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Hensonville Events

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hello from the Hensonville Chamber Committee staff. This thread will serve to detail the various activities we will host throughout the year in our fair city, hopefully drumming up renewed interactive participation from everybody who's already registered as a resident at one of the townhouses located in the University of Hensonville District. Please stay tuned as new events will be added as soon as we've planned them.

    Thanks and have a good day.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Town Happening 1: Real World: Hensonville.

    There'll be more general chores added later, if I think of them, but here are a few to get you guys started. Also, if you have suggestions, please contact me first.

    So you've submitted your application for residency at the Muppety city of Hensonville... Your form has been reviewed and accepted. What's a new town dweller meant to do next?

    Move Into the Townhouses.
    Payout: $50.
    Now that your application has been approved, head over to the Jim Townhouse and check-in at the main lobby. Our curtius staff will help you find your room, whether here or at either of the other two townhouse apartments.

    Room Descript.
    Payout: $100.
    Team Points: 1.
    You've gotten the key to a swank suite in one of the city's townhouses. Now that you've got some money, go out and buy some furnishings to decorate the place according to your own and your various roommates' tastes.
    (Please remember to post your room layouts in the HensonvilleGuide thread).
    *Note: 1 point/accordingly-colored Kermit coin will be added to the team moneypots for each person who completes this chore.

    MC Awards, Picks Six Tixx.
    Payout: $75.
    Team Points: 1.
    Now that you've been accepted as a citizen of the town of Hensonville, it's time to exercise some of that civic pride :attitude"'s always going on about. Our elected officials already run the town smoothly, so what's there left for the average person to voice their opinions on? Why, the somewhat semi-annual Muppet Central awards of course. Head to The Sixth Somewhat-Annual Muppet Central Forum Awards 2010 where you can find the ballot and vote for the categories you want. After sending your picks to theprawncracker, please contact me privately to inform me of such. I'll double check with meser Prawn to confirm he received the ballot from each and every one so as to allocate team points accordingly. Thanks and have fun.
    *Note: This event has already elapsed and is no longer available for new participants.

    Cookie Drive.
    Payout: $75.
    Team Points: 2.
    Uh-oh, it's that time of year again. Nora's little sister, Heather has struck her favorite salespoint. Place your order for her Scout Troop's Famous Cookies. If you don't she'll lay you with a guilt trip of a century. Leave your orders with Erin in Room 9.

    Reel Time Film Festival.
    Payout: $150.
    Team Points: 3.
    The Hensonville Filmmakers, Film Watchers and Popcorn Munchers Society will be sponsoring the city’s first locally-made film festival, "Reel Time.” Everyone's encouraged to grab their roomies, a camcorder or vidcam, some props down at the appropriate shops in town, and film their own fan-made movies. Murder movies, horrors, westerns, gangster shoot 'em ups, rock videos are all acceptable. So get started already! Films will be judged and the winning entry will receive a Golden Kermit trophy.

    HV Management.
  3. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Ok question - who is on which team?

    At any rate my room descript is done.
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I believe you're on Kermit's team.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Beth... It's explained in the first post of the main gameplay thread, but I'll say it here too for people to follow better.

    Jim Townhouse: Rooms 1 through 12.
    Kermit Greens (KG):
    Rooms 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, and 10.
    Electric Psychadelics (EMP):
    Rooms 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, and 12.

    Don't forget to send me any suggestions you may have for chores/tasksin this level of gameplay.
  6. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I must have missed that earlier. I get it now! :)
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay... Here's the new team leaderboard. This time, it'll also keep track of which tasks have been completed by which residents so that the point totals reflect this clearer.

    Kermit Greens (KG): 169.

    Town Happening 1: Real World: Hensonville.
    Room Descripts: Ed, Kelly, Beth, Kathy, Erin, Kim.
    1 point each, KG: 6.
    100% team completion. Trophy: Bronze Kermit Statuette.
    MC Awards Voting: Kelly, Beth, Kathy.
    1 point each, KG: 3.
    Cookie Drive: Ed, Kelly, Beth, Kathy, Erin, Kim.
    2 points each, KG: 12.
    100% team completion. Trophy: Silver Kermit Statuette.
    Reel Time Film Festival: Ed, Kelly, Kathy.
    3 points each, KG: 9.
    50% team completion.

    Town Happening 2: Who Are the People in Our Neighborhood?
    Bat Bolt & Skull: Kelly, Beth, Kathy.
    1 point each, KG: 3.
    60% team completion.
    Saint Lovelady's Hospital Ed, Beth, Erin, Kim.
    2 points each, KG: 8.
    80% team completion.
    Penny Candyman's: Ed, Kelly.
    3 points each, KG: 6.
    33% team completion.
    KMUP Studios: Ed, Kelly.
    4 points each, KG: 8.
    33% team completion.
    Beth's Clock Shop: Ed, Kelly.
    5 points each, KG: 10.
    40% team completion.
    Fran's Fragrant Flowers: Ed, Kelly, Beth.
    6 points each, KG: 18.
    60% team completion.
    Everybody Eats: Ed, Kelly.
    7 points each, KG: 14.
    33% team completion.
    Mr. Bassman's Basics: Ed, Kelly.
    8 points each, KG: 16.
    33% team completion.
    Three Candles: Ed.
    10 points, KG: 10.
    20% team completion.
    Mad Tea Party: Ed, Kelly.
    11 points each, KG: 22.
    33% team completion.
    Rainbow's End: Kelly, Beth.
    12 points each, KG: 24.
    33% team completion.

