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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LipsGF4Life, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Prologe: Leah is missing her hometown in Ohio. When the Electric Mayhem notices her sadness, they help her by taking her to their tour around North America. But when they arrive at Ohio, everything gets all sad and tragic. Plz read to find out.

    Chapter 1

    Leah was laying on the couch, looking at the stars. shes been with the Muppets for almost 3 to 4 months now. She loves the band, especially Zoot. She made him really happy. But, ever since the car crash involving her parent's death and her break-up with Dr.Teeth when they were teens, shes been down a little. Leah gets up, and walks to the kitchen. She was looking at her feet and didn't see where she was going. She ran into Zoot, Leah fell backwards to the floor and Zoot clutched on top of her. "Oops, sorry baby, you ok?" Zoot asked. Leah nodds and Zoot grabs Leah's hand and helped her up. Zoot notices her sad scilence. "Somethin' wrong Lee? You look a little down." he asks. "Nothin's wrong with me babe, I'm fine." she replied walking back to the livingroom. Zoot walked closer to her. As Zoot sat down, Leah placed her head on Zoot's lap. "C'mon baby," Zoot pleaded, "Fes up. Everythin' Ok?" Leah sat up and just shrugged. She was trying to hold back tears. Zoot moved closer and stroked her blue hair out of her face. "Is it about our relationship? You losing intrest in me?" he asked. Leah looked at him in surprise, "No baby, its not the relationship, and i'm not losing intrest in you. Its just......well.....I....um........." she paused. She was so scared to let out what was up. She couldn't hold back tears any longer. "Its just that, I-I'm just homesick from Ohio." she replied. There were tears coming out of her eyes now. Zoot pulled Leah for a hug. As Leah cries onto Zoot's shirt, allowing the tears to soak into his sweater, "Its Ok baby, there there." he cooed. They letted go and Leah buried her head while her tears soak into her ripped up, blue jeans. "C'mon, you and I can sleep in the hammock outside. You just need someone to comfort ya." he said. Zoot led her outside to the hammock right by the house. It was raining, they're lucky the hammock is right by the back door. Zoot got in first and then Leah got in. Zoot covers both of them up with a blanket close by. The rain was blowing through Leah and Zoot's faces, but they didn't care. Leah turned her head to see Zoot's face and smiled. He pulls her closer to his chest and he kissed her on the cheek. And Leah, was asleep. Zoot then fell asleep aswell.

    There will be more soon!!!!!
  2. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Chpater 2

    It stopped raining. Dr.Teeth, Floyd, Janice, Trumpet Girl and Lips just got back from walking the drummer. "Hey, like, wheres Zoot?" Janice asked. Lips just shrugged. "Man, I dunno." Floyd replied, "Maybe he's with his main squeeze." Everyone looked at him curiously confused. Except Lips, who just left to look out the window of the backyard padio. Floyd replied, "His main squeeze is Leah!" "Guys! Keep it down! I think I see them!" Lips yelled out in a whisper. Everyone walked up to where the trumpet man was and looked out the window. There, they saw Leah and Zoot on the hammock, sleeping. "I think we should leave them alone. Positivly." Dr.Teeth said. They all nodded. They all left the window.

    Leah was the first to wake up. She thought she was sweating, but it was just the raindrops. She shook Zoot, "Wake up sleepyhead." she said in a weak voice. Zoot opened his eyes and sees his girlfriend dripping from the rain. "Hey hun, you're awake." Zoot said. Leah shrugged, sighed and nodded. She felt like falling asleep again. Dr.Teeth came out with towels. "Hey, there you two sleepyheads are. We saw you from the window. Here, dry off, come inside, and put dry clothes on." he said. The two nodded. As they finish drying off, Zoot notices Leah. He looked at her. He felt terrible after hearing that shes homesick. He had to do something. Then he had an idea, he knew about the North America Tour. He can take Leah with them and she can see Ohio! It was brilliant! Zoot stops Leah before she stepped inside. "Hold on babe, I gotcha." he said. Zoot carried Leah in his arms inside. They changed their clothes and Zoot placed Leah on her bed. "Oh Zoot, Its ok. I'll be ok. I'll be fine." Leah said. Zoot placed a blanket on her and said, "No, you look exuasted from the hammock. Just snooze a li'le more." Zoot said, he bent over to Leah and kissed her on the lips and smiled. She smiled back and fell asleep again.

