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International SS Character Questions.

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by The Count, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi guys... Was checking out the international co-productions of Sesame Street over on Muppet Wica. Gathered everything up and I need your help in confirming:
    1 Are these characters' names correct?
    2 Did these characters actually appear/exist on their particular international SS versions, thus deserving to be added to the list?
    SS Brazil.
    Ana Maria, Juka's Cousin (Sonia Braga).
    Gabriela, Juka's Wife (Aracy Balabanian).
    Juca (Armando Bogus).
    Zé Das Latas.

    SS Canada.
    Dr. Bouzouki.
    Garth Burmengi.
    Gordon Brightfoot.
    Hana Gardener.
    Margaret Redwood.
    Peter Londonbridge.

    SS France (1 Rue Sésame).
    Toccata, should the entry be amended so that the character's full name is "Toccata the Albatross"?
    Trepido, should his full name be listed as "Trepido the Snail"?

    SS Germany.
    Bettina (Hildegard Krekel, Kirsten Spick).
    Caro (Caroline Kiesewetter, Miriam Krause).
    Is the name of the first actress correct? And did she portray the character before Miriam Krause?
    Elisabeth (Elisabeth Vitouch).
    Georg (Gernot Endemann).
    Henning (Henning Venske).
    Horst (Horst Janson).
    Ilse (Ilse Biberti).
    Jiviana (Vijak Bajani).
    Leonie Löwenherz.
    Lilo (Lieselotte Pulver).
    Manfred (Manfred Krug).
    Musiker Alex ( Alexander Geringas).
    Opa Brass (Ferdinand Dux).
    Pensionswirtin Helmi (Senta Bonneval).
    Ute (Ute Willing).
    Uwe (Uwe Friedrichsen).
    Zauberer PePe (Dirk Bach).
    Is this the character's complete name?
    Should there be two entries for "Finchon" seeing as how it was changed from a male snail to now a female snail?
    Should the entry for "Simpson, Samson's Cousin" remain as listed? Or should it be amended to "S-I-M-S-O-N", Samson's Cousin?
    Should the entry for "Super Grouch" remain as listed? Or should it be changed to "Übergrouch"?
    Should the entry for "Turbo Teo" remain as listed"? Or should it be changed to "Turbo Theo"?
    Should the entry for "Ully Von Bodefeld" remain as listed"? Or should it be amended to "Uli Von Bodefeld"?

    SS India.
    Basha Bhaijaan, (Human).
    Colonel Albert Pinto (Maxwell Pereira).
    Dawa Di, Basha Bhaijaan's Wife, (Human).
    Jugaadu, (Human).
    Kabir, Basha Bhaijaan's and Dawa Di’s Son, (Human).
    Rukmini Pinto, Colonel Albert Pinto's Wife aka Doctor Aunty, (Human).

    SS Israel.
    Gabi (Gabi Amrani).
    Makram (Makram Khuri).
    Yuska, Moishe Oofnik's Father.
    Should the entry for "Yona" remain as listed? Or should it be changed to "Grandma Yona"?

    SS Jordan.
    Jiddo Simsim (Issa Sweidan).

    SS Kuwait.

    SS Mexico.
    Ana (Rocio Ortiz).
    Fernando (Justo Martinez).
    Goyo (Raoul Rossi).
    Manuel (Charlie Santana).
    Miguel (Alejandro Ibarra).
    Was his full name listed in the show's credits? If so, was it "Alejandro A-l-e-x Ibarra? Or was it "Alejandro Á-l-e-x Ibarra"?
    Paula: (Rosalia Valdez).
    Pepe (Salvador Sanchez).
    Sandra (Ana Silvia Garza).
    Is this the character's correct name? Or is it "Silvia" as listed on www.imdb.com?
    Sebastian (Jaime Garza).
    Is this the character's correct name? Or is it "Jaime" as listed on www.imdb.com?
    Susana (Liza Echeverria).
    Is this the correct spelling of the actress's name? Or is it "E-C-H-U-E-R-R-I-A"?
    Teresa (Romelia Aguero).
    Should the entry for "Barón Púrpura" remain as listed? Or should it be amended to "El Barón Púrpura"?
    Should the entry for "Sr. Lechuga" remain as listed? Or should it be changed to "Señor Lechuga"?

    SS Netherlands.
    Annet (Annet van Heusden).
    Aunt Cornelia Coleta, Bert's Aunt.
    Buurman Baasje, (Human).
    Was he first portrayed by Aart Staarjis?
    Is the name of the actor who currently portrays this character Martin van Waardenberg? Or is it "Uaardenberg"?
    Esther (Esther Prins).
    Frank's Grandma (Joekie Broedelet).
    Gerard (Gerard Kuster).
    Hakim, (Human).
    Is the name of the actor who portrays this character Hakim Traïda? Or is it "Traidia"?
    Joyce (Joyce Clemens).
    Lex (Lex Goudsmit).
    Magda, Piet's Sister (Mieke Verstraete).
    Meener Aart, is this the complete name for the character I have listed as simply "Aart" portrayed by Aart Staarjis?
    Mick, (Human).
    Mr. Brouwer (Alexander Pola), from SS Netherlands Pilot Episode/Special.
    Mrs. Karperzooi.
    Nicole (Nicole Barbiers), from SS Netherlands Pilot Episode/Special.
    Paula, (Human).
    Is the name of the actress who portrayed this character Paula Sleijp? Or is it "Sleyp"?
    Piet (Piet Hendriks).
    Rachid, (Human).
    Rudy (Rudy Kühn).
    Ruud (Ruud Jans), from SS Netherlands Pilot Episode/Special.
    Saskia (Saskia van Schaik), from SS Netherlands Pilot Episode/Special.
    Sinterklaas (Adrie van Oorschot), Bram van der Vlugt).
    Uncle Rudolf, Bert's Uncle.

