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He'll Never Be Dead In My Heart

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by vettech28, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    This short story is about what happens when the Muppets find out that the person that was a father figure to them every step of their lives and he watched them grow and blossom into characters everyone knows and loves: Jim Henson

    He'll Never Be Dead In My Heart

    An average morning at the Muppet Theater, Kermit making sure things run smoothly, Scooter helping others before going onstage, Statler and Waldorf heckling in the balcony, Fozzie telling jokes and Miss Piggy preparing to go onstage. This day would be a day no Muppet is ever going to forget.

    May 16, 1990, 8:00 AM, rehearsal
    Kermit: Okay, everybody. It'll be showtime before you know it, so keep up the good work!
    Scooter: Everything's running smoothly so far, cheif.
    Kermit: Good. Make sure it stays that way.
    Fozzie: Oh, Kermit. Wait until you hear my latest jokes for the show this week! They are funny!
    Kermit: I'm sure they are, Fozzie.
    Miss Piggy: Kermie! I'm ready to rehearse for my number.
    Kermit: That's great, Piggy. Go join Rowlf downstairs and let me know when you're done.
    Miss Piggy: Trust me, it'll be wonderful.
    (Phone rings)
    Kermit: Hello? Oh, hello, Frank. Frank, what's wrong? What? He...he did? I...(gulps), I don't believe it. I'm sorry, Frank. Does everyone know? What about Jane and the kids? Ohhh. Yes, I'll make sure all my friends know. Yes, Frank. Bye. (Hangs up with a sad look on his face) *Sighs
    Scooter: Everything's shipshape, sir. (Looks at Kermit) Kermit, what's wrong?
    Kermit: Um, could you gather everyone here, immediately?
    Scooter: Sure, but what's the problem?
    Kermit: It's Jim.

    Soon, all Muppet Theater employees gather backstage as Kermit delivers the news.
    Kermit: Everyone, I have some very serious news from Frank today. Jim was in the hospital and he got very sick pretty quickly. And I found out this morning, he...he...
    Fozzie: What is it?
    Kermit: (Voice breaking) He passed away early this morning.
    (Everyone gasps)
    Robin: He did? Are you sure?
    (Kermit nods and everyone's eyes begin to fill with tears)
    Fozzie: Why didn't he tell us he was sick?
    Gonzo: I can't believe he left us so soon.
    Scooter: Maybe it's because he didn't want to be a bother. So what difference does it make?
    (Everyone cries quietly as they could as Kermit looks up and says one word in a whisper: Jim)

    Sesame Street:
    Everyone meets in Hooper's store when Bob has an announcement.
    Bob: Everyone, we're all here because I just got a call from Kermit and... he found out that Jim passed away this morning.
    (Everyone gasps in shock)
    Big Bird: Oh, no!
    Maria: This is awful!
    Grover: (Sniffles) I can't...I cannot believe he's gone. He always took care of us.
    Ernie: He always had fun whenever we did
    Bert: Yeah, but now it'll never be the same, ever again.
    Cookie: Me going to miss the way he prepared me cookies! (Cries)
    Elmo: Elmo's going to miss Mr. Jim
    Snuffy: Yeah, me, too.
    Gordon: We'll all miss him. But remember when Mr. Hooper died? Whenever someone dies, we'll always remember them and all the things they did for us.
    Susan: And we'll always have memories of him.
    Big Bird: I think we'll miss him a lot, even though it makes us sad.
    All: Yeah (Softly)

    Fraggle Rock:
    The Fraggle Horn begins to sound throughout the Rock meaning there's a meeting to attend in the Great Hall.
    (Fraggle murmering)
    World's Oldest Fraggle: Everybody, I've just recieved some troubling news. It's about our friend, Mr. Jim Henson. I'm afraid he...he died early this morning.
    (Fraggle gasp)
    Gobo: I...I can't believe he's dead.
    Red: Yeah. He was our friend.
    Boober: And he let us had fun and he had fun with us. (Sniffles)
    Mokey: Now we just lost a really great friend and leader.
    Gobo: You mean "Fearless Leader".
    Traveling Matt: Yes. I, too will miss him. He always liked to travel just like me. (Cries)
    Wembley: We never got to say goodbye to him. I'm really gonna miss him, Gobo.
    Gobo: Yeah. Me, too, Wembley. (Sniffs)

    The Fraggle Five gathered Cotterpin and Wrench Doozer and met Junior Gorg in the garden to deliver the news.
    Junior: What? I can't believe that Jim is...is gone!
    Cotterpin: Yeah. I'll miss him a lot!
    Wrench: Me, too, Cotterpin.
    Philo and Gunge hear the news from Marjory.
    Philo: Boy, Marjory. I still can't believe that Jim is dead.
    Gunge: Yeah. I bet you never saw that comin', Marge.
    Marjory: True, Gungy. I had a sense that something would happen, but...nothing like this.

