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Hensonville Ideas

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, so this goes out to everyone who's had a hand in playing at the dorms or involved in one way or another in our town of Hensonville, be it via gameplay or their unified fanfic stories. Because participation's been a touch withdrawn, I thought how can we make it more involved again? Well, there are at least two possibilities.

    Let me say that neither of these WILL NOT replace the main dorms/town thread at the MC forums, but rather help supplement it.
    1 An MC Hensonville game could be created for play on Facebook. You could log on as a player, get X amount of money for signing, then get Y incremental amount for doing jobs at various places in town. The money you earn would go towards buying items or renting rooms in the new MC Dorm apartment-styled townhouses. We could have a "Battle" feature that could be either facing off a squadron of goblins in underground passages, or running all the way past 5 or so non-descript Muppet monsters in the town's park. The more money you get, the more items or chores or properties you'd be able to unlock and interact with. My hope would be, that if this gets done, and I have 0 knowledge in setting it up, is that it could eventually generate itself and keep fresh by adding special competitions or events for particular holidays/happenings throughout the year. This could help to then foster post activity in the main thread on the forums.

    2 Another route that could be taken is to have our own MC Hensonville site, something on the level of MC Jr., MopFam, or even Sex & Violence places. We could have individual threads for the individual establishments, substories, special events, and any fics that might evolve out of that. Course, it could happen that one forum's dorm/town activity overtake the other's so yeah, I'm still tinkering with the possibility.

    Nothing's set in stone yet and I'm willing to listen to see how we can make it fun for all and get greater participation once again, though I can't rully force anyone who decides to join us to play... That's a choice everyone has to make for themselves.

    Well, I've said my piece... Now sit back and enjoy as I turn it to RedPiggy for the next part of the presentation, detailing the town's newer 2010 layout.
    *Takes seat as Kelly begins.
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    LOL, hang on, hang on, I'm typing it up now ... uh, what was Casa Brandon for?
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Casa Brandon? That's Nora's family's home.
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    And while she types, I shall play my harmonica.
  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    So, is this where I'm putting the map and brochures and description of Hensonville, or is this where I'm typing up my thoughts on the Hensonville Facebook game?
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes. *Small laugh. *Waits for Kells to start the town tour.
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Sheesh, all of it? Well, all y'all twiddle your thumbs for a bit. I'm progressing with the retyping of the descriptions. I'll put those and the map link up first, and then the thoughts for a Facebook game. My brochures will be done today and over the weekend, depending on how much time I can squeeze away from the dogs.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Is okay Kelly, we've got time. *Leaves mug of hot choc for her while she works.
    *Squirts Bo with the ol' sprinklerhead in the ceiling above. Thanks Pin.
  9. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Click HERE for the map.

    There are four main highways in Hensonville, all drawn in red on the map and all extending beyond the town’s borders. The western vertical highway, a quarter east of the map edge, is Muppeteer Motorway, with Exit 123 leading to Sesame Street at the very top of the map. The eastern vertical highway, a quarter west of the map edge, is Henson Highway. The northern horizontal highway, a quarter down from the map edge, is Puppeteer Parkway. The southern horizontal highway, a quarter up from the map edge, is ABC Artery.

    Addresses increase from west to east and from north to south. Everything above Puppeteer Parkway is 1-99. Between Puppeteer Parkway and ABC Artery is 100-299, with the exception of 98 and the Dorms Subdivision. Everything below ABC Artery is 300-399.

    The map should be 8 inches by 8 inches when printed out. That means every square quarter inch is an acre, defined here as 209 feet by 209 feet. Hensonville is now roughly a square mile or 32 square acres. Each house has a footprint of 104 feet by 69 feet, offering some decent yard space on half-acre lots. Houses can have multiple floors if you want, adding more room if needed. Otherwise, the general floor plan for a one-story house is a garage leading to a utility room, a master bedroom with master bathroom, a small living room, four more rooms for roomies or office space or whatever, another bathroom, and a kitchen/dining area.

