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Having Each Other (Ush-Gush)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by bouncingbabyfig, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Prologue: Will you still be around?

    A cool mist surrounded the open swamp as Kermit walked slowly around his familiar nieghborwood. Every nook and cranny seemed to speak of his child hood memories and adventures. Kermit smiled remembering when he first ventured out with Goggles and Croaker. Beyond the dirt roads and such, but of course that was another story. Coming back to the present, Kermit thought about his current adventure with Miss Piggy. He was starting to wonder how long it would take to kill a frog by mood swings every 5 minutes. As Piggy's pregnancy grew, so did Piggy's fiery temper. Scrunching his face, Kermit walked on. He wasn't unhappy about the baby, nor abou Miss Piggy. He was rather excited about the life growing inside her stomach. It was rather what people were telling him how awfull the pregnancy would be, and how a pig and frog wouldn't mix well together. The result could only be disaster.
    "Ha!" Kermit laughed roughly, startling some birds in a nearby tree. Sending him dirty looks, they flew off chirping rude things Kermit was sure he could think of what they meant. Offering an apologetic smile at the distancing birds, he walked on. He himself didn't understand or have a knowledge of what the results would be. Obviously it had never happened before. He had been sure that both he and Piggy wouldn't have anyone than just them for a little while. Someone had other plans apparently. Sighing, Kermit started to head back towards his neck of the swamp. He smiled. While the swamp brought comfort to his mind and thoughts, it was another story for Piggy. Only through a large amount of pleading, begging, arguing, and through an act of desperation, flirting, had Piggy finally agreed to come with him. All of his 3,265 siblings had enjoyed seeing him again, even if his back still hadn't recovered by their immensly powerful love for him. Walking up to the small home, he stepped inside to be swarmed by the smell of coffee. Walking into the kitchen he found Piggy sitting at the table, a mug in her hand. Smiling, Kermit leaned against the doorway.
    "You look georgous this morning." He said teasingly. Piggy looked up, startled and smiled warmly at her frog. Slipping his arms around her waist, Kermit pressed his chilling figure against her warm one. Gasping, PIggy slapped him away.
    "You feel just like an ice cube!" Kermit grinned crookedly.
    "All the better to snuggle with you my dear." He said flirtatiously. Piggy only rolled her eyes and giggled.
    "Any more of that left for me?" Kermit nodded towards the coffee. Pursing her lips delicately, Piggy replied, "More of the coffee or of me?" Her voice was teasing and gentle, melting Kermit completely.
    "How about both?" he replied smoothly. Smiling Piggy graced her husband with her looks and an extra cup of coffee. When she finished, Piggy stretched and washed her cup in the sink, starting to head back to their room. Kermit's thoughts returned to his previous disturbance. He needed to ask Piggy something, he needed her answer. He needed...her.
    "Wait!" Kermit called, reaching out to her retreating figure. Piggy turned, a questioning gaze returned Kermit's own weariness. "Are-are you frightened?" Kermit gulped, feeling ashamed at revealing his own fear and weakness.
    "What is vous talking about?" Piggy inquired. Breathing deeply, Kermit drew himself up to his full height, which wasn't very much. "Are you afraid of what could happen..." He trailed off, unsure of how to continue. He gestured to Piggy's slightly bulging stomach.
    "Oh!" she gasped, a light of understanding shining in her eyes. She thought for a moment, turning her gaze away from Kermit.
    "Moi...does not know." She frowned at her own answer, feeling unsure of herself. "I'm happy to be a mother, but I don't know what will happen to the child." She stated flatly. As she spoke, her hand gently rubbed her stomach. Something that Kermit had noticed was becoming a habit.
    "Piggy?" He asked gently, walking slowly toward her anxious form.
    "Do you promise that, no matter what, you will stay with me? Because you love me?" His voice quivered and Piggy felt a bubble of emotion grow inside of her.
    "Of course!" She whispered lovingly into his ear. Wrapping her arms arounf his neck ruffles.
    "Forever and always." He whispered.
    "For as long as we both shall live, and even after that." She answered, kissing his cheek.
    Far off in Los Angeles, Scooter was having fun on his own. Lonnie was sitting with him in his own apartment. Both were snuggled in the corner of the love couch(Seat?) with a bowl of popcorn, a stack of cheesy love movies, and blankets wrapped around both of their figures.

