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Irish rodents - cheese song

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by dannyboat, May 29, 2002.

  1. dannyboat

    dannyboat New Member

    I am a new to the muppet forum. Indeed I very new to any forum – haven’t done anything like this ever before.
    I am wondering if any of you know where I might get a copy of the ‘cheese song’ by the ‘irish rodents’. It is funny and sad and all in all very wonderful.
    Hope someone can help!
    Best wishes,
  2. Blind Pew

    Blind Pew New Member

    What is the cheese song from? Tv/movie?
  3. dannyboat

    dannyboat New Member

    Hi blind pew,

    Thank you very much for showing an interest in my quest. The song was featured in the new series of the Muppets.

    The show is summarised at http://tbrowne.best.vwh.net/MuppetsTonight/CindCraw.html

    as you can see it featured Cindy Crawford!

    I don't think the song is featured on any Muppet album so probably I am looking for someone who recorded it and has made some sort of digital version of it.


  4. Blind Pew

    Blind Pew New Member

    I just read the summary. They jumped into fondu pots! How horrible! :) I can't say I have seen it but my suggestion is to ask Phillip Chapman.

    He found me the picture of Blind Pew. (I thought I looked everywhere for it and I was ready to give up.) He is a wonderful wealth of information.

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