    Shopping District
    The Shopping District is in the upper left corner, framed by Muppeteer Motorway on the right and Puppeteer Parkway on the bottom. On the far left of the map is a vertical street, Heather Heights, which starts at the top of the map and ends on Marty Robinson Street just north of Puppeteer Parkway. The northern horizontal street is Chris Serf Street, which extends from the western edge of the map halfway through the north-central Museum District. The southern horizontal street is Marty Robinson Street which extends from the western edge of the map to just shy of the eastern edge of the map. Both horizontal streets have exits onto Muppeteer Motorway. There is park land at the northern edge, at the corner of Heather Heights and Marty Robinson Street. There is a park with a lake in its center from Chris Serf Street and Marty Robinson Street between Cold Comforts and Prell Lane.

    X-Cade Marks the Spot (3 Heather Heights) A fun spot with arcade and carnival games inside the carnival-themed building.
    House of EM Comic Shop (5 Heather Heights) A jazz-themed comic shop.
    Mae Wong's Chinese Take-Out (7 Heather Heights) An elegant fast-food restaurant with Eastern decorations.
    Bat Bolt & Skull Toy Shop (9 Heather Heights) A spooky store with ivy-covered stone walls and half-rotten sales kiosks.

    Kermit & Piggy's Honeymoon Retreat (2 Chris Serf Street) A romantic set of six bedrooms with an indoor cozy park setting in the center.
    Tuxedo Times Junction (4 Chris Serf Street) A classy clothes store featuring male formalwear.
    Bridal Beauty Gowns (6 Chris Serf Street) A ritzy boutique focusing on female formalwear.

    Rock & Roll Deli (22 Marty Robinson Street) A 50s retro diner-like environment, complete with jukebox.
    Lord Grade Avenue Theater (24 Marty Robinson Street) A well-furnished small theater.
    Cold Comforts (26 Marty Robinson Street) A bright and cheery ice cream shop.

    Museum District

    The Museum District is north of Puppeteer Parkway, in between Muppeteer Motorway and Henson Highway. On the west side, just east of Muppeteer Motorway, is Prell Lane, which extends from the northern edge of the map to Marty Robinson Street. At the end of Chris Serf Street starts Hunt Boulevard, which is a vertical street that extends from Chris Serf Street to Maury Street in South Hensonville. Off of Hunt Boulevard to the east, halfway between Chris Serf Street and Marty Robinson Street is Mullen Terrace, which extends from Hunt Blvd to just shy of Henson Highway. There is park land from the northern edge of the map to Marty Robinson Street, from the Museum of Impossible Technologies and the Enchanted Exhibition Hall to Hunt Blvd. There is park land on the left, back, and right sides of the Muppet Museum of Art.

    Museum of Impossible Technologies (8 Chris Serf Street) A modern museum specializing in futuristic and sci-fi devices.

    Muff 'YN' Fluff Bakery (11 Prell Lane) A small bakery reminiscent of the warm colors of Momma’s kitchen.
    Enigma Lane Theater Supply (13 Prell Lane) A fanciful shop selling masks and costumes and props.
    Casa Brandon (15 Prell Lane) Nora’s family’s house.

    The Enchanted Exhibition Hall (28 Marty Robinson Street) A mystical museum of fairy, goblin, and other magical lore.

    Muppet Museum of Art (42 Mullen Terrace) A fun and colorful art exhibit.

    Mallory Gallery (50 Marty Robinson Street) An upscale museum focusing on expensive objects.
    Fairytale Pharmacy (52 Marty Robinson Street) A place to get organic, natural, mystical, homeopathic medicines and charms.
    Froggon Heart Firefighters Tower (54 Marty Robinson Street) When there’s a fire, they hop to it! Includes a tower for firefighting practice on the side.

    Housing District
    The Housing District, used for folks who don’t feel the whole college mood, is in the upper right corner of the map, bordered by Henson Highway on the left and Puppeteer Parkway on the bottom. There is room for two subdivisions, but as of this post there is only the eastern subdivision of Hispaniola, taken from Muppets Treasure Island and is located just north of the Lake Hensonville and the Docks District. The Hispaniola subdivision is north of Marty Robinson Street. The western vertical road is Goelz Pathway and stops roughly halfway to the northern border. The easter vertical road is Clash Corner and stops at the same level as Goelz Pathway. Connecting the two roads horizontally at their northern stopping points is Moss Street.

