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If they could sing now...

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by bandit, May 11, 2012.

  1. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

  2. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    *lol* Okaaaaay.....Soooo...this would be the part where you would give that link to me so I could go check out your masterpiece.

    Though I'm gonna have to do that just a little later because I've got to take care of a couple of things offline for a bit. But....I shall return! And when I do....I'll definitely read that for you.
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  3. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Well-Known Member

    I don't know how to do a link but just search everybody has a song first and three seperate journeys next, I'm signing off, so see you!
  4. Plaid Fraggle

    Plaid Fraggle Well-Known Member

    You know, Bandit, you brought up Tegan and Sara earlier and you really got me thinking that a lot of their songs have a bit of a Fragglish quality about them :excited: Maybe because their lyrics are usually simple but pointed, and their melodies are INFECTIOUS!

    I could see all of 'em singin' this by one of my faves, Tilly and the Wall, a la "The Rock Goes On":

    Be a nice group number, dontcha think? :D
    GopherCoffee and bandit like this.
  5. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Ooo! Plaid! What excellent taste in music you have. Most people scratch their heads when I mention Tegan and Sara. "Who!?" THE WONDER twins, darn you!
    Anyway, I like this song! This has a real synthpoppy sound to it but I can feel the spunk emanating from it. I could see if they rearranged this a little and upped the energy level to Fragglish degrees, YES! After all, a Fraggle sing along just isn't a sing along until you hear a few dozen WOOHOO'S, WHOOPIES and muppets get hurled haphazzardly into the air in the background. That's what it's all about!
    (This song reminds me of if Little Boots and Ladytron merged for a piece.)
    GopherCoffee and Plaid Fraggle like this.
  6. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Also, what you said abot T&S is interesting because I've always felt the same way. T&S music is very direct and almost stripped down in a sense. Now, the Con and Sainthood especially are begin to show a slight departure from their indie roots. Sainthood in paritcular has a more experimental sound and feel and they toy around with different mediums. I've been saying for a while that Sainthood is probably their 'bridge album' between the Con and whatever the next evolution of T&S will be. Buuuuut I digress (I digress easily, especially when discussing music because I have a PASSION for music!)

    While we're on the subject of the 'wonder twins' how about Speak Slow or Floorplan? Maybe some of their earlier stuff works better but with a stretch of the imagination,it might work.
    The thing about a lot of these songs that could work is that themes may be a bit more mature and adult than would be highlighted on the show. These are concepts that, perhaps would not be geared towards that particular age group....STILL, the general feel and energy is right. I could see with some tweaking, a lot of these types of songs working for Fraggle Rock.

    Here's a fun one to imagine them all singing!


    Bwahahahahah! I love it!
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  7. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Of all people to say that.... :)
    GopherCoffee and Plaid Fraggle like this.
  8. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    PFFFSSS! I -too- have exemplary taste in music! Ya bum!
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  9. Plaid Fraggle

    Plaid Fraggle Well-Known Member

    Yes. Just yes!

    I NEVER heard that Missing Persons jazz before. What an awesomely hot mess! The lead singer's voice is SO Red, ha! :excited: She's got all the right squeaks and kind of a...rounded(?) quality to her voice, as well as the range.
    GopherCoffee and bandit like this.
  10. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Thats funny! WHen I posted this, I originally thought of Wembly but the aggression is definitely Red. Still, Steve Whitmire has such a great range that I can see him pulling something like this off.
    Then it his me this morning as I was reading your post....COTTERPIN! Of course! She's a go-getter like Red but talk about a squeaky voice! Kathryn Mullen has the ability to squeak out to a ridiculous pitch.
    Anyway, YES! Missing Person's is some kind of 80's deliciousness I can't quite put a finger on. 'Hot Mess' sounds about right. Hahaha! I will never forget the first time I heard this song. My friend and I were swimming and had the radio on and....the music starts up with that intense little guitar....and then the singing and the squeak came on and I about died mid lap. It was too ridiculous!

    If you think THAT is a laugh riot, just wait! I've got some others.

    THIS is a better known song with a hilariously laughable video. I don't know that any of our Fraggle 5 singing it but maybe a villain....A la Singing Cactus or Wander McMooch, maybe.