    I sincerely apologize for ending this here, but I want to do this story well and can't do that with a half dead brain, I will continue this tomorrow!:o
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  2. newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Looks fun so far. What WILL the result be of a deep Pig-Frog love? And it was nice that you showed Kermit revealing his insecurity to Piggy -- he so rarely shows that side of himself to anyone (witness the walking-away-from-the-campfire-to-introspect moment in TMM). I'm glad he trusts her enough, and I hope he also offers strong support to his wife -- after all, she's the one who has to carry this mystery child, to sustain and nuture it as it grows! She needs to feel like this isn't going to be weird -- it's going to be wonderful! :)

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  3. We Got Us Active Member

    AAGH...how long has been up?! How long?! Why taunt so much computer? Why?! Figgie waited!! FIGGIE WAITED!!!

    Ok, rant in random accent over. Figgie I didn't know you had started this! Hooray!! No I will have something to look forward to every morning....>pause to realize how sad that statement was<< Anywhoo, I can't to see what's up with Figgie...yes, someone has other plans indeed...and I'm dying to know what they are! May the other half of your beautiful mind return from the stony underground...;)
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  4. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I can't believe Piggy's not worried! I just hope that Kermit chills out!
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  5. Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    What a great story so far! And this is only the prolouge!
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  6. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    I have reviews!! Yess!! *elbow pump* I apologize for being gone so long, I've been sick and brainstorming that I never had time to write. So without further ado, I give you:

    Chapter one: What's in a name?