    Goelz Pathway (houses on eastern side): 80, 81, 82, and 83
    Moss Street (houses on northern side): 70, 71, 72, and 73
    Clash Corner (houses on western side): 90, 91, 92, and 93

    West Hensonville District
    This district encompasses the western part of Hensonville, in between Puppeteer Parkway and ABC Artery. About an acre’s width from the western edge of the map is West Henson Street, which extends vertically from Marty Robinson Street to halfway down the district, ending at Ganz-Cooney Street. About an acre’s width west of Muppeteer Motorway is Oznowitz Drive, which extends vertically from Marty Robinson Street and stops shy of Ganz-Cooney Street, with a driveway into a parking lot for the northern half of the University of Hensonville campus. Halfway down West Henson and Oznowitz is a horizontal Sahlin Trail, which connects the two vertical streets only. Ganz-Cooney Street is just below the halfway point of the district, extending from the western border all the way to just shy of Lake Hensonville. There is a railroad track that comes in from the northwest corner of the district, across West Henson Street, and continues vertically down out of the district below ABC Artery. East of the tracks, south of Ganz-Cooney Street, on the district’s midline is Brill Drive, which extends from Ganz-Cooney Street to just shy of ABC Artery. East of that, next to Muppeteer Motorway, is Carroll Street, which is similar in length to Brill Drive and also starts at Ganz-Cooney, ending with a driveway to a large parking lot for the southern half of the University of Hensonville campus.

    Fran's Fragrant Flowers (101 W. Henson Street) A lovely floral shop with a serene environment.
    Beth's Clock Shop (103 W. Henson Street) A shop specializing in traditional and modern time pieces.
    Jim's Coffee House (105 W. Henson Street) A friendly wi-fi enabled place to hang out and drink some java.

    Prop-Up Workshop (98 Sahlin Trail) A large workshop that specializes in building props and set-pieces for the University and the various theaters throughout Hensonville.

    Upper Crust Bakery (111 Oznowitz Drive, east side) An upscale bakery for all the overpriced confections.
    Coming Unbound Bookshop (113 Oznowitz Drive, east side) A large bookstore with lots of different types of books.
    Penny Candyman Sweets Shop (115 Oznowitz Drive, west side) A small candy store sure to tickle your sweet tooth.
    Muppet Theater (117 Oznowitz Drive, east side) Does it need introduction? The historic theater, site of The Muppet Show.

    Hensonville Hooper's Store (201 Brill Drive) A neighborhood grocery store with a snack bar.
    The Three Candles Library (203 Brill Drive) An intimate library where one can spend quiet hours reading.
    Mail-It-In Computer Surplus (205 Brill Drive) A computer store that sells supplies and offers packaging and copying services.

    Hensonville Observer (211 Carroll Street) A busy news office building for publishing newspapers and news websites.
    KMUP TV Studios (213 Carroll Street) A television studio with hundreds of broadcast channels available, hoping to continue developing holographic broadcasts.

    University of Hensonville District
    This is the centerpiece of Hensonville, with the University of Hensonville on the left and the Dorms Subdivision and various other shops and stuff on the right. The northern campus has driveways to parking lots on the north side, leading to Marty Robinson Street across from Puppeteer Parkway. The northern campus is similar to the letter U. Each building is labeled with letters instead of numbers. The interior of this part of the campus has a 2-acre thick cross of park-like land with an oval lake in the center fed by a vertical southern stream that ends at the end of the park.

    The "U"-shaped set consists of 5 buildings: A (Numbers) It is top left and contains classes for math, physics, algebra, geometry, trignometry, economics, and statistics; B (Words) It is top right and and contains classes for
    literature, grammar, foreign languages, history, and journalism; C (Science) It is middle left and consists of classes/labs for microbiology, biology, anatomy and physiology, genetic manipulation, human nursing, non-human medicine, astronomy, geology, climatology, and engineering; D (Magic) It is middle right and contains classes for herbology, crystals, interdimensional maintenance, charms, incantations, and elemental magic; E (Arts) It is central bottom and contains classes/auditoriums for music, sculpture, dance, and graphic design.

    The southern campus is south of Ganz-Cooney Street and has driveways to it. It is roughly like the capital letter H.

