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if the gorgs had their own singing part in the theme...

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Redsonga, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Redsonga Active Member

    What do you think the lyrics might have been?
    I know they have a 'dum dee dum' version where they just repeat the chorus in the longer song but I was just thinking a line of their own might have fit just as well :).
  2. Quesal Active Member

    Well if they had their own verse kind of how the Doozers go, "Work Your Cares Away...?" hmmmm

    Maybe they'd sing..."Thump your cares away! Fraggles for another day! Let the music play, down at Kissing Rock!"
  3. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    "Planting food today! Keep those Fraggles away! Trash sadness away, down at Kissing Rock!"
  4. Quesal Active Member

    clever idea there, RedPiggy
  5. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, I laughed at the "thump your cares away" bit. However, the goal of the audience is to see that Junior's thumping is more of the "carried-away curious kid" thing than his Pa's "I'll get them varmints" thing. The problem with mentioning thumping in the lyrics is that it gives off a bad first impression.
  6. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    And little boys don't understand that keeping that frog in their pocket is harmful. That's why I said his issue is more the "carried-away curious kid" thing. However, bragging about thumping in the lyrics would give off the first impression that the Gorgs are evil, sadistic, cruel monsters. Wording it my way shows they're not all that thrilled with Fraggles, but they aren't bragging about killing them, either.
  7. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I'm must not be getting it. We're agreeing.
  8. Quesal Active Member

    Wow! I mention "thump"
    and look at the conversation I sparked up! LOL
  9. Quesal Active Member

    And they say conversation is a dying art!
  10. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    This is my impression of the conversation:

    1. I liked "thump your cares away" (really, I did).

    2. I thought it made the Gorgs sound like sadistic brutes and, while funny, isn't entirely accurate and gives a bad first impression. It makes it sound like their entire world revolves around thumping, when in reality they focus on deterring Fraggles from their garden. In terms of tone, there's a difference.

    3. I chose a lyric that involved a more complete "gist" of Gorgs (and added the word Trash because poor Marjory gets left out of the theme song).

    4. I explain my rationale.

    5. Wwfpooh pretty much says the same thing as I did, namely that Junior's reason differs from his parents'.

    6. I feel the implication is that I'm missing the point of thumping, even though I mentioned it specifically.

    7. We both continue to agree (though it sounds like a disagreement) ... and I can't figure out why we seem to be having an agreeable disagreement. I get thoroughly confused.

    8. I have a suspicion wwfpooh is trying to justify the thumping lyric as a part of Gorgish characterization. I now ask wwfpooh if that is the case.

    9. I patiently wait to see if I'm on target.
  11. Quesal Active Member

    Good point
  12. Redsonga Active Member

    The weird thing is from all those years ago when I first saw the show when I was 12..I don't have any memories if the 'thumping' part of the gorgs at all, just the songs and dances :3
  13. unclematt Active Member

    This is deep I am going to stay clear of this entire thread.
  14. Redsonga Active Member

    I don't see anything scary about it :confused: You can post here...I was asking everyone :)
  15. unclematt Active Member

    Fraggles for another day,down at Kissing Rock! Why cant I right this song?
  16. Quesal Active Member

    I don't remember the term thump either. I remember seeing episodes when I was younger, but my clearest memory of anything Fraggle Rock like was the Fraggle Rock Characters' appearances in A Muppet Family Christmas.
  17. unclematt Active Member

    Catch a Fraggle today, Planting for another day, Ooops, he got away, Down at Kissing Rock
  18. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    ROFL! That was great!
  19. Redsonga Active Member

    I can so see that being real:). Although, I think it would still be "down in Fraggle Rock" since the chorus is always sung by the fraggles..actually, I can see it being sung by Gobo as he falls back down to the pond "Down in fraaaggle *splash* rock!"
  20. RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Gobo singing as he falls down the well would be EPIC. LOL...

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