    Laugh! Go ahead. I think his dance makes him look like one of those wacky, waving inflatable, flailing arm tube man....but I love the song.
    Now doesn't this SCREAM 'BAD GUY' Come under my bizarre Culture-Clubbish thrall!
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  11. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Here's another nutter I love. Her pieces are very creative and just a little hostile sometimes but it almost never fails to entertain.
    How about this for another villain? (Pay particular attention to her background woman when they break it down. WHOA! Can she ever bellow. She reminds me of those little rock dudes that show up in some songs for background vocals)

    Em better lay off the whoopie water. THIS Is what happens if she continues (Be sure you keep watching to the end...Their props and use of them is just too priceless to miss.) Watch her background people's expressions too. Yikes hahaha! Em more growls than sings this one.

    "For this fine performance, I require a child's baby grand piano....a tea set....and a wheel chair. It shall be GLORIOUS!"

    Again.....villain screams out from this song. Bagoonie! lol Well...perhaps a Bagoonie on Bath Salts. Anyway, watch, especially, when she starts to use the wheelchair as a prop. It's like she is a 4 year old that doesn't know what she can keep doing to stay on mommy's camera. It's -BIZARRE!-

    But I love her. Em's a rare talent. A WEIRD talent, yes, but she's still got skill with the violin...and harpsichord and with never failing to make you go W-T-F?!

    "Are you suffering? Are you suffer-RRRRIIIIINNNG!?" Yes! But ...I....c-can't help myself.....I wanna....keep listening somehow....
  12. Plaid Fraggle

    Plaid Fraggle Well-Known Member

    Whoa. AND you like Emilie Autumn! :flirt: Just awesome. She is excellent, was one of my high school faves for sure. My favorite of hers is "Juliet"

    HAHAHAHAHA your imagination rocks my world, bandit. EA as Begoony xD I'll probably have some sort of awesome nightmare tonight :batty:
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  13. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Bwahahahahaha! Mission acccomplished. Bwahahahaha!

    Joking, joking, naturally.

    Oh yes! Emilie Autumn is fantastic. There are quite a number of her songs that I love. Dead is the New Alive, Swallow, The Art of Suicide and the ever cheeky, Thank God I'm Pretty! Oh! Marry me is funny too.

    I swear the woman is of her head but thank god for that. She's so much fun!
    Somehow....SOMEHOW I knew you might know her.
  14. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    There are countless Beatles songs that could work here as well. Beatles and McCartney alone....
    Can't you just see Mokey softly cooing..."When I find myself in times of trouble...Mother Marjory comes to me....speaking words of wisdom....Let it beeeeeee"

    But come ON, guys! How Fraggly is THIS?!

    Crazed cantina Fraggles!! Can't you just see them all bobbing around and singing this one? I can. *_*

    Also, I've been thinking...
    As much as she enrages me with her inane and dull as dirt, dumb as a box of rocks lyrics and style.....Colbie Caillat's 'Bubbly' is probably Fraggly too. It's probably the kind of Fraggly my Fast Forward button sees a lot of but....Fraggly still.
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  15. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Guess I'm talking to myself here but that's okay! Jump in whenever...or never! Hahaha...Anyway...

    HELP by the Beatles is just screaming to be covered by Red or Gobo or both! (And ot just because this is what I'm currently listening to/belting out.) Can you imagine a split screen of stubbornness and frustration montage with the two pitted against each other? Bwahah! Together or separately it works.

    Now Boober...He's dying to sing...Hide Your Love Away!
  16. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Gobo and Wembley SO need. Drive my Car duet. The others can jump in. Lol Wow...im on a Beatles kick!

    Ooo! Act Naturally was MADE for Gobo! Bwahaha...okok...Ill stop now.
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  17. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Well, I was planning to use one of the songs even they are so British and American 1960s on my fan-fic, but that would be hilarious and somber at the same time.

    Doing both of those would be kind of hilarious. Speaking of funny, good observation, bandit. I will see what I can do on my fan-fic, "Remembering Jim Henson" okay?
  18. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    I keep hearing about this allegedly epic fic but I haven't seen it as of yet. I haven't forgotten my promise though. ^.^

    Just remember! It's with a critical eye I see it. But I'm fair, I think.
  19. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Well, I know you are not a fan of fan-fics, but is it okay if I use some of youe silly suggestions on my fan-fic?
  20. bandit

    bandit Well-Known Member

    Well, SURE! Of course. I'd be really flattered that you did. ^_^

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