    The buildings are vaguely like the letter H and are stadiums for sports or climate-controlled exercise environments in inclement weather.
    F (Top left) consists of an ice rink and artifical skiing slope; G (Top right) consists of an indoor field for baseball/softball; H (Center middle) consists of a large pool; I (Bottom left) consists of an indoor football field; and J (Bottom right) consists of an indoor basketball field/skatepark.

    On the northeastern side of this district is a set of three streets that form a Dorms District, for inhabitants who wish to take classes at the University of Hensonville. Each of the following streets extend from Hunt Blvd to just shy of Henson Highway. The sizes of the houses and lots are the same as the Housing District. The northern street is Chapman Court. The middle street is Mazzarino End. The bottom street of this subdivision is John Henson Plaza.

    1-12 Chapman Court (north side)
    13-24 Mazzarino End (south side)
    25-36 John Henson Plaza (south side)

    Below John Henson Plaza is Vogul Veranda, which extends similarly from Hunt Blvd to just shy of Henson Highway.

    Dorm Poolhouse (100 Vogul Veranda) An acre-sized indoor poolhouse with shallow and deep ends, slides, diving boards, and Jacuzzis.
    Dorm Commons (102 Vogul Veranda) An entertainment building with game rooms, lounges, and dining areas for parties.
    Everybody Eats (104 Vogul Veranda) A family restaurant that serves anything you could possibly order.

    South of Ganz-Cooney Street on the eastern side, below all the Dorms stuff:
    Just north of ABC Artery is Whitmire Wharf, which extends east from Hunt Blvd to roughly halfway through East Hensonville.

    Hensonville Mall (220 Ganz-Cooney Street, south side) Contains Party Madness Store, Smiling Mask Theater, FR Jewelers, Pinball Count Arcade, Deep Freeze Parlor, Fur and Fleece and Everything Neece Adoption Center, Christy's Bar and Grill, Bunsen-Burner Apothecary, and Manzano School Supplies.

    Brief Cameo Townhouses (230 Whitmire Wharf) A temporary resting spot for Hensonville guests.
    Hensonville Apartments (232 Whitmire Wharf) A temporary resting spot for Hensonville guests.

    Nelson District

    Bottom left of the map, bordered by ABC Artery at top and Muppeteer Motorway on the right. Maury Street is roughly an acre or two south of ABC Artery, stretching horizontally from the western border to the eastern border. The vertical railroad track ends at the station.

    Nelson Square Station (300 Maury Street, south side) There is a large park-like area on the east side of the station.

    South Hensonville District
    This district is south of ABC Artery and in between Muppeteer Motorway and Henson Highway. On the western side, extending vertically south from Maury Street, is Cheryl Hill. On the eastern side, near Henson Highway, extending from Maury Street vertically south, is Lisa Henson Promenade. A park-like 2-acre-thick vertical strip is between Lisa Henson and Henson Hwy.

    Phillip Casson High School (311 Cheryl Hill) A high school with both college-bound and vocational training.
    Puppetry Workshop (313 Cheryl Hill) A large building with all sorts of materials to make every type of puppet available.

    Rainbow Memories Cemetary (312 Maury Street) Smaller since the restoration of Hensonville, with a funeral home surrounded with a backwards capital L like grassy graveyard. It is very peaceful and serene.

    Hensonville Police Department (321 Lisa Henson Promenade) The place for law-enforcement opportunities.
    Stitch in Time Tailors (323 Lisa Henson Promenade) Will fit your clothes no matter what your body shape or size.
    Juhl's Pizza Parlor (325 Lisa Henson Promenade) A rowdy rocking pizza parlor.
    Muppeteer Convention Hall (327 Lisa Henson Promenade) A large building that functions for massive get-togethers.

    East Hensonville District
    This district is east of Henson Highway, in between Puppeteer Parkway and ABC Artery. The very eastern border has a shore for Lake Hensonville, with several docks and various nameless warehouses and seedy buildings. The western side, vertically, is East Henson Street, extending from Marty Robinson Street which is above Puppeteer Parkway but ends before Ganz-Cooney Street. The eastern vertical street, just west of the Docks area, is Rudman Range, which is even shorter than East Henson Street. There is a large square park area south of Rudman Range.