    Zoot shutted the door quietly. He went downstairs to see if Dr.Teeth was downstairs. He was, so was the rest of the Electric Mayhem. They were sitting in the livingroom. "Zoot! C'mon over here! We're just chattin' about the N.A tour!" Dr.Teeth said excitedly. "Like, wheres Leah?" Janice asked. "Hmm? Oh shes upstairs. Shes asleep." Zoot replied. Floyd laughed, "Really? Man, your main squeeze seems to sleep more than you do! hahahahahahahahaha!" "MAIN SQUEEZE! MAIN SQUEEZE!" Animal yelled. Zoot just rolled his eyes behind his shades, "Anyway Teeth, I've been thinkin' about tour." Zoot continued. "Yeah?" Dr.Teeth asked with his eyelids raised. Zoot tells the story of what happened. "Oh, Leah homesick eh?" Floyd asked. Zoot nodded. "Hopin' we can take Leah along. Maybe when we get to Ohio, maybe that'll cheer her up." he continued. Lips said, "Dr.T, I gotta admit, Zoots gotta point there." he placed a hand on Zoot's sholder. The rest of the gang nodded in agreement. "Well, Leah positivly never has been on tour before, you know what Zoot? I positivly agree with your offer to bring your main squeeze along for our grand North American Tour!" Dr.Teeth said. Everyone cheered.

    Leah woke a little, hearing on what the yelling is about. She picked her head up and just shrugged. Then she went back to sleep.

    Chapter 3

    It was the day of the tour. Zoot and the band never told Leah that shes coming. Everyone was packing up the bus to leave. Zoot packed Leah's stuff too. Trumpet Girl kept hugging and kissing Lips. "Oh I'll miss you!" she kept telling him. Leah came downstairs seeing the band leave for tour. Which was going to last 3 to 4 weeks or something. It crushed Leah's heart to see the band leave.

    Zoot sees Leah come outside and he whispered to Dr.Teeth, "Shes here, should we tell her?" he asked. Dr.Teeth nodded. Zoot approached to Leah, who had tears in her eyes. "I'm really gonna miss ya honey." she said sadly. She grabs Zoot for a hug. "Actually baby, your stuff is in the bus somehow, did you put them there?" he asked fakely. Leah picked her head up to see Zoot smiling. Leah said, "What are you talkin' about?" "I'm sayin'.....you're comin' with us!" Zoot said excitedly. Leah grew a joyful smile and she shreiked with joy. Zoot hugged his girl real tight. "Well, then, lets go!" Lips shouted from the window. Zoot took her hand and led her inside the bus. He sat down in the seat where Kermit and Miss Piggy sat in The Muppet Movie. He let Leah sit on his lap. "First stop......Washington D.C!" Dr.Teeth shouted. Everyone cheered. Trumpet Girl blows kisses as the bus started to move. She kept telling him that she'll call him and she'll video chat him.

    They played gigs in Washington D.C, Minnisota, Tennesee, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, and Wyoming. Their last stop was Ohio. Leah's hometown. They were in Indiana at the time.

    On the last night in the Indiana Hotel, Janice switched the news on. Leah and Janice get to share a room while the boys shared a room together. The newsman on the screen had breaking news. "This just in! Ohio just had a serious earthquake. About 40 people died. The rest of Ohio's citizens have survived." he cried. Janice looked at Leah, who was just going to have a heart attack. "J.....Janice......j-just change the channel.........I don't want to h...hear anymore of the earthquake........" she replied quietly and mumbly. She was shaking. Janice puts a comforting hand on her back.

    The song, 'Love That Lets Go' was being played.

    Theres a gold frame.
    That sits by the window
    And my heart breaks
    A little more each time I try
    To picture the memory inside

    "Oh Leah, like, I feel rully terrible. Fer Sure I do." Janice said. Leah was sobbing on her female bandmate's sholder. "I-I know we're goin' to Ohio soon, but we're goin' to fix this. Like, I just know it." she continued. But, Leah ignored her and just kept sobbing. Then Floyd, Animal, Dr.Teeth, Lips and Zoot came in.

    Theres an old book
    Its too hard to read it
    But if you look
    You'd see how you look through my eyes...

    "Man, we heard some sobbin' and came here." Floyd explained. Zoot walked up to Leah and picked her head up from Janice's sholder. "Hey Hey..." Zoot cooed, "Its ok, I'm right here." Dr.Teeth walked up to Janice. "Jan, whats goin' on with her? She homesick again?" he asked. "Like, I'm afraid so, man. Did you all like, see the news?" she said with a sad nodd. She explained the whole story.

    But now one more chapters gone by
    And I know
    Its time to move on
    Even though I'm not ready
    I've got to be strong
    And trust where your heading
    Even though it's not easy
    Its Not Easy
    Right now the Right Kind of Love
    Is the Love that lets goooooooooooo....

    Everyone was shocked. They all looked at Leah, who was crying her eyes out on Animal's chest. "There, There." he kept telling her the past 15 times.

    Theres an old dance
    That we've done forever
    You gave me your hand
    But let me decide when to reach
    You always let me be me

    They all kept looking at Leah. She felt like Dr.Teeth when he cried his eyes out when he found out about Jim Henson.

    But now its my time to take chances
    And find my own wings
    And whatever happens
    I know you'll be there waiting for me.

    Lips takes Leah away from Animal and pulls her into his chest. Leah was still crying her eyes out. But she was doing it on his chest.

