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Happy Easter

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Yuna Leonhart, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Well, Easter's right around the corner. And because I'm in such a good Easter mood, for no reason at all, I have a little fanfic for you guys :)

    Happy Easter

    Chapter One

    A Nice Little Show

    It was a nice day in late March. It was very warm, especially when one stood directly in the sun’s toasty rays. Spring had fully arrived as the grass was getting greener every day and the flowers slowly began to bloom. The nice weather had awoken the Muppets who were tired of winter and had given them new energy. With vim and vigor they rehearsed for their next show every day. Scooter, Beauregard, Gonzo and Walter worked together to remove the poles and tub from Gonzo’s act for the next sketch rehearsal, which happened to be Miss Piggy’s. Said sow was currently in her dressing room with Hilda, Janice, Camilla and Julie. Hilda had just finished Miss Piggy’s dress for her act and she wanted to see if she had to make any changes. The dress was midnight blue and pink and red hibiscus flowers were printed on the hem of the skirt. Her blonde hair was down and ended in curls.
    “I like it”, said Julie with an approval smile. “It’s different from what you usually wear and I think it’s perfect for your act.”
    “It rully is, fer sure”, Janice agreed while Camilla was clucking her approval.
    “Of course, moi looks good in everything”, replied Miss Piggy as she twirled in front of her mirror.
    “A pig’s praise in her own mouth stinks”, commented Julie so quiet that only Janice could hear her. The Electric Mayhem member put a hand on her mouth to stifle a chuckle.
    “What’s so funny?”, wondered Miss Piggy as Janice let a chuckle escape.
    “Nuthin’”, she said, which in turn made it hard for Julie to prevent a chuckle.
    “Don’t worry, it’s just spring fever combined with Muppet craziness”, said the German girl. Miss Piggy raised an eyebrow:
    “Are vous serious?”
    “No, I’m Regulus”, replied Julie before she burst out laughing. Miss Piggy, Hilda, Janice and Camilla watched her for a moment, wondering if she recently had hot chocolate.
    “I always wanted to say that”, she declared after she had calmed down. A knock distracted the others from her.
    “Miss Piggy, it’s time for your rehearsal”, they heard Kermit on the other side.
    “Coming, monCapitan”, answered Miss Piggy. By now, Julie had entirely calmed down. She stretched herself after she stood up.
    “Alright”, she said before pulling out a dictionary. A few minutes later she added: “Госпожасвинья. And I have no idea if I’ve pronounced госпожаcorrectly, but I know I pronouncedсвиньяcorrectly. Let’s go to the stage to see your rehearsal.”
    She then left the dressing room, leaving behind four astonished female Muppets. Astonished because they had no idea Julie could read Cyrillic script and pronounce the words. Camilla, who was at the door, clucked the others to hurry up and they left for the stage, too.

    The stage was set up to look like a meadow, albeit not a pretty one. There were hardly any flowers and if there were any, they were trampled. Not only that, but the meadow itself looked so barren and depressive. Miss Piggy stood in the center of the stage. She was the only positive thing around. Music started, played by Rowlf on his piano, and Miss Piggy began to sing Where Have All The Flowers Gone. She did really well with that song but Kermit found it a little too depressing. Not really something the network would add in The New Muppets Show. At least, that was what they told him when they saw the script.
    “You were great”, he commented after Miss Piggy had finished singing. “But I think we need something more cheerful.”
    “But Kermit, there’s not time for her to practice another song”, Scooter said. “The show’s tomorrow. I doubt we find a more cheerful song for her to sing.”
    “And what if we cut her act and let The Electric Mayhem play one of their songs instead?”, suggested Kermit.
    Scooter suddenly found an empty seat next to him and a fuming Miss Piggy in front of said seat. She glared at Kermit’s direction, who was somewhere in the back rows. With a huff, she whirled around and left. A minute later, Kermit reappeared in his seat.
    “Are you alright? That one looked like it hurts really badly”, said Scooter.
    “I think I’m okay”, replied Kermit, rubbing his shoulder.
    “I think I go check on Miss Piggy”, announced Hilda.
    “I’ll come with you”, said Julie and both women left together.

    Hilda and Julie found Miss Piggy soon enough. She was currently in her dressing room but both were a little scared to go in. Hilda hid behind Julie and urged her to knock, but she only hid behind the elderly Muppet. It went on for minutes, with each of them saying “No, you knock.”. This was actually how Rowlf found them when he arrived on the scene.
    “What’s going on?”, he asked. Both women jumped and whirled around. Hilda recovered from her shock first.
    “We’re here to cheer Miss Piggy up”, replied the elderly Muppet.
    “Shouldn’t you two be inside her dressing room then?”, the dog Muppet responded.
    “Yes, but we’re also afraid of facing her wrath”, said Julie, who had recovered from the shock and moved a little away from the other two. Rowlf nodded to this and proceeded to the door to knock.
    “Come in”, replied Miss Piggy. Rowlf opened the door and entered, followed by the other two. Miss Piggy was not facing them but they could see her face in the mirror. It showed faked calmness but her eyes betrayed disappointment and anger. Rowlf approached her.
    “Hey, it’s not that bad”, he calmly said, putting a paw on her shoulder. “You still have a part in the next show. And maybe your next solo will be much better. I’m sure Kermit’s trying hard to come up with something.”
    “Then why did he write it in the first place?”, responded Miss Piggy in a forced calmness. Nobody answered her question. The only thing Rowlf, Hilda and Julie did was to look at each other concernedly. Eventually, the young German girl took a deep breath and calmly said:
    “The network didn’t want it. I overheard them telling Kermit that yesterday when they looked at the script.”
    That got Miss Piggy to turn around and face her. Julie bit her bottom lip and wondered if she should not have said it but she never averted her eyes.
    “The network thought it was too depressing and not really something to show when Easter’s right around the corner.”
    The other occupants said nothing after her statement. It was true that it was a little too depressing but, as Scooter said, there was no time for another act. Miss Piggy began to understand why Kermit suggested her number to be replaced, although he could have said the real reason in the first place.
    “Maybe you get the chance to wear that dress in another number”, said Hilda gently.
    “Yeah”, agreed Julie. “Maybe as a nymph, a goddess, the representation of spring, as a flower girl living in the slums, as the only one who can save the world from a thousand year old monster.”
    “You see, it’s not so bad. And I can only repeat what I said, Kermit’s sure to write something better for you. He may even write a duet for the both of you”, contributed Rowlf. Miss Piggy smiled fondly at them before straightening up and walking to the door.
    “Moi thinks moi is going to give him another chance.”
    “But please not in the broom closet”, commented Rowlf.
    “I don’t think that’s going to happen, but then again we didn’t expect it to happen there either”, commented Julie. Miss Piggy glared dangerously at them, which caused Rowlf to hide behind the vanity table and Julie to hide behind the chair she had been occupying. The pig still glared at them before leaving the room. Both sighed in relief that nothing worse had happened.

    Miss Piggy found Kermit a few minutes later in his office with Scooter. Both were in a deep discussion as Kermit pointed at something on a piece paper. There were a few crumbled sheets of paper around the waste basket. Apparently, these two had been trying to write something since she left the stage and Kermit had missed the basket when he threw a sheet away. Miss Piggy cleared her throat to get their attention.
    “Hello, Miss Piggy”, greeted Scooter.
    “Hi ho, Miss Piggy. You’re not still mad, are you?”, Kermit looked concerned as he asked her that. She thought he looked cute when he was worried. Trying and succeeding to hide her smile, she approached them. She moved some sheets a few centimeters away from where they were before and casually sat down. Her posture was straight and perfect, as if she was posing for some photos. Kermit found himself staring at her with his mouth wide open. There was something alluring about her; he seemed to have forgotten everything that had happened in the last few minutes.
    “Why would vous think that?”
    “Because I’ve decided to cut your act”, Kermit said that in a trance-like state. Miss Piggy gave him a knowing smirk:
    “Don’t vous mean the network didn’t want it?”
    “Y… yes…”
    He wondered how she knew that but he decided it did not matter. They leaned forward, never breaking their eye contact. Scooter had long since left them alone. The frog and the pig leaned closer until their lips touched for a sweet, little kiss. After breaking apart, she slid off the desk and tried to take a peek on what he was writing.
    “What have vous written for moi?”, she asked curiously. But most if not all the words were crossed out and it did not really seem like a script. From what she could tell, it was a list of songs. Some words, she still could recognize but some were not readable anymore.
    “Sorry, but I wanted to decide on a song before I write your act”, Kermit gave her an apologetic smile. Then he sighed and added: “But I can’t seem to find a song.”
    “For what?”, asked someone. Julie stood in the doorway and looked curious.
    “You know, you should have closed the door if you wanted to be alone. But is it about Miss Piggy’s act?”, asked the glass wearing blond. The other two were nodding while she walked over to them.
    “How about Heidenröslein? Then again, maybe not, considering what’s it about.”
    She reached them and held out her hand.
    “May I see? Oh, and Kermit, Beauregard wanted to speak with you about something. I think it’s about the stage light that still needs repairing.”
    Miss Piggy looked a little sheepish at the last part while Kermit was thanking her. Julie looked over the list. She raised her eyebrow at the unreadable words.
    “Seems like he’s embarrassed with these suggestions”, she mumbled to herself. After finishing reading, she placed the list on the desk and added: “Give me a day to come up with a few suggestions, okay?”
    “Okay”, replied Kermit. “I’m gonna see Beauregard. See you two later.”

    The next show started with Rowlf’s recital of his season poem. Every time the season would change, it would either rain or snow heavily, obscuring everything from view, safe for a few outlines. When everything was clear again, the painted background would have changed to something that would fit the current season and other Muppets were occupying the background. Scooter stood next to the weather machine backstage.
    “I would’ve never thought that one of Bunsen’s inventions would work”, he muttered with an unbelievable smile. He would compliment his friends and colleagues when they were done with their part of the act. When the act was done, every participating Muppet came back on stage to take a bow. Among the ones for springs were Floyd, Janice, Foo-Foo, Bunsen, Beaker and Bean Bunny. Summer included Miss Piggy, Pepe, Clifford, Sam, Doctor Strangepork, Wanda and the Hillbilly Singer from The Muppet Show episode guest staring Candice Bergen. Robin, who was wearing a vampire costume, Sweetums, Uncle Deadly, Mahna Mahna, Behemoth, several Whatnots, Tom, Dick and Harry were included for the autumn part. Fozzie, Gonzo, Link, Annie Sue and The Ghost of Christmas Past were among the Muppets for winter. Rowlf stood in front of everybody else as they bowed to the audience. The curtain closed and the stage was cleared in a jiffy. Sam announced Wayne and Wanda’s performance. The curtain opened to reveal a lush meadow, full of flowers and a few trees at the edge of the stage. Wayne and Wanda were dressed in nineteenth century clothes as they walked down the path.
    “And how’s it goin’?”, asked Crazy Harry, who had joined Scooter backstage, among with Gonzo, Rizzo, Fozzie and Camilla.
    “Well, nothing has happened so far but we’ll see”, said the go-fer. Fozzie leaned against the weather machine as he watched the act. A beep was heard, which made them look at the machine strangely. The beeping noise gradually became faster until wind began to howl. A storm emitted from the weather machine, followed by rain and snow. The driving sleet was the reason the Wayne and Wanda act ended in a disaster. They, along with the props and background were blown away.
    “Pay up”, said Scooter, holding out his hand as Crazy Harry, Fozzie, Gonzo and Rizzo paid him. He cheerfully pocketed the money as Bunsen and Beaker tried to turn the machine off.
    “Oh my, the weather machine is broken”, said Bunsen a few minutes later.
    “Gonzo, you’re next”, informed Scooter the blue whatever after an act involving the current guest star. Gonzo left them to change while Thog, Sweetums and other large Muppets moved the poles and the jello and custard filled tub on the stage. The dancers covered the stage with rat traps when they were done. The curtains lifted when everything was ready. Gonzo, wearing his stuntman outfit, was on top of the right pole, on his unicycle with oranges, peaches, apples and a pineapple in his arms. He had a blindfold over his eyes.
    “Ladies and gentlemen! From up here, I will ride the unicycle to the center of the rope and jump in the jello-filled tub with my eyes closed and while juggling these fruits! To the music of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries!”
    The music started as the lights dimmed, except for the stage light, which focused on Gonzo. Simultaneously he started to ride the unicycle and juggled the fruits. The audience, as well as the Muppets backstage, watched in awe as he threw the oranges, peaches, apples and pineapple in the air before jumping gracefully into the jello and custard, the fruits falling in shortly afterwards. He emerged from the tub, covered in green and pale yellow, and bowed while the audience was cheering. After they had calmed down, he went back to the others, somehow avoiding the rat traps.
    “Great show, Gonzo”, complimented Kermit as Gonzo removed the blindfold. He was a little surprised to see Robin sitting on Rizzo’s back.
    “Did I miss something?”
    “No, he was just preventing Rizzo from eating all the jello while you were up there. I could’ve sat on him, too, but I think I would have flattened the poor guy”, Julie said the last part in a nonchalantly manner. Then she pulled a neatly folded piece of paper from her pocket and handed it over to Kermit. “My song suggestions, as promised.”
    “Thank you, I’ll look over it after the show”, he answered as he took the list. He then handed it to Robin and asked him to put it on his desk in his office. The little frog obliged. Kermit went to the stage to announce the Wild Western sketch.
    “Say, Scooter, how come Hilda’s making Miss Piggy’s costumes and not some super famous designer?”, asked Julie as the sketch started and Walter, Rowlf, Wayne, Wanda, Annie Sue, Link and Miss Piggy were all dressed in Western attires.
    “Well, um, the last time she’s been to see him, he ate pork loin in her presence”, replied her red-headed friend.
    “Ah, I can imagine her reaction”, said Julie with a nod. Robin and Sweetums joined the two a few minutes later to watch the sketch, with the former sitting on the large, brown-furred Muppet’s shoulder. They snickered when Fozzie and Kermit drew a picture of each other, as did the audience. The latter laughed even harder when these two revealed their pictures. The act ended to a great applause.
    “You were great!”, praised Robin as Kermit and the others arrived backstage. Several “thank you’s” were heard as they passed him. Sweetums gently put him down to help to set the stage up for the next act. A few minutes later, Kermit went back to the stage to announce the Electric Mayhem. The band’s song started with a long guitar riff by Floyd and Doctor Teeth began to sing:

    You can't take no for an answer!
    You can't take no for an answer!
    You can't take no for an answer!
    No, no, no.

    The second verse began with a sax solo, courtesy of Zoot. Then Backup Singers joined Doctor Teeth:

    Whenever there's a dream worth a-dreaming (dreaming!)
    And you wanna see that dream come true (dream come true!)
    There'll be plenty people talking
    "Forget all about it"
    Say "it isn't worth the trouble—
    All the trouble that you're going through!" (it ain't worth it-NO!)
    Well, what can you do?

    You can't take no for an answer! (you can't take no)
    You can't take no for an answer! (no no no no)
    You can't take no for an answer!
    No, no, no.

    The Backup Singers sang alone:

    No no no no no no no no no.
    No no no no no no no no no.

    Dr. Teeth, along with the Backup Singers, continued singing:

    What’cha gonna do when the dimes get tough
    And the world's treating you unkind?
    You gotta hang on to your optimistic outlook
    And keep possession of your positive state-of-mind
    (state of mind, state of mind, state of mind, state, state, mind!)

    You can't take no for an answer! (you can't take no)
    You can't take no for an answer! (no no no no)
    You can't take no for an answer!
    No, no, no.

    No no no (No no no no no no no no no)
    No no no (No no no no no no no no no)
    No no no (No no no no no no no no no)
    No no no!

    The song ended with a sad, blues melody from Zoot.

    After the song ended and received enormous applause, the stage was set for the last act of the show. The last act had a dark swamp setting. Trees cast ominous shadows. The dark sky was covered in stars, one of them shining brighter than anything else. A moss-covered log lay near the equally moss-covered and cluttered with lily-pads water. In fact, the water was so covered; there was no water to be seen. Robin sat on the log as he looked up to the bright star and began softly to sing:

    Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?
    Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky
    When the blazing sun is gone, when he nothing shines upon,
    Then you show your little light, twinkle, twinkle all the night.
    Then the traveler in the dark, thanks you for your tiny spark,
    He could not see which way to go, if you did not twinkle so.
    In the dark blue sky you keep, and often through my curtains peep,
    For you never shut your eye, 'till the sun is in the sky.
    As your bright and tiny spark lights the traveler in the dark,
    Though I know not what you are - twinkle, twinkle little star.

    His performance was met with applause both from the audience and backstage. He looked to his side to see his uncle, along with several other Muppets, cheering on him. Smiling brightly, he bowed to the audience until the curtain closed for the final time and Kermit said goodbye to the audience.


    What Julie calls Miss Piggy early in the chapter can be translated as Miss Pig. Госпожа is pronounced like "Gospoja", with the J just like in Jenny, and свинья is pronounced like "Swinya", with the I like an "ee".
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Loved it! And... Heh Heh... "Swinya..." That's hilarious. Informitive, but hilarious. That's german right?
  3. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Nope, it's Russian :)
    I just thought it would be fun to have Julie speaking a little Russian but her Russian isn't very good, which is why she carries a dictionary with her around :)
    But she sings something in German in the second chapter.
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Woot! I love foreign languages! And great chapter!
    Yuna Leonhart likes this.
  5. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Thank you :)
    I love foreign languages, too :)
  6. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Hey there, here's the next chappie:

    Chapter Two

    How About A Vacation

    After everything had been put away, the Muppets had gathered in Kermit’s office. He had an announcement to make:
    “Miss Piggy and I have realized how childish we have acted and how this has affected you all. So as an apology, Miss Piggy and I have decided, and Veronica was able to convince the network, to give you all a vacation for Easter.”
    His announcement was met with cheer and excited talking. Questions of what the other is going to do were answered differently, so that it was difficult to distinguish each answer. Some were just simple ones, like relaxing or visiting relatives. Others were things like going to a fair or a theme park. All in all, the mood was uplifted. It actually took Kermit a while to calm them down.
    “We also had the idea to go on vacation together”, he added after everyone was quiet. “Or at least those who want to go on a vacation.”
    Several Muppets, as well as Julie, raised their hands or whatever they had. He could see Gonzo, Camilla, Scooter, Sweetums, Robin, Rowlf, Walter, The Electric Mayhem, Rizzo, Clifford, Bunsen and Beaker raising their hands, wing, flipper and paws.
    “Alright, tomorrow around two pm, we’re all going to decide where to go to”, said Kermit. “But now, let’s go home.”
    Everyone left the theater and Julie said goodbye to them before walking home, with a song on her lips:

    Feierabend, wie das duftet
    Kräftig, deftig, würzig, gut.
    Pommersche aus dem Buchenrauch
    Naturgewürzt und das schmeckt man auch,
    Pommersche aus dem Buchenrauch
    Frisch auf den Tisch, so ist’s der Brauch.

    “Now I’m hungry for rolls with sausages”, she remarked.

    Kermit closed the Muppet Theater while Miss Piggy was waiting for him. She had a suitcase, a rather large one, with her.
    “You do know it’s just for one night, right?”, Kermit remarked.
    “Well, moi needs so much, mon grenouille”, answered Miss Piggy. Seeing his confused face, she added: “That’s French for ‘frog’.”
    “I didn’t know you know the French word for ‘frog’.”
    “Well, moi didn’t live in France for nothing.”
    Kermit smiled at her as he took her suitcase and offered her his other arm. Arms linked together, they walked through the city in a leisure pace. Street lights illuminated their way as they strolled along. Only a few people passed them in this chilly night, most of those were couples, too. Kermit enjoyed the time he got to spend with Miss Piggy. They still lived in different places and as he usually worked on the show, they would not get some time for each other very often. Thankfully, the scripts for the next show were already finished. The only thing he had to worry about was to decide where to go for vacation. He felt Miss Piggy leaning her head against his. She sighed contently. It sure was nice to have somebody by one’s side. Kermit started to sing:

    Everything is great
    Everything is grand
    We’ve got the whole wide world in the palm of our hand

    Miss Piggy sang the next two lines:

    Everything is perfect
    It’s falling into place

    Kermit sang alone:

    I can’t seem to wipe this smile off my face

    Both sang in duet:

    Life’s a happy song
    When there’s someone by your side to sing along

    The Boarding House found Rowlf playing Für Elise on his piano. Only a small lamp was the source of the little amount of light. Robin lay on the couch, half-asleep. Fozzie was speaking to someone on the phone. Everybody else was in their room, tired from the show. It was very quiet in the Boarding House, save for the music. Fozzie hung up and sat down next to Robin.
    “And what’d she say?”, Rowlf asked.
    “Ma’s happy to know I come over for a visit”, replied Fozzie in a quiet voice as to not disturb Robin. Still, the little frog sat up and yawned while rubbing his eyes.
    “Is Uncle Kermit there yet?”
    “No”, said Rowlf as he stopped playing. He looked at Robin and added: “Go to bed. We tell Kermit to check on you.”
    “But I’m not ti-”, the last part was swallowed by a huge yawn coming out of Robin’s mouth. Rowlf smilingly shook his head at this. Fozzie, also smiling, picked Robin up.
    “C’mon, let’s get you to bed”, he said. There was no protest when he left the room. Rowlf turned back to his piano and started playing again in the solitude of the night. The smell of coffee filled the room as heard someone entering the almost dark room.
    “Hey”, Walter greeted him as he sat down on the spot that had been occupied by Robin a few moments ago.
    “Hey there. Can’t sleep?”, the piano playing dog turned around to look at his friend.
    “Not really”, said Walter. He and Rowlf stayed quiet for a while, with Walter occasionally sipping his coffee. “I guess I still can’t believe what happened over the last months. You know, with you guys getting back together and working hard for the new show.”
    The brown dog nodded at this.
    “The way you said it makes it sounds as if it wasn’t much. But everybody knows it was so much more. All thanks to you.”
    “Don’t mention it.”
    “No, Rowlf’s right”, Fozzie had appeared in the doorway. He walked over to them and sat down next to Walter. “If it weren’t for you, we would still be separated; we would have lost the studio and our name.”
    “And everybody’s happy now”, said Kermit. He and Miss Piggy had arrived right after Fozzie. Both brought the chilly night air in the room, which made the others shiver a little. Kermit walked over to the other and Miss Piggy, who had taken her suitcase, walked upstairs to take a bath.
    “She does know she’s only here for one night, right?”, Fozzie wondered. “Or is she going to move in?”
    “Well, she did say she needs much” replied Kermit. “That’s the Miss Piggy we all know and love.”
    “Especially you”, replied Rowlf in a warm voice. He had stopped playing once again and was facing his friends. Kermit looked around to see his friends’ eyes on him. None looked at him in a teasing manner, no one smirked; their faces all beheld an expression of genuine happiness for him. These were moments where Kermit was grateful of having friends like them, even if they were a little weird.
    “Yeah”, Kermit agreed with a warm smile on his face. He sat down next to Fozzie and, sitting on the comfortable couch, he suddenly noticed how tired he really was. After all, it was exhausting to put on a good show every week. Good thing they were going on a vacation after the next show.
    “Hey, Kermit, have you got a plan where we could go?”, asked Walter.
    “No, not yet. But we’re going to discuss it tomorrow. Maybe I get Eighties Robot here and ask him for advice”, replied Kermit. He let out a hearty yawn, which he could not suppress.
    “Go to sleep, you don’t have to keep us company. Besides, you should better check on Robin”, said Rowlf. “Who knows if he’s still asleep?”
    Kermit nodded.
    “I will. Good night.”
    A chorus of “good night” followed him as he left the living room and ascended up the stairs.

