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I'll Always be Around

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Muppetgirl09, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    I'M BACK, YA'LL! I know I have been M.I.A for a little bit so let me tell you what this story is about!

    This is going to be different from my past works, so please keep that in mind. The story is about reconnected love of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy! I'm mixing MMW and Up Late with Miss Piggy(I'll try to). Well, let's get to it!

    Chapter one

    Nothing has been the same since their world tour, no doubt about that, but one thing never changed. What is that, you ask? Well, to start off, the Muppet gang never change. They're just the abnormal bunch of goofs that fans know and love. Up Late with Miss Piggy is rated the top show of 2017, and the star herself is the same swine, Miss Piggy.

    The blonde swine has never been the type to stop trying to make things work--well, after the situation with Kermit. After he had finally those three words that she was dying to hear, she doesn't know what to do about the relationship. Of course she loves him, she never stopped, but the question is whether or not he's really going to try this time.

    "Miss Piggy!" Fozzie bear calls for her from the stage. "Can you come here for a second?!"

    She sighs a tiring sigh. "Yes, I'll be there in a moment!" She stands up from her leather chair and begins to walk to the stage.

    "Hey, Piggy," Kermit says as he waves to her with a gentle smile. "Come over here for a minute."

    "I'm busy," she replies. "Fozzie wants me at the stage."

    "What for?"

    "He might have written some new jokes, but no one knows."

    The frog quips up. "I'll go with you! I love to hear jokes!"

    She gives a nod of agreement and continues to make her way to the stage. Kermit happens to be humming "Rainbow Connection" as they walk together. Finally, the reach to the stage for the needs or wants of Fozzie.

    "What is it, Fozzie?" The pig asks.

    "Well," Fozzie begins. "I'm curious to know if you're going to have guest hosts in the future."

    Piggy stares at him in discomfort. "Wait, what?"

    "Fozzie, buddy," Kermit says to the bear. "Piggy doesn't need guest host." He lets out a laugh. "She's already a star."

    Oh my gosh, what is he doing? Piggy thinks to herself.

    "Actually, Kermit, I was asking Piggy." The bear states. He turns to Piggy. "What do you think?"

    "Hmm," Piggy gives that proposal a little thought. "That may not be a terrible idea. Moi will think on that."

    "Thanks, Piggy," the bear says. "You're the best!" He walks away with a smile on his face.

    "Can I ask you something?" Kermit asks.

    Piggy looks at the frog as if she sees a ghost. His face is unexplainably off as he takes a deep breath."Sure, what is it?"

    "Is everything okay?" He finally asks. "I know you've had a hard time since the tour, and I know it was scary--"

    "Why are you bringing this up now?" She asks with concern.

    He pauses for a slight moment. "I just got off the phone with Walter a few hours ago, and the gulag has realised Constantine."

    "Are you sure he didn't escape?"

    "Pretty sure."

    "To answer your question, it's all good."

    He nods in some relief. "Okay, you go on home. I'll close up the studio." He hugs her. "I going to talk to Fozzie for a minute." He walks away from her, leaving her with questions of her own.
  2. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Chapter two

    Fozzie smiles a strange smile as Kermit walks to the bear. "Frog of my heart, can I help you?"

    "Actually," Kermit replies with a heavy sigh. If he doesn't ask now, he'll probably never will. "Did Piggy have a crush on Constantine while I was gone?"

    The bear tries to hide his smirk. "Listen, buddy, you and Piggy aren't together, and if she was to have a crush on him..." He pauses for a split moment to gather his thoughts."You can't stop that."

    "Just answer the question."

    The bear sighs as he's about to tell him a secret. "They had a moment."

    That strikes the frog's heart, but he's careful not to show it. "They're going to wind up together, aren't they?"

    The bear hugs the frog. "Kermit," he begins. "I don't think you should worry about it."

    The frog knows that his friend is right, but he still loves her. "I guess you're right, Fozzie."

    "She doesn't know?" Fozzie gets shocked by the assumption.

    "She knows," the frog replies. "I just don't know what to do or what to say."

    Fozzie sits the frog down. "I'm pretty sure this is more than the breakup."
    Scooter is never one to tell Piggy what to do, but this is important. "Piggy, I need you to come with me."

    Piggy looks at him as if she's frustrated. "To where, kid?"

    "The tavern-"

    "Aren't you a bit too young to be drinking at a bar?"

    "No, I am over the age."

    Piggy realizes that she can't get out of this one. She takes a deep and heavy sigh. "Okay, when?"


    "I'll cancel my date with Damon."

    He gives Piggy a hug. "I owe you one."

    "Don't forget that."

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