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How much I love you Engagement (A LipsXTrumpet Girl Fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LipsGF4Life, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I havn't wrote any LipsXTrumpet Girl stories in a while, but this takes place during the Muppet Show. ENJOY!

    "Man, I can't do it...." Lips mumbles to himself. He and Zoot are having pizza at the Muppet Pizzaria. "Man, yes you can. Just tell her how you feel." Zoot replies as he took another bite of his cheese pizza. Lips sighs and sadly drinks his soda. He always wanted to tell Trumpet Girl how he felt, but alas, he was too shy to tell her.
    "Zoot, man, you've gotta help me. Delores and I have been together for almost three and a half years, and....I...well...." Lips stopped. Zoot swallowed his pizza then asked, "Well what?" "Well, I, I wanted to......" Lips continued. Zoot finished for him, "Engage to her in marrige?"
    Lips was surprised. "Y-Yeah, how'd you know?" he asked. Zoot shrugged, "Just a lucky guess, now, you're really into engaging to her?" Lips nodded. "Ok," Zoot replied, "Now, do you have a plan on how to do it?" Lips stared into his shades then nodded. He whispered into Zoot's ear. He clucked his tougne, "Oh man, thats a brilliant idea!" he replied. "Yeah," Lips said, "I already bought the ring. Problem is, I just don't know when's the right time." Lips pulled a small, velvet box, he opened it to find a wedding ring. "Looks good." Zoot complimented, "We'll talk to greenstuff about doin' a sketch that'll be perfect for it."

    A while later after lunch, Zoot and Lips left for the Muppet Theater. Once they stepped inside, they saw Kermit, helping through rehearsals of Miss Piggy's Fashion Number. "Oh great, the hog is actually fitting into her own clothing. Man, the pig should loose weight." Zoot whispered into Lips' ear. Lips couldn't help but giggle. "Yo, Kermit!" Zoot called to Kermit. He turned to find Lips and Zoot, about to sit next to him. "Oh Zoot, Lips, hello. Everything ok?" he asked and greeted. "Everythings fine, Kermit. Its only, Lips wants to do an enga...."Zoot said as Lips covers his mouth. "Dude! Whisper would ya, Delores is coming!" he said. Delores was walking towards Lips. "Right, you two talk...Kermit...lets talk backstage..." Zoot said, grabbing Kermit's flipper and running towards backstage. "Oh dear." Kermit mumbles to himself.

    "Hi honey!" Delores said cheerfully as she kissed Lips on the cheek. Lips' heart was pounding. "H-hi baby." he said nervously. He turns to see Delores wearing the tuxedo for the orchestra pit. "You excited for tonight?" Delores asked. "W...Whats tonight?" he asked stupidly. Delores giggled, "The show, silly!" "Ohh...the show...yeah I'm excited." he replied. Delores moves closer to him, "Whoa Lipsy, are you feelin' alright? You seem tense." Delores asked as she rubbs Lips' shoulder, which made Lips calm. "I'm fine." he replied. Lips sat down on an open audience chair. Lips said in his mind, I wonder how Kermit and Zoot are doin?

    "Well, I don't know, Zoot. No one has ever done these kind of sketches before." Kermit said as he scratches his head and tapping his pencil on the desk. "C'mon froggy dude, Lips just wants to do it for his girl, man." Zoot pleaded. "Miss Piggy?" Kermit asked. Zoot made a face. "No. And it ain't Spamela, Annie Sue, heck, not even his own mother! Its for Trumpet Girl!" he yelled, but not a tone for Delores or Lips to hear. "Oohhh....well, I suppose I could cut Sam the Eagle's speech on Christopher Columbus' Columbian Exchange. Then again, I will accept it. We won't tell Trumpet Girl. But we'll tell this to the rest of the Muppets except Fozzie. I don't think he'll keep a secret." Kermit agreed while nodding his head. Zoot did a quick nod. Then ran off to find Lips.

    Scooter comes behind Kermit. "Uh, boss? Any numbers you want me to cancel?" he asked. "Oh yes, Scooter. Uh, cancel Sam's Christpoher Columbus number." Kermit replied. He whispers the idea in Scooter's ear. "You got it boss." he replied.

    Zoot runs to Lips, who looks as if he was asleep. He wasn't. Lips was starring at the ceiling, the rats were playing on there until either a rat or the shandeleer will fall and break. "Lips, great news, man. He agreed!" Zoot exclaimed excitedly. Lips nearly jumped. "R-really? Great! I better go practice, you know in my dressing room." Lips replied. He ran backstage, to his dressing room. Zoot sighed, "Heh, only one thing to do." He sits on a open chair and places his legs ontop of the seat in front of him. Zoot tipped his hat down and fell asleep. He took a nap.

    Two hours later....