    Lonnie snuggled closer to Scooter's felt chest, enjoying the slow rise and fall to his every breath. Sighing, she closed her eyes and wrapped both arms around his waist, pulling him closer for warmth and comfort. Even though his face was hidden from view, Lonnie could tell he was smiling. Looking up she watched the screen of the t.v. as Red Butler pledged his love to Scarlet, just before smashing his lips to hers. Lonnie smiled when Scooter's hand reached for her own. Gone with the Wind definately had its perks. As the movie ended, Scooter started to remove himself from his previous entanglement.
    "Do we have to get up?" Lonnie asked innocently, her mouth pouting at his gesture. Scooter only grinned at her child-like statement. Leanning in, he kissed her sweetly on the lips before hesitently moving away. Goosebumps travelled along both their arms as bare skin was left vulnerable to the icy air.
    "Suddenly your offer doesn't sound half bad." Scooter grimaced. Lonnie grinned rather evilly at her exposed boyfriend.
    "And it wasn't before?" she inquired, her head cocked to one side. Scooter immediately started to calculate how fast he could turn off the t.v. and return to the couch.
    "Oh well, the offers up and I should be off." Lonnie stated cheekily, also pulling herself off the sofa. Lonnie giggled as Scooter's face became crestfallen. Walking over she kissed his cheek and pulled on her fur boots. Scooter put on his own coat and gloves as well. Shooting her a lopsided smile, he led Lonnie to the side of the apartment where an orange motorized Scooter lay parked at the side.
    "Somehow your name is becoming more and more ironic." Lonnie muttered under her breath. Scooter only laughed as he handed her a helmet matching his own. Climbing on the vehicle, Scooter motioned for Lonnie to sit behind him. Lonnie gave him a bewildered look before slowly climbing on.
    "Don't worry," he murmered gently, "It's perfectly safe."
    "Right, tell that to me after we reach my house." Scooter only smiled softly at her slight disomfort. Starting the Scooter to life, Lonnie squeezed on Scooter's waist as the bike roared to life. Scooter didn't mind her tight grip though, he actually kind of enjoyed it. As both muppets raced through the city of Los Angeles, Lonnie became less weary of the rushing traffic and started to reach out to feel the rush of wind as it sailed over her outstretched hand. Giggling, Lonnie rested her cheek on Scooter's shoulder and closed her eyes. In no time, it seemed, the Scooter rolled to a stop in Lonnie's apartment. (She went back after the holidays at her dad's.) Sighing she got off the bike and walked with Scooter up to her porch.
    "Thanks for tonight, I really enjoyed it." She said breathlessly as Scooter kissed her once more. Smiling, he breathed in her ear,
    "Any night with you, is enjoyable." he murmered. Hugging one last time, both muppets tood apart and walked away feeling happy and content with each's own thoughts.
    Kermit sat anxiously next to Piggy in the waiting room. If the frog had nails, he would have bitten them right off. Piggy herself was anxious and impatient at the doctor for taking his time. Just before she could kick the door down, however, the doctor waltzed in looking high and mighty.
    "I hope you two are very pleased, because I am happy to announce that you, Mrs. the Frog," he pointed at Piggy, "will be giving birth to two healthy twins!" The doctor exclaimed happily. Both muppets could only stare open mouthed at the man before them.
    "T-twins?!" Kermit exclaimed loudly.
    "Oh Kermie! I think Moi is going to faint!" Piggy exclaimed dramatically. Kermit looked over at Piggy and replied.
    "Then carefull on the way down, you might hit me when I fall." Kermit then collapsed in heap on the floor. Sighing, Piggy turned back to a stunned docter.
    "Do you know the gender?" she asked sweetly, flitting her eyelids. The doctor nearly fainted himself.
    "Er, yes. A boy and a girl, though they are not identical." He stammered. Piggy flashed a smile at the already weak docter as he tried to walk back to his office with out falling. Looking at her frog lying on the floor, she frowned. Checking her hair in the mirror and fixing her makeup, Piggy hefted Kermit over her shoulder and waltzed flawlessly out the door. Men, she thought mildly.
    "Kermie?" The voice called to Kermit in his sleep. "Kermie? Kermit?" the voice seemed to be getting louder to Kermit as he slowly aroused himself. "You have about 3 seconds before your wife turns into a very angry sow." Piggy's voice growled into Kermit's aural organs, causing him to wake immediately.
    "Wha-?" Piggy smiled as Kermit snapped to attention.
    "Dear? Moi is so happy vous is awake, now we need to discuss names." Piggy said demurely.
    "Names?" Kermit asked slightly confused on what Piggy was rambling about.
    "For the babies of course." Piggy said patiently. She smiled at her husband teasingly.
    "Oh!" Kermit did a face palm as he remembered the doctor's apointment. "What are we having? Boy, boy? Girl, girl?" Kermit inquired, becoming more attentive by the second.
    "Try both. A boy and a girl." Piggy couldn't stop the smile from spreading accross her face. Kermit sat in silent wonder as Piggy listed off possible names for the girl.
    "There's Goergia, Lucy, Amelia, I always did like that name! Oh and Jill, Katherynn, Betsy, Tammy, Adelaide... Kermit, what do want to name the boy?" Piggy asked to Kermit. She found him standing at the window, lost in thought. Piggy began to wonder if he'd even heard her. The silence in the air became so pregnant and awkward that Piggy opened her mouth to ask again.
    "Jim." The name was spoken so softly, Piggy almost didn't hear it.
    "Pardon?" she said, straining to hear his voice.
    "Jim." This time Piggy heard the name with such asurety, she felt bumps rise on her felt skin.
    "Jim, it sounds beautiful Kermit." she whispered. She didn't need a reason for the name, she already knew. Kermit had been so close with his creator, had shared many things with him. They both had such a deep relation that she didn't think anything could come close to.
    "I think I'll call her...Figgie." Piggy said in response, sidling up to her green husband.
    "Figgie?" Kermit asked bewilderdly. "Why Figgie?"
    "Because Frank isn't a girl's name. That, and it's close to both our names. Kermie, Piggy, and Figgy." She answered saucily, daring Kermit to argue. He didn't, much to her relief.

    And thus ends chapter 1! Phew!:fishy: This was a long one, but I like it and I hope you do too! I just watched Gone with the Wind, that's why I made the reference. I loved the story, hated the ending.:mad: I again apologize, but I was sick and that's why I'm a couple of days late. Thanks for reviewing, Muppetfan 123, Newsie, Wiggie, miss kermie! I missed hearing from you guys! ;) Do me a favor and review again, please!:o
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  7. We Got Us Active Member

