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Hensonville City 2010

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the new main gameplay thread, which will end up replacing what was known as the Muppet College Dorms.

    This time around, the location has expanded to include all of the town known as Hensonville, created and expanded through fanfics that have been posted on the forums. If you wish to explore our city or wish to know where every shop and house has been newly located, I recommend browsing through the Hensonville Guide.

    A. Admission.
    If you wish to join the game, then you must fill out the following application and send it to my email address through the forum's mailer first.
    Application Form:
    1 First Name.
    2 User Name.
    3 Muppet Roommate(s).
    4 Room Number.
    5 Birthdays.
    6 Valid working email address so we can contact you in the event of dormwide news.
    Please wait until your applications have been resolved before posting in the thread itself. Each applicant shall be attended to individually. Posts made by people not as yet approved to move in will be deleted without prejudice against that person.

    B. Room & Board.
    This year, there will be no main dormhouse. As you can see after visiting the Hensonville Guide, there will instead be three townhouses. The Jim Townhouse has Rooms 1 to 12, the Frank Townhouse has Rooms 13 to 24, and the Jerry Townhouse has Rooms 25 to 36. Dunno if housing needs will necessitate adding a fourth apartment or if even the two vacant buildings will be used, but I leave that up to be decided by the demand for residency in Hensonville.
    Additionally, the townhouses will be divided into two teams, which will come into play during later events throughout the year. Rooms 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, and 10 are to be known as the Kermit Greens (KG for short; whereas Rooms 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, and 12 are the Electric Psychadelics (EMP).
    Furthermore, eachhuman roomie will get $1000 in Muppet money as part of their allowance. This amount will be raised by $50 daily, to be spent or saved however you see fit. In turn, each roommate added to or ditched as part of your crew will cost you +$100 or -$100 depending on the corresponding action. I trust that this simple economic math will be easy enough for everybody to keep track of on their own. If not, then I'll just amend the rules at a later date.

    C. Roommates.
    Regarding Muppets one can choose to have as roommates at the dorms, keep in mind the following guidelines.
    1 An applicant for residency can select up to a total of five (5) Muppet characters as roommates if they so desire. You don't have to have five if you don't want five, I leave that to each individual applicant to decide.
    2 Characters from all Henson productions are available to be chosen as roommates with a few exceptions.
    a. Baby Muppets... What would they be doing at a college/town environment anyway?
    b. Human characters from the shows or movies, it'd be weird to find them being "manipulated" by other people.
    3 Original Muppet characters are allowed, so long as you have at least one (1) actual Muppet character.
    4 If selecting more than one roommate, please try to choose those who go well together. If you take Little Jerry, then mayhaps it'd be a good idea to have the rest of the Monotones. If you select one member of a duo like Statler or Red or Biff, then it'd make sense to take their accompanying partner as well.
    5 The one overriding rule we have is that once a character has been selected by a resident, they cannot be chosen by anyone else. Please consult the Hensonville Roster. If you're a dorms veteran and don't see your name there, you'd best send me your applications PDQ as any Muppet not on that list means they're up for roommate status. Additionally, I'm giving dorm veterans a week to do so. If I don't receive an application from you within that span, your roommates might go to the next person who first asks for them, so please bear that in mind.

    D. Birthdays.
    Please include your own birthday and a birthday for each Muppet member of your party. Search for Character Birthdays at the Muppet Wiki. If you can't find one for your particular character, then:
    1 Submit the airdate of when the character was first seen onscreen, or
    2 Provide that particular character's Muppeteer's birthday.

    E. Gameplay.
    Please keep in mind the following general notices.
    1 If you submit an application for residency and are accepted, please make an effort to participate therein, either in your own individual everyday routines with your roommates or interacting with others. You don't have to be plugged into the thread 24/7 every single day, nor have every other post be one of your own... Participation should come naturally. Sadly, I cannot personally control nor force a resident to participate. There will however be some new activities that I hope will breathe new life into this main gameplay thread, and a person's degree of participation or lack thereof might determine if they're found to be suitable for play/continued residency.
    2 You can interact with other people's roommates, but please do not outright control them directly. The only time when this will be allowed is if either:
    a. You are staging a Muppety musical number or play/movie with parts for everyone, or
    b. You have been asked to temporarily look after another resident's roommates.
    3 Please keep all character portrayals within character. No monster behavior unless your roommate is a monster, except during the Halloween celebration. No outré behavior unless your roommate is an outré musician type. You hopefully get the idea about this by now.
    4 Additional events or tasks will be outlined in the Hensonville Events thread. Check back to see if anything has been posted. Completion of tasks will earn you extra Muppet money... The first assortment will focus on getting accepted for residency and settling in. Team competition between the townhouse halves will perhaps be better shown in later mainstay tournaments.

