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Hensonville Roster

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Here's the lineup of people already approved to move into the new HV townhouse buildings located where Kelly stated in the town map/guide thread. If you need help getting to your rooms don't worry, the thread explaining the new dorm townhouses and the rest of the town will come soon-ish. If you don't see your names on the list, then you need to send me your applications—veteran residents know the information required before they're added to the register posted here.

    Jim Townhouse
    Room #1: Ed (MC, The Count) and The Count von Count and Uncle Deadly: Senior Members.
    Batty Bat and Fatatatita, The Count von Count's cat, also live with them in their room.

    Room #2: Alyson "Aly" (Gelfling Girl) and Sam the Eagle, Philo, Gunge, Delilah, and Maggie McWoof: Senior Members.
    Delilah, Floyd Pepper's niece, fanfic character from Aly's stories.
    Maggie, fanfic character from Aly's stories.

    Room #3: Ailie (White Rabbit) and Dr. Teeth, Joëlle, Sammy Jay, Zoot, and Blind Pew: Senior Members.
    Joëlle, fanfic character from Coming of the Roads.
    Sammy Jay, Dr. Teeth and Joëlle's baby son, fan-created character.

    Room #4: Caitlyn (AnimatedC9000) and Janice, Lips, Digit, Bruce Stringbean, and Clover: Senior Members.
    Clover, Zoot's daughter, fanfic character from Hit The Lights!
    Mulan, Cait's new kitten, also lives with them in their room.

    Room #5: Beth (redBoobergurl) and Cookie Monster and Red Fraggle: Senior Members.

    Room #6: Kathy (Katzi428) and Grover Monster, Prairie Dawn, Robin the Frog, Rosita, and The Swedish Chef: Senior Members.
    Gaffer also lives with them in their room.

    Room #7: Tabitha (MuppetsFan4Life) and Ojo and Tutter.

    Room #8: Tony (Winslow Leach) and Floyd Pepper, Lefty the Salesman, and Wayne and Wanda: Senior Members.
    Mr. Turtle also lives with them in their room.

    Room #9: Erin (Muppet Newsgirl) and Scooter, Beige Fraggle, The Storyteller Fraggle and Nora: Senior Members.
    Nora, a fanfic character from A Little Knight Music.

    Room #10: Kim (Skeeter Muppet) and Boober, Gillis, Tosh, and Mimzy Fraggles, and The Beast: Senior Members.

    Room #11: Liza (Lil0Vampy) and Gonzo the Great, Camilla the Chicken, Johnny Fiama, and Sal Minella.

    Room #12: Bell (Bastran) and Fozzie Bear, Animal, Rowlf The Dog, and Shon.

    Frank Townhouse
    Room #14: Kyle (Erine81981) and Oscar The Grouch, Homer the Honker, and Marlon Fraggle Senior Members.

    Room #15: Logan (Bannanasketch) and Crazy Harry, Ernie, and Bert.

    Room #16: James (Beakerfan76) and Cantus the Minstrel, Mokey and Wembley Fraggles, and Simon the Sound Man.

    Room #17: Angie (LinkiePie<3) and Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Annie Sue, and Raquel Porkbelly
    Raquel Porkbelly, fan-created character.

    Special Guests.
    These people have keys for staying in the townhouse guest room whenever/if they decide to return for a brief visit.
    Bo (Beauregard).
    Catherine (Ruahnna).
    Christy (Christyb).
    Claudia (BeakerSqueedom).
    Kelly (RedPiggy).

    Birthdays List.
    Fatatatita: Friday the 13th.
    Gunge: January 10.
    Mokey: January 10.
    Philo: January 10.
    Red: January 10.
    Ernie: January 28.
    Wanda: January 29.
    Wayne: January 29.
    Gillis Fraggle: January 30.
    Gaffer: February 14.
    Lefty: February 26.
    Storyteller Fraggle: February 28.
    Floyd: March 11.
    The Swedish Chef: March 19.
    The Beast: March 25.
    Joëlle: March 26.
    Janice: March 28.
    Marlon: March 28.
    Rowlf: March 31.
    Clover: April 4.
    Digit: April 14.
    Beige Fraggle: April 15.
    Angie: April 15.
    Zoot: April 20.
    Kathy: April 28.
    Kim: May 1.
    Boober Fraggle May 2.
    Cantus: May 9.
    Fozzie: May 12.
    Liza: May 21.
    Caitlyn: May 24.
    Sam: May 25.
    Oscar: June 1.
    Tosh Fraggle: June 4.
    Raquel: June 11.
    Johnny Fiama: June 19.
    Tutter: June 28.
    Camilla: July 10.
    Crazy Harry: July 10.
    Julius Strangepork: July 10.
    Simon the Sound Man: July 10.
    Gonzo: July 16.
    Bert: July 26.
    Prairie Dawn: August 3.
    Blind Pew: August 14.
    Scooter: August 16.
    Statler: August 16.
    Bruce Stringbean: August 19.
    Robin: August 19.
    Kyle: August 19.
    Tabitha: August 20.
    Animal: August 23.
    Maggie: August 27.
    Logan: August 27.
    Mimzy Fraggle: September 13.
    Delilah: September 15.
    Link: September 24.
    Lips: September 24.
    Wembley September 24.
    Ailie: October 2.
    The Count von Count: October 9.
    Shon: October 13.
    Grover: October 14.
    Ojo: October 20.
    Annie Sue: October 26.
    Mr. Turtle: October 30.
    Uncle Deadly: October 31.
    Batty Bat: November 2.
    Cookie Monster: November 2.
    Erin: November 5.
    Nora: November 22.
    Homer Honker: November 24.
    Beth: November 25.
    Sal Minella: November 30.
    Tony: December 7.
    Dr. Teeth: December 11.
    Bell: December 16.
    Ed: December 20.
    James: December 23.
    Alyson: December 26.

    Hensonville 2010.

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