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Hi, Karen!!

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by SillyRed, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. SillyRed

    SillyRed Well-Known Member

    I loved Red Fraggle and I still do!! I bet you could tell some Fraggle Fans about your Fraggle years and working for Pixar. Believe me, I saw your name in "A Bug's Life" and "Toy Story 2".
    I love u!!
  2. Manda:-D

    Manda:-D Well-Known Member

    Yes, HHHHHIIIIIIIII Karen!!!!!! I, too, am a HUGE fan of you, and Red, of course!!!! (I'm glad to hear she's so many people's favorite Fraggle...) Will you share some Fraggle Rock stories with us???? PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE?????????
  3. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Well-Known Member

    For those who haven't read it already, here's an interview she did ...
  4. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Hiya Folks,

    I met her out at MFest and just to let you know:

    Karen and her hubby Mike are 2 very cool people, very VERY nice. Mike sat and talked to me and answered my hundreds of questions for several minutes, and she visited with us all practically individually, took photos, and signed autographs.

    Truly assets to JHC both performance and public wise!!

  5. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    Karen Prell! Karen Prell. 15 seconds to curtain, Miss Prell!

    Hehe! I like Red Fraggle.

    Man, wish I had been at Muppetfest. Just imagine! I could have met Karen Prell and gotten my picture taken with Bear and Sweetums! Wow! That'd be a day!

    One of the many things only shared here...

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