    Sure enough, when Kermit checked on Robin, the latter was wide-awake. The little frog sat by his bedside lamp with a little book on his lap. He looked up when he heard the door open.
    “Uncle Kermit!”, he exclaimed with a beaming smile on his face.
    “Robin, shouldn’t you be asleep by now?”, said Kermit in a mock-stern voice. If Robin had teeth, he would be biting his bottom lip, but upon seeing his Uncle’s smirk, he let out a small laugh. Kermit, also chuckling, sat down next to him. He took a look at Robin’s book, seeing that it was The Frog Prince.
    “You want to read with me?”, Robin offered. In response, Kermit moved the book a little, so that both frogs could read it. So, in a dark bedroom, with only the bedside lamp providing light, an adult frog read to his nephew a fairytale. His voice was the only sound in the nocturnal stillness. Thrice, he heard someone walking past the door. Robin leaned his head against his arm, his eyes dropping. At the end of the fairytale, the little frog was asleep. Kermit smiled warmly at his nephew when he closed the book and laid it on the bedside table. He tucked him in and whispered “sleep well” before turning off the light and sneaking out of the room.

    When he entered his room and switched on the light on the bedside table, he immediately noticed a suitcase lying next to his wardrobe. He briefly wondered if Miss Piggy had accidentally forgotten it while getting ready for the night. Something on his bedside table caught his eye after he had gotten cozy in his bed. Upon inspecting it, Kermit discovered that it was the list Julie had given him some time during the show. While contemplating whether or not to read it now, he heard the door open and close. Looking up, he saw Miss Piggy, dressed in a silk nightgown, coming closer to him.
    “Bonsoir. Kermie, please move over a little, thank you”, she said. Unconsciously, he moved a little, making space for her. He was going to tell her that no one had moved into her old room after she had moved out, but for some reason the words were stuck in his throat.
    “What have you got there?”
    Kermit regained his voice after Miss Piggy asked him her question:
    “It’s the suggestion list Julie had given to me. You want to look over it?”
    “Of course”, replied Miss Piggy. But what both saw were just songs they had never heard of:

    My Song Suggestions For Miss Piggy’s Act

    For her to sing:

    Eyes On Me
    Melodies of Life
    Simple And Clean
    Suteki Da Ne (English version by Susan Calloway, except Miss Piggy can speak Japanese)
    Love Will Grow
    Never Knew I Needed
    Time of My Life

    Songs just for the background

    Aria di Mezzo Carattere
    To Zanarkand
    Aerith’s Theme
    Yuna’s Theme
    The Price of Freedom
    My Mind
    Rose of May
    The Place I Return To Someday
    Cloud Smiles
    Someday The Dream Will End
    Waltz For The Moon
    Suteki Da Ne (Japanese version by Rikki)
    Theme of Love
    Pure Heart

    “Have you ever heard of any of these songs?”, asked Kermit, looking bedazzled at the song list.
    “No”, answered Miss Piggy while looking over the list, too. “I only know Time of My Life.”
    “That’s the only song I’ve heard of, too. But some titles sound nice.”
    “Oui, they do”, agreed Miss Piggy. She gently took the list out of Kermit’s hand and laid it back on the bedside table. Then she snuggled closer to Kermit and wished him a good night before closing her eyes.
    “Good night, Miss Piggy”, he softly replied before turning off the light. He was fast asleep at once.

    “Önywone moor panaycak-a?”
    “Yes, please!”, replied Rizzo eagerly.
    “Yeah, Swedish Chef!”, said Fozzie
    “No thank you”, replied Sam calmly.
    “Not for me, I’m stuffed”, declined Bunsen politely.
    “I’d like some more”, said Robin. It was a typical morning in the Muppet Boarding House. Breakfast consisted of pancakes but also bread, rolls and cereals. It was actually a miracle that there was enough food for everyone everyday but no one questioned it. The day after the show was usually a day to relax before starting on the next show. Of course it was not like they got only a week to prepare their acts, but during rehearsals they put special attention on their week’s number. After all, the shows had to be successful and each and every Muppet worked hard to achieve that.
    “Hey, Swedish Chef, can I have more pancakes, please?”, asked Rizzo, after finishing about two thirds of his pancakes.
    “Don’t you ever stop eating?”, responded Gonzo, who had built something that vaguely resembled Big Ben out of his pancakes with the clock’s face made out of syrup.
    “Hasn’t anyone taught you to not to play with your food?”, retorted Rizzo as he got he refill. Gonzo only shrugged and stuffed his Big Ben pancakes in his mouth. One by one, everyone left the kitchen until only Swedish Chef was in there to wash the dishes. Marvin Suggs and Rowlf were there to help him. The Swedish Chef would wash the dishes, Marvin would dry them and Rowlf would put them in the cupboard.
    In the living room were Robin, Bunsen, Beaker and Fozzie. Robin looked at the downpour outside and sighed. He had hoped it would be a nice sunny weather to go to the lake with some friends but that plan got cancelled. It was simply no fun being outside in such a miserable weather.
    “It’s a pity the weather machine is broken. I would have liked to know if it could have changed the weather for real”, said Bunsen thoughtfully as he watched the rain fall. Nothing was recognizable outside, although if one squeezed his eyes, he could see blurred outlines of trees, buildings and whatever there was outside.
    “Mee, mee, moo”, nodded Beaker wisely. Fozzie, meanwhile, sat on the couch with the television remote in hand and channel-surfing. He stopped at the local weather station.
    “Today will remain sunny with no cloud in sight. Maybe we’re lucky and summer has decided to come early”, said the weatherman, laughing at his summer comment.
    “In which part of the world does he live? Sunny Majorca?”, wondered Fozzie as he switched off the television. He put the remote away and lay down on the couch. While he was playing with his bow-tie, Bunsen and Beaker left to work on a new invention. Robin sat down next to Fozzie.
    “Do you have an idea what we could do?”
    “No”, the bear shook his head. Robin sighed. The downpour had put a damper on his mood. It seemed it would be a boring day if Walter had not arrived with a DVD in hand. Both the frog and the bear had greeted him when they noticed the DVD in his hand.
    “Hi, I thought I could watch The Muppets Take Manhattan again. You want to join me?”, offered Walter. The response he got was an eager “yes”. Walter turned the television and the DVD player on and put his DVD in the latter. After a short while, the movie started.

    The weather had not improved by afternoon. If anything, it had gotten worse as a storm was added to the rain. The only resident of the Muppet Boarding House who was outside was Gonzo. He had tied a rope around two streetlights and danced in high-heels on the rope while balancing an umbrella on his nose and holding his teddy. Kermit, Camilla, Zoot and Scooter tried watching him from the window but could only see his blurred outline.
    “He’s an alright fella, but he’s crazy”, commented Zoot.
    “Which one of us isn’t?”, responded Kermit, to which Camilla clucked in agreement. The door bell rang and, a minute later, Eighties Robot arrived with a very wet Julie, who carried a satchel.
    “I’m not dancin’ and singin’ in the rain”, she said dryly while taking off her jacket.
    “Well, at least you’re punctual”, said Fozzie. After he looked at the clock, which showed it was twenty minutes to two o’clock, he added: “Over-punctual.”
    “Well, if I had taken the next bus, I would have arrived way too late. And I’m not keen on walking in this weather. That weather reminds me too much of last summer”, responded Julie, who sat down next to the fireplace, where Miss Piggy, Floyd, Janice, Scooter and Rizzo were. “By the way, since when does Gonzo own high-heels?”
    “Like, what high-heels?”, asked Janice.
    “Red ones, they have a slight resemblance to Dorothy’s red shoes in The Wizard of Oz.”
    “Is the wizard related to Frank Oz?”, said Rizzo.
    “Not that I know of.”
    “Those are mine! How dare he take my shoes!”, exclaimed Miss Piggy suddenly. She swiftly left the house and returned a short while later with her shoes. Gonzo followed her in the living room, his teddy in hand and the umbrella stuck up his nose.
    “You should try to have your umbrellas in your noses, too! It’s neat!”, announced Gonzo good-naturedly. No one said anything.
    “Oh!”, exclaimed Julie suddenly, startling those next to her. She opened her satchel and took out a CD case. “I burnt the songs I have written down on CD, Kermit.”
    Julie walked over and handed him the CD.
    “And you better be grateful. I stayed up all night to burn the CD.”
    “Thank you, I’ll listen to them later”, said Kermit, taking the CD. Julie gave him a friendly smile and returned to the fireplace. Kermit and Eighties Robot went to fetch the others who had agreed to come with them on vacation.

    Gonzo, Camilla, Scooter, Sweetums, Robin, Rowlf, Walter, The Electric Mayhem, Rizzo, Clifford, Bunsen, Beaker, Julie, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Eighties Robot all sat around a map of the USA.
    “I say we go to Miami”, said Clifford, pointing to Florida.
    “How about New York?”
    “Las Vegas, perhaps?”
    “New Orleans?”
    Eventually, everyone suggested different places in mayhem, making it hard for Kermit to understand a word they were saying. If they would not quiet down, he would get a headache.
    “QUIET!”, he exclaimed and everyone stopped talking, except Janice:
    “Look, I’m not gonna walk around the beach naked… Oh.”
    She quieted down when everyone looked at her.
    “If we can’t decide on a location, I’m going to cancel the trip”, Kermit threatened. Miss Piggy laid a hand on his shoulder, making him look at her:
    “Or we could simply let Eighties Robot take us somewhere.”
    This was the others agreed to.

    A week and a show later, a number of Muppets and a human were all seated in the Electric Mayhem tour bus. Eighties Robot was the driver. Their bags were all stashed at the back, right behind the instruments. The Electric Mayhem provided for some background music, Gonzo planned new stunts with Camilla sleeping next to him, Sweetums, Walter, Scooter and Robin were in a conversation, Rizzo and Julie ate sandwiches, Bunsen worked on something with Beaker nervously looking on and Clifford simply took a nap.
    “Where are we going, Eighties Robot?”, asked Kermit.
    “I shall take the liberty of using the Travel By Map Button”, replied the robot.


    The song Julie sings in the beginning of the chapter is an advertising jingle for sausage, hence her remark afterwards. And her statement that the bad weather reminds her of last summer is how the last summer actually was like around here, with little sunshine and a ridiculous amount of rain.
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    YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!! I love it!

    Never knew I needed is by Ne-Yo, right?

    Anyways, great chapter! I could imagine everything perfectly!
    More please!
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    Yeah, Never Knew I Needed is by Ne-Yo. It's played in the credits of The Princess And The Frog. In the German version, that song is performed as a duet by Ne-Yo and Cassandra Steen, who also happened to be the German voice of Tiana (but did a terrible job on the speaking parts).
    The other songs are from the Final Fantasy games, with the exceptions of Time of My Life (Dirty Dancing), Simple And Clean and Sanctuary (both Kingdom Hearts).

    Thank you for your review and the third chappie is currently in progress :)
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    Thanks 4 the info! And YaaaaaaaaaaaaY more story coming!!!
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    Chapter Three

    The Vacation Begins

    After using the Travel By Map feature, which they had built in some time after the telethon, they arrived in a town. It was neither a big city nor a small town, just a medium-sized town. The tour bus drove past a school, where children with their parents and teachers were decorating the schoolyard. As the Muppets drove through the town, they noticed a lot of decorations for Easter. There were even life-sized Easter bunnies made of straw left and right of the entrance of their hotel. Upon stepping out of the bus with their bags and approaching the hotel, they noticed several chicks and chickens, also made of straw, around the Easter bunnies. When they entered the hotel, they noticed the interior was larger than the exterior would suggest. Most of the space was occupied by a sitting area, where a number of elderly people were talking with each other.
    “Hey, don’t you think these two look familiar?”, remarked Scooter. Indeed, there two balding, elderly Muppets. One looked older with a white mustache and white hair while the other had gray hair. Both wore suits in dark colors and when they heard them laughing about something, their identities were confirmed.
    “What are Statler and Waldorf doing here?”, wondered Robin.
    “No idea. But come on, let’s get checked in”, replied Kermit. He and Eighties Robot led the others to the reception area, where the manager was talking with a bellboy.
    “Excuse me, we’d like a room”, said Kermit, making the manager and the bellboy look at the group. If both had been surprised to see various animals, along with a human and a robot, checking in, then they did not show it.
    “Oh, I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t have a room to accommodate you all. You have to check in more rooms than one”, replied the manager. She was a middle-aged woman, around her mid-forties, with a stern face. Her dark, graying hair was pinned-up. She looked at each individual Muppet and at Julie, doing a head count. “I see you’re a group twenty-one, so…”
    “Um, Eighties Robot doesn’t need a bed. He’s going to spend the nights in the bus”, Kermit politely interrupted her.
    “Oh, well, in that case”, the manager typed something in her computer and, after several minutes, handed the groups a couple of keys. “Here you are, and Reginald here will take your luggage up to your rooms.”
    Reginald was the bellboy with who she was talking to before. He was a young man, in his thirties, with straw-colored hair and emerald green eyes. Reginald smiled at them before taking their luggage, having trouble lifting Miss Piggy’s. In fact, a few others bellboys had to arrive to the scene to help him carry the luggage.