    And oh how we missed you too, Figgie! So now that I'm home from church let the reviewing begin...
    >ahem< Notice how I said church? Oh..here's to praying that my Dad doesn't find out, me on a couch with Scooter and then a motorcycle of all things. I'm in some trouble if he gets wind of this. ;) But really, it was a very well-written scene. 'Gone With The Wind' is one of my favorites, not as amazing as 'Casablanca', but right up there. (did I mention I write a magazine article on classic movies? So yeah, just ignore me if I ever get carried away). There was lots of great witty-wordplay and ivey-dovey stuff (I'll never let you live it down, Fig), which as you should know by now, tickles me pink.>Glances shiftily towards her Dad's room< >Squeezes Scooter doll passionately<
    So on to the stars: >screams at the top of her lungs< TWINS!! And a boy and a girl! Here's to hoping both make it to adulthood without mysteriously disappearing...>nods at imaginary Skeeter doll< I love poor, adorable Kermit's reaction too. And then Piggy waking him up and acting like it's an emergency to talk about baby names. And oh the names! When she said Figgie I cracked up so hard my sister asked what comedian I was watching. And then of course there's Jim, which is so sweet. I love it when there's reference to Jim in stories, I realized the other day when I read one without any. It's so refreshing, a way of saying 'no matter how many generations it's been, no one is ever going to forget who made it all possible.' >>HUGS<<
    Ok Figgie, I'm officially a lot happier now. Here's to waiting for more of this figalicious story!
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  8. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Twins! YaY I was listened to! And miss you too Figgie! By the way, I love Kermit's reaction to twins! Piggy said she'd faint, but Kermit did instead! lol!
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  9. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Ah, I enjoy seeing reviews and likes! Thanks The Count for liking chapter two!! And to Wiggie, and miss Kermie: I luv ya!!;) 1,2,3! That's 3 reviews/likes! Ah hahaha!!!:batty: Sorry for being random. Anyhoo, I wanted to also say thanks miss kermie for the idea! It also came to my attention that my 2nd cousin lost her twins 6 months along, so this chapter will express my condolences. Don't worry! The babies don't die!! :eek:

    Chapter 2: The Rhythm of Love

    The past few weeks had been torture for Kermit as he delt with both the babies and pressure at work. The movie directors and producers wanted another movie made to bump up their ratings on the network. While Kermit had agreed to this, he wasn't exactly thrilled with the prospect. Nothing had really been the same without Jim and nothing really seemed to match his patterns and styles of music and film. Every night he came home exhausted and rather cranky, though he wouldn't complain to Piggy. Heaven help him if he did. As his day came to a close, Kermit stretched and started to head out of his office. As he did so, a great crash sounded on the stage outside. Fearing the worst, Kermit rushed out to find Gonzo plastered to the wall next to his office and a suprised group of muppets next to a smoking cannon.
    "Well that 's one way to get his attention." Rizzo muttered, shaking his head.
    "Hit it!" Fozzie yelled. As one, all the muppets broke out into verse of "For he's a Jolly Good Frog". Kermit only stood in shock as his friends cheered and sang around him. Kermit waved his arms and yelled as loud as he could.
    "Quiet!" he yelled hysterically. Everyone hushed, afraid they had somehow upset thier small green boss.
    "Why? What are you all doing here?" Kermit asked, a headache starting to pulse throughout his head.
    "We all wanted to help you out, man!" Clifford answered. "Like, you are in total de-chill right now, so we all thought we'd cheer you up." This was followed by murmers of agreement. Kermit only bowed his head, humbled that his friends had though of him.
    "Uncle Kermit?" Robin asked, looking at his uncle's scruffy form. "You're not mad, are you?" His voice quivered as he spoke. Kermit looked down at his nephew and smiled.
    "No I'm not angry, Robin. I'm...grateful." He said decidedly. Scrunching up his face, he replied to the whole group, "But next time if you need me, just knock." The crowd laughed in relief, only to be interrupted by Gonzo.
    "Well sure! If you want to do it the easy way!" He chirped, pulling his nose out of the wall. Everyone only shook thier heads in amusement. Some weirdos never change. As the party ensued, Kermit noticed that not one single female resided in the auditorium. Not even the chickens! Kermit walked around unil he found Uncle Deadly reisiding in a corner, watching the happyness ensue with his dark, lightless eyes.
    "Hello, Kermit." Uncle Deadly drawled slowly, barely glancing at the frog.
    "Er, hello Uncle Deadly. Do you know where all the ladies have disappeared to?" He asked, rubbing his hands to keep them warm. Uncle Deadly seemed to have an icy aura surrounding his cloaked figure. Cocking his head to the side, the phantom finally looked at the amphibian, with what could only be described as distaste.
    "I wouldn't have the faintest idea. Don't you have that little go-fer aroud here that has all the answers? I'm sure he could help you." Uncle Deadly's voice reaked of sarcasm. Kermit would have usually retorted to that, but he felt as if he had lost control over his body.
    "Though, if I were you," the phantom sneered, "I'd try the Misses dressing room. You know,the one with the gold star? Shouldn't be hard to find, especially when you hear the shreiking laughter of all those silly woman." Uncle Deadly's lip curled in fierce amusement. Slowly backing away, Kermit nodded his thanks and walked slowly backwards, still facing the phantom.
    "Oh, and Kermit?" Uncle Deadly's voice called after him. Making eye contact, Kermit forced himself to look directly into those souless eyes. "Congradulations." Said the phantom before disappearing completely into the theater walls. Shaking off his discomfort, Kermit walked back to the warm lights and laughter. Slowly making his way through the swarm of muppets, he reached the stairs leading to Piggy's dressing room. Hearing voices and laughter calmed him slightly. Knocking on her door, he heard soft hushing noises and smiled.
    "Who is it?" Piggy asked softly through the wood.
    "Er, it's me. Kermie, I mean Kermit." Kermit blushed a deep green as giggles sounded on the other side. "May I come in?" he asked softly through her door.
    "Hmm. Alright, but very quickly! Moi is having a baby shower!" Twisting the knob, Kermit opened the door to reveal all the missing girls from the show.
    "I- I didn't mean to intrude, I just wanted to make sure that everyone was okay and safe." Kermit stuttered, unsure of how to explain himself.
    "Vous is too kind!" Piggy gushed, patting Kermit on his blushing cheek. "But vous must leave us ladies to our business. We shall be down soon!" Piggy gently ushered her shocked husband out the door. "Kissy kissy, love!" she whispered, only for his ears to hear. As the door closed, Kermit shook his head. Had he married a woman, or had he married a woman!

