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Help me build a puppet

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by GreatGonzo, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. GreatGonzo

    GreatGonzo New Member

    Hey, can anybody give me some tips on building puppets, I've never built one before.

  2. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Member

    Well this foum is loaded with priceless info on puppet building. There is stuff in here you will find nowhere else. Just do a search for any part of a puppet you need help with. I recommend you find a simple pattern to start with and get building. As someone once told me in this forum make something and make it now. My first puppet was an altered OneWay Street puppet. You can hardly tell it was from that pattern. Then I made a few more similar puppets before I got the foam book videos and book from grey seals and the Armslength kit and videos. Also I havent got it yet but many have told me how great a reference puppet mania is so check it out as well. Many of your deeper questions can be answered in a search of this forum. Have fun building.
  3. Puppetplanet

    Puppetplanet Member

    Ya! Ditto what puppet builder said! :excited:

    Also, here are a couple links that I'm sure have been posted, but these will help..... remember, use the search option in the forum though, you'll find tons of stuff.





    Hey... Puppet Builder, there are instructions for a stage up there. ;) I've never built it, but it looks like it would be pretty sturdy.

  4. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Member

    Thanks PP :). I might use that pattern and change a few things to it. I'll have to make it out of cardboard and paint it. After this fund raiser we should have the money for a VERY nice PVC and curtain stage and high quality portable sound system. There is a spot light that I want to get that takes gobos. Then I will have our puppet teams logo (A.C.T.S.) cut into a gobo for the intro. With the lighted cans our churches sound man is building, this should be an exciting set up. Then I want to try to put some blacklight and magic trick and I might try the vent.
  5. GreatGonzo

    GreatGonzo New Member

    Thanks Puppet_Builder, I've been looking through the forum and found some stuff to help me get started.

  6. GreatGonzo

    GreatGonzo New Member

    Thanks Michele, the links helped. And the forum has a lot of stuff.


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