    Electric Psychadelics (EMP): 82.

    Town Happening 1: Real World: Hensonville.
    Room Descripts: Ailie, T, Tony.
    1 point each, EMP: 3.
    75% team completion.
    MC Awards Voting: Ailie, Tony.
    1 point each, EMP: 2.
    Cookie Drive: T.
    2 points, EMP: 2.
    25% team completion.
    Reel Time Film Festival: T, Tony.
    3 points each, EMP: 6.
    50% team completion.

    Town Happening 2: Who Are the People in Our Neighborhood?
    Saint Lovelady's Hospital: Caitlyn, T.
    2 points each, EMP: 4.
    50% team completion.
    Penny Candyman's: T.
    3 points, EMP: 3.
    25% team completion.
    Fran's Fragrant Flowers: T.
    6 points, EMP: 6.
    25% team completion.
    Mad Tea Party: Ailie, Caitlyn, T, Tony.
    11 points each, EMP: 44.
    100% team completion.
    Rainbow's End: T.
    12 points, EMP: 12.
    25% team completion.

    HV Management. :batty
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Town Happening 2: Who Are the People in Our Neighborhood?

    After getting established as a resident of our fair city, you're probably excited to see all the sites, mingle with the locals, and pretty much do something. Well, grab yourself a copy of the town map found in the Hensonville Guide cause there's a whole wide world out there to explore.

    Bat Bolt & Skull Toy Shop.
    Payout: $75.
    Team Points: 1.
    Ed just got a new shipment of Muppet Trading Cards. Because of his blind batty eyes, he needs help making sure the pack he pulled has a complete set. Organize the following cards according to their Weekly Muppet Wednesday order, found at The Muppet Mindset.
    Big Bird.
    Camilla the Chicken.
    Cantus the Minstrel.
    The Count von Count.
    Floyd Pepper.
    Fozzie Bear.
    Johnny Fiama.
    Lew Zealand.
    Madame Marjory Trash Heap.
    Oscar The Grouch.
    Prairie Dawn.
    Robin the Frog.
    Sam the Eagle.
    Santa Claus Muppet.
    Telly Monster.
    Uncle Deadly.
    Wembley Fraggle.
    *Note: Send your replies to me via PM to prevent others copying off of your work.

    Saint Lovelady's Hospital.
    Payout: $100.
    Team Points: 2.
    Now that Kelly's a head nurse and gainfully employed, head on over to get a full routine check-up. After you're finished she'll hand you a lollipop.

    Penny Candyman's Sweet Shop.
    Payout: $125.
    Team Points: 3.
    Take a moment to sample the sweets sold here... Or buy something for Ailie's crew as they constantly try to raid the candy mecca's provisions.
    Cherry SweetTarts for Ailie.
    Cockroach Clusters for Chamberlain.
    Skittles for Dr. Teeth.
    Reeses Cups for Joëlle.
    Chocolate Hearts for Spammy.
    Bubble Gumballs for Zoot.

    KMUP TV Station.
    Payout: $150.
    Team Points: 4.
    Digit and Vicki have taken on Caitlyn as an interm at the studio... Trouble is the master tapes have gotten scrambled up. So you'll need to match the following MuppeTelevision portions with their respective second halves, and then put them in episodic order.
    Aquatic Life.
    Dog City.
    Health & Fitness.
    Living With Dinosaurs.
    Monster Maker.
    Monster Telethon.
    The Ratings Game.
    Science Fiction.
    The Secrets of the Muppets.

    Second Halves:
    Lighthouse Island.
    Miss Piggy's Hollywood.
    The Song of the Cloud Forest.
    The StoryTeller: The Heartless Giant.
    The StoryTeller: Sapsorrow.
    The StoryTeller: The Soldier and Death.
    The StoryTeller: The Three Ravens.
    The StoryTeller: The True Bride.
    *Note: Send your replies to me via PM to prevent others copying off of your work.

    PS1: 100% completion must be achieved by either team for all four of these tasks in order to earn the first trophy prize for this stage.

    Beth's Clock Shop.
    Payout: $175.
    Team Points: 5.
    Hickory dickory dock, time to run up the clock! Beth's shop boasts the town's signature clock tower, and no, it hasn't been struck by lightning. Beth's roomie has been gnawing at its gears though. To fix it, you have to ride the platform upstairs and place the following puzzle pieces where they belong using the following clues.
    Cloud of White, single blight.
    Heart of Pink, twice you think.
    Orballoon of Red, thrice it's stead.
    Star of Orange, quadwork orange.
    Moon of Yellow, fifth its fellows.
    Clovers of Green, halfway between.
    Diamond of Blue, septimus through.
    Raincloud of Indigo, thundering octav'se echo.
    Horseshoe of Violet, that's three square lest you forget.
    Pot of Black, tenpence belonging to Jack.
    Coin of Gold, a good 11 you hold.
    Silver Looking Glass, that piece is the last.
    With 1 to 12 around its face, now find batty 13 it's proper place.
    *Once finished, the platform drops you back down to the main floor where you collect your earnings from Beth.