    Jane Nebel Theater (121 E. Henson Street) An upper-class theater.
    Pigs in a Blanket Tanning Salon (123 E. Henson Street) Where to go if you want a bronze sheen.
    Friendly's Restaurant (125 E. Henson Street) A café-like environment, selling sandwiches and salads.
    Mr. Baseman's Basics Music Store (127 E. Henson Street) Where to find your groove thing.
    Wardrobe Disasters Clothiers (129 E. Henson Street) For all your casual, sports, and outdoor wear needs.
    House of the Rising Dim Sun Restaurant (131 E. Henson Street) A striking restaurant for your enjoyment.

    All Around the World Amusement Park (234 Whitmire Wharf, next to the Docks)
    Unfortunately, the parking lot is north of the amusement park and connects to Ganz-Cooney, but it's numbered as if it's Whitmire Wharf. Oh well. The park has rollercoasters, haunted houses, a variety of eating facilities, inflated bouncing houses, a musical stage, and a sculpture of Doozer Dome populated with statues of Doozers in the center.

    You will notice the bottom right corner is empty. I’ve kept it this way to allow for growing potential.
  10. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    MC Hensonville -- Facebook Edition

    I can't help but wonder if that School of Wizardry has permission for its Harry Potter game, but I think I have a theory of how they get away with it. For starters, it's not called Harry Potter or Hogwarts. The characters are cartoon avatars. I can't remember if the characters have names, but Dumbledore is named the Headmaster, so I bet the main characters are similarly "please don't sue me" named. So, with that in mind ...

    My Facebook game idea crosses Castle Age with School of Wizardry.

    Like School of Wizardry, you would choose a character, which would be a drawn whatnot. You would have a couple of male and female choices, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. I don't mean to favor anyone, but Vic's artwork I think would go well for character designs. You would have energy, stamina, health, attack, and defense stats.

    Like yoville and other graphic-based games, you'd have two kinds of cash: cash and coins. Cash would be earned in Objectives, while coins would be earned in Competition with other users and in Income from locations owned. Cash would bank separately from coins to keep people from going broke from Competition.

    Each Objective tab would be based on a district of Hensonville 2010. There would be three levels of mastery, though each Objective would be playable limitlessly. Each objective would earn either Cash or Items. The last objective on each tab would be a Boss fight, joinable by other users in your friends list for that game, like in Castle Age. Boss fights would be rewarded with rare items and Roommate slots.

    For roommates, there would be a maximum of five and would be like the generals in Castle Age. Roommate slots would be earned via Boss Fights. You could "hire" or "fire" them at will, depending on the need for various objectives or stat requirements. Roommates would be grouped according to type. That way, you don't have to be stuck with certain members and can have some flexibility. Objectives could require a certain number or type of roommate.

    Humor: Improves defense.
    Fighter: Improves attack.
    Musician: Improves health (for in Fraggle Rock, music literally keeps you alive)
    Brains: Improves energy (for Objectives)

    Now, since we want to avoid naughty little lawsuits, the characters will be obvious but will be named something else. Example (name, category):

    Kermit = MC Frog, Humor/Musician
    Fozzie = Funny Bear, Humor
    Piggy = Diva Pig, Fighter/Musician
    Teeth = Jazzman, Musician
    Gonzo = Weirdo, Humor/Brains
    Bunsen = Scientist, Brains
    Pepe = Prawn, Humor
    Animal = Mad Drummer, Fighter/Musician
    Digit = Cyborg, Brains/Musician
    Vicki = Personal Assistant, Humor/Brains
    Flash = Mullet Idol, Musician
    Count = Number Vamp, Humor/Musician
    Super Grover = Monster Hero, Humor/Fighter
    Ernie = Cool Guy, Humor/Musician
    Hoots = Da Owl, Musician
    Big Bird = Canary, Brains
    Prairie Dawn = Valedictorian, Musician/Brains
    Boober Fraggle = Worrywart, Brains/Musician
    Red Fraggle = Star Athlete, Humor/Fighter
    Mokey Fraggle = Artist, Brains
    Mystic = Humming Guru, Brains/Musician
    Skeksis = Buzzard Beak, Fighter
    Sir Didymus = Fox Knight, Humor/Fighter
    Ludo = Yeti, Musician
    Hoggle = Jewel Junkie, Humor

    Instead of battling or dueling, as that's not very Muppet-friendly, the tab for Competition would be more like Muppet Sports in context.