    Okay, I am tired but I really wanted to write this chapter and add a suprisingly loved Uncle deadly. I had no idea so many people liked him!:confused: So I am hungry and will leave for dinner. I had church for 3 hours and fasted for 24 hours, so without further ado, review for this tired old fig! Thank you!!:D:flirt::halo:
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  10. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    OOOOh I love this!
  11. The Count Moderator

    Well done regarding the phantomly dragon's cameo. Would echo other peoples' sentiments you check your work before posting... But this story is turning out nicely, I like the Scooter/Lonnie angle. Thank you and post when possible.
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  12. Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    What a great story! Figgie, you are truly just AMAZING at writing fan fiction!
  13. We Got Us Active Member

    Figgie, Figgie, Figgie...how many times can I say I love your work? Cause' I love your work!! ;) I have to warn you though, tomorrow my Dad has to take my laptop cord to work (he lost his. Disorganization seems to run in this family. Just look at my fic) so I'll be on very rarely if at all until he gets home in the evening.
    Now on to story:
    Aw...we, as your fans, feel you pain Kermit. But you'll catch your feet. >hums Life's A Happy Song<

    Prideful ol' Kermie, I bet that's not true. The Frog and the Pig have to support each other if they're gonna be expecting figs!
    And then we have those awesome Muppets doing what they do best: making everything better with songs and explosions. And that is why we love them.
    And then we get Uncle Deadly!!! Hurrah!! I'm developing a bad thing for him, that I'm scared it might one day evolve into a fan-fic. :sigh:
    And then everything is better between the frog and the pig, and a baby shower! Hooray!! >runs to get into her favorite party dress< Oh yes, it's a story. >ahem<

    Yes Kermie, yes vous did. Can't live with em', can't live without em'. And you'r quickly finding out the rest.