    Lips comes offstage and to the audience isle, where he saw Zoot, sleeping. Since he was in a good mood, he'd rather show Zoot what he was wearing. Lips shook Zoot's arm. "(snort) Huh...wha...?" Zoot said as he woke up. "Relax man, nothing landed." Lips assured. "Hold up, let me take a good look at ya, man." Zoot suggested. Lips was wearing a black sweater, over top of it was his gold, tiled jacket. He wore his navy blue jeans and marroon sandals. "You look great, my friend!" Zoot complimented. "Thank you, Thank you!" Lips replied as he bowed.

    "Hey, mind if I chat with you two?" asked a voice. The two turned to find Delores. She was wearing a mini, silky, velvet dress. Her hair was all over the place with a gold ribbon on her left-side of her hair. Delores's shoes were black high-heels, high enough to be almost Floyd's height. "Delores, man you look beautiful." Lips complimented as he kissed her hand. "Thanks hon." Delores said. She turned to Zoot. "Zoot, how come you're not dressed up?" she asked, "Everyone is for tonight's show." Zoot looks at his clothes, "Good point. You two talk while go I get ready." Zoot said. Zoot ran off. Lips and Delores talked until Scooter came out. "Ok everyone, the audience is coming! Places!" he said while adgusting his tie. Lips and Delores ran to their places. Lips took the small, velvet box out of his pocket, stares at it, then puts it back in his pocket. Delores and Lips look at eachother, "Good Luck." they said to eachother and kissed on the lips.

    As the show continued on, it was almost time for the closing number, which means, it was almost time for Lips' sketch. He was backstage watching the events. The guest star, Miley Cyrus was singing 'Act Naturally' with Floyd and Janice. After the number, they all arrived backstage. Kermit turned to them, "Very nice job. Floyd and Janice, and you too Miley." he complimented. "Thanks, greenstuff." Floyd replied. Janice places a hand on Floyd's shoulder, "Fer sure." Janice replied. Miley found Lips, who was looking at Delores. "You ready for it?" she asked. Lips nodded. "I'll announce with you. Stay here." Miley commanded.

    Miley walks onstage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this final number, is a very special one. Now, I know no other Muppet on this show hasn't done one of these before, but I'm not gonna spoil it. So, to help you figure out what it is, here he is. The silent man besides Zoot, the trumpeteer number two, give it up for Lips!" she sang out. Everyone clapped and cheered as Lips slowly walks onstage. He held his breath, boy he was nervous. his palms were sweating. Miley continued on, "Now to bring onstage, the girl in the orchestra pit, Delores...er...I mean, Trumpet Girl!" Delores gasped, she placed her trumbone down onto her seat and headed for the middle of the stage. "Here, up you go." Floyd said as he picked Delores up in his arms and onstage. "Go for it Lips." Miley chanted as she stepped back.

    "Lips? Wh-Whats this about?" Delores asked excitedly. Lips placed his hands on Delores' arms. "Listen, baby, you and I have been together for three and a half years. Ever since I started workin' on the show, I-I had no one. But then I met the Electric Mayhem, and the let me meet you. Sparks flew inside me when I first saw you. You know I love you. There's two questions I wanna ask you. How much do you care about me?" he asked. "I-I care about you a lot. Why'd you ask?" she asked. Lips sighed, "W-well, this is where the...second question is bein' asked." He got down on one knee and pulled out the small, velvet box. He opened it to show Delores and she gasped. "L-Lips? Are you asking?" she asked. Lips nodds, "Delores, w-will you marry me?" Lips asked.

    Down in the orchestra pit, Animal was doing a drum roll. When it stopped, Delores had happy, tears in her eyes. "Yes! You bet the music out of me I will!" Delores replied. She jumped into Lips' arms and kissed him on the lips. All of the Muppets in the audience, backstage and orchestra pit all letted out a loud "Awwwww" Floyd letted out a whistle. Janice had a tissue, she was crying with tears of joy. Dr.Teeth was doing the same. Animal kept on yelling, "CONGRATS! CONGRATS!" Zoot, however was also crying. Only, he was burying his face in his hat so no one would see him cry. "Way to go, buddy." Zoot said to himself, felt like talking to Lips.

    Every single Muppet celebrated with Miley Cyrus at Red Robin. "I propose a toast, to Lips and Delores, who are now engaged!" Dr.Teeth suggested as he and everyone raised their glasses. Lips and Delores looked at eachother and smiled. They shared a slender kiss. Miss Piggy turned to Kermit. "Pucker up, Kermie!" she said as she started kissing Kermit. "Well, we won't have to worry about that! Hahahahahahaha!" Floyd said with a laugh.

  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Like it, LeahXZoot4Evur? I LOVE IT!
    :halo: LOVE LOVE!
    Animal agrees with it too! Hahahahahaaha! You are such a great writer!
    LipsGF4Life likes this.

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