    Reginald and his colleagues stopped in front of a few rooms.
    “So, every room can accommodate two. Who’s sharing a room with whom?”
    Julie was about to suggest the girls should share rooms, but a glare from Miss Piggy left her suggestion unfinished. The human girl simply decided to share a room with whoever was left. In the end, the pairings were divided in Bunsen and Beaker, Gonzo and Camilla, Floyd and Janice, Doctor Teeth and Animal, Lips and Zoot, Walter and Scooter, Rizzo and Clifford, Sweetums and Robin, Kermit and Miss Piggy and Rowlf and Julie. The latter looked a little unhappy at the result but did not voice her dissatisfaction. By now, their bags were all in their rooms.

    The day was bright and sunny, a stark contrast to the day before. Children were on the playground, having fun. Adolescents and adults were in the park, either playing with their dogs or having a picnic. Floyd decided to take Animal out in the park and Janice accompanied them. If Animal had not been held back by a chain, he would run around wildly, just like a dog. Every once in a while, he exclaimed “WOMAN!” in a deafening voice to scare a passing female. Dogs would sometimes bark at him, only for him to growl and the dogs whimpered in fear. Other than that, Floyd and Janice appeared to resemble a young couple taking their dog out for a walk.
    “Hey, Dad, you’re going to come to the Easter party in our school?”, asked a little boy, who was playing with a soccer ball while his father was watching on.
    “Of course, son, for the third time”, his father replied laughingly. Floyd and Janice sat down on the grass, not far away from father and son. Animal, still held back by his chain, chased a butterfly around until it flew far away.
    “BYE BYE”, called Animal after the butterfly, waving after it. The drummer felt a little hungry but, to his dismay, they had not thought to bring some food along with them.
    “Hungry…”, he murmured, as he walked back to Floyd and Janice and collapsed on his stomach. The father seemed to have heard him, for he turned around and said:
    “There’s a hot dog stand not far from here.”
    “Thank you, man”, said Floyd. He and Animal stood up and walked over to the hot dog stand. Janice remained where she was and watched the little boy playing soccer. He was slightly sweaty from running around but his face showed so much joy. It was apparent that he was having fun. The little boy let the ball roll to the direction of his father. He walked over to him and took his bottle of water. Right after taking a drink, he spotted Janice.
    “Hey, you’re one of the Muppets”, he said cheerfully, walking over to her. “I’m Jeremy and I’m a big fan of The Electric Mayhem.”
    He offered his hand.
    “Nice to meet ya, Jeremy”, replied Janice and shook his hand. Jeremy sat down next to her:
    “You guys are great! I never miss a show! I even got your first movie and the first season from your old show on DVD on my birthday!”
    Jeremy spoke everything so fast Janice had trouble keeping up. But the excitement in his voice and on his face made her smile. It felt good to know that they had gotten new fans. Even Jeremy’s father, who revealed himself to be a Muppets fan, joined the conversation. They talked about the revival, if new movies were coming up or planned. Janice tried her best to answer but she could not answer every question as certain things had not been discussed yet. During their conversation, Floyd and Animal returned. Janice introduced Jeremy and his father, Bob, to them.
    “Hey, Jeremy, what Easter party were you talkin’ about earlier?”, asked Floyd.
    “We’re having an egg hunt on the school grounds. Kids and their parents are invited, but we can also bring guests. Some kids even perform on stage and a band’s going to perform!”, exclaimed Jeremy happily.
    “And you too?”, asked Janice.
    “Yep”, replied Jeremy, beaming proudly. “Me and my friends are performing Rumpelstiltskin! I’m playing Rumpelstiltskin.”
    “That sounds interesting, little man”, said Floyd. “Maybe we can convince Kermit and the others to come and watch your play.”
    The pink-skinned bass player smiled at Jeremy’s excited face. The little boy’s green eyes were sparkling as he looked alternatively at Floyd and Janice. The former ruffled his brown hair before he stood up.
    “Well, we gotta go. See you at your performance”, he said.
    “Bye!”, replied Jeremy. Bob, Animal and Janice also said goodbye.

    Meanwhile, Kermit, Rowlf and Walter were taking a walk through the town. As they walked past the elementary school, they heard two people talking.
    “This is a disaster! We have no band to perform! The band just cancelled their performance”, exclaimed a man. “Please, Miss Taylor, tell me every child is going to put on an act.”
    “I’m sorry, Mister Page, but there’s only one group performing”, said Miss Taylor with an apologetic smile. “It’s Jeremy Tyler and his friends with Rumpelstiltskin.”
    “That’s not enough. Oh, it seems we have to cancel the event”, Mister Page was shaking his head in despair.
    “What a shame. The children were so excited for it”, sighed Miss Taylor. “Only a miracle can help us now.”
    Kermit, Rowlf and Walter decided it was time to step in.
    “Excuse me, but what are you two talking about? Maybe we can help”, said Kermit as he and his friends approached the two. Mister Page and Miss Taylor were surprised to see the Muppets but the latter recovered from her surprise quickly and went on to explain:
    “Hello, I’m Lily Taylor. I’m the Music teacher here. We were going to have an Easter party here on Sunday with a band performing and children doing an act or singing. But, sadly, the band got called off and only one group of children is performing.”
    Miss Taylor looked saddened at this. She was a fairly young woman, no older than thirty. The brown-eyed woman had long red hair, although it looked dyed. She looked from the Muppets to Mister Page, as if waiting for him to continue.
    “Timothy Page’s the name, I’m the principal”, he introduced himself, offering his hand. He looked like he had a healthy appetite with his large stomach. Unlike Miss Taylor, who was dressed in a simple shirt and jeans, he was dressed in a dark suit. His dark hair was graying and he was balding. “I know you from my childhood. I know you’re great performers. Do you suppose you could help us?”
    “I have to ask the others. You see, we’re only here on vacation. But I’m the others will agree to help you out”, replied Kermit.
    “We certainly are going to help you out”, said Rowlf.
    “Yeah, you can count us in”, agreed Walter. Both Mister Page and Miss Taylor’s corner of the mouths turned upwards as they heard that.
    “Thank you”, the young teacher said gently.

    The sun had begun to set, emitting the town in a red-orange light. The air had become cooler, making several strollers rubbing their exposed arms or putting on their jackets. Children ran home, young couples were out to see a movie. A certain group, however, found themselves in a hotel room. Most of them were wondering what Kermit wanted. So when he asked for their attention, everyone’s eyes turned to him.
    “I have something to ask all of you. Earlier today, I walked past a school with Rowlf and Walter. We met a teacher and the principal of the school and they told us they have a problem”, explained Kermit, pausing for everyone to let it sink in.
    “And… what kind of problem, mein froschiger Freund?”, voiced Julie what most other occupants were wondering.
    “Well, there’s going to be an Easter party with a band and the children doing little acts. The trouble is, the band had called off and only one group is performing a fairytale. I think it was Rumpelstiltskin.”
    “Hey, we met a kid who’s performing that fairytale, green stuff”, said Floyd. “He’s a big fan of us.”
    “And he, like, was really excited for it”, contributed Janice. “You can count us in, fer sure.”
    That got the other members of The Electric Mayhem to agree to help, too. They had been told about little Jeremy earlier that day, after Floyd, Janice and Animal had returned from the park. From what they heard, he was a good kid. Robin, Sweetums, Gonzo and Scooter almost immediately volunteered.
    “Sure, why not?”, said Julie. “Maybe I can find a way to help out, too.”
    “Bawk, bawk, ba.”
    Everybody eventually offered their help. Some even started planning what they could do right away. Kermit was glad to know that they all want the children to have a great party; even it meant to work during their vacation. He tried to voice it but someone would always hush him one way or another.

    By the time the sun had fully set, the others had left the room to do their own stuff. Kermit stood outside on the balcony, feeling the cool night air caressing his green skin. It had begun to drizzle. He outstretched his arm to feel the raindrops while he thought about the day’s events. At first, he was a little nervous about telling his friends the news. After all, he had promised a vacation, so he was glad that they so readily agreed to put on a show. The following day, he would go over to the elementary school and talk to the principal. Mister Page would be glad to hear the news, as would be Miss Taylor. But for now, Kermit would simply relax and let his mind wander before spending quality time with a certain, bathtub occupying, pig. He heard a knock on the door and went to open it. Rowlf stood behind the door, smiling innocently like a puppy.
    “Oh, hey, Rowlf. Why don’t you come in?”, invited Kermit and stepped aside. Rowlf entered before turning around to face Kermit.
    “Hope I’m not interrupting some nice quality time with Miss Piggy.”
    “Don’t worry, she’s still in the bathroom”, replied Kermit as he took a seat on the couch. His canine friend sat down next to him. “But what can I do for you? Did Julie throw you out?”
    “Um, not exactly”, replied Rowlf, nervously scratching his ear. “I wasn’t sure if I should go to our room. She wasn’t very happy when it turned out that we have to share a room.”
    “Yeah, yeah, now that you mention it. She did look unhappy.”
    “Hm-hm”, Rowlf nodded. “And she always seems to try to avoid me.”
    “Yeah, I noticed that, too. But it’s not only you; she avoids every dog she comes across. Hm, I wonder why?”
    Rowlf shrugged and supported his head on his paw. He looked straight ahead while thinking about what he, or any other canine, might have done in the past to offend her. But she had acted that way since she started working with them. If Julie had to speak with him, then she did it in a polite voice but with some distance to it. Whatever her reason was, Rowlf would like to know.
    “I’m going to ask her”, he decided, standing up so abruptly that he startled Kermit a little.
    “Um, okay. Let me know how it turns out”, replied the amphibian. Right after Rowlf left, the door to the bathroom opened and Miss Piggy, clad in a bathrobe emerged. She gracefully walked over to where Kermit sat and sat down next to him. Well, actually, she almost sat on his lap. She leaned her head against his and took his hand. She put her other arm around his waist before closing her eyes and sighing in content.
    “Um, Miss Piggy, how about some music?”, Kermit suggested.
    “Oui, moi would love that, mon grenouille”, Miss Piggy. She moved a little for him to stand up and walk over to his suitcase. Kermit soon found a CD, the same Julie had burnt for him and he had not yet gotten around listening to it. He saw she had put a note inside the case but it was only a list of the songs, albeit in alphabetical order. Kermit turned on the television and the DVD player, putting the CD in the latter. Then he returned to Miss Piggy and both resumed their previous position as the first song started.

    When Rowlf entered the room he shared with Julie, it was pitch-black. He felt for the light switch and when he turned on the light, he saw her in her bed. Approaching her, he noticed she was fast asleep, with her glasses on the bedside table alongside a camera and a book. Rowlf took a look at the book; it featured two boys, one black-haired and the other red-haired, inside a flying car. The he looked at Julie, who was snuggled up under the bedcover in. From what he could see, her legs seemed to close to her chest, making her look like an embryo. He also noticed that she held a frog plushie close to her.
    “Well, I think that explains why Kermit asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend”, he thought before leaving her side. Rowlf decided to not wake her up. Kermit had told him how she reacted when he once woke her up early on a Saturday morning and Rowlf did not want to risk it. No, he had no death wish.