    Its time to hold on
    Even though I'm not ready
    I've got to be strong
    And trust where I'm heading
    And even though its not easy
    Its not easy
    I know the right kind of love
    Doesn't wanna miss the future
    Staying in the past
    It will always hold on
    Never hold you back
    And even though its not easy
    Its not easy
    Right now the right kind of love
    Is the Love that lets goooooooooooo

    Leah finally stops crying but she still held on to Lips. Zoot was running his hand all around Leah's back. Janice brushed her hair out of her one side part of Leah's head. Leah's face was all wet and teary. Dr.Teeth quickly made a suggestion. They'll all spend the night in the boys room so that they all will be there for Leah.
    Once in the hotel room, there was just only one big bed. But it'll do. Zoot laid his legs on Lips's lap. Leah was laying her head on Zoot's chest. Floyd and Janice found a bean-bag in the closet so they slept there. Animal slept in the closet. Obviously. And Dr.Teeth slept next to Zoot. Then, everyone, was asleep.

    When the love that lets goooooo.......

    Zoot and the band now has to think up another plan to cheer Leah up. He know the solution.

    More soon!

    'Love That Lets Go' by Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus
  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Plz Comment!

    Chapter 4

    The next morning was the trip to Ohio. Everyone, including Leah, was nervous to see how much damage there was from the earthquake. Leah was somehow quiet while eating breakfast, packin' and loading the bus.

    Dr.Teeth rented a private plane. And yes there is a pilot and waitress. Janice was just playing a phone game on her cellphone, Dr.Teeth was talking to Lips, Animal was sleeping on one of the chairs, and Floyd was talking to Zoot in the room where their luggage was. "Man, just talk to her!" Floyd yelled. Zoot shrugged in shock and said, "I-I dunno man, she seems pretty quiet. I don't want to bother......" "Zoot, man, I know how much Lee is upset and I know she wants to be alone. But if I know one thing, is that shes got her bandmates and mostly you. Your Leah's man! She needs you like she needs us. Just talk to her!" Floyd said. Zoot puts his hands in his pockets and was scilent for a moment. Then he sighed and spoke, " I guess you're right man, she is ma main squeeze. I guess she just needs company." Zoot then walks away from Floyd, heading to the door. Floyd asked, "Where you goin'?" "I'm going to talk to her." Zoot responded. Floyd watched until Zoot disapeared, he thought to himself, "heh, I'm proud of him."

    Zoot walked back to the seats, he sees Leah in one of the seats, she was listening to her ipod. Zoot bent over and kissed her on the cheek, causing Leah to look at her boyfriend in sadness. She looked down at the floor again. "Hey." Zoot said. Leah didn't say anything. "Babe, c'mon, say somethin', anything." he said. Leah still didn't say anything. Leah starred out the window. Zoot sat down in the middle seat. He placed his arm around Leah's sholders, he notices Leah's ipod. "Whatcha listenin' to?" he asked. Leah turned her screen back on and showed it to Zoot. It said, 'Rumor Has It :by Adele:.' "Oh." Zoot said then, "Thats a good song, r-remember you sang that?" he asked. Leah just nodded. "She can't talk." said a Louis Armstrong voice. Zoot and Leah turned their heads to see Lips, sitting in the last seat next to Zoot. Leah turned her head out the window.

    "W-whaddya mean? She was just fine after last night." Zoot judged quietly to his best bud. Lips places his hand on Zoot's sholder and sighed, "Man, once she and I woke up, her voice was all scratchy and off-key." Zoot couldn't believe it! Leah lost her voice! "There wasn't any time to take Leah to the hospital, so Leah just kept silent all day." Lips continued. "Thats why she was so quiet." Zoot said. Zoot turned to Leah and kissed her on the cheek again. Leah turned her Ipod off and laid her head on Zoot's sholder. "And I like, checked her throat while we were drivin' to the airport. And it was like, rully red. And I remembured, all of that singin', it like, scratched her voice." Janice added in. Zoot looked at Leah in worry. He took Leah's seatbelt off and Leah sat on Zoot's lap. She laid her head on Zoot's sholder.

    They then hear the announcer on the speaker, "Attention Passiongers, we are about to land in Ohio. Please be seated until the plane comes to a complete stop. Thank You and have a nice day!" it said. Leah was so scared. She held on to Zoot for dear life. "Babe, Its Ok, everythin' is goin' to be ok." he said.

    Once they all got into the bus, they were driving all around Ohio. Everything seemed alright, that was, until they reached Avon. Everything was all teared up to bits to the ground, trees fell onto the ground, cars crashed in some people's houses. It felt like Tornado Katrina destroyed everything. Leah barely wanted to look. She was sitting next to Lips. Zoot sat somewhere else. Zoot looks at Leah. She was holding on to Lips for dear life. She felt like crying again like the other night. But she kept quiet, letting the tears fall through from her eyes to Lips's cloak....er....whatever it is. Lips was trying to calm her down, Zoot walked up to them and watched Leah cry. Leah then, lets go and drinks her water. Once she swallowed, she grabbed her throat. "Lee?" Floyd asked, "You ok?" Everyone starred at her, except Dr.Teeth. Leah shook her head. She tried to speak. "I-I think I need..........to go to the hospital..." she said quietly, weakly, and softly. Zoot grabbed Leah and held onto her for dear life.