    So I sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves and have fun. Any questions, you can PM either me or Kelly (RedPiggy) as she has been promoted to Assistant Manager.
    Thanks and have a great day.
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  2. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Spamela: OMG! I can't believe we're actually in the city. Isn't it great? :3

    Zoot: *holding Sawyer* Yay? :confused:

    Ailie: Woo. =P

    Chamberlain: MMMmmmm...poo. -.-

    Joëlle: *yelling at random people across the street all cheerfully* Heeeeey Shavooon! Hey Daryl! Hey Jerome! Hey Brandi! Hey Corey! Hey--

    Dr. Teeth: XP Baby, d'you actualleh know those peeps?

    Joëlle: *shrugs* XP
  3. AnimatedC9000

    AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Cait: OMG, city! O_O

    Waldo: ... what kind of response is that? XPPP

    Janice: Like wow, this place is rully groovy. =33

    Lips: *holding several brochures* A lot of places to go..

    Vicki: So many things to see... =33

    Digit: And I finally have a steady paycheck now! =D

    Cait: *points to one of the brochures and laughs* Digit's such a geek. XPPP

    Digit: ... huh? :confused:
  4. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Chamberlain: *pointing to a picture of Lips's momma* Ohmai...how attractively revolting. XPP

    Ailie: :confused:

    Zoot: *scurrying along with Sawyer in his arms* ...where are we again? :confused:

    Joëlle: Hi Reggie! *to Zoot* I forgot. XP It smells better than Bourbon Street anyway.

    Chamberlain: Lips's mom smells worse. :3
  5. AnimatedC9000

    AnimatedC9000 Well-Known Member

    Lips: *looks up* What're you saying about my mom again? :confused:

    Cait: *sings* This is my kind of town! It's as clear as the nose on your face!

    Waldo: It's not THAT long, is it? XPPP

    Cait: This is the time! *dances* This is the place! *dances again* This is the time! This must be the place!

    Digit: Where? :confused:

    Cait: Hensonville! Where the streets are paved in gold! Where dreams can never grow old! Right here in Henson... ville! *dances randomly*

    Janice: ... too much caffine is like, bad for you, Cait. XPPP
  6. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    Tony: I seem to be lost.

    Lefty: What a surprise...

    Tony: Where are we supposed to crash again?

    Lefty: Whaddaya lookin' at me for?

    RF: Is there a candy shop around? I want candy!

    Floyd: Hey man, I was just gettin' used to the dorm. Well...not really...(laughs and hacks a cough)

    Mr. Turtle (being carried by RF) At least we left that bloody tank behind. Now I can be a free range turtle, just like in my salad days. : D

    Tony: We supposed to sleep on the street or something?

    Lefty: Wouldn't be da foist time...fer me, I mean. Riiight. I remember dis radder comfy fridge box dat I spent one winter in. I'll never forget dat box!

    RF: Aleftysayswhat.

    Lefty: What?

    RF: Aleftysayswhat.

    Lefty: What?

    RF: Hee! Aleftysayswhat...
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Me (sighs happily)

    Oscar (growling): Whaddya gotta be happy about?

    Me (shrugs): They copied my driver's license and my Social Security card. My brother says that it practically means I was hired, but without the formality.

    Sarah and Bear (barking, tails wagging furiously, sniffing Sawyer's butt, LOL)

    Rizzo: So, uh, Turbo ... ya got any plans?

    Turbo: I'm gonna get some sleep. I been boun -- I mean, I been workin' my antennae off. I'm spent.
  8. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Chamberlain: Lips, your mother is so grotesque, Lefty wouldn't want it. XP

    Zoot: *bends down, letting the puppy see the other two dogs* Hey look, Sawyer. Looks like you'll have some new friends to play with. :3

    Spamela: Are we gonna be bums? X_X Like Boombox Fred?

    Joëlle: Psh, I can handle livin' on the street. I've done it before. =P *dances on the top of a bench*
  9. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    Lefty gets into boxer's stance.

