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"I'm The Baby" lyrics

Discussion in 'Family Worlds' started by Blue Weirdo, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Blue Weirdo

    Blue Weirdo Member

    I recently became an uncle and somehow while I was holding my nephew I suddnely remembered that there was an actual song sung by Baby Sinclair on Dinosaurs where he was singing and the chours consisted of hsi catchprhrase: "I'm the baby gotta love me..."

    Can someone provide me with all the lyrics?
  2. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    I'm the baby, gotta love me
    Big purple eyes, I'm very cuddly
    'Specially when I hit my daddy with a frying pan
    *WHACK* (Earl: "Fran!")

    I'm the baby, gotta love me
    First I whack you then you shove me
    Flying 'cross the room, I like it!

    Mama says it's too much sugar
    Daddy is all perplexed
    Gee, you never know what I'm gonna do next! (Earl: "FRAN!!!!")

    Wanna see me make a rocket?
    Watch me put her tail in a socket
    She lights up like a Christmas tree
    (Ethel: "Don't try this at home!")
    I'm the baby and you gotta love meeeeeeee


    I'm the baby, gotta love me
    Big purple eyes, I'm very cuddly
    Don't you think that every home should have one of me? (or three!)

    I said, jump on the bed, hit my daddy on the head
    Run around the house when they tell me not to
    I take every chance to make a poop in my pants
    But I'm the baby, and you got to

    I'm the baby, gotta love me
    Don't you wish there were more of me?
    Daddy, Mother, brother, sister
    I'm the greatest baby in prehistor'!
    I'm the baby and you gotta love
    I'm the baby and you gotta love
    I'm the baby and you gotta love me

    Gotta love me!

    Advice: If you end up getting the "Big Songs" album, then I suggest you only listen to this track. Most of the other tracks are pretty lame. The episodes are a much more fulfilling experience, and this album only screams out "tie-in" to a sickening extent because none of these songs were actually featured on the show (although they made a pretty good music video of "I'm the Baby" that aired after one episode).

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