    Dr.Teeth made a U-turn to the closest hospital. Leah was in the OR close to the ER waiting room. Zoot kept pacing back and fourth, waiting to hear news on how his girl was doing. Lips went to the OR with Leah so he can keep a close eye on her. And so he can spread the news on what happened. "Man, Zoot, you pacing like that is drivin' me crazy. Could you please stop?" Floyd asked. Janice stood up, and walked up to Zoot. "Like Zoot, listen to me. We know shes in there and how shes hurt. But, you just need to chill a little. she'll be alright. Like, do you rully understand?" she said. Zoot said, "Y-yeah Jan, i really do. But while we were on the bus, I was just going to....you know...." Zoot paused, he pulled out a small navy blue box. He held it in his hand and stares at it. He opens the box to see a ring with a light blue dimond in the middle. "Did you mean, that while Leah was homesick, tour, and her horrifing stress, your were positivly, goin' to propose to her?" Dr.Teeth asked. Zoot nodded, "I was gonna do it on her birthday, but I thought it would be perfect to cheer her up while on tour. Then when we got to Ohio, I thought I'd engage to her once we arrived, turns out I was wrong. My perfect plan just turned into a disaster." Zoot replied saddly. He sat down onto one of the chairs. Everyone was scilent for a moment, until Animal said. "STILL DO IT." Zoot raised one eyebrow and looked at his fellow drummer. "Wha?" he asked. Floyd walked up to him, "Hes right Zoot, you can still propose to your main squeeze. It'll definetly cheer her up." he said. Zoot smiled.

    Then, they see Lips walking up to them with a grin on his face. He was wearing what surgons would wear. Only he wasn't wearing a mask. Everyone stood up. Dr.Teeth said, "Well, how is she?" "Man, I can tell its good news" Floyd added in. Lips smiles at them and said, "Shes alright." Everyone cheered. Zoot was in tears, but he was smiling. He turned to Lips. "Lips, Can I see her?" he asked. Lips nodded, "Shes in Room 224." Zoot thanked him. "Janice whispered, "Like, do what you gotta do. Fer sure." Zoot did a quick nod.

    He walked to Room 224. He starred at the door and remembered to hold back tears. He opened the door. He sees Leah on the bed with needles hooked onto her arm, the TV was on. Her eyes are open. She turned her head to see Zoot at the door. She smiled at him. Zoot pace-walked to her and hugged her real tight. He couldn't hold the tears back any longer. Both Zoot and Leah letted it all out. They let go. "Oh Leah, I'm so happy you're ok." he said excitedly. Leah said, "I know. I missed you so much!" Zoot looks deeply into Leah's eyes. "And Lee, theres something I really need to ask you." he said. "Yes?" she asked.

    "So Leah's Ok? Huh?" Floyd asked Lips. Lips nodded his head. "Oh wow, what a rullieve." Janice popped in. They then see Zoot walk in the waiting room with a tissue in one hand, a grin on his face, tears coming down his eyes, and rolling Leah in her wheelchair. Everyone gets up and runs to Leah. They hugged her, Animal kinda licked her face. Zoot looked to his bandmates. "Everyone, I managed to do it. Leah and I are happily engaged!" he yelled. Everyone was happy for the two. Now that Zoot and Leah are engaged, someones getting married.

    Next Chapter will soon to come!
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  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    All right, man! Wow! I would feel like Leah if my town changed. I have to go through a lot in my life. For now, I will wait for your next chapter then.
  5. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  6. Zoot the Saxer

    Zoot the Saxer Well-Known Member

    O___O Wow, must've been one severe sore throat. Nice job and congrats to Leah! :D
  7. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    This is for all of you Lips and Delorese....er....Trumpet Girl fans.

    Chapter 5

    Leah just got released from the hospital. The band was flying home to California. Dr.Teeth rented a different plane. It belonged to Solid Foam. So, yes they were with the Electric Mayhem. Dr.Teeth was talking to Clifford, Slash, and Beard. Animal was drumming with the drummer, Janice and Floyd were{ahem} making out in the other room. Zoot and Leah were helping Digit with his technology. But what was Lips doing you may ask? He was on the phone with Delorese. He was sitting on the top bunk of Slash's bed. Slash didn't mind.

    "Lips, I miss you so much!" Delorese said. Lips chuckled, "Heh, yeah honey. I miss ya too." Delorese's laughing died down, it was switched to moaning in pain. Lips stopped laughing aswell. "Delorese? Honey? Everything ok?" Lips asked. Lets just say something will change in Lips and Delorese's relationship forever. I don't want to ruin it.

