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I Hate Those Claw Machines!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by beaker, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. beaker Well-Known Member

    I Hate Those Claw Machines!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I realize us Muppet fans just never get any breaks...from LJS and Dennys not coming out with any stuff(and subsequently not letting us have any of the promo stuff) to well...yesterday I was at a Safeway...and holy cow...they had a brand new Rizzo namco plush!!! They also had a Fozzie Namco. So silly me I end up spending $5 in quarters before I realize it is rigged so there is no way you can get the item. POO!

    So now I got the number of the crane place, and will try my best to get ALL those Namco plushes...shame on them for rigging something like that. Yes I know, but still...in the princicpal of things...after my hellacious last week, I cant even get a Rizzo from a Crane? No good...I'll have my triumph!
    Anyelse havinf a frustrating time as of late?
  2. FellowWLover Member

    Well I almost hate to post this, but I actually *love* those claw machines. My daughter and I were up on the boardwalk last week when she spied a big case of plush unicorns with one of those claws. Now I has never attempted it before, but she asked me to give it a try, so I put in my fifty cents, moved the lever, pushed the button, and BINGO... one hot pink plush unicorn... and it is pretty soft and cute too! Not a Muppet, but still was exciting to hear her say, "The PINK one, the PINK one!", and then actually be able to hand it to her!

    Woohoo claw machines!
  3. beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>Not a Muppet, but still was exciting to hear her say, "The PINK one, the PINK one!", and then actually be able to hand it to her!<<<

    aww! Well now thats a story that I like hearing. But when one is trying to extract a large Rizzo plush with a faulty deceptively messed up crane at the local grocery store, only anger could ensue. Especially since I have had such a hard time trying to find one. If it had been a Pepe plush in the crane machine, my hand would be wrapped in guaze;)
  4. Traveling Matt New Member


    Those claw machines have their days. Not too often enough, though. :)

    - Billy :cool:
  5. Cantus Rock New Member

    I don't paticularly like the claw machines, but they haven't really been very bad to me. I got a stuffed tomato (it looks like a Veggie Tales thing, but I don't think it is), a stuffed cow (oh...the cow rocks so hard...), and a little stuffed frog (he aint no Kermit, be he is quite cool :)). Luckily I haven't ever been in a position that I actually really want something from one of those things, because of course I wouldn't be able to get it :)

  6. Traveling Matt New Member


    Same happens to me!

    - Billy :cool:
  7. Cantus Rock New Member

    I'm pretty sure that happens to everyone...I mean, if they had a Cantus plush or something, I'd blow an easy $15 with no luck. But when its a cheap plush frog, I spend 50 cents and win it on my first try. The way of the world I guess :)

  8. Traveling Matt New Member

    Yep....happens to me every time, no matter how simple!

    - Billy :cool:
  9. Cantus Rock New Member

    Yeah...the worst is when like the head is sticking out so perfectly, and you position properly, tapping either way ever so slightly to get the perfect spot, then you drop...and the *darn* thing doesn't close close enough so it gets dislodged, but doesn't come out...and that stupid voice (at least on the ones I know of) says "Don't give up, try again!" AAAAHHH!!! :D

  10. Traveling Matt New Member


    Good thing there's usually a lot of toys in there when I'm there. Otherwise, it'd be light enough for me to knock over in frustration! LOL

    - Billy :cool:
  11. Cantus Rock New Member

    Heh, yeah, I'm sure if there was a Cantus plush in there I'd just pry the glass open and take it. The I could tell Danny at TP about it and be in the running for the BOTMS DVDs!! Woooo! :D

  12. BlueFrackle Active Member


    my theory is every 10 or 20 or 30 goes it will grab tight and hold on.

    So you gotta put a certain amount of money before one plush comes out.

    I think it works like that, Anyway i won most of the Nanco line through those machines, I am addicted to em too.

    See ya
  13. Cantus Rock New Member

    I want the Namco plushes....why is it Floridian claw machines only have cheap stuffed junk?! Oh well like I said, better for me, now I don't have to shell out so much cash.

    Thats an interesting theory BlueFrackle, I'm sure its probably somewhat true also :)

  14. radionate New Member

    Believe it or not folks, most of these machines aren't rigged, its how the stuffed animals are packed in the machine. They are put in there in such a way that they get hooked on another animal and won't easily come out. The best way to beat the system is to work on them one animal at a time, once you get a few out, the tension lessons, and it's easier to pull them out.
  15. Traveling Matt New Member

    I had a feeling that was how it was done....all in the setup.

    Thanks, Nate, I'll keep that in mind :D

    - Billy :cool:
  16. radionate New Member

    Also another side note, oftentimes the corners are best to start getting plush.
  17. Traveling Matt New Member

    That I did know :)

    - Billy :cool:
  18. Cantus Rock New Member

    It seems like it would take a long time on the part of the people stocking the machines to place each toy just right so it is hard to jiggle out of place...but, it does make good sense. :)

  19. radionate New Member

    Nah, its not that hard or time consuming at all, you just have to know how to do it. THe tighter you crame them in, the harder it gets to pull one out. It's simple. You can do the same thing with stuffed animals when you move. To keep them from getting out of shape, clothes wrinkling etc. you just pack them together nicely, with the arms, legs, ears, etc in their natural positions. They don't shift and move in the box and stay nice.
  20. Cantus Rock New Member

    Oooh, I see what you mean. I thought you meant they sit there hooking the arms together and stuff like that. Yeah in that light its obvious the cram them in, because the plushes are always jammed tight up to the glass even..Those B*stards!


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