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Help with Sesame Street specials

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Barry Lee, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Can you give me a list of SS specials?And a descruption?
  2. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    A Special Sesame Street Christmas

    A&E Biography Up-Close - Sesame Street

    Basil Hears a Noise (Sesame Park Canada)

    Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake
    Big Bird celebrates his birthday with his friends. The whole gang goes ice skating, while Susan and Maria have to stay behind to prepare for the big party. Meanwhile, Cookie Monster fights his urge to devour Big Bird's birthday cake ... by devouring nearly everything else he can find to eat, including newspapers, a lamp post, and a mailbox.

    Christmas Eve On Sesame Street

    Joe Raposo PBS Salute
    A tribute to the man who gave Sesame Street its musical charm. Memories of Joe are shared with us and told by those closest to him, including Jim Henson, Bob McGrath and Chris Cerf.

    Sesame Street - 20 Years and Still Counting
    Originally filmed for the Jim Henson Hour. Hosted by Bill Cosby.

    There's also:
    Julie (Andrews) on Sesame Street
    Sesame Street Unpaved (a Noggin documentary that kicked off the series, or so I'm told)
    VH1 Behind the Music - Sesame Street
  3. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member


    Just a little something you forgot to mention. I remember Big Bird teaching Snuffy how to skate. He also gets encouragement from the rest of the gang. (One of the best moments where the whole gang enteracts with Snuffy, considering he was 'invisible' about ten years before this.)
  4. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    True, Daffyfan2003. Oh yes, and another mistake on my part: they go ROLLER skating, not ice skating.
  5. MIKEB97

    MIKEB97 New Member

    Hey Boober_Gorg,

    There's also a specail called Put Down the Duckie from 1988. It featured a range of celebrities From Phil Donahue, James Taylor, Pee Wee Herman, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Patti Labelle, Barbara Walters, Paul Simon and many more.
  6. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Hey, Boober Gorg!

    There's also Sesame Street Goes To Prison Special from 1977, which it's never shown on Noggin.

    And there's Don't Eat the Pictures-a CTW special from 1983 before the episode where everyone explains that Mr. Hooper isn't coming back to Big Bird.

    Don't Eat the Pictures was the special where the whole Sesame Street gang goes to the Metropolian Museum of Art in NYC. The museum guard announces that the museum will close soon, so Big Bird wants to look around the museum and wants to hang out with his best friend, Snuffy. When Cookie yells, "ME EAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!", Bob yells at him never to eat pictures, because they are made by paint. At the end, the museum now opens, and when everyone starts to get hungry, Cookie begins to eat EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!! HE EATS HOT DOGS, HAMBURGERS, ICE CREAM BARS AND MANY OTHERS!!!! WILD!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, have any of you think Big Bird In China is a dream?

    NO! Big Bird in China is yet another special where he and Barkley explore all over China. And there's Big Bird in Japan! I never saw it, but seen previews when I was 6 or 7 on video.

    And wait!!! There's more! It was Sesame Street Celebrates Around the World where the Sesame muppets from different countries celebrate the new year and ends with Wolfgang the Seal touches the ball all the way to the sky as the 1993 countsdown to 1994.
  7. SillyRed

    SillyRed Member

    What about Enmopalooza or CinderElmo, or 2 25 Anniversary Specials??:(
  8. SillyRed

    SillyRed Member

    Elmo Saves Christmas
  9. MIKEB97

    MIKEB97 New Member

    Here's a few more:

    Sesame Street With the Boston Pops -1971
    Sesame Street With the Boston Symphony Orchestra Reunion - 1999

    The Sesame Street Experiment -1989
    A brief documentary featuring interviews with Jim Henson, Caroll Spinney and Sonia Manzano.

    Was there a 10th anniversary special?
  10. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Well, of course I can't name EVERYTHING off the top of my head. I haven't kept very good track of such things post 1995. I knew about Put Down the Duckie already, from frequent exposure to the special. LOL :D

    Anyway, you guys listed stuff here that even I never knew about. Boston Pops 1971? That's gotta be a find. I'd also like to see The Sesame Street Experiment.

    Another one I forgot to mention is Stars and Street Forever, which aired on ABC in 1994. Tycoon billionaire Ronald Grump (Joe Pesci) wants to give Sesame Street a major makeover, and it's up to the Sesame Street citizens to save their favorite buildings from being demolished.

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