    Everyone heard a scream coming out of the room. Lips's scream died down. Dr.Teeth and Zoot got up. "You positivly, should stay here. I'll handle this." Dr.Teeth said. "Man, I'm goin' with ya, Lips is my bud ya know?" Zoot said. Dr.Teeth sighed, "Alright. Alright. Bring Leah too."

    Dr.Teeth, Leah and Zoot opened the door to find Lips, still holding the phone by his ear with a worried look on his face. Leah took the phone from him, it was on main menu. Zoot places his hands on his sholders. "Lips? Lips! Snap out of it, man!" he yelled. Zoot even tried slapping him on the face 2 or 3 times. "Here, let me try." Dr.Teeth ordered. "Lips, man, its me! Just tell us whats up. What happened?" Dr.Teeth said, trying to snap his trumpeteer out of notice. Er....whatever. "Let me give it a try." Leah said suddenly. The two moved out of the way to let their 4th lead singer through. Leah placed her 2 fingers on each hand on Lips's head, her eyes were closed for a few minutes, then they opened, looking at Lips's face. Leah is a physic person. She can read anyone's mind, mood, etcetera. "Yep, hes pretty worried and freaked out." Leah said. "Well, do you know the reason, babe?" Zoot asked. "Yeah. Somethin' about Delorese. But, I dunno what it is." Leah replied, she took her fingers off of Lips's head. "Maybe you didn't hit hard enough." Leah suggested. She then, slapped harder on Lips's face, causing to fall onto the pillow on the top bunk.

    "Owwwwww.....man Lee....you can slap pretty hard." Lips said while rubbing his cheek in pain. "Yep. You know I do." Leah replied, "Now tell us about what happened to Delorese!" Zoot said. Lips looked like he was going to have a heart attack. "I-Its just that.....Delorese she.......shes......" Lips paused. He couldn't think of the right works to say. Leah grabbed Lips's hand and squeezed it. Lips couldn't take it anymore. He had to let it out. "Delorese......is........PREGNAT BUT SHE NEVER TOLD ME!!!" Lips yelled. Dr.Teeth, Zoot and Leah had shocked looks on their faces. Lips was crying. Leah grabbed him for a hug. "I-I MISSED THE BIRTH! I-(sigh) I lost the reciever so I dunno what gender it is, or its name." Lips continued. On that cue, Floyd, Animal, the drummer(i don't know his name), Clifford, Janice, Beard, Flash and Digit came in. "I'm afraid we heard everything." Digit said softly.

    "Attention Passengers, we are about to land in California. Thank You!" the speaker said suddenly. "Looks like we're landin'. We'll follow ya." Clifford said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

    The Electric Mayhem Bus and the Solid Foam Bus arrived. "I'll go with Lips. I'll send Zoot a text so you can come up. C'mon Lips." Leah suggested while leading the nervous trumpeteer out of the bus and into the building. Lips was squeezing Leah's wrist real tight. As they went up to Delorese's room, they had to take the elevator up. Lips suddenly said, "I-I don't think I'm ready to be a father, Leah." Leah looked at him with a surprise look on her face. "Of course you are. You were playing with my cousin, Kylie last time she was over. You said that she was like a daughter you never had." Leah replied. "I-I know what I said, but having my own child, I-I just don't know he or she will like me as its growin'." Lips said saddly. "I'm sure you'll be ok. I know." Leah said. They smiled at eachother.

    Lips and Leah finally arrived to Delorese's Hospital room. Lips was crying a little and sweating at the same time. Lips knocked. "Come in!" Delorese said. Leah opened the door. She stopped Lips. "Wait here." she ordered softly. Lips nodded.

    Leah went in and talked to Delorese for a few seconds. "Lips." Leah said. Lips turned to see Leah's face. She made a her hand a signal for Lips to come in. He got up and walked in. There, he sees Delorese laying on her bed. She was holding something in her arms. Or someone. Lips walked up to her and half-hugged her. "Oh Delorese, I missed you." Lips said. Delorese smiled, "Me too Lipsy." Leah giggled, Lipsy was a nickname Delorese gave him. "Right, anyway, Lips. C'me here." Delorese ordered. Lips walked over to the side of the bed and sat on a open space. "Theres someone I think you should meet." she continued. Delorese moved a blanket out of its face, and there was the baby's face. Its eyes were already open. They were blue and sparkling. Its skin was like Lips's skin, and pink nose. Its hair was like Delorese's hair color. "Its a she. Her name is Lizzy." Delorese said. Lips looked at her little baby girl. Her name kept buzzing in his head like an angry jellyfish.(Srry, I love that phrase. Its from spongebob). Lizzy. He wouldn't forget that name. Ever. Delorese handed Lips Lizzy. Lizzy's eyes sparkled when she finally saw her father for the first time. She smiled at him, Lips smiled back. Leah just sent a text to Zoot already.

