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Jackie's going to Mexico!

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Jackie, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

    Hey all! I just wanted to let anyone know who cares that I will be leaving to go on a cruise to Mexico on Friday and I won't be back until July 8th! If anyone needs to get in touch with me you should do it by tomorrow because I will not have internet axcess for 10 days! eeeek! What am I gonna do!

    If you have something to tell me feel free to send me emails because with my Dad's cell phone I may be able to check emails when we are in port :). I'm gonna miss you guys! I'm going to miss Joe the most so if any of you guys are on AIM give him an IM and remind him I love him, okay? LOL!

    If Muppetfest II is announced for muppet's sake send me an email! LOL!!

    I'll make sure to send lots of postcards! "Dear MC person....the other dayeeeeee" hehe!

    See ya all in 10 days!
  2. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    *sniff * :(

    You're leaving me... again? I mean Joggy makes a great Vice-Jackie and all, but he's not a real Jackie (besides, he tries to avoid all conversations about Bill)...

    I expect postcards from you! (and I'm sure that when you come home you'll have a mountain of postcards from me "Dear The Jackie, the other dayeeeeeee, you left. When will you be back?")...

    Where'd that Vice-Jackie get to?
  3. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    Oh yeah, have fun too!


  4. Yay! 10 days with no potential boycott! :D
  5. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry New Member

    What are we going to do with all the extra muffens now? Or am I getting you and Emmy mixed up? Where's my medicin
  6. matleo

    matleo Active Member

    Have fnu jackie,
    Me and Pezbalubah will see you at the TGIFriday's after you get back. make sure to bring lotsa pics to dinner of Mehico. I want to hear all about it? enjoy!!

  7. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Have fun Jackie, and don't drink the water!
  8. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Hey Jackie,

    Have fun on the cruise and for frogs sake, if the boat starts sinking make sure you throw old people overboard to maintain a decent level above water.

    Shame the Muppet bikini line isn't out yet eh ?
  9. Pack up them Minute Maid Juice Bars! :D
  10. radionate

    radionate New Member

    And remember, don't eat the worm!
  11. But eat somethin'! I'm sure if you say "El somethin'-o" you can find somethin' to snack on! :D
  12. radionate

    radionate New Member

    Or better yet, "Yo 'Kero' Taco Bell" (that's spelled pho-net-ick-lee)
  13. Oh, Jackie knows what to eat...LOL! :D
  14. FER SURE

    FER SURE Member

    Happy sailing Jackie! If the boat does sink grab onto a couple of the stowaway rats. Rats can tread water for 3 days! Horray for me, I have incorporated usless fact of the day into a conversation.
  15. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

    Have fun Jackie! We'll miss you too. :( Do they have muffins in Mexico?
  16. What a great song title that is!! :D
  17. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    Wow, Jackie gets to be a real pretend pirate on a boat.

    I wonder if she can get people to start singing "Cabin Fever"...

    (if I had any good money)
  19. Smig

    Smig New Member

    Jackie will be out of the country.. now Bill Baretta can breathe easier..

  20. Lol, but only somewhat---remember, EMMY still dwells with the hills of Ohio! :eek:

    *GULP* (for Bill)

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