I choked on a muffin a little bit.

    If I could turn back time (like Cher, or Superman, depending on how you look at things), I would wish you a happy birthday. But I cannot. Well, not for that, anyway.

  17. Well, it's the strange thought that counts, buddy. :D

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