    Lips sat down on a chair close to Delorese's bed. He cradeled Lizzy in his arms. Lips bent over and kissed her on the forehead. "You mind?" Leah asked. "Heh Heh, not at all." Lips replied. He handed Leah his daughter. Lizzy was asleep in Leah's arms. Lips and Delorese smiled at eachother. At that cue, the Electric Mayhem and Solid Foam arrived. There was alot of hugging, holding, and congradulating. Lips told Delorese about Leah and Zoot's engagement. "Oh, congrats you two!" Delorese exclaimed.

    Now that Lizzy Armstrong was born, only the wedding is the only thing to come.

    But thats another story........
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  8. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  9. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Ooh this is good keep going!
  10. Zoot the Saxer

    Zoot the Saxer Well-Known Member

    Haha, 'like an angry jellyfish'...that's hilarious. XP
  11. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I know! It just came to me.
  12. Zoot the Saxer

    Zoot the Saxer Well-Known Member

    Far out, man. Far out. :cool: :p
  13. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Heres the final chapter. By the way, the drummer of Solid Foam is a female, not a male, sorry. My bad.

    Chapter 6.1

    Weeks went by, Lizzy is a perfect new member of the family. Solid Foam and the Electric Mayhem made an agreement. That Solid Foam will stay with the band and be part of it. Now the band has more bandmates, including Leah.

    The next day, the band was on the road to a nearby church. Why? Well duh! Leah and Zoot are getting married! Dr.Teeth, Animal, Floyd, and Lips were Zoot's best men. Delorese, Janice, and the female drummer of Solid Foam are Leah's bridesmaids. Everyone was there! Every single Muppet was there. Solid Foam was on Leah's side. Even Zoot's parents were in the audience! Plus, It was live on TV.

    "You excited Leah?" Delorese asked. Leah nodded, "Just a little nervous, but excited." Janice and the female drummer were {ahem} hippitizing Leah's hair. Delorese, then added her veil and placed it down on Leah's face. "Wait, Delorese, what about Lizzy?" Leah asked. "Oh, Miss Piggy is watching her." Delorese replied. "Ladies. Its time." Dr.Teeth said. The girls were ready and so was Leah. Animal led the female drummer, Lips led Delorese, and Floyd led Janice. Which led Dr.Teeth to lead the bride to her groom. "Teeth, you sure you want me to do this?" Leah asked. "Positivly. You make Zoot more happy just like you did with me. Now are you ready or what?" Dr.Teeth questioned politley. A nodd and a "mhmm" was the answer. "Good, cause' we're on." he replied. As Rowlf played the wedding opening theme, Dr.Teeth looped his arm around Leah's and they walked down the isale.

    Zoot was standing there looking at his bride. Leah was wearing a sky blue wedding dress and her veil was down so Zoot sees a little of her face. Leah sees the girls and dudes. She even sees Lips holding Lizzy. She cried while Miss Piggy was with her. Luckly, her dad calmed her down...I...OK BACK TO THE WEDDING!

    Everyone was happy for the two. As they said their vows, which Zoot kept forgeting, Leah was crying a knotch and Zoot, well, he was crying a knotch too. He loved Leah more than anything, except the life he still has and his new one with his new bandmates, his own bandmates, the muppets, and his sax. The priest asked, "Do you Zetrym take Leah as you loftly wedded wife?" "Heh, Zetrym..." Dr.Teeth whispered to himself, but Floyd nugged him. "I-I do." Zoot said. "And Leah, do you take Zetrym as your....ah..you know husband?" asked the priest. "Yeah, I do." Leah said. Zoot squeezed her hand as he placed the ring on her finger, well again. He looked at Leah and smiled. She smiled back. "Well then," the priest continued. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride." Everyone cheered for the married couple. Leah and Zoot shared a kiss on the lips. As Leah threw the bouqet, guess who caught it?

    Lizzy did. And shes only 5 months old! "Lizzy caught it!" Delorese said. Everyone cheered. Solid Foam (excluding Slash...or is it Flash?) went on stage and played a song, only for Leah and a few girls can sing.