    Lefty: Why youse overstuffed seat cushion! I'll ka-nock yer beak right offa yer mug! C'mon! C'mon! I'll beat ya wit one arm tied behind my back! Ehh! Ehh! Ehh! Ehh!


    RF suddenly turns into a street bum: sloppy, matted hair; ragged clothing; sneakers with holes in them; and a three-day's growth of beard (XP)

    RF: Alms for the poor? Alms for the poor?

    Floyd: Hey Janice. Good to see ya. Zoot! How's my main man? (holds up arm for a high five) Dr. Teeth! Didja look over the stuff I wrote for ya yet? You, Lips? I know Joelle's ready.

    Lefty: ...I like Snausages...
  10. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Sarah and Bear (put their butts up in the air to signal they want to play, then invite Sawyer to chase them in laps around the others)

    Me: So, why are we just staring at the building? Isn't the door open? *to Lefty* Didn't you bring some lockpicks?
  11. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Chamberlain: ... *sits on Lefty*

    Zoot: *is hit in the forehead by Floyd's highfive* Whuh? Who called my name? X_X

    Dr. Teeth: Hmm? Oh, uh...not yet, man. I got that othah stuff ya wanted, though. =P

    Joëlle: Ready whenever you are, homeboy. :3 *spins, shaking a tambourine*
  12. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    Lefty: Pffft! Lock picks? Bah! I don't ka-need no stinkin' lock picks...

    Lefty casually walks to the building; he begins to frantically pound on the door.

    Lefty: Lemme in! Lemme in! Lemme in! (calms) I mean...

    Lefty lightly taps door with fist; door swings open with ease.

    Lefty: It's all in da wrist! Riiiiiiight!
  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Rizzo: -_- Figures.

    Oscar: Just stick me somewhere dirty an' I'll be fine.

    Me (laughs at Lefty): Reminds me of the time I looked all over for my glasses and they were right on my head. :D
  14. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    Lefty (sat on) WUHG! X_X

    Floyd: Heh, same ol' Zoot! (to Dr. Teeth) You do? Groovy, man. Uhhh...not out here in the open, though. Wait till we get inside, man. :confused:
  15. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Sawyer: *chases after Sarah, trying to chew on her tail*

    Dr. Teeth: Mhm. =P

    Zoot: *half conscious* ...I-I come from a place where the sky is blue and the corn is...corn-colored...
  16. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    RF (to Zoot) Can you spare some change, mister? I haven't had candy in over a half hour! =(

    Floyd: You ever been in anything professional, Joelle? I mean you have a lovely singing voice, and you dance like nobody's business. Have you been in any shows?

    RF: Please mister...(coughs)...I'm just a poor little boy who needs his sugar every fifteen minutes or so...or I'll just die!
  17. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Me: O_O Uh, Sarah? Stop snarling at poor Sawyer! *to Zoot* Sarah doesn't like to be manhandled. *laughs, grabs Sarah's leash* C'mon, honey ... let's go find some flowerbeds to dig up.

    Turbo (shows up and gives RF some concentrated Doozer sticks)
  18. WhiteRabbit

    WhiteRabbit Well-Known Member

    Zoot: *trips over a fire hydrant and lies face-down in the sidewalk* X_x *Sawyer climbs onto his head*

    Joëlle: Aw, Floyd. Hush now, I'm not that good. XP Nah, I've mostly done it for fun 'til I ran into Johnny. So what d'you have in mind?
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... Now everything's swinging and they're a part of the plan.
    Hexcellent. So yeah, everybody can go over to their rooms, I hope to have some stuff in the HV Events thread soonish... If I'm not too busy with my usual procrastinational slacking-off responsabilities. :shifty:
  20. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Active Member

    Floyd: Johnny? (Floyd freezes, Patrick-like for a full half hour) D'you mean Dr. Teeth?

    RF scurries to Zoot and helps him up.

    RF: Do you have any change, mister? Please...(munching on Doozer stick)...these are kinda good...but I needs my pop rox! I needs my Frosted Flakes topped with pure cane sugar! Pwwwwweeeaaaassseee?

    Floyd (to Joelle) Well, you know...once we get your banana costume and get the feel of it, I'll have you come up with an interpretive dance for my misunderstood masterpiece.

    Lefty: Misunnerstood? How da **** kin it be misunnerstood if youse never preformed it?

    Floyd: I already know, man. I already know the public, who have been brainwashed by mindless bubblegum pop and American idols won't get what I'm tryin' to say! The public are lemmings, man. Lemmings!

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