    Jareth (Goblin King): Wants control of the University of Hensonville District and its magic lessons.

    Doc Hopper (Bad Businessman): Wants control over Shopping District.

    Nicky Holiday (Thieving Parasite): Wants to steal from the Museum District.

    Rachel Bitterman (Golddigger): Wants to control Eastern Hensonville.

    Sleaze Brothers (Dangerous Duo): Threatens to vandalize Southern Hensonville.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm... Interesting...
    For some reason I think property revenue should be banked with cash from objectives/tasks, leave the coins separate.

    A suggestion I'd put forth is would it make sense to use the emotions associated with the character smilies here instead?
    Kermit = Smile.
    Dr. Teeth = Big Grin.
    Count = Batty.
    Ernie = :p, Raspberry, or Duckie.
    Others who don't have smilies could be similarly added.
    Prairie Dawn = Knowledge.
    Rosita = Fiesta.
    Gaffer = Meow.
    Boober = Sigh.
    Mokey = Dreamy.

    Dunno about the bosses, I am listening to everything though, so please don't think I'm blankly shooting down your ideas Kelly.
    BTW: I just can't think of Rachael as a villain after the character growth you gave her. Antagonistic? Yes. Not a nice person to others? Sometimes. But "villain"? Nope, sorry. <3 Rach+Moul.
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, I only used those categories to give the character type a status function. That's all. :)

    It all depends on when in Rachel's life you're talking about. As long as it's before she ends up ... uh ... elsewhere ... she can still be a rather self-absorbed banker with dreams of financial control.
  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Shopping District Brochure

    Each brochure will have two image files, for front and back. One could print them out on separate paper or print them out front and back, though you'd probably need good plain cardstock for that, as it is rather graphic-heavy.

    Shopping District (back)
    The background is has like a cotton paper texture. It is a tri-fold brochure with the left panel as page 5, the middle panel as page 6, and the right panel as page 1. Page numbers are at the bottom in black.

    Page 1: The title page. At the bottom in blue-white lettering is HENSONVILLE SHOPPING DISTRICT in all caps. Above that, at the very top, is a picture of an ice cream shop, or Cold Comforts. A brunette woman in a beige dress and a blue-haired man in a black suit jacket and slacks eat some ice cream from the 50's-ish soda-jerk-looking vendor. Below that is a picture of various customers seated in red booths and being waited on.

    Page 5: At top is a picture of a blue room with a mannequin wearing a red sleeveless dress at left, a brunette woman wearing a white sleeveless bridal gown in the middle facing the back door, and some tables and a poster of various fashions on the wall at right. Title: BRIDAL BEAUTY GOWNS Description: 6 Chris Serf Street. Only the top of the line female formalwear for that extra-special occasion. Below that picture is a red-themed diner with an open stainless steel kitchen visible in the background. A line of customers wait on the hostess, including James of Team Rocket and Red Fraggle. Title: ROCK & ROLL DELI Description: 22 Marty Robinson Street. A 50's retro diner with jukebox and stylish booths and great food!

    Page 6: At top is a picture of a dark purple room with several rows of seats and one brunette woman staring at screens and speaker equipment. Title: LORDE GRADE AVENUE THEATER Description: 24 Marty Robinson Street. A theater pulling double duty for plays and movies. Below that is a picture of the same white room with black and white checkered floors and multicolored polka dots on the walls as on page 1. A brunette woman is ordering some ice cream from the vendor. Title: COLD COMFORTS Description: 26 Marty Robinson Street. A bright and cheery ice cream shop that will chill your taste buds with lots of custom flavors!

    Shopping District (front)
    The same background texture. The left panel is page 2, the middle panel is page 3, and the right panel is page 4.

    Page 2: The top picture is very busy, with yellow floors and black spots, a clown statue visible at lower left, a cashier counter at the bottom, one of those bopping games in the middle of the floor, and 2 sets of 3 arcades on the far wall, as well as one of those throw the dart at the balloon carnival game at right. Visible are Gobo at the carnival balloon game and Red at an arcade game. The walls are striped vertically with alternating red and gold colors. There are circus-themed wall hangings as well. Title: X-CADE MARKS THE SPOT Description: 3 Heather Heights. Worries for another day -- with our arcade and carnival games, you'll love to play! The bottom picture is a blue room with blue carpet with musical signs on it. There are multiple bookshelves and a mechanized gypsy display along the walls. There are four red chairs with armrests for reading. Gobo can be seen near the chairs with a book. There is a counter and a cashier for purchasing magazines. Title: HOUSE OF EM COMIC SHOP Description: 5 Heather Heights. Groove to our sweet jazz tunes as you blow your mind with comics!

