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Jailhouse Rock!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by BeakerSqueedom, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. BeakerSqueedom Active Member


    She cried struggling against a bulky police officer. Questions flooded endlessley through her mind as she was confronted by the press and unwelcoming wails sounding from the parked police cars. Miss Piggy glared at the cameras "Back off Buster!" She yelled "Moi has been framed!" Her blonde hair was tangled from squirming so much and her arms were bruised from 'police care'. Flashing lights were blinding her immensley creating a pop-to-the-nerve sort of feeling. Kermit had rushed out of his car as he saw his love being taken away "Piggy?" He cried gasping at the sight before him "How did this happen?" He asked. Everything was going so fast why was this happening? Piggy was to answer but was stuffed brutally into the car while reporters felt their heart swell with joy for the hope that this story would get them up the rank. Piggy pressed her hand against the window "Kermie!" she sniffled "I did not do it!" She cried. Kermit looked into her eyes worriedly before looking to the man who slipped into the front seat. "Wait! Wait!" He yelled. Of course it was too late as the car slid away like an endless dream that turned into an utter nightmare. "Piggy!" Was all she heard for the last time and at this point all she could do was just sob behind her gloved hands.

    Usually my stories are not so rushed but understand that I am in College so yes heeheee. XD
  2. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Whoa! This is good! It's so descriptive! I want to know what they are putting her in jail for! Will Kermit be able to get her out? Oh, please post more, this is great!
  3. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    OOH! Oh WOW! What a start! So... WOW! More please!
  4. The Count Moderator

    Hmmm... OK, I'm interested to see where this leads. To the police station and eventual jailhouse of course... But you know I crave more story.

    Oh, and now that you've started, beware that rare species of living beings known as "naggers". They constantly devour fanfic and must have more to satiate their constant hunger. Various tools are used to achieve that which they desire, from wooden poking sticks to galvanized barrels that fire baked goods and the occasional Antarctic water foul.
  5. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Oh snap!

    Kermit saw the car drift away soon to disappear from his sight. The only thing left of his dear friend was her Channel labeled high-heel shoe.Slowly, did he pick it up.Not noticing other reporters crowding around him he simply could not help but feel at loss. Perhaps he did know they were there and if he did--they would be but mere shadows to him.Everything at this point had frozen and if time were merciful it was now.All he really was doing was processing the events that just took place though it would all come down to disbelief once more. A few minutes later reality hit him or--tackled him down with rushed questions from what seemed millions. "Oof!" Kermit fell to the floor just noticing that he himself had problems of his own.

    "Mr. The Frog, how do you feel of Miss Piggy going to jail?"

    "Kermit! Kermit! How long will she last in there?"

    "A visit gone rotten...how does this affect you?"

    "Miss Piggy the next Paris Hilton?"

    Kermit scrunched up his face at the fourth question "Unlikley now if you will excuse me I must get back to my-"

    "Wait wait! Mr. Kermit! Will you still stay with Piggy even after having murdered Mr. Jean-Paul?"

    This got his attention and certainly stopped at the mid of opening the car door.

    Wait. Think. Realize.

    "Piggy did what?"


    "Moi did what again?"

    The police station was slightly far from her home so this would give her some needed time to explain things "Look I did not murder the guy!" The angered porcine yelled rubbing her arms softly. They were still tender so you could only imagine the brute strength the man used on our beloved Miss Piggy "I deserve a trial just like any other person even though," She paused with a sultry look in her eyes "moi is only the most beautiful celebrity pig in the world..ahaha." She said melting into her own flattery. As she said this she posed with fluttering eyelashes. Her temporary moment of egoism cracked into pieces as she grew rather mad at the fact that the man had ignored her so bluntly "Back to the subject you idiot. Moi wants a trial! Got it?" The man looked to her for only a quick second "There's already proof that you murdered him." was all he mentioned.


    Over boiling point. Compose self. Ah nevermind...rationality shut down.

    "I'll show you proof!"

    She lunged herself at him making him lose control over the car and crashing straight to a nearby bush. Her cuffed hands were slapping him about until a growl came from the overgrown man creating a sense of fear into her. "Ahaha!...you-you have such pretty eyes..." she commented sheepishly. A minute later the police man opened the door dragging the whimpering Piggy behind him. To her dismay the police station was right in front of her waiting to throw her behind bars. "Please please..I am innocent!" she begged showing dignity to the door. The day was most unkind to her as later that day she had been sentenced five more years in prison. Which meant twenty-five years in total.


    Notes: I am getting the feeling I am rushing. I wonder if it's because I forgot how it was to truly begin from what I had planned. XD I feel happy for the comments though. I feel VERY happy and shocked.


    RedBooberGirl: Really? THANKS! :D I was thinking I was too general! <3

    Prawn: Oh wow! I am glad you enjoyed it! Personally I thought my grammar and writing was kind of crude but I feel way better now and less ashamed.