    In conclusion: bravo!! I can't wait for more!! And you poor thing...I've tried fasting a few times and chickened out on some feeble excuse every time. Low blood sugar, babysitting, needs energy for homework...wants food....yeah, anyway. I have officially decided to wait till after finals to start any more fan-fics of my own. That's only gonna be a few weeks, but until then I'll be doing some serious studying. Meanwhile I'll have this to keep me muppety and sane. I've written a book now. Love you Fig!
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  14. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    *Does happy dance around the room* Fersureitsjess and The Count reviewing my story?! Is this a dream? If it is, then it most definately is a good one!:) I will try to make less typos in my story in honor of The Count and to help make this story flow better.:o To Muppetfan123: I blush, thank you my kind sir, I truly appreciate that! I hope to read some of your own work soon!;) Wiggie: You poor dear! I hope everything goes well for finals! Love you sweetie!:excited: I'm afraid I don't have time to write chap. 3 tonight, but hopefully tomorrow!!:D
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  15. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Okay, I admit I made a mistake, the last chapter should be chapter 2, the next will be chapter 3! Oi do I feel dumb! Sorry for the mishap!:o
  16. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    The real Chapter 3: I Want you to Want me

    Scooter looked in amazement at the bright lights shining on the billboard. Bob's Karaoke and Bar definitely wasn't what Scooter had expected when Lonnie asked him out. Walking into the peculiar restaurant, Scooter noticed the unexpectedly crowded area. Bright disco like lights swirled around the room with D J's working the tracks.
    “You really wouldn't expect this much of a crowd in a place like this, based on the outer appearance at least.” Scooter half yelled over the ruckus of the young couples dancing around the small space. Lonnie laughed at his confused expression.
    “It's supposed to be that way, no one would expect to find a place like this.” She waved her arms around for emphasis. Scooter only nodded, not wanting to waste his voice by pointless shouting.
    “C'mon, I want to show you something.” Lonnie pulled Scooter through swarming mass of dancers. Pulling to a stop in front of one of the D J's, Lonnie introduced Scooter.
    “Scooter, I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine. This DJ Raja. Raja, meet Scooter.” Lonnie pulled Scooter closer to the other man. He had dark skin and a bright smile, Scooter guessed he was from African descent.
    “Hallo, Scootar.” He had a strong African accent too. He flashed a warm at Scooter and offered him his hand. Scooter accepted, dismissing him as an unimportant rival.
    “It's Nice to meet you DJ Raja.” Scooter answered politely.
    “Please,” The young African intervened, “call me Raja. Everyone does.” He smiled again, turning to Lonnie, he asked, “Do you want the usual?” He asked mischievously. Lonnie grinned and nodded in answer. Pulling Scooter behind her, Lonnie led him to a stage he hadn't seen before.
    “Yo, yo, yo! I want y'all to listen up! I got some special friends here tonight and they're gonna sing for us on this special evenin'!” DJ Raja's voice boomed out from some unseen speakers. Scooter swiveled to find Lonnie standing behind him holding a mic.
    “You can't be serious?!” Scooter asked, clearly frightened.
    “Oh, Come on! It's not like you haven't sung before!” Lonnie answered, slightly exasperated. “Besides, you know the song. Trust me.” She gave him a look that made his heart jump out of his skin.
    “Okay.” He mumbled softly.
    “What?!” Lonnie yelled, trying to hear what Scooter had said.
    “I said okay!” Scooter yelled back, almost laughing. Giving the DJ the thumbs up, Scooter turned to where lyrics were being shown. Scooter nearly choked. Yes, he knew of the song, not the song itself per say....
    Lonnie started out, singing soulfully into the mic. Scooter started back away, unsure. Lonnie looked at him and held him in place with her gaze.
    I want you to want me.
    I need you to need me.
    I'd love you to love me.

    She reached out to Scooter as if begging him to stay.
    I'm beggin' you to beg me.
    I want you to want me.
    I need you to need me.
    I'd love you to love me.

    She motioned Scooter sing along, inhaling sharply he sang into the mic, praying he wouldn't mess up.

    I'll shine up my old brown shoes.
    I'll put on a brand new shirt

    Scooter pulled on his shirt collar, causing the crowd to roar.
    I'll get home early from work
    if you say that you love me.

    Scooter started to sing with emphasis, pointing at Lonnie and singing along with her.
    Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin, cryin').
    Oh, Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin, cryin')
    Feelin' all alone without a friend
    you know you feel like dyin' (dyin', dyin').
    Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin', cryin').

