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Ideas for the upcoming Fox show

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by beaker, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Well, by the time the Very Muppet Xmas special comes out, certain people will have already gotten a taste as to how the new Fox show will be. However, in case anybody from JHC looks at this site, does anybody have any good ideas for the new show?(Without just saying its needs to be innovative)

    My ideas include:

    *An 'on the street' segment, perhaps like the Jay Walking segment on Leno, where Jay goes up to random people on the street and asks them questions. Pepe and Sal or Rizzo going up to people say in Time Square would be too much!

    *If youre familair with TRL on MTV, I think itd be neat if JHC could occupy a similair space for something. Not saying this would be part of the new show at all, but it would be interesting if the Muppets were on TRL in some sort of live capacity.

    *Hey, remember those big Bird in Asia specials? Maybe we can have a Where in the World is Beauregard, similair to the Matt Lauer segments on Today Show or that Biff guy from Letterman.
    It would be kind of akin to Uncle Matt's segments on FR.

    *Interesting guest stars. I know they might want to play it safe with Hollywood Square usuals, but I truly think the Muppets need some vision in this department. I wanna see guest stars like:
    Robin Williams, David Bowie, Al Roker, etc.

    *Crossover cameos. Has it really been over 2 decades since we saw non Muppet show characters on a Muppet show? With the exception of Elmo on the TMS live show, its high time we see some Sesame, Fr, or possibly BEAR(goelz' jack the dog?) cameos on a Muppet show!

    Well those are my five...anybody else have any more ideas?
  2. Stulz

    Stulz Well-Known Member

    possibe suggestions

    Music Videos.... I really liked it on MT when the Muppets "remade" classic music videos.
    Kermits Talking Heads- "Days' Go BY" was Perfect! Gonzo's "Dancin' With Myself" was ok ... but when they did it almost "weird" Al esque it was truly brilliant!

    A-List Guests... even the classic show had some b-listers .. but come on.. if you really want people to get into it they need "Tom Hank's" ya know? Possibilies include as previosly stated Tom Hanks, Aerosmoth, Dave Matthews, Al Pacino, Dennis Miller, Mike Myers, David Letterman.. Think Big!Thimk about it .. if you're not a "tonight show addict" when do you watch it? A: When YOUR favorite star is on....If you like the show and the characters you might stick with it.

    Use Different cameras and editing tricks... If you look at teh MT ep. w/ Gilbert Godfried when Kermit's outside his house it looks Dif. then the stuff shown in the "station" Use tricks to sprouse up the "LOOK"

    Above All.. Got to get Statler and Waldorf back in the game.. INTERACTING with the rest of the gang. Sure they're funny just being together but when they play off teh other charcters it's just a riot.. watch soem TMS eps where they interact w/ Fozzie onstage or a guest star , like Milton Berle... CLASSIC!

    I know I'll think of more... but that's it for now....

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