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Henson.com under construction

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by frogboy4, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. sidcrowe

    sidcrowe New Member


    You do realize, of course, that your most recent comment may harm the escalation of any anticipated bidding wars for your services :D

    Hee heee:p
  2. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member

    LOL!!!! :D ;)

    Jamie, I'm not kidding -- if you can at all get yourself in on a gig working for a Henson website, do it. I won't feel bad that we'll lose our great graphics over here, because Henson.com would look as good or better. I'd feel sorry for Phil for having to lose you, but we'll get by. :smirk: Don't pass up any opportunities, my friend!
  3. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    That is so sweet. :flirt: I'm certain that Henson's site will be revamped when the ownership changes. I hope it's soon. I hope they wouldn't be absorbed into a Disney site. :smirk:
  4. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Active Member

    I don't care if the Disney logo's in the lower right-hand corner, just bring back the video clips. For the love of Gonzo, bring back the video clips. It's like a piece of me is gone.
  5. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I've said forever Jamie should try to get on with JHC doing the website.

    It's very, very simple to get them the information to get yourself hired on there, Jamie.

    YOU just gotta do it.

    How else can I get my foot in the door??

  6. sarah_yzma

    sarah_yzma Active Member

    hey kev...do we want your foot in the door.....*thinks* hmm if i was promised a special night with.....*snaps back* HANG ON let's get kev a job there right away!


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