    Lonnie sang alone again, jumping and moving in time with the song. Scooter moved closer, dancing and twisting around and in time to her.
    I want you to want me.
    I need you to need me.
    I'd love you to love me.
    I'm beggin' you to beg me.

    Joining her, Scooter sang without hesitation, barely looking at the lyrics screen.

    I'll shine up my old brown shoes.
    I'll put on a brand new shirt
    I'll get home early from work
    if you say that you love me.
    Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin, cryin').
    Oh, Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin, cryin')
    Feelin' all alone without a friend
    you know you feel like dyin' (dyin', dyin').
    Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin', cryin').

    Feelin' all alone without a friend
    you know you feel like dyin' (dyin', dyin').
    Scooter acted as if he had a knife in his hand and plunged it into his heart.
    Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin', cryin').
    Feelin' all alone without a friend
    you know you feel like dyin' (dyin', dyin').
    Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I,
    see you cryin' (cryin', cryin').

    The song slowed and Scooter, along with Lonnie stepped closer together with each beat.
    I want you to want me.

    Scooter placed a hand around her back, pulling her closer.
    I need you to need me.

    Placing her arm around his neck, Lonnie pulled Scooter's face closer to her own.

    Scooter barely whispered the words into the mic.
    I'd love you to love me.
    I'm beggin' you to beg me.

    Closing the distance, Lonnie pressed a soft kiss to Scooter's own, the rest is history.
    Kermit sat in bed, mentally counting down the months till the babies' due date. If it was almost February, then the babies would be due in October. Walking over to the calendar, circling the whole month. We have a long way to go. He mused to himself. Hearing the phone ring, he padded over to the home phone and answered.
    "Hello?" He asked. Unprepared for what he was about to here. If only he had known....

    Review? Please? I apologize for dropping off like that, but that's writing for ya!!:o:batty:
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  17. Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    Great story! I also love the whole Scooter/Lonnie thing. (Scooter is one of my top ten Muppets)

    Hopefully soon! Since I joined the forum, I said to myself "I must do a Fan Fiction, "I must do a Fan Fiction," So I'm still working on it.

    Hmmm...... I'm wondering what a crossover of Piggy and Kermit would look like....
  18. We Got Us Active Member

    Ffffiiiiiggggiiiieeee....!!!! >dies of embarrassment< >sits up and laughs like an idiot< .....I'm so flattered I have to dance. >Does previously choreographed embarrassed happy dance< I will hug you and give you muffin. And then I will choke you a little and punch you (lightly) in the arm like a guy friend would. Darn it, I would go and look up that song if my sister wasn't right next to me wondering what on earth I'm smiling so big for. >sigh< Now, you know, I'm going to be practicing that over and over again in front of the bathroom mirror....>tucks Starbucks application into purse< You and your awesome fantasies. Twist my way of life, they will. ;)
    Now on to the REAL chapter three...AH! BAM! SPLAT! And any other random loud noise you can think of to keep me from SCREAMING!!!!!!!! >in best scary voice< How dare you Figgie....you, you fiend! Ironically, I just watched 'Father of the Bride 2' last night (and...um....fell a little in love with Martin Short. But only a little) which I know is going to set me dreaming about Kermit's dual baby problem. >kicks herself in the head< (something that's hard to do unless your writing it) What am I saying?! I'm wembling!! Ok, you have me worried now.....update soon?! And by that I mean, if you don't, I'm selling what's left of my hair and hitchhiking up to Utah and strangling you some more. :D And now, my brain is making kerplunk noises, which means I should sleep. >>Hugs<< Fig, for being so cool and giving me something to look forward to.
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  19. Fersureitsjess Active Member

    More PLEASE! :)
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  20. newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Sorry it took me a while to get back to this one!

    The progression of Scooter and Lonnie's romance seems to be moving right along... :) Hey...what's with all the karaoke around here? But Cheap Trick's a fun choice. And I like the idea of Scooter having a name-appropriate form of transportation.

    Fraternal twins! This could be fun. I bet Scooter and Skeeter have some tips they could share! And of course who would argue with the name choices? Very sweet. Although now I'm curious, as you mention Jim was Kermit's creator...er...is he a frog or are you going for something closer to what Ozy is doing with the relationship between Muppets and Muppeteers? Interesting.

    Kermit calling himself "Kermie" and having the girls giggle at him made me smile.

    Keep going please! :news:
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