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hey i have a brand new ebay puppet up

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by furryfriends, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. furryfriends

    furryfriends Active Member

  2. rtgentry

    rtgentry Well-Known Member

    Thats a cool design. His hands look a little freaky with only three fingers though.
  3. tinweirdo

    tinweirdo Active Member

    I totally agree with rtgentry three fingers?! :confused:
  4. Muppetsdownunder

    Muppetsdownunder Well-Known Member

    Thats a fantastic puppet but the 3 fingers do look a little odd, its easily fixed though.
  5. Iokitek

    Iokitek Well-Known Member

    I think the hand is the correct size. But for 5 fingers then. Two fingers atleast should be thinner. Other than that it looks like a cool puppet :)
  6. furryfriends

    furryfriends Active Member

    if the puppet dosent sell for the reserve price i will change the fingers and put him back on ebay any other things you think i should fix on my next puppet

  7. Blink

    Blink Well-Known Member

    Hey furryfriends,

    There really is no right or wrong way to do things. My first puppet also had three fingers on each hand, simply because I didn't know how many fingers looked appropriate (to my athestic). I always take peoples opinions and they help, but do what you think looks "nice" to you as well.

    Here are my ideas. I love the use of realistic eyes in some puppets (example here), but I think those types of eyes look better with realistic features. For example a puppet with a nose the same skin tone might work well.

    I love the use of the blue cartoon nose that you have used. Another idea is to see how using big cartoon eyes with that type of nose might work well.

    Just keep trying different things and see what looks good to you. Just think, you are creating your own unique style.

    Oh, and remember that these are just my opinions. They are not rules or law and are only mentioned for you to think about.

    Keep up the puppet building!

    - Kanja
  8. Iokitek

    Iokitek Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with you Blink :) Nice first puppet btw. Reminds me of a Yethi. Only then a Yethi who's on vacation in Hawai or something. I can already see him with a hawaian shirt and one of those hats ;) And perhaps even an Hawaian slide guitar :p

    I still have my first puppet here. It doesn't look very good. But I think I should add arms sometime and complete it atleast.
  9. Blink

    Blink Well-Known Member

    Hey Iokitek,

    Thanks for the compliment about the puppet, and you are totally correct he is a Yetti (my company mascot) Eddie the Yetti. You are amazing because my first project was to have him in a Hawaiian shirt (no hat and no guitar). I'm sure evryone would love to see your completed puppet.

    Back to the topic.

    Hello Furryfriends,

    I was doing some more thinking. Other things that could be considered in terms of the look of the puppet might be the use of accessories. For example, glasses can have a major impact on the look of the puppet, but not just any glasses. The size and thinkness of the glasses are really important. If you are going to choose glasses it might be advisable to make sure they are easily seen. For example, instead of thin light coloured frame glasses (which can be hard to see), using thicker dark framed glasses are more clearly seen, like here.

    One last thing that can be thought about are the details like finger/toe nails. I have seen them added to many cartoon puppets, as well I have used them on one of my latex puppets (I don't have a picture of the fingers, but here are the toenails up close. You can see the fingernails a little bit here . If you are going to add another finger, it might be cool to see how five fingers look and how fingernails look on the hand as well. It might seem like an unnoiticable detail, but they can all work together with some cool results.

    I hope I have given you some more ideas of things to be thought about and that can be played with during your puppet building.

    All the best.
  10. Iokitek

    Iokitek Well-Known Member

    Oh well :p what can I say?... I'm just gifted I guess.

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