    Leah: Ever Ever Afteeeeerrrrrrrr.
    Vicki and The Female Drummer: Ever....After....
    Leah: Storybook endings, fairytales coming true. Deep down inside we wanna believe they still do.
    Janice: Still do (3x)
    Leah: And a secret is taught, its our favorite part of the story, lets just admit we all wanna make it true.
    Leah: Ever Ever After! Even If we just don't get our own way.
    (Zoot takes Leah's hand and led her outside)
    Leah: Ever Ever After! It may be only a wish away.
    (Floyd and Janice start to sing while Zoot and Leah dance)
    Janice: Starting a new fasion wear your heart on your sleeve.
    Vicki: Ever After
    Floyd: Sometimes you reach whats real just by making believe.
    Miss Piggy: By Making Believe....
    Zoot: Unafraid, Unashamed.
    Leah: There is joy to be claimed in this world.
    Zoot and Leah: You even might wind up being glad to be you!
    Everyone: Ever Ever After!
    Leah and Zoot: Though the world will tell you its not so smart.
    Everyone: Ever Ever After!
    Lips and Delorese: The world can be yours if you let your heart.
    Solid Foam: Believe in Ever After!
    (Zoot picks up Leah, Lips picks up Delorese, and Floyd picks up Janice and spun them around)
    Dr.Teeth: No wonder your heart feels it's flying your head feels it's spinning.
    Slash: Each happy ending is a brand new begining.
    Leah: Let yourself be enchanted you just might break through.
    Everyone: To Ever Ever After!
    Electric Mayhem: Forever could even start today.
    Everyone: Ever Ever After!
    Solid Foam: Maybe it's just one wish away....
    Everyone: Your ever ever after.................................................Ever Ever After!
    Leah and Zoot: I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss.
    Everyone even the puppeteers: Ohhhhh.....for ever ever after!

    Chapter 6.2 will be up soon!
    Ever Ever After: by :Carrie Underwood.
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    Ooh, man, best chapter yet! *throws congratulatory pie at the newly-wed couple* :3 ...'hippitizing' is my new favorite word, by the way. And also, to Lips and Delores...in the future, I suggest to never leave your child with Miss Porkchops again...OR ELSE... :B Anyhow, great chapter!
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  16. dwmckim

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    It is indeed Flash in Solid Foam. I know you like to incorporate songs in your fics - are you aware of The Pretenders' "My City Was Gone"? I have a feeling it might come in handy for the story you're telling.
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    I think this is the final chapter. But. The title, Homesick, these next few chapters might change the subject of the title.

    Chapter 6.2

    After the wedding, everyone headed back to the theater for the reception. There was alot of dancing, singing, food, hugging, and congradulating. Leah and Zoot danced a slow-dance on the dance-floor in the ballroom. Zoot and Leah danced like how Zoot danced with Janice in the 'At the Dance' sketch. Leah sang about 2 or 3 songs. At the end of singing, 'Don't Stop Believing', "Baby! That was beautiful!" Zoot said. Leah nodded her head.

    Once the reception was over, everyone went home. Once the Electric Mayhem and Solid Foam got home, they all went for a couple hours. All except Leah and Zoot, who were exhausted from all that dancing and hugging. Leah's jaws hurt from smiling. Zoot's legs were killing him. "Baby?" Leah asked. Zoot turned his head to see his girlfrie...er...wife. "Wanna crash on the couch tonight?" Leah asked softly. "Y-yeah. I'd like that." Zoot replied. They went upstairs and changed into their pajamas, headed back downstairs, and fixed the couch. The couch was also a bed. After they pulled the matress out, they just grabbed 6 pillows and 4 blankets and setted them on the matress. The new tired husband and wife covered themselves up with a blanket and looked at eachother with a tired look on each of their faces. They shared a kiss on the lips. Leah said in a whisper, "Have mursy...". "Hubba Hubba, come to papa, babe." Zoot said. They pulled for a hug, which caused Leah to fall asleem in Zoot's sholders. He wrapped his arms around Leah's body and kissed her forehead. Then, Zoot, fell fast asleep.

    The next morning was a hot one. Everyone was tired and sore. Leah was the 3rd person to wake up. The only two that were up were herself, unknown female drummer, and Floyd Pepper. Leah had a secret she kept from Zoot. Although she did tell the bands. But, if she told Zoot. He would freak! But, she thought it would be best to acutally tell him. She shook to wake up her husband, who's arms were still wrapped around Leah's body. "Huh? Wha?" Zoot said weakly. He just woke up. "Mornin' Babe." Zoot said as he kissed Leah's cheek. "M-morning." Leah said, "Zoot, I really need to tell you something. Its a secret I've kept from you for a long time now." Zoot gave her a confused look. "I'm pregnat." she finally said.

    How do you think Zoot's reaction was? Write Me Back! THIS STORY SHALL NOT END!!!!!
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    O____O Whoooaaaaa, maaaan. Niiiice.

    Um, I think...that he...um...er...Zoot Moment, :cool: sorry...

    I think that he's gonna pass out from surprise! :O And Leah shall catch him in her arms! :D
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    Plz comment.

    Chapter 7

    Zoot looked at Leah in surprise. "Y-you are?" he asked. "Yeah. Please don't get mad at me." Leah pleaded and replied. Zoot sighed, had a smile on his face, and grabbed his girlfriend for a hug."Thats great news!" he said excitedly. "R-really? You mean, you're not mad?" she asked. They let go and Zoot grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly. "Of course not. I always wanted to have a kid that could end up like you and me." Zoot replied. "Heh heh, you mean, like Flash?" Leah asked. "Well yeah, but speaks more clearly like us." Zoot chuckled. They both laughed, including Floyd and the female drummer, who were in the kitchen, "Haha! Good one Zoot!" Floyd replied. "Yeah, its about time you'd tell him Lee." the female drummer. (I think her name is Zondra. Look up her wiki.)