    Clifford, Sweetums, Rizzo and Scooter were currently in the bar of the hotel. Jazz music provided by a band served as background music, while other people were dancing or just drinking. On some unoccupied tables were empty glasses, which a waiter retrieved. Another one was cleaning the tables.
    “Hello, what can I get for you?”, asked a waitress the four Muppets. She looked fairly young, not even twenty. Her hair was black and tied together in a ponytail, with just a few strands framing her face. She wore purple make-up and the earrings she was wearing resembled skulls. The four friends each ordered a cocktail, which the young waitress handed them.
    “By the way, you guys look like these guys who were on TV last year, that Muppet Telethon”, she commented. She leaned a little closer to them. “Great show, but at a horrible time. My little sister couldn’t watch it ‘till the end.”
    “Well, this was the only time slot we could get”, replied Scooter. “Besides, we have a new show at a better airtime for months now.”
    “Ah, yes. Look, I have to serve the other guests, too. I’m not getting paid for holding conversations”, said the waitress before she left them. The four Muppets shrugged simultaneously.

    The Muppets and a human were again the room Kermit and Miss Piggy were sharing. They noticed that one bed looked like no one had slept in but decided to not say anything. Breakfast had been ordered for everyone, from bread, rolls, croissants over pancakes to cereals. Kermit was the first to finish and, while everybody else was still eating, took of notes of what each and everyone would do and with whom. So far, he had Gonzo doing a stunt with Rizzo as his assistant, Clifford would sing a song and that was about it. Bunsen and Beaker finished at the same time.
    “Kermit, Beaker and I are going to create something for our act”, said Bunsen. “Come along, Beaker.”
    “Mee!”, responded Beaker, looking helplessly at the others. No one paid him any mind.
    “Alright, everyone, who else is going to do something?”, Kermit asked.
    “I’m playing Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite”, replied Rowlf.
    “And I’ll whistle Dance of The Flutes”, said Walter. Kermit wrote it down.
    “Anybody else? Doctor Teeth, what are you and the band going to perform?”
    “Hm, we don’t know yet”, said the green-skinned Muppet with the lengthy arms.
    “Hey, Kermit, why not let the four ladies sing a song and Doctor Teeth’s band provides the music?”, suggested Clifford.
    “Actually, that’s a good idea, Clifford”, agreed Kermit. The four ladies looked at each other before looking at the frog and nodding in agreement. At least that was settled. But he still had to worry what the others are going to do.


    Mein froschiger Freund = my froggy friend :)
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    Yay, more foreign languages! LOL

    And... I shall say it ahead of time.
    Poor Beaker. LOL

    More please!
  12. Yuna Leonhart

    Yuna Leonhart Well-Known Member

    Your wish has been granted, Miss Kermie :)

    Chapter Four

    Let Us Get Prepared

    Kermit went to the elementary school to see the principal some time later that day. Needless to say, he was thrilled to hear that the others had agreed to do this. He showed Kermit the stage where they would perform. Naturally, it was a lot smaller than the one they use to have their show on but what else was to expect? Mister Page went on to explain that several rows of chairs will be set in front of the stage and that the performers are going to change in the locker rooms. Furthermore, a number of tables would be set for food and drinks and they would have the Art teacher in a rabbit costume to hide the Easter eggs and host the Easter egg hunt.

    Miss Piggy, Janice, Camilla and Julie all sat in an ice cream parlor. They had decided to take a stroll through the town instead of just sitting around in the hotel and thinking of a song they could sing. On their way, they came across this nice little ice cream parlor with a colorful sign reading Mike’s Ice Cream. The interior was painted in colors that reminded one of summer, along with pictures of whales, dolphins, tropical islands and beaches decorating the walls. There were not many people in the parlor, mostly because the majority ordered popsicles. The four females, however, each had a sundae with fruits.
    “How about Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah? It is a nice song that can make one feel good, at least in my opinion”, suggested Julie. “Or we could all write down a few songs on little pieces of papers, put them in a bowl and let someone pull one out.”
    “And what if someone doesn’t know the chosen song? It, like, would be better if we sing a song each one of us knew”, replied Janice.
    “Well, um, does everyone of us know Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah?”, asked Julie, raising both of her eyebrows and smiling sheepishly. To her relief, it was the case but the still agreed to think of more songs before rehearsing one or more. But first, they had to finish a sundae; it would be a shame to let it melt away. Maybe their vacation would not turn out as the thought it would, but they knew they can manage it. After all, it could have been worse, for example they could have been called back because of a crime or even murder. But performing for children was alright for them. They would do a good thing and the children will be happy.

    The hotel bar was devoid of any guests, because it would only be open at night. Only Rowlf and the hotel band with their singer were present in the room, with the dog sitting at the piano. The band had kindly permitted him to practice with them. They currently took a break, however, and listened to Rowlf playing his music.
    “That dog sure is talented”, said the saxophone player. His fellow band members murmured words of agreement, even saying that he should join him.
    “Guys, we can’t possibly take him away from the Muppets” reasoned their singer, although she was smiling. The band shrugged simultaneously before putting their attention back on Rowlf. He had not had a chance to speak with Julie yet but he decided to let it slide for now. It was not the end of the world and he had plenty of other chances to ask her. After all, she was in the Muppet Theater everyday, except on weekends. Even then, he knew where she lived, so it was not like he could never manage to get her to talk to him. So, instead of dwelling on that subject, he would simply practice Firebird Suite for his performance. Nevertheless, he was wondering what his friends had in store. The only things that were certain were the acts of Clifford, Gonzo and Walter. He had no idea what Bunsen and Beaker were planning, except that it would end painfully for Beaker. He had no way of knowing if the girls had decided on a song and what everybody else was planning. Although, Rowlf did hear Kermit mention to Robin that he had something that was actually for The New Muppet Show but would be used for the Easter party. Oh well, he would know it soon enough whatever it was.
    “Hey, my doggy friend, mind if we could use our piano again?”, asked the band’s piano player.
    “Sure thing”, said Rowlf, moving away from the piano. “I’ll come back later.”
    When he left the bar, he saw the four females of the group returning from their walk. From the looks of it, they had done more than just strolling around as they carried shopping bags with them. There even bellboys who helped them carrying even more bags, although Rowlf suspected that most of them belonged to Miss Piggy. But what was it with girls and shopping?

    “Whew, that was fun”, commented Julie after they entered Kermit and Miss Piggy’s hotel room. “I didn’t know shopping could be so much fun.”
    “You sound like you have never done it before”, commented Miss Piggy as she put her shopping bags, including the ones carried by the bellboys, on the still tidy bed.
    “Well, there aren’t any possibilities for real shopping where I lived”, retorted Julie. “And the nearest big city was in Poland and exchanging currency would be a little inconvenient.”
    Julie sat down on the floor in Indian style, her shopping bags lying next to her. There was something in the way she looked at Miss Piggy, Janice and Camilla that indicated she would say anymore of this subject. Janice and Camilla also sat down on the floor, while Miss Piggy sat on the bed.
    “And have you girls thought of a song yet?”, asked Kermit, startling them. None of the girls had seen him sitting at the desk. He looked at them curiously, although his eyes got a little larger at the number of the shopping bags.
    “I hope you weren’t just shopping”, he said.
    “Of course not, Kermie, we were trying hard to agree on a song, weren’t we?”, said Miss Piggy, first looking at Kermit and then looking at the other girls. They gave nods and words of confirmation to her words.
    “What were you buying anyway?”
    “Clothes and believe me, I think you will see more of what Miss Piggy bought than we will”, said Julie.
    “Yeah, and we, like, were with her all the time”, added Janice. Camilla clucked in affirmation.
    “Okay, if you say so. And Miss Piggy, Julie, I have a little sketch we could do for the children”, said Kermit. “It was actually for our show but I think it could work here. There’s a role for you, Miss Piggy.”
    She looked pleased when he said that, sitting more up straight and smiling with pride. Once or twice, maybe even thrice, she batted her eyelashes at him. Kermit tried to ignore her as he put his attention to the only German born in the room:
    “Fozzie was supposed to play the villain. Could you do it for him, please, Julie?”
    “Okay”, she said, quick like a shot. She had a large smile on her face, which reminded Kermit of a certain mouse, and looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to say more about the sketch. Kermit took two copies of the sketch and handed them to Miss Piggy and Julie.
    “How come you have copies with you?”, wondered Julie, opening hers. Her question was answered when she noticed the script was handwritten. “Oh, that explains it. But it has a better handwriting than your song list from a few weeks ago.”
    “That’s coming from someone who manages to make a K look like a U”, muttered Kermit, as he took a number of other handwritten copies and left the room. Julie childishly stuck out her tongue at him. After he left, she shrugged in an indifferent manner as she scanned the script with Janice and Camilla looking over her shoulder. Miss Piggy was doing the same with her copy before both put it away. Then they all started to discuss what they could sing together.

    Clifford meanwhile was in his room practicing his song, with Rizzo walking worriedly around in circles. The rat’s antics made Clifford feel annoyed with his fidgeting and incoherent mumbling. Of all times Rizzo had to be such a pain, it had to be a time where someone was busy at the moment. Besides, Rizzo was supposed to be outside with Gonzo to rehearse their act but he hid under the bed, trembling like a leaf, when the weirdo came to fetch him. That was about the same time Clifford had started practicing and since then, Rizzo had done this routine.
    “Rizzo, why don’t you do me a favor and leave?”, said Clifford when he got too fed up with Rizzo’s antics. The rat stopped at once and looked at him with an expression of utmost fear. Clifford may as well have told him to jump off the Empire State Building.
    “And risk being found by Gonzo!?”, he exclaimed, frightfully. “I still want to live, y’know.”
    “Well, it’s your own fault that you agreed to this”, responded Clifford with a finality in his voice. He went back to practice his singing and Rizzo, sighing in defeat, left him alone. His head hung low and a miserable look was plastered on his face. He ignored the chambermaids who looked at him revolted. No, he simply walked through the halls aimlessly, sometimes greeting his fellow Muppets when he came across one. But then he heard a voice which made him freeze in his tracks:
    “There you are, Rizzo! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”
    Gonzo appeared next to Rizzo and took him by his arm.
    “Come on, we still have to practice.”
    With that, Gonzo dashed off with a very reluctant Rizzo who wondered what he did to deserve it.

    Walter, meanwhile, took a break from practicing. He had whistled Dance of The Flutes since after breakfast and, truth to be told, he was getting a little hungry. Besides, he had to get out of his room, some time. This was why Walter took a walk through the park. Just like the day before, there were people playing and walking with their dogs. He saw a few children playing soccer or baseball with their parents looking on; some fathers were even joining the game. A breeze blew on this particularly hot April day, giving off a refreshing feeling. Walter came across a hot dog stand, where he bought one. Munching it, he continued down the path before sitting down on a bench under the shade of a tree. There was a pond right in front of him. Ducks happily quacked and swam around while being fed by an elderly bespectacled woman. A smile adorned her wrinkled face as the ducks gathered around in front of her. A little girl and a little boy appeared next to her. The girl was asking something, to which the elderly woman nodded and said something. Whatever it was, it made both the boy and the girl cheer and run off. Walter leaned back and closed his eyes while another cool breeze caressed his face. He enjoyed his time just sitting there and listening to the ducks quack. Although he had loved living in Smalltown with his brother, he felt more at home with the Muppets. It was like he had belonged to them since he was born. Walter still kept contact with Gary and Mary, the happily married couple who had been watching The New Muppet Show every week. They had told him they like the new show and that they immensely enjoy his act. Walter would tell them about the backstage stuff that was going on, from getting the new assistance to how Kermit and Miss Piggy got together for real. Gary once mentioned that he and Mary would come to visit in the summer. Right now, they both are on vacation in Spain.