    SS Norway.
    Should the entry for "Bjarn" remain as listed? Or should it be amended to "Bjarne Betjent"?
    Should the entry for "Leonora Dortothea Dal" remain as listed? Or should it be amended to "Leonora Dorothea Dahl"?
    Should the entry for "O. Tiedemann" remain as listed? Or should it be amended to "Stasjonsmester O. Tidemann"?

    SS Philippines.
    Irma Daldal.
    Kapitan Basa.
    Koko or Koko Kwik-Kwak, what is this character's complete name?
    Manang Bola.
    Noli de Kasyo.
    Sultan Parachibum.

    SS Poland.
    Should the entry for "Beata" remain as listed? Or should it be amended to "Beata the Lamb"?

    SS Portugal.

    SS South Africa.
    Dimpho, (Human).
    Dumisani, Salie's and Dimpho's Son, (Human).
    Moona, (Human).
    Nkgono,, (Human).
    O'm Karl, (Human).
    Salie, (Human).
    Thando, (Human).
    Tshidi, Salie's and Dimpho's Daughter, (Human).
    Yusuf, (Human).

    SS Spain.
    Adela (Conchita Goyanes).
    Ana (Isabel Castro).
    Antonio (José Enrique Camacho).
    Chema (Juan R. Sánchez).
    Cristina (Cristina de la Asunción Higueras,).
    Desi (Toni Sevilla).
    Jesús (Jesús Ruyman).
    Julián (José Riesgo).
    Matilde, Antonio's Wife (Mari Luz Olier).
    Petri (Petra Martínez).
    Roberto, Antonio's and Matilde's Son (Roberto Mayor).
    Ruth, Antonio's and Matilde's Daughter (Ruth Gabriel).
    Susana (Susana Osuna).
    Should the entry for "Caracol Perezjil" be left as is, or amended to just simply "Perezjil"?
    Should the entry for "Gallina Capinata" be left as is, or amended to just "Capinada"?

    SS Sweden (Svenska Sesam).
    Ärtan (Susanne Lundqvist).
    Dirren, should "the Theater Manager" be added as part of the character's full name? (Magnus Härenstam).
    Gladys Besk (Meta Velander).
    Holger Holm (Peter Flack).
    Millejor (Lill Lindfors).
    Mozart Gustafson (Andreas Ekdahl).
    Pompom, should "the Janitor" be added as part of the character's full name? (Nils Eklund).
    Primadonnan, should "the Diva" be added as part of the character's full name? (Gunilla Åkesson).
    Sammy Karlson Junior (Svante Thuresson).
    Sotén (Olof Thunberg).

    SS Turkey.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon, have a good day.
  2. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan New Member

    Poupas should be added, as well as Caponata, Perezgil, Yuska, Trepido, and Ze Das Latas.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks... But, me thinks you might've missed something.
    There are already entries in the list for "Caracol Perezjil" and "Gallina Capinata".
    The question is if those entries should remain as listed... Or if they should be amended to just "Perezjil" and "Capinata" respectively, based on someone who has access to the show's episodes where both appeared in order to answer these questions.

    Also hoping others will see this and reply, helping me to sort/add everything that should be added to the Muppet Listings.
  4. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Active Member

    Ok Since I added these to the wiki I can clear a few things up for you. Some of the names of these characters ain't really a name as such but more sort of a description of their job. "Dirren" is the short for "direktören" and that would equal the english word "Manager" and since he is the one that calls the shots in the theater his job would be "Theater Manager" "Primadonnan" would translate into "The Diva" if you translate the name into english. "Pompom" is just a name it dont mean janitor but thats his function in the theater, actually one of his functions. You should disregard the things in () since I've just used that to tell the users of wiki what the characters jobs is. It has nothing to do with the names. You can get a family member to watch the intros I uploaded to yourtube where the characters has the names mentioned http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbm0q4Cg-Dk
    If you should decide to add the job descriptions to the name you should use all of pompom's jobs, so the name would be something like this "Pompom the janitor, the driver, the special effect man, the scientist, the stage hand" and that don't really seems right to have such a name, do it ?

    Change them all. however about Tidemann. He is never mentioned as "Stasjonsmester O. Tidemann" when the regular characters speak to him, "Stasjonsmester" is his title/job description again it's up to you if you want to use job titels as a name.

    about "Super Grouch" if I remember correct Dean made that change to the wiki. I have no clue where he has that from since in the episode I have he is called super grouch the word übergrouch have never been mentioned in that episode. It could have been mentioned in another episode if the character has been used more than once.

    Hope it makes sence Count, if you are in doubt just mail me :) don't PM me...I never really login on MC anymore.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks DK. Problem with youtube is I don't have the program to watch it, and I get lost with the huge volume of links just for one clip.
    Will just use job titles then for the ones you pointed out.
    So I guess I'm asking what would O. Tiedemann's job be?
    Sorry for using the entry I have, don't have access to the correct spelling here at the university campus.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Oh, and if you can help with the rest... Or if anybody else out there can help out with the rest of the entries here, that'd be great.

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