    After the whole room was done, Zoot was concerned about the baby. "Hey Lee?" he asked her one day. 'Hmm?' was the answer from Leah's mouth. "Just curious, is the baby gonna be a girl or boy?" Zoot asked. "I dunno. But I told the doctor that the next time I go to check to see how the baby is doing, I'll ask if he can tell me." Leah replied. "All I know is that its going to be born few days after the gig in Seattle." she continued. (Pausing for a sec, for the female drummer, I'm just gonna say that her name is Zondra and get it over with.)

    It was the night, the gig in Seattle. It was a huge party for someone named, Alexia. She was turning 29, and she was graduating from college. Lizzy was able to go, she is now 5 years old, muppet kids grow really fast don't you think? Anyway, Guess who always singing tonight, Janice, Leah, Zondra, Delorese, and of course, Lizzy. They sang 'I'm in Heaven', 'Wannabe', 'I Still Believe', 'Ever Ever After', 'They Call Me Sonic', and 'Survivor'. Mostly, Leah, Zondra, and Delorese mostly sang 'Wannabe'.

    A week later, the baby didn't kick yet. Zondra, Zoot, Janice, Leah, and Floyd were the only ones home. The others left to walk Animal. "I better go pack my stuff, guys. I have to leave early in the morning for the hospital." Leah said. "Ya want me to help?" Zoot asked. Leah nodded, "I guess that'll be alright." They both went upstairs. Few minutes later, "Floyd! Start the Bus!" Zoot said, who was out of breath. Zondra ran to him and placed her hands on his sholders. "Woah, man, calm down! Take it easy!" she said. "Like, yeah, whats goin' on, rully?" Janice asked. "I-Its....Lee...." Zoot replied quietly. "I'll start the bus, Zondra, you call Teeth or Clifford." Floyd ordered, "Janice, you and Zoot get Lee on the bus." Everyone nodded.

    Flash, Dr.Teeth, Beard, Lips, Delorese, Clifford, Digit, and Lizzy were walking home with Animal. They stopped because Clifford's phone rang. Clifford answered it. "Yello?.....Hey girl....Oh ok, we'll be there soon......Yeah, I'll tell them. K, bye." he replied. Clifford hung up the phone. Lizzy, who was up on Lips's sholders, asked, "Who was that?" "Zondra. She and the rest of the guys are at the hospital with Leah." Clifford replied. "Well, we positivly, should probably, be there now. Eh, Animal! Speed things up, will ya?" Dr.Teeth asked. "SPEED UP SPEED UP! AHAHAHA!!!!!" Animal replied, he ran as fast as he could, with the band holding onto his chain.

    Meanwhile, at the hospital...

    "Like, I hope they get here soon. Fer sure." Janice said softly while leaning her head on Floyd's sholder. She was also holding Zondra's hand really tight. "I hope so too. Baby." Floyd replied, he kissed Janice's forehead. Zondra letted go of Janice's hand and sighed. "Hopin' they would be here soon. I just wanna find out the name of this kid and hold it." After she said that, The rest of the gang, excluding Animal, were here. "Man, wheres Animal?" Floyd asked. "Gonzos' watchin' him. Wheres Zoot?" Lips replied and asked. Janice got up and walked up to them. "Like, hes with Leah. Shes like, havin' her baby right now." she replied, nervously. Lips took Lizzy off his sholders and handed her to Zondra. Lizzy fell asleep quickly once she placed her head on Zondra's sholder.

    Suddenly, the doors opened. Out came Zoot, he had a grin on his face, tissue in his hand, and tears in his eyes, falling from his shades. "Well? How did it go?" Beard asked in a......western drawl....(I think thats his accent.). Zoot made a hand signal that led them all inside Leah's room. Once Zoot opened the door, there was Leah laying on her bed. She was holding a baby in her arms. Covered in a blue blanket while wearing a blue bow on it's head. It was a girl. She was asleep. Everyone looked at her. Light blue skin, blue hair without bangs, Zoot's nose and a short smile.

    "Oh, wow, like, shes beautiful." Janice said softly, "Whats her like, name?" "Zelda." Leah replied. "Heh, beyuifu ame, ee." Flash complemented. "He said beautiful name, Lee." "Oh, thanks." Leah thanked. Again, just like Lizzy's birth, there was alot of hugging, holding, and congradulatiting. Now that Zoot and Leah are together with a child, Leah isn't that homesick anymore. Now that the Electric Mayhem and Solid Foam are together as one band, Delorese and Lips having Lizzy, having a freak out about the earthquake in Ohio, and having Zelda as the first child of Leah and Zoot's relationship, Leah has alot of company to be comforted from that whole adventure thing. Leah was no longer homesick. She gained up a new family.

    THE END!
    :D :sing: :flirt: :cool: :halo: :news: :electric:
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    The icons were some of the characters that were in this story.

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