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How much are they worth?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by MuppetDiligo, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. MuppetDiligo

    MuppetDiligo New Member

    I have a humble collection of about 30 muppet figures acquired from collector's shops, ebay, christmas, etc. ranging from series one to nine with a few exclusives ('collectors paradise' animal, sweetums, uncle deadly), variations, and two playsets. Unfortunately none of them are in their packaging, but for the most part they are all in good condition (with a few exceptions). I was wondering about how much they could be worth? Not that I want to sell them, just curious.
  2. MadForPepe

    MadForPepe Active Member

    A little bit of topic, but still, I think the prices asked on ebay and amazon are scandalous. Although, I must admit, I should have bought the Palisades Pepe for a nice price in the past.....................................:smirk:
  3. Andibcool

    Andibcool Well-Known Member

    Well loose figs no matter what state are always less then MOC or MIB items.
    Usual goin price for MOC / MIB Figs is 5-20 $.
    Depending on the caracter some would fetch a better price like 50-80$.
    Loose figs i would count 5$ per if they good and complete and less if not. Sure depends on the character again.

    Same on playsets the backstage and the kitchen one is rather high in price while muppet labs and pigs in space ones are often very cheap MIB.

    I got a loose kitchen set for 17$ one or two years ago while the MIB one was around 70$.
    The Backstage set is in high demand you will fetch a high price for it even if its loose and even more if its MIB.

    Dont look at buy it now prices of some sellers, they overcharge or overprice them and never sell any item.

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