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HD Muppet Sketches

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Newsflash, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Newsflash

    Newsflash Member

    What I really liked from the last couple of seasons were those new Muppet Sketches in HD. The writing was very good and some of the backdrops added quite an interesting old school feel to them. It would be nice if the writers created more Muppet Inserts because personally I thought these were well done.

    Here are some of my favorite HD Muppet Bits:

    * Big Bird Sings That's Cooperation
    * The Coffee plant with Grover
    * Marshal Grover: In Front Of
    * Make it Fit with Guy Smiley
    * The Waiting Game with Guy Smiley
    * Estimation Vacation with Guy Smiley
    * Spidermonster the Musical
    * I Am Special with Grover
    * Oscar Tricks Cookie Monster
    * The Count & Oscar count to Zero
    * Bert and Ernie: Bottlecap Box
    * Bert and Ernie's Science Experiment
    * The Count's Lottery
    * Oscar Accidentally Helps Telly (Letter of the Day)
    * Grover Shows Force
    * Grover Finds the Tallest Monster
    * The Two Headed Monster Takes Turns
    * The Letter G Game with Grover and Fat Blue

    On a side note, not muppet related but here's my favorite recent HD animations:
    *Welcome to the Letter N Museum
    *Bubba's S Word Emporium
    *Why Do You Love the Letter Y
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