    Fran's Fragrant Flowers.
    Payout: $200.
    Team Points: 6.
    Kathy purrfers the Kitty Corner built into the side of the flower shop, but the rest of her roomies want some flowers. Buy the following for them.
    Prairie: Chrysanthemums.
    Rosita: Girasoles (sunflowers).
    Grover: Purple posies.
    After they've received a flower from each member of either team, Kathy's roomies take their bouquets to their respective mommies and thank you by doling out the task's rewards.

    Everybody Eats.
    Payout: $225.
    Team Points: 7.
    T is one of the more recent residents in town, so she meandered over to the chief restaurant, where she got work as one of the waiters. As the curious clientel comes in, guide her in prepping the correct dish for each hungry customer.
    Honey Porridge.
    Magnetic Carrots.
    Milk Jar.
    PB Sandwich.
    Radish Stew.
    Vegetable Medley.

    Chip Cat.
    Chicago the Lion.
    Camilla the Chicken.
    Mokey Fraggle.
    Mr. Johnson.
    Pip and Pop.
    Steel Rabbit.
    *Note: Send your replies to me via PM to prevent others copying off of your work.

    Mr. Bassman's Basics.
    Payout: $250.
    Team Points: 8.
    Tony wandered into the musical haven, looking for something to play. Unfortunately, he can't make up his mind. What's worse is the Electric Mayhem and Solid Foam all came in at the same time looking for new instruments. Help Tony match up the bandmates with the instrument they normally play.
    Bass Guitar.
    Drums and Cymbals.
    Electric Guitar.
    Lead Guitar.

    Dr. Teeth.
    Floyd Pepper.
    *Note: Send your replies to me via PM to prevent others copying off of your work.
    PS2: 100% completion must be achieved by either team for all four of these tasks in order to earn the second trophy prize for this stage.

    Hensonville Observer.
    Payout: $275.
    Team Points: 9.
    All the news that's fit to print, and a couple of magazines that print what's not fit. Erin runs the offices for the town's news gathering services. So to help her out, you'll need to become a gofer... Go-fer coffees that is. Head on over to Jim's Coffee House and order five cups of mocca. You'll have to deliver the individual cups though.
    Scooter's at the Muppet Theater.
    Nora can be found at the Coming Unbound Bookstore.
    Meet Storyteller Fraggle down at the UH's Lecture Hall.
    Ask for Beige Fraggle at the HV Police Station.
    Finally, return to the Hensonville Observer to give Erin her cup.

    Three Candles Library.
    Payout: $300.
    Team Points: 10.
    Kim proudly claims the library's front desk as the eldest of the bookworm sisters. But due to the constant checking-out of books, you need to help alphabetize and collate the following stories by title and author.
    Kermie's Girl.
    A Heart of Gold.
    The Scoop of the Century.
    Robin's Story.
    The Great Desire.
    One More Letter.
    And If That Diamond Ring Turns Brass.
    Coming of the Roads.
    Long Way To The Top.
    Don't Trip the Driver.
    Swamp Call.
    An All Hallow's Love.
    Wearing O' The Green.
    Magic Garden.
    Street Smarts.
    For Richard or Poorer.
    Magical Moments.
    A Little Knight Music.
    Life is My Highway.
    The Best Neighbor.
    Old Friends Who've Just Met.
    Happily EVER after?
    Muppets of the Caribbean.
    A hidden Juhl...
    Silent Hensonville.
    *Note: Send your replies to me via PM to prevent others copying off of your work.

    Mad Tea Party.
    Payout: $325.
    Team Points: 11.
    Calou calay, it's time for the Frabjous day! We'd like to wish everyone a very merry unbirthday. But since it isn't, we won't. *Mad little laugh. So pull up a chair and a cup, time to move down one space as there's no room for any more. Bring your best jam and pass the scones please as you're cordially invited to attend this little get-together. And if you behave we might partake in a jolly good futterwacken. You see, we're all mad here.

    Rainbow's End.
    Payout: $350.
    Team Points: 12.
    Oh dear... It looks like the town's Saint Patrick's celebration is missing just one thing... We need to find the colors to create a rainbow. Just spell out what the name ROY G BIV means and you'll have gotten the luck of the Irish eyes smiling down upon you for the rest of the day.
    *Note: Send your replies to me via PM to prevent others copying off of your work.
    PS3: 100% completion must be achieved by either team for all four of these tasks in order to earn the last trophy prize for this stage.
    PS4: The person in charge of each establishment is exempted from participating in their own individual task.
    Example: Ed doesn't have to organize the Muppet Trading Cards, Caitlyn doesn't need to match/organize the JHH episodes, etc.

    HV Management.

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