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How To Have Fun When You're Stuck Inside

Discussion in 'Family Worlds' started by Phillip, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Nice to see Animal Jam getting some publicity...

    How To Have Fun When You're Stuck Inside

    Fortunately, Edi the Zebra and Waffle the Cow-Monkey, hosts of the dance and movement show Jim Henson's Animal Jam, have exciting movements and games to play safely indoors. These games involve techniques to help children focus their energy in a fun, creative way while learning to control and be comfortable with their bodies.

    Freeze like a deer-It's fun to move, but it can also be fun to stay still. Play musical freeze and whenever you stop the song, your kids have to freeze in the dance pose they are in. Encourage them to pose as their favorite animal!

    Imitate the weather-When it's raining out, Edi loves to pretend she's the rain. She encourages her friends to move their fingers, toes, hooves, and paws as if they are raindrops. They can be a gentle shower or a thundering storm, making lightning by drawing streaks of electricity with their fingers. Waffle pretends he is floating on a breeze by spinning and swaying his body. Edi and Waffle love to use scarves and rainmakers (beans in a pie pan works for this!) to imitate the weather.

    Stuck in the mud-Pretend you and your kids are stuck in thick, slimy mud. Movements should be slow and deliberate. Try lifting feet and hands out of heavy mud. Now be a pig rolling in mud! Or a dog splashing through mud puddles!

    Drippy, tippy toes-If kids must move fast, suggest they only move fast on their tippy toes. This slows them down and burns up energy. Now have them pretend to be squirrels doing the same moves. Hide "nuts" (toys) around the house and have your little tippy toe squirrels skitter about the rooms finding them.

    Animal Jam Dance Party -Put on some dance music and encourage your kids to move and groove like their favorite animals. Together you'll have fun twisting like an ostrich, bopping like a bear and waddling like a penguin.


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