    Count: <3 LOL! I fear those wonderful naggers but I shall do my best to keep active to avoid that. XD heeheee!
  6. The Count Moderator

    Mmm... So now we know what Piggy did, or is being claimed to have done.
    Murder most foul.

    What, she murdered a chicken?
    Please post more as it's starting to get intriguing.
  7. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    MMMM! PIGGY! Get her OUT of there Kermit! This is SO good, I really like the format you're using, great job! More please! :D
  8. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Oh my! A murder? Surely our diva did not commit such a crime! I love the line the reporter asking "Is Miss Piggy going to be the next Paris Hilton" Way to use current events! Awesome!
  9. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh it is very exciting to be sure, but it could use a bit of tweaking. First, on the posative, let me say that I just love the way you are describing what is going on in Piggy and Kermit's heads with their emotions!
    The biggest corection I would make is to fix the quotations to make them more gramatically corect. This may seem like knitpicking, but I believe it just makes it flow more naturally, especially when you have a screenreader reading it to you exactly how it is written. Ed, any oppinions on this?
    Yes, it may be a bit rushed in general, but definately not as far as the plot is concerned; it is brilliant!
    You take college classes? Are they a supliment to high school or something?
    Other than that, all I have to say is:

    More please!
  10. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Thank you. I am aware of the flaws. I type pretty fast and do not realize my errors until I post it. XD I do take classes in college...maybe I should explain briefly why I am even there at this 'young' age--where to start where to start.


    Got it.

    I got into a program not too long ago which is called G.E.D so in this program I must gain my highschool diploma through tests and stuff. I did not drop out because I disliked school...contrary! I simply found a much faster route and so here I am at Miami-Dade College.

    It was a good two month thing.

    School is nearly off! XD

    Sorry :p.

    That's all.

    Brief and simple.

    OH! I am aware of my ill grammar usage since--I actually have some trouble with it considering I have rather insufficient knowledge or perhaps I do but it seems all mixed up. XD I sound ignorant don't I? :confused: erhem. I cannot go into so much detail of why my english is bad as it is something personal.

    Geez. I sound so serious! XD

    It was a miracle how I got through the language section in the T.A.B.E test. XD

    That would explain some things.

    The rushing--there is a decent explanation with this one!

    I have not written a story in such a long time. I am just warming up but am at utter loss despite the fact of it being thoroughly planned *Is a neat person* but I guess it's because I am just a little rusty in story writing.
  11. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Thank you for reviewing FraggleMuppet! :D
  12. BeakerSqueedom Active Member


    Stuck in a surprisingly spacious cell, Piggy was clad in orange coloured clothes to what seemed fit for a broken prisoner but what was to be even more depressing were those gray walls flawed by old pealing paint and a couple of inappropiate graffiti that the Claudia will not specify. She looked down at her clothes and sighed "This wardrobe stinks!" Exclaimed the Diva wildly as if she were wearing a Barney suit for some birthday kids down at a park. "Where do I get some decent clothes around here?" Her blue eyes searched other cells but stopped upon one that contained a sobbing Paris Hilton. A frown crossed her lips "Sheesh your crying because your gonna be here for a month?...figures." said Piggy with a roll of her blue eyes. "I'm gonna be here for twenty-five years princess!" She cried tugging on the bars madly. The skinny celebrity simply giggled at her "Like oh my gosh like that's bad. It wont do for your figure if you can't excercise as much." commented the blonde making Piggy fire up "I have more figure than you'll ever have! Hmph!"

    Paris looked to the wall and continued to cry. Piggy's anger soon melted away by a most soothing singing voice "Make the world go away...take it off my shoulders...Hmmmhmmmm" Peering through the bars, she spotted nothing. Nothing at all. Her heart broke at the thought of Kermit not coming but her hopes were high at the thought of him coming to see her and take her out of this dump. The jailhouse was cold, dirty and even smelly. These conditions were not fit for a high profile celebrity pig though she knew very well the truth would show up--it worked for Michael Jackson so why not her? Piggy shivered to the unjust tempature in the cell. The penguins would of loved it here thought Miss Piggy giving a touch of dry humor to add to her rotten day. "Kermie..." she said sadly looking to her heartshaped locket that contained a picture of her lovable frog getting his oscar from Conan O' Brian. For some reason she showed great dislike for him but then again--he did make fun of her Kermit which was precisley why he got a kick from her when she recieved her Oscar. Her ears twitched at the sound of her frog declaring to see her. Her heart skipped a few beats at the sound "Oh Kermie!" Her voice echoed through the cell mournfully. Some cat calls were thrown to her to phase her but of course she stood strong.

    "I must see Miss Piggy this instant!"

    "I'm sorry Mr. Kermit but no visitors today."

    "But it's only the afternoon."

    "I said no."



    "But-but-but please..just a few minutes just to see if she is alright?"