    Page 3: The top picture has a light lavendar room with a sushi bar, made of black and with horns or something on the top. A brunette woman is ordering sushi from the vendor. The floor is reed mat. Title: MAE WONG'S CHINESE TAKE-OUT Description: 7 Heather Heights. Enjoy Eastern elegance as you dine with lots of rice, sushi, and other entrees. The bottom picture is a room seemingly made out of dirt and roots. A dragon-themed female vendor is selling stuff from a dragon-shaped cart. There is a stone fireplace. Boober Fraggle can be seen talking to the vendor. Title: BAT BOLT & SKULL TOY SHOP Description: 9 Heather Heights. We've got everything from icky to gross to awesomely macabre!

    Page 4: The top picture is of a room like a log cabin interior, with antlers on the wall, a wooden sleigh bed with blue bedspread, and a large potted plant. A brunette woman is facing the camera. Title: KERMIT & PIGGY'S HONEYMOON RETREAT Description: 2 Chris Serf Street. We have six romantic rooms, each with a unique style for the lovers and dreamers like you! The bottom picture is taken from the Somebody's Getting Married number in Muppets Take Manhattan, with a small penguin staring at mannequins and a mirrored wall in the back and shelves of tuxedo parts on the right. The walls are light blue. Title: TUXEDO TIMES JUNCTION Description: 4 Chris Serf Street. Deck your male out in our very finest to make that occasion extra special!
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applauds wildly! Love the line about Kermit and Piggy's Retreat. And I think it appropriate to have a penguin at Tuxedo Times Junction, dunno if you meant the reference I'm infering.

    Thanksh. *Leaves kidnapped Hugh Jackman for Kelly.
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Hensonville Museum District Brochure

    The brochure is again in two image files and is tri-fold. Both sides have a light purple top blending in to a darker purple on bottom.
    Museum District (back)
    The pages are, from left to right, 5, 6, and 1.
    Page 1: A large picture is at top showing an industrial and technology-heavy large room. Overlapping at the bottom left of the first picture is a small vertical picture of a firefighter in a yellow uniform extinguishing a fire in a home. Title (in green-blue): HENSONVILLE MUSEUM DISTRICT
    Page 5: The top picture shows a large room with red carpet and wallpaper suggesting the opening to TMS with arch and curtain designs. The windows are colorful bubbles increasing in size as they go up toward the ceiling. There are pop art paintings, a scarecrow, a strange statue called "Space Chicken", a multicolored mobile on a dark post, a sculpture reminiscent of balloon animals, a huge Jack-o'-lantern, and some white wooden yard chairs for resting facing a small windmill. Title: MUPPET MUSEUM OF ART Description: 42 Mullen Terrace. A great way to express yourself! Enjoy our sense of the quirky classic! The bottom picture is ornate with purple textured walls and brownish carpet and thin rectangular patterned rugs in front of each door, which consists of a stone arch. There is a huge ceramic wall hanging of a woman rising up, various portraits of stuffy-looking Victorian types, a grandfather clock, a smaller ceramic wall hanging similar to classic Greek or Roman reliefs of groups of people. In the center of the room is a rug like Aladdin's Magic Carpet with a water fountain on top of it, which appears to be a marble woman pouring water into a small basin. It is surrounded by statues and vases. Title: MALLORY GALLERY Description: 50 Marty Robinson Street. Only the most fabulous works find themselves here! Now with increased security measures for your safety!
    Page 6: The top picture is of an average-sized room with dark wood panel walls and what looks like hay or straw for a floor. An old man is standing next to a cash register shaped like an old purple gypsy tent. There is a table behind him with various seeds and plants for sale. In the center of the room are food and herb displays. Title: FAIRYTALE PHARMACY Description: 52 Marty Robinson Street. Your health is our business! Disclaimer: Transformations and comic environmental manipulations may occur. Please consult your witch doctor. He'll tell you what to do. The bottom picture is the same firefighter picture as on page 1. He is battling a fire in front of a brick fireplace in a small home with blue walls and old family portraits above the mantle. An empty bird cage is beside the fireplace. The floor is hardwood. Title: FROGGON HEART FIREFIGHTERS TOWER Description: 54 Marty Robinson Street. A dedicated team that will warm your heart! Too bad they don't know how to start a fire....