    Frogtown Hollow:
    Mayor Harrison Fox gathered everyone in the town hall to deliver the devastating news.
    Harrison: Now, I've called you here because I have very sad news. This morning, our leader and friend, Jim Henson, passed away this morning.
    (Gasps fill the room)
    Emmet: Jim is dead?
    Ma Otter: I'm afraid so, Emmet.
    Harvey: I don't understand. Why did Jim have to die?
    Ma Otter: No one knows. It's...it just happened so fast.
    Wendell: We'll never see him again. (Sniffs)
    Charlie: It's not fair! We never got a chance to see him one more time!
    Emmet: I know, Charlie. But, at least we had some great times with him. We'll always remember him and talk about him even though it's hard to do it. (Sniffs and wipes away a tear)
    Ma Otter: Yes. Even though he's gone, he'll always be with us forever.
    Emmet: Yeah, forever. (Looks up and thinks of Jim)

    The Jones' house:
    Balthazar: Now, everyone. I have to talk to you about something that you may not believe. I learned that this morning that Jim Henson passed on early this morning.
    (Gasps fill the playroom)
    Apple: Oh, no! Poor Jim!
    Mew: That's terrible! He was always around whenever we had a good time.
    Belmont: Yeah. It's terrible that he had to go like this. (Cries)
    Rugby: Yeah. I'm really going to miss Jim, but what will happen to his friends?
    Apple: We don't know, Rugby. We'll have to wait and see. Things like this take time to get over. We'll never get over losing him completely, but we'll always remember him.
    Rugby: Yeah. Always remember.

    The Bunnies' meadow:
    Mother and Father Bunny begin to dread the news they were about to tell their children.
    Mother: Bean! Twitch! Lugsy! Can you come here please?
    Twitch: What is it, mother?
    Father: Well, we have something to tell you.
    Bean: What's that?
    Mother: Well, it's not easy to tell you kids this, but...we found out that Jim died this morning.
    Bean: Jim is dead? I...I don't believe it.
    Twitch: That means we'll never see him again?
    Father: I'm afraid not.
    Lugsy: But I don't understand. Why did Jim die? It's too soon for that to happen.
    Mother: I know this is hard, but as much as we'd like to have Jim live forever, it's not possible.
    Twitch: But why?
    Mother: No one knows. When things live, they die also.
    Father: Life is shorter than we think. But the best thing is that even though he's gone, we'll never forget him.
    Bean: I miss him already.
    Twitch: So do I.
    Lugsy: Me, too.
    Mother: We all do. Just be strong, okay? (Wiping away their tears one by one)
    Bean, Twitch and Lugsy: Okay, mother.
    Father: We'll get through this together. After all, it's what Jim would want.
    (The family cries quietly)

    May 21, 1990, memorial service:
    Jim's family and friends and Muppets show up to pay their final respects to their fearless leader. All throughout, they shared laughs, songs and tears of sadness and joy as they remember the good times they shared together because this is what it was all about: friends and family coming together.
    In the end, Jim's Muppet characters and collegues finally felt at peace and so did Jim.
  2. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Wow that's nice and I love it very much!
    It is just like I imagine, even thought I imagined it a little different.
  3. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    [Gordon: We'll all miss him. But remember when Mr. Hooper died? Whenever someone dies, we'll always remember them and all the things they did for us.

    Did Mr. Hooper really die? I'm sorry if I don't know this, but I never really watched Sesame Street growing up and when I did, I don't even remember Mr. Hooper, why would they do something like that on a kid's show? He could have moved away.
    BTW love this whole thing on how it would be if this would have happened when Jim passed away.
    We all miss him very much.
    Collgoff likes this.
  4. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    The actor who played Mr. Hooper from 1969 to about 1983 was Will Lee and he died from cancer. In a classic 1980s episode of Sesame Street, the grownups reveal to Big Bird that Mr. Hooper has died. They did this in response to the actor who played him passing away. You can find the clip on the Sesame Street DVD, "Forty Years of Sunny Days".
    Collgoff likes this.
  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I'm going to allow Cee Lo Green to express my sadness.

  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    That was a very lovely tribute. :cry: :sympathy:

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