    Had to be paused since I am to go to sleep. XD

    Wish I could use Microsoft word for these things but if I did that...little numbers would appear. I mean :confused: look at that story I made--back tracked something....it was actually longer and twice as correct. XD LOL!
  13. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    *bounces!* Wow! I love it! Piggy is SO awesome, but the part that caught me was SHE WON AN OSCAR! Oh how lovely! And Conan O'Brian! Love it! Awesome! More please!
  14. The Count Moderator

    Well... There are parts when reading that you think it could use something to stop and give proper reading warnings. But after my five years of forum interaction, I've gotten used to this as much as I've gotten used to other peoples' styles of writing.

    It's a good story Claudia. And I applaud you for the continued effort. Very much liked the prison scene and hated that the guard wouldn't let Kermit see her. Please, post more when you can.
  15. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I am still enjoying this Claudia, especially the scene with Paris. That's exactly how Piggy would've handled it, it was excellent.
  16. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Thank you everyone. I will give more decent chapters to come as I think I've found a solution. :)

    That is very sweet RBG <3

    XD I love you guys.


    Back to work. XD
  17. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, and I still do love this story, (loved this last chapter!); I just thaught I'd give my honest and constructive oppinion. MSWord would probably work; you just might have to go over it later and delete the numbers manually, but being your chapters are so short that shouldn't really be a problem. After that, perhaps you could send them to someone else and have them beta the segments for you? I'd even be willing to do it if you wanted!
    :) You say you have a sollution though, so I can't wait to see it!

    More please!
  18. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Thanks again! :D I was happy someone told me what I needed fixing on. That tells me that my stories need to be of the highest quality and that's what I strive for. :D Thank you for the pointers Fraggle <3.
  19. BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    We've been framed.

    The woman sighed sympathetically “No, if I could I would but just between you and me—I don’t want to lose my job.” She said looking at him with a bit of a frown. Kermit felt a little heartbroken but understanding all at the same time. “Well, could you just check on her for me?" He requested smiling wryly; he heard her faintly call to him. The chubby woman nodded reflecting his sadness “Sure.” He slowly walked to the exit expecting paparazzi to blind him with cameras. He was right, they were hounding him with blinding shots that would make anyone flail back. His head hung in apathy not really caring for them at the moment. “This’ll make top news!" Squealed a high pitched pimply faced youth who appeared to be a novice in his snapshot career. This made Kermit a little irked but he had to refrain from screaming or flailing his arms or it’d give the rest of those irritating gossip addicts something even better to talk about. He began to think of all the possibilities “Frog gone mad that his crush, Piggy, has gone to jail” or “Frog was devastated and decided to attack the people” they never really told the truth and he knew that because he had friends who had been maliciously rumored about things that were not true. He had to admit, they were very imaginative but in all the wrong ways.

    He climbed into his car quietly and started the vehicle. It growled at the men as they climbed over it. Kermit sighed beeping at them to get out of the way “Will you move please?" He asked through his open window. The only response was the hissing and snapping of the cameras “Ok.” He said almost conservatively. A few minutes later, the car broke through the crowd in an unlawful speed, this frog was cranky. Perhaps this sudden rush of anger was influenced by Piggy. “Moi will not--" He scrunched up his face as he said this. “I mean, I will not tolerate it!" He frowned some more “The others will have to know…” He stated, realizing that this would pose as another problem. “Oh Piggy…” He looked to an old picture of her clad in a white dress on a bed trying to kiss him while he stood struggling to get away from her affectionate kisses and cuddles. He felt foolish that he did that, she was the most beautiful pig in the world and he had rejected her so many times it….seemed to make him feel like he was the criminal.

    “You saw moi’s frog didn’t you?" Piggy said out of the blue to the round woman who seemed uncomfortable “Yah I did." She looked to her “he was worried and asked that I check up on you every now and then.” Piggy’s eyes shone with happiness “Oh really?" She squealed repeatedly like a teenager being offered a box of chocolates from her sweetheart. “Yes.” The police woman nodded slowly trying to stop a smile that threatened to reach her lips. Piggy composed herself “Of course Moi’s frog was," the pig said trying to compose herself “why wouldn’t he?" Paris snickered on the other cell sending Piggy on a rampage. She struck a sensitive nerve but boy she’d get her back when she was out of her own cell. Piggy’s mind wandered to Kermit as the lady walked away. Piggy heard another snicker from the stick celebrity “Shut your trap Hilton!" Piggy yelled absentmindedly throwing a roach at her.


    The porcine heard people coming their way
    and their footsteps were not sounding very good. The two girls stood awfully quiet in their cells feeling a fearful atmosphere crawl in. It was so quiet, they could hear the water dripping from a moldy faucet. “In you go.” Sneered a guard, who was opening her cell. she shook violently until he pushed in a familiar face...though Piggy was already in the corner pressing her knee against her