    Kermit, Miss Piggy, Robin, Sweetums, Scooter and Julie stood on the stage of the bar, with the hotel band sitting on various chairs and watching them. Scooter stood right next to Julie, who was on her knees, seemingly in defeat. She clutched her heart and bit her bottom lip in pain before letting out a gasp and collapsing. Scooter sheepishly looked at the others, who all glared at him, and ran off. Julie sprung up to her feet while the go-fer returned and they all bowed to their audience. The hotel band clapped at the performance and singer stood up and walked over. She stood right in front of them, an appreciate smile on her face.
    “Y’all gonna knock ‘em dead”, she said encouragingly.
    “But we not wanna them to die”, said Sweetums.
    “She meant we were great, Sweetums”, explained Robin. In response, Sweetums jumped off the stage and enveloped the singer in a hug. An astonished shriek escaped her lips before she relaxed and hugged him back.
    “You know, my son and daughter go to the elementary school, too”, she said. “They’ll be happy to know the Muppets are performing. They simply love your show.”

    Over the course of the week, the Muppets rehearsed their acts like there was no tomorrow. Of course, they still took their break every now and then. But usually, they would eat breakfast together, and then they would go their separate ways to rehearse and eat dinner together. Those who had more than one act divided their rehearsals by practicing one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. By now, the hotel staff had heard of their contribution and they fully supported them. Then again, most of them either had children or nephews and nieces attending the school. Costumes were provided by the staff, although Miss Piggy, Janice, Camilla and Julie had decided to wear the clothes they had bought for their song. But for the sketch, Julie would be wearing a costume offered by the hotel staff while Miss Piggy would still be wearing something she bought. After all, she had bought more clothes than the other girls. The day before the Easter party, they all ventured down to the school, where they met Miss Taylor and Mister Page. Both were a little surprised to see Julie as they had never seen her before. But everything was alright after some explanations. Miss Taylor showed them the backgrounds and the technical equipments. Julie offered some of her music, which she had stored in her music player.
    “We have another problem”, said Mister Page when Miss Taylor and the others returned a few minutes later.
    “What was it?”
    “Mister Stevens had called in sick. He can’t play the Easter bunny tomorrow.”
    “Oh dear, where do we get an Easter bunny now? All the other teachers are away in vacation”, replied Miss Taylor, frowning.
    “Does anyone need a bunny?”, asked someone. Everybody turned around to see Bean Bunny looking innocently up at them.
    “What a funny coincidence”, commented Miss Piggy, looking straight at the readers.
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    And I love it when girls hang out together!
    And... How exactly DOES a K look like a U?
    And Kermit shall see more of the clothes than them? O.O
    >_> Woa...
    Fozzie as a bad guy... He's too sweet, and cute and funny! Glad that you changed it, I was about to be all like, Whatttt?
    And yes as for the end, coincidence indeed, but he'll be the smallest easter bunny they ever had!!!

    More please!!! PLEASE!!!
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    That's simple. You just need a very bad handwriting ;)
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    Chapter Five

    An Eggciting Show Part One

    Sunday, the day of the Easter party, came. The Muppets, Julie, Mister Page and Miss Taylor met up on the school grounds in the midmorning. The party would not start until early afternoon but they still had some things to do. Bean Bunny had been given eggs, painted by the children in Art class, to hide on the school grounds. The Electric Mayhem and Sweetums helped Mister Page to set up the stage for the opening number, which happened to be the band playing. Julie and Scooter were with the janitor, who was responsible for the technical equipment. Sometimes, he would play some songs to give The Electric Mayhem and Rowlf a break from playing. The others arranged about every chair in the school building in front of the stage. Miss Taylor put food, drinks and a large number of baskets, adorned with ribbons of various colors, on the tables which all stood underneath a marquee. By the time everything was done, Miss Taylor retrieved her picnic basket from her classroom and handed each one a sandwich and something to drink. Kermit then went over the schedule with Scooter one last time and made sure everyone had everything they needed.

    The first families arrived about an hour after the Muppets, Julie, Mister Page and Miss Taylor ate lunch. Among them were some faces they recognized, like Reginald with two other adults and three children, Jeremy with his parents, the hotel singer with her husband, the elderly woman who had fed the ducks and two children and the waitress from the hotel bar with a little girl. The Muppets hid when the first guests were in view, in hopes to surprise them. Only the fewest of them knew and they had made the promise to not tell anyone, lest it would spoil the surprise. Miss Taylor and Mister Page welcomed each and everyone, guiding them to the chairs. When clock struck exactly one o’clock, Mister Page stood on the stage. He had his arms spread out and a beaming smile on his face.
    “Children, parents and other guests, welcome to the Easter party on this fine Easter Sunday”, he said, his voice holding a joyful tone. “Today, we will have an exciting program full of music, laughter, merriment and an Easter egg hunt. The child who finds most eggs will be rewarded.”
    Children grew restless in their seats. What could the reward be? Exciting whispering emitted through the rows, each child telling their friend what they thought it would be. Parents hushed their children as Mister Page was not quite done yet. But he was beaming at the children’s excitement. When the whisperings quieted down, he cleared his throat and finished his speech:
    “But before we start with the Easter egg hunt, we will begin the party with a band I’m certain every one of you knows of.”
    He left the stage the same time the curtain lifted. More exciting whispers, this time from both the children and the adults, came from the rows when they spotted a few familiar faces. They waited until the crowd quieted down and started playing the song. Doctor Teeth started to sing:

    Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home

    Floyd joined in the next verse, both now singing a duet:

    Work all night on a drink of rum
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Stack banana till de morning come
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home

    Janice sang the next verse alone:

    Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home

    Now all three sang the rest of the song, while the other three played their instruments vigorously:

    Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch
    Daylight come and me wan' go home

    Beautiful bunch of ripe banana
    Daylight come and me wan' go home

    Hide the deadly black tarantula
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day, me say day-ay-ay-o
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day, me say day, me say day, me say day.

    Many adults in the crowds tapped their feet to the song and some of the children took a liking to the Harry Belafonte song, too. But no matter if they liked the song or not, there was no denying that The Electric Mayhem did a swell job on it. Those who liked the song gave the band an energetic applause, some even standing up, and those who were not fond of the song politely clapped their hands. The band bowed and left the stage while the curtain closed. Mister Page came back on, this time in company of Bean Bunny. Mister Page cleared his throat.
    “Children, the time for the Easter egg hunt has begun. There-”, he indicated to his left side were Miss Taylor stood in front of the baskets. “You will see your baskets. Each one of you shall take one and when our personal Easter bunny gives the word, the egg hunt will officially start.”
    There was a shuffle when the children and the adults got up and the children went over to Miss Taylor. She, with a kind smile on her face, handed to each of them a basket. When every child had one, they stood side by side in front of the stage. Mister Page picked Bean Bunny up and the little Muppet spoke into the microphone:
    “Let the Easter egg hunt now begin!”
    Children cheered and ran off to look of the eggs. By now, Julie had emerged from her hiding place and walked around, taking pictures with her camera. Many had never seen her before of course, so when asked who she was, she would simply smile and reply “No one. Just your personal paparazzi.”. Sometimes, she would get the attention of the people she was photographing by saying various things. These could either be ordinary things like “Smile!” or “Say cheese!” but also random things like “Peppermint!”, “Shadowland!”, “Nintendo!”, “PlayStation!”, “Keyblade!”, “Chocobo!” or “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”. She would also say Russian words like “Окно!”, “Дед Мороз!”, “Мороженое!”, “Подруга!”, “Пасха!” or “Молоко!” and German words like “Käse!”, “Ostern!”, “Ente!”, “Papagei!”, “Wurst!”, “Schwein!” or “Schokolade!”. She got weird looks when she used foreign words, but that did not bother her. Eventually, no one decided to bother when she used Russian or German words, although some asked her how she knew those languages.
    “I’m from Germany and I had three years of Russian lessons in school”, she replied. A few children asked her to teach them some words, to which she said she could at least try.

    The children looked everywhere on the school ground for eggs, under the tables, under the seats, under the stage, on the playground, up in the tress, in the bushes. After some time, Bean Bunny announced the end of the Easter egg hunt. The children assembled in front of the stage once again, this time their baskets filled with colorful eggs. Bean Bunny, in company with Mister Page, counted the number of eggs each child found. The principal noted the number down on a clipboard next to the names. After they were done, they looked over the clipboard.
    “And the winner of the Easter egg hunt is…”, Mister Page paused for dramatic effect. The children all looked at him with large eyes. “Judy Puckle!”
    The little girl who had arrived with the waitress from the hotel bar let out a delighted shriek. She handed the basket to her older sister, who stood right behind her, and went on the stage where Bean Bunny handed her a gift basket that was about the same size he was. Inside the basket was a little rabbit plushie, some chocolate and decorative chickens. Judy thanked both the Muppet and the principal before jumping off the stage and showing her sister her prize. The young, black-clad girl smiled as she looked at it. Every other child huddled together to take a look at the prize, some voicing their jealousy, other saying that they do not like this prize and others telling Judy they are glad for her. Julie asked her to let her take a photo of her and the prize. Then the curtain opened once again and Rowlf sat at his piano. The stage background showed a picture of a field with a mountain in the background and a phoenix flying in the sky. He put his paws on the ivories and started playing. Peaceful colors, like green or sky blue, lighted the stage at the beginning. Flowers, that decorated the stage, gently swayed in the wind. Then the colors went to yellow that gradually became to an orange and then to a red. The red got fiercer with each note until it was crimson. And as fast as the color got red, it turned into a sea green which slowly turned into other shades of green until it became such a shade that might as well scream “Life!”. The Firebird Suite ended with the colors of the rainbow lighting the stage. Rowlf then stood up and took a bow as the guests applauded.

    Next on stage would be Clifford. But while his number got prepared, Miss Taylor hosted another game for the children. This time, they had to walk in a straight line while balancing an egg on a spoon. The winner would receive a hug from a Muppet of their choice, although it was only limited to those who were present. Those who choose to participate stood side by side, with enough space between them.
    “Ready! Set! Go!”
    Every spectator cheered as the participants started to walk off to the goal. Judy lost her egg very soon, while the daughter of the hotel singer lost her when she was almost at the goal. Her brother lost his midway. In the end, the winner was one of the children that came with Reginald.
    “Congratulations, Max”, said Miss Taylor. “Now, who do you want a hug from?”
    Max, who was a big dog lover, chose Rowlf. The canine Muppet put his arms around him and patted his back while whispering his congratulations. Julie, who was being watched all the time by Reginald, took a picture of this. Then Max thanked Rowlf and went back to his family who were very happy for him. The hotel singer approached Rowlf.
    “You know, you were really great on stage there”, she said. The dog looked up at the dark-skinned woman and said “Thanks.”
    “My children were really excited when they saw you guys. But where’s Fozzie? He’s my son’s favorite Muppet.”
    “He had decided to visit his mother.”
    “Ah, that’s nice of him”, she said. “By the way, my name is Martha. And that here-”. She gestured at the light-skinned man who appeared next to her. “Is my husband Ronald.”
    “Pleasure to meet”, he said and offered his hand.
    “Pleasure’s all mine”, replied Rowlf and shook his friend. Nearby, Jeremy was speaking with the Electric Mayhem, voicing his excitement about the Muppets performing here on the party. All around, the children and adults were talking to the Muppets. Mister Page however, was speaking to Julie about the photos she was taking.
    “Do you think, you could send us copies?”, he asked.
    “Hm, we could ask who wants the photos and I burn them on a number of DVDs. I’ll send these to you. How about it?”, Julie offered. “Of course, I want to be paid. Two dollars a DVD, is that okay?”
    “Well, the price sounds reasonable. I’m going to ask our guests after Clifford’s song.”
    Julie nodded in agreement before she went over to the tables to grab a sandwich. Rizzo was there, too, eating a cheese sandwich. Both turned their attention to the stage.

    Clifford stood on the stage, dressed as if he was on vacation in the Caribbean. The background was a picture of a beach. He took the microphone and sang a song, also one by Harry Belafonte:

    Oh, island in the sun
    Built to me by my father’s hand
    All my days I will sing in praise
    Of your forest waters, your shining sand

    As morning breaks, the heaven on high
    I lift my heavy load to the sky
    Sun comes down with a burning glow
    Mingles my sweat with the earth below

    Oh, island in the sun
    Built to me by my father’s hand
    All my days I will sing in praise
    Of your forest waters, your shining sand

    I see woman on bended knee
    Cutting cane for her family
    I see man at the water-side
    Casting nets at the surfing tide

    Oh, island in the sun
    Built to me by my father’s hand
    All my days I will sing in praise
    Of your forest waters, your shining sand

    I hope the day will never come
    When I can’t awake to the sound of drum
    Never let me miss carnival
    With calypso songs philosophical

    Oh, island in the sun
    Built to me by my father’s hand
    All my days I will sing in praise
    Of your forest waters, your shining sand

    Like the others performances, his was received by applause from everyone who had been listening, which included about every single person or Muppet. Miss Taylor told Jeremy that he and his friends would be next. So he rounded them up and they left to get changed into their costumes while the stage got prepared. Meanwhile, the others were walking around, talking to each other or eating or both. Mister Page stood on the stage and announced that Julie would be willing to burn the pictures she took on DVDs but she was charging two dollars a piece. He then asked, who would want the pictures. The majority raised their arms. Well, that was settled fast. When it was time for the play to begin, everyone sat on the seats again. Max, donning a fake beard and dressed in a robe, stood in front of the stage, holding a book and narrating:
    “Once upon a time, there was a miller who was poor.”
    Max appeared on stage, dressed in peasants clothes. He did a bow to the audience as the king, played by Martha’s son, appeared. he king sat on a throne with a scepter in hand.
    “But who had a beautiful daughter. Now it happened that he had to go and speak to the king, and in order to make himself appear important he said to him…”
    “I have a daughter who can spin straw into gold”, said the miller, his voice in a very pompous tone.
    “That is an art which pleases me well, if your daughter is as clever as you say, bring her tomorrow to my palace, and I will put her to the test”, demanded the king in his booming voice.
    “And so the miller’s daughter was brought to palace where she was put in a room full of straw”, narrated Max. The daughter was played by Judy. She was dressed in rags and hair was braided. Two boys pulled a small carriage she sat on. They stopped in fro of the king and she stood up, bowing respectfully to the monarch. He led her to the right side of the stage where a small heap of straw and a spinning wheel were situated.
    “Now set to work, and if by tomorrow morning early you have not spun this straw into gold during the night, you must die“, said the king before leaving her. The miller’s daughter fell on her knees and began to cry as the sun set and only the moonlight shone through the small window. A little men, played by Jeremy and dressed in bilious green clothes, with a pointed cap and elfish ears suddenly appeared next to her.
    “Good evening, mistress miller, why are you crying so?”
    “Alas, I have to spin straw into gold, and I do not know how to do it”, the miller’s daughter sniffed, wiping away a tear.
    “What will you give me if I do it for you?”, the little man’s facial expression was unreadable. But his voice had a slight hint of demand.
    “My necklace”, said the miller’s daughter at once, removing her jewelry from her neck and handing it to him. He studied it for a moment with a critical eye before he sat down in front of the spinning wheel. The light went all out and when it was light again, the straw looked like gold and the little man had disappeared.
    “By daybreak the king was already there, and when he saw the gold he was astonished and delighted, but his heart became only greedier. He had the miller's daughter taken into another room full of straw, which was much larger, and commanded her to spin that also in one night if she valued her life. The girl knew not how to help herself, and was crying, when the door opened again, and the little man appeared, and said…”
    “What will you give me if I spin that straw into gold for you?”
    “The ring on my finger.”
    “The little man took the ring, again began to turn the wheel, and by morning had spun all the straw into glittering gold.”
    Just like before, the lights went out and then on, with the straw now in golden color.
    “The king rejoiced beyond measure at the sight, but still he had not gold enough, and he had the miller's daughter taken into a still larger room full of straw, and said…“
    “You must spin this, too, in the course of this night, but if you succeed, you shall be my wife.”
    The king left the miller’s daughter alone. Once again, the little man appeared and asked what she would give him. She offered him her first-born child and so, once again, he worked on the straw.
    “And the next morning, the king found the room full of gold. As promised, he took the miller’s daughter as his wife.”
    The miller’s had switched her peasant’s costume to a lavender colored, royal-looking, dress. She cradled a baby.
    “A year after, she brought a beautiful child into the world, and she never gave a thought to the little man. But suddenly he came into her room, and said…”
    “Now give me what you promised”, his eyes were narrowed and he said it like it was an order. The horror-struck queen offered all the riches of the kingdom, for she could not bear to part from her child. The little man decided to give her three days to guess his name before disappearing. All night, the queen was up, cradling her child and thinking of every possible name. But when she mentioned the names to him, she was always wrong. She had sent messengers to look for clues all over the kingdom has soon as the little man agreed to give her three days. But they were unsuccessful until one discovered the little man gleefully dancing around the fire and chanting:
    “Today I bake, tomorrow brew, the next I’ll have the young queen’s child. Ha, glad am I that no one knew, that Rumpelstiltskin I am styled.”
    The queen was immensely glad and relieved when the messenger told her what he overheard. So when the little man reappeared on the last night, she asked:
    “Is your name Conrad?”
    “Is your name Harry?”
    “Perhaps your name is Rumpelstiltskin.”
    “The devil told you that! The devil told you that”, exclaimed the manikin, stomping his right foot hard and suddenly falling down a hole.
    “And the queen lived with the king and her child happily ever after”, concluded Max the fairy tale.


    The only reason two Harry Belafonte songs appear in here is that I was listening to some of his songs while writing this chapter :)
    And now the Russian words:
    Окно = window
    Дед Мороз = Jack Frost
    Мороженое = ice cream
    Подруга = (female) friend
    Пасха = Easter
    Молоко = milk

    And the German words:
    Käse = cheese
    Ostern = Easter
    Ente = duck
    Papagei = parrot
    Wurst = sausage
    Schwein = pig
    Schokolade = chocolate
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    And I sang to the songs! :3

    Great chapter! Moar plz!
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    And now, here's the conclusion of this Muppet Easter fanfic :)

    Chapter Six

    An Eggciting Show Part Two

    The audience cheered and clapped while the actors bowed to them. There were whispers of how adorable they were and parents voicing their pride. The children all left the stage and the audience stood up to walk around a little or, in case of the kids, to play around. Kermit and Scooter went over to the tables to get something to drink. When they got there, they watched Gonzo dragging Rizzo away to the locker rooms. The rat begged and pleaded but no one paid him any mind. Kermit and Scooter watched the kids playing with Rowlf, Animal and Robin. A few girls were with Miss Piggy, admiring her as she gave them tips on how to be a diva. Kermit wondered if he had to warn Mister Page that they soon would have mini divas running around. Nearby, Miss Taylor hosted a sack race; The Electric Mayhem watched the participants and Julie still walked around to take photos. Reginald still watched her, which unsettled her. Quickly glancing to him, she walked towards Kermit and Scooter.
    “Hi there”, she said, taking a Snickers. She threw the wrapping of the snack in a nearby bin and took a bite out of the Snickers. “That bellboy’s been watching me for ages. Is he one of the Stasi or what?”
    Neither answered her. Kermit and Scooter looked at each other and wondered what exactly the Stasi was anyway. Then again, Julie often threw around words no one understood. Or at least Kermit and Scooter did not.

    Two large poles were situated in the stage, with a rope holding them together, similar to Gonzo’s act from a few weeks ago. But this time, there was no tub underneath the rope. This time, he wore blue high-heels, borrowed from Julie as Miss Piggy refused to lend hers, and held an umbrella in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. Rizzo stood on top of the umbrella, quivering with fear.
    “Hey, Scooter, is that the teddy Gonzo’s wanted to use in his act for ages?”, asked Julie.
    “Yeah”, Scooter confirmed. Julie gave him a tiny nod before fully paying attention to Gonzo.
    “Dear children, ladies and gentlemen! From up here, I will dance in high-heels on the rope while holding a teddy bear and balancing an umbrella on my nose. Rizzo will be dancing on the umbrella and I will recite a piece of Goethe’s Faust!”, announced Gonzo. Those who knew Goethe’s Faust, namely Julie and a few adults, frowned a little as this was certainly not something for children. Gonzo walked on the rope, while Rizzo was still quivering. The rat mumbled in high speed “Oh, I hate heights! I really hate heights!”. But Gonzo ignored him and began to recite:

    Rivers and streams are freed from ice
    By spring’s sweet enlivening glance.
    Valleys, green with hope’s happiness, dance:
    Old winter, in his weakness, sighs,
    Withdrawing to the harsh mountains.
    From there, retreating, he sends down
    Impotent showers of hail that show
    In stripes across the quickening ground.
    But the sun allows nothing white below,
    Change and growth are everywhere,
    He enlivens all with his colors there,
    And lacking flowers of the fields outspread,
    He takes these gaudy people instead.
    Turn round, and from this mountain height,
    Look down, where the town’s in sight.
    That cavernous, dark gate,
    The colorful crowd penetrate,
    All will take the sun today,
    The risen Lord they’ll celebrate,
    And feel they are resurrected,
    From low houses, dully made,
    From work, where they’re constricted,
    From the roofs’ and gables’ weight,
    From the crush of narrow streets,
    From the churches’ solemn night
    They’re all brought to the light.
    Look now: see! The crowds, their feet
    Crushing the gardens and meadows,
    While on the river a cheerful fleet
    Of little boats everywhere it flows.
    And over-laden, ready to sink,
    The last barge takes to the stream.
    From far off on the mountain’s brink,
    All the bright clothing gleams.
    I hear the noise from the village risen,
    Here is the people’s true Heaven,
    High and low shout happily:
    Here I am Man: here, dare to be!

    The audience gasped when Rizzo almost fell off the umbrella, cheered when Gonzo did a complicated dance step and laughed about the general ridiculousness. Only the fewest had paid attention to the poem, the other had been too busy to watch Gonzo dancing or laughing at Rizzo. The rat was relieved when he was in firm ground again. So much that he even kissed the ground a few times, all the while Gonzo was bowing right next to him to the audience.
    “Hm, I have read Goethe”, said a familiar voice.
    “You have met Goethe”, retorted another familiar voice. Instinctively, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Rizzo and all the other Muppets looked to the direction the voices came from. To their surprise, they saw Statler and Waldorf. When did they get here?
    “Um let’s get the stage ready for the next, shall we?”, said Kermit. “Girls, you’re next.”
    The four girls nodded at him when they stood up and three of them walked over to the locker rooms where they had stored their costumes. Julie handed Scooter her camera and explained him how to take pictures with it before following the others. Jeremy and his friends played a game of tag with Robin. Max’s twin brother, Moritz, was it. Nearby, a mother held a conversation with Miss Taylor.
    “Who was that girl that walked around, took pictures and threw foreign words around? I’ve never seen her before.”
    “Well, Missus Tyler, we’ve been told that she works backstage for The New Muppet Show. She’s only included to our program to help us out. You see, your son and his friends were the only one performing before the Muppets offered their help.”
    “Oh, now that explains why there haven’t been any other children on stage.”
    Meanwhile, a few girls played hide-and-seek with Bean Bunny; adults were talking to each other or with the Muppets. After what seemed like an eternity, the girls arrived. Julie wore a simple blue summer dress with a pair of white shorts underneath the skirt. She wore a blue necklace with a seashell around her neck and a blue headband. Janice wore a raspberry-colored tank top and jeans. Her hair was decorated with a flower. Camilla simply wore accessories, like beads and feathers. Miss Piggy was the most extravagant of all. She wore a green silk gown, incidentally – or maybe purposely – the same shade as Kermit, opera gloves of a darker shade. Her hair was partly up, only a few strands framing her face. A green headband, which was adorned by a pink flower, decorated her hair. The males could not deny it, the girls all looked beautiful. Floyd could not keep his eyes off of Janice, just like Gonzo could not stop looking at Camilla and Kermit at Miss Piggy. These three girls blushed when they noticed their lovers’ eyes on them, while the only one without a boyfriend giggled. The Electric Mayhem all took their instruments, including Janice, and as the curtain opened, revealing a beautiful blue sky, they began to play.
    “It all began on one of those Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah days, now that’s the kind of day where you can’t open your mouth without a song jump right out of it”, said Janice before she started to sing:

    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay
    My oh my, what a wonderful day

    Julie then joined her in:

    Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay

    Now both girls sang in duet, both looking on their shoulders to see a bluebird:

    Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder
    It's the truth, it's actual, ev'rything is satisfactual
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay
    Wonderful feeling, wonderful day, yes sir

    The next verse was joined by Camilla:

    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay (bawk-ba-bawk-bawk-bawk, bawk-ba-bawk-ba)
    My oh my, what a wonderful day (ba ba ba bawk ba bawk-ba-bawk bawk)

    Miss Piggy joined, too, and thus every girl sang:

    Plenty of sunshine headin' my way (bawk ba bawk-bawk bawk-bawk ba ba)
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay (bawk-ba-bawk-bawk-bawk, bawk-ba-bawk-ba)

    Again, the girls looked on their shoulders.

    Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder (bawk bawk-ba ba ba bawk-ba)
    It's the truth, it's actual, ev'rything is satisfactual (ba ba bawk, ba bawk-ba, bawk-bawk bawk-bawk)
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay (bawk-ba-bawk-bawk-bawk, bawk-ba-bawk-ba)
    Wonderful feeling, feeling this way (bawk-bawk bawk-bawk, bawk-bawk bawk ba)

    There was musical interlude, courtesy of the Electric Mayhem. When it was time for the girls to sing again, they once again looked on their shoulders:

    Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder (bawk bawk-ba ba ba bawk-ba)
    It is the truth, it's actual… huh? (ba ba ba bawk, ba bawk-ba… ba?)

    All four females looked around in confusion

    “Where is that bluebird?” (Bawk ba ba bawk bawk-ba?)

    Then they looked straight ahead. The bluebirds were flying in front of their faces and they let out a small chuckle.

    Ev'rything is satisfactual (bawk-bawk bawk-bawk)
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay (bawk-ba-bawk-bawk-bawk, bawk-ba-bawk-ba)
    Wonderful feeling, wonderful day (bawk-bawk bawk-bawk, bawk-bawk ba)

    Their performance was met with applause and cheer. Brightly smiling, the girls all curtsied while Floyd, Doctor Teeth, Zoot and Lips bowed. Animal wildly played some notes on his drums. When the clapping died down, they jumped off the stage.
    “Well, I’ve seen worse”, commented Waldorf.
    “Yeah, because you didn’t watch it”, added Statler and both laughed their “D'oh-ho-ho!”. The girls glared at them before three of them walked over to their boyfriends. Julie, meanwhile, went over to Scooter and Floyd and Janice sat down underneath a tree. Gonzo gave Camilla words of praise while they walked off to stroll through the school grounds. Kermit took Miss Piggy in his arms and whispered:
    “You were terrific. You all were.”
    “Merci beaucoup”, said Miss Piggy.
    “You know, maybe we should add this to the show”, smirked Kermit. “The Four Fabulous Females.”
    But Julie overheard him and mumbled to Scooter:
    “Only when an act suddenly got cancelled.”
    “So, about every show?”, he replied. Julie raised her eyebrows at him. Kermit and Miss Piggy noticed nothing of Scooter and Julie’s little conversation for they both had left their seats right after Kermit had made his comment. The frog and the pig walked together hand in hand through the school grounds, with a romantic song serving as the background music. They came across Judy and Diane, Max and Moritz’s sister, who had joined the twins, Jeremy and Robin in a game of tag. Kermit looked after them, glad his nephew was having so much fun. Robin noticed him looking and waved, causing him to be it. But he shrugged it off and hopped after the others. Kermit chuckled to himself as he and Miss Piggy sat down on a bench. Farther away, they could see Rowlf talking to Martha and her family. But for the moment, it was just them. Miss Piggy snuggled closer to him and leaned her head against his. He put a hand around her waist, feeling the silky material beneath his fingers.
    “You know, Miss Piggy, you look beautiful in that dress”, complimented Kermit.
    “Vous are just saying that”, replied Miss Piggy, although she had trouble hiding her smile.
    “No, I mean it. You’re the most beautiful pig I’ve ever laid my eyes on”, Kermit gazed deeply into her blue eyes.
    “And I love it how you placed your eyes on me”, whispered Miss Piggy. Behind them, the sun started to set, casting a warm light on the two lovers as they shared a sweet kiss.

    The stage was set for the last act before the grand finale. Fake inventions served as the background and Bunsen and Beaker stood in front of these. The former held a circle-shaped piece of metal, big enough to carry one person, in his hand. It had a little control panel. Every now and then, Beaker warily eyed it and inconspicuouslytook a step sideways. Those who noticed snickered to themselves.
    “It is always such a bother if you have to travel long distances. There can always be traffic jams and flights can be cancelled. But this all ends with the newest invention, the Long Distance Travel Circle”, said Bunsen, holding the invention high for everyone to see. “My assistant, Beaker, will demonstrate for you. Come on, Beaker, don’t be nervous.”
    Beaker warily approached the Long Distance Travel Circle, trembling like a leaf. Bunsen lay it down on the stage, revealing propulsions similar to the ones rocket have, only in a much smaller scale. Beaker stepped on the Long Distance Travel Circle.
    “Here on this control panel, you can enter the location and the cruising speed. For demonstrating purposes, I will enter the school entrance in high speed”, explained Bunsen while pressing a couple of buttons. The Long Distance Travel Circle smoothly rose a few centimeters up in the air. Beaker covered his eyes in fright but when nothing happened, he removed his hands and relaxed. Unexpectedly, it sputtered and coughed and, like a jack-in-the-box, the part Beaker was standing on popped up, sending him flying.
    Everybody else followed his flight until he crashed against a wall.
    “Mee mee meee…”, said Beaker weakly, sliding down the wall.
    “Well, it seems the Long Distance Travel Circle still needs some work.”

    It was time for the grand finale. By now, the sun had fully set and the only light came from the stage. Curtains opened to reveal Robin happily playing with a baseball. The background depicted a beautiful day in spring. Blue skies and sunshine, lush green grass and tall trees gave the scenery a sense of peacefulness. Kermit and Miss Piggy sat on a bench behind him and watched him play. She wore a simple lavender colored dress with a dark purple sash around her waist, with gloves and a lavender colored parasol. Robin stopped playing and looked over to them.
    “Is Sweetums there yet?”
    “No, not yet”, replied Kermit.
    “Go on playing, we’ll tell when he’s here”, added Miss Piggy. Robin nodded and threw his baseball up in the air before catching it, laughing merrily. He failed to catch the ball after some time and it rolled off. It landed at the feet of a person, clad entirely in black. The hood was up, obscuring his or her face. The person picked up the baseball as Robin came closer.
    “Can I have my ball back, please?”, he asked. Kermit and Miss Piggy warily watched the person ready to jump in action. But they never expected what came next. The person wordlessly looked at Robin when the wind, suddenly and unexpectedly, picked up. The storm got worse and worse until everything went black. Everything was silent, no one dared to breathe. Slowly, Kermit got up and looked around. The once tall trees were uprooted, branches were lying around.
    “Kermie, look!”, alerted Miss Piggy, pointing at something. The frog looked to where she was pointing at. It was the same place Robin and the person where at but both were gone without a trace. Only his baseball remained.
    “No, no, no, no”, whispered Kermit, racing to the baseball and picking it up. He held the ball close to him, not believing his nephew, who was more like a son to him, was gone. Miss Piggy approached him and comfortingly embraced him from behind. Sweetums came to the scene, with a spring in his step and a cheerful smile on his face. But this turned into a frown when he saw them both.
    “What… happened?”
    “Robin’s been kidnapped”, explained Miss Piggy, while rubbing Kermit’s shoulders in comfort. “We have to save him.”
    “But how?”, said a depressed Kermit. “We don’t know where they disappeared to.”
    “And what about that scary looking mountain over there?”, asked Sweetums, pointing at said mountain that had suddenly appeared in the background. The frog and the pig looked at each other in confusion before the three went off to the mountain.
    Ominous clouds hung over the mountain. There was no life, nothing. No animal and no plants. No matter where they looked, it was gray. The silence was unsettling. Hopefully, they would be able to rescue Robin as soon as possible and never set a foot here again. Suspiciously enough, there were no guards or other obstacles. But they saw a platform, where the person and his or her lackey stood. Robin lay on the floor, bound and gagged. The person seemed to be performing a ritual. Robin’s struggling became weaker and weaker.
    The person distractedly looked to the side before being hurled to the side by Sweetums. Scooter approached, with an evil look on his face, Robin. The little frog looked at him in fear as he struggled. But Miss Piggy came to his rescue by knocking Scooter out with a karate-chop. Kermit hurried to free him.
    “Are you alright?”
    “Yeah”, replied Robin who was in shock. He trembled in fear. Next to him, the person still struggled with Sweetums. A kick in the stomach later and the person was standing again.
    “No. He must not escape”, said the person, revealing to be a female. “I need the soul of a pure hearted young frog to live forever.”
    “Sorry, but little Robin hear still needs his soul”, replied Miss Piggy and karate-chopped her in the chest. With a cry of pain, she was on her knees. Scooter recovered and walked over to her side. His mistress summoned a ball of energy and hurled it in her enemies’ direction. But Sweetums took a shield, which conveniently lay around, and deflected the ball of energy back to her. It hit her in the chest and with a cry of pain she collapsed. Scooter looked at her unmoving form before looking at the others. They all glared at him and he, sheepishly smiling, ran off.

    Curtains closed. The audience cheered and whistled. Statler and Waldorf were snoring in their sleep. The performers appeared in front of the curtains, bowing to them. Julie had now the hood down. Mister Page came on stage with the microphone.
    “Well, that certainly was a great finale to a great party”, he said, to which the audience only cheered louder. “I want to thank everyone who had made this Easter party possible and enjoyable. But now the party is over and I wish you all a good night.”
    He walked off the stage. Miss Piggy and Julie went to the locker rooms to get change. The latter gave Scooter the costumes the hotel had lent them and asked him to hand it over to Reginald. He did so and also asked him, why he was looking at Julie all the time.
    “I thought she looked cute”, was his reply but he acknowledged she would never be interested in him. Everybody went home but not without saying goodbye to the Muppets and thanking them for the show. Seeing their happy and grateful faces filled the Muppets with happiness. When everyone was gone, they went to The Electric Mayhem tour bus, as they had already checked out in the morning. By using the Travel By Map button, they were home in a jiffy.

    The Swedish Chef, Fozzie, Thog, Lew Zealand and Uncle Deadly welcomed them back when they entered the Muppet Boarding House. They sat in the living room, drinking hot chocolate and telling about their week. Fozzie had a terrific time with his mother and he was glad he got a break from Statler and Waldorf. Lew Zealand was somewhere in the east coast fishing. The Swedish Chef, Uncle Deadly and Thog had stayed in the Boarding House. Kermit told them about their week, with the others adding bits and pieces. They told them about the show they had made for school children and the families. Julie smiled at this and took a sip from her hot chocolate before saying her comment on this:
    “It was a great way to spend Easter, even if it was a little unexpected.”

    The End

    I found the translation of the piece Gonzo recited here.
    Stasi is short for Staatssicherheit (state security service). When Germany was divided in West Germany and East Germany, they spied after the citizens of the latter. You had to be careful of what you said and did for those who said anything bad about the government were punished. Anything from the west was evil for them. It all ended when West and East Germany were one once again.
    And this is the song I imagined that was played in the background for the little Kermit and Miss Piggy scene after the girls' performance.
    I hope you enjoyed Happy Easter :)
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    I'm so sad this is over!

    And Kermit and Piggy made me melt into a puddle.
    (Clean up on isle 3! LOL)

    Well... I can't say more please... Unless...

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    Glad you like the Kermit and Piggy part. I'm sure Beauregard will clean the puddle up :laugh:

    But I have to confess that I have no epilog planned. Although I have an idea for another fanfic, two in fact. One will be more of a fantasy story and the other one will be based on the ideas several members, myself icluded, had for the Muppets appearing in Kingdom Hearts (this topic here) I can't say when I will post these yet but keep an eye out ;)
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    Oh ho! I remember that thread! Can't wait for that thread to come out in story format!:excited:

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