    Museum District (Front)
    From left to right, the pages are 2, 3, and 4.
    Page 2: The top picture has steel walls and wavy blue flooring in a large room. There is a small neon blue circular clock on the wall, small chairs, and counter space to give the impression of a futuristic version of Honeydew's lab. Beside the counters is a small table with a head in a jar. The lights are pink and yellow fluorescents (don't ask me, that's all they had in the game). There is a chess set on a table in the foreground. A tv studio camera can be seen at the bottom. A modern red abstract sculpture is at right. A woman is typing on a computer at right. There is a large painting of an alien world, with white egg-shaped chairs on either side. Title: MUSEUM OF IMPOSSIBLE TECHNOLOGIES Description: 8 Chris Serf Street. Where the future is being made today! The bottom picture is a warm kitchen-like environment with dark wood, beige marble, and brown tile. The backsplash of the stove has many tiles with apple designs on them and a rack of copper pots hanging at the top. The fridge is wooden on the outside like a cabinet. Various people are standing around talking. Title: MUFF 'YN' FLUFF BAKERY Description: 11 Prell Lane. Just the place to chew the fat with down-home cooking.
    Page 3: There is only one picture, which is at the top. It is a dark room with hardwood floors. Mokey Fraggle can be seen walking past displays of masks and other props. Title: ENIGMA LAIN THEATER SUPPLY Description: 13 Prell Lane. Don't take anything for granted here or you may wind up wishing life was just a dream....
    Page 4: There is no picture at top. Title: CASA BRANDON Description: 15 Prell Lane. A lovely house with fantastic blue shutters, warm and inviting bricks, a basement used for experiments that could put Dr. Honeydew to shame! Stop on by! Nora and her family would love the company! The bottom part of the page has two narrow vertical pictures. The first picture is of a room with red and gold carpet and red and black-striped wallpaper. A man is walking by a four-sided display of male portraits. The second picture is a small room with old wooden floors and dark blue walls with black bat designs. There is a stone stage with an oval pool. On the right of the stage is a large golden sarcophagus with a mummy inside. Title: ENCHANTED EXHIBITION HALL Description: 28 Marty Robinson Street. This museum is dedicated to showing you just how wide and how far and how real the universe is!
  16. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I had planned on doing the University of Hensonville brochure today, but I had to set up a lot in the Sims, since I didn't have any Muppet characters aside from the Fraggles. However, now I have Dr. Teeth, Janice, Animal, Digit, Flash, and Johnny Fiama. Now I can set up pictures for the brochures. :D
  17. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, the issue I had with School of Wizardry and its relationship to my FB idea just took hold, apparently. The lawsuit gods got a hold of it and nearly all Harry Potter references are now toast. I hate to be Oscar here, but I do believe that having a Hensonville game that is more than a forum game will get ripped to shreds and the stuffing scattered across the floor.
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I did notice they changed the Firebolt to Flamethrust... But other than that, how has it been so drastically affected? *Hasn't rully paid attention as I've found a game I can passionately play. Just one last job to finish Summer Break, Tear 5, Level 2 Mastery.
  19. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    The change is still going on, but the character images have been altered to stop looking like HP characters, the spells seem to be relabeled, the story has been changed to a non-Potter plot ... basically, this a supremely generic School of Wizardry now. Doesn't make a difference to me. I like the mechanics of it enough to stay. However, the discussion board is filled with flame and quitters.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Is deeply saddened. Okay, so I just finished reading through the changes to School of Wizardry. It's a good enough story on its own... But the main draw/excitement for me was that it was an HP game going by all the books and events and such. At the moment, I don't know if I'll keep playing. This puts a definite cramp into our Hensonville plans. The only thing I could do now is open up the new game thread to take over for the dorms, but I just don't have the heart for it. :cry:

    *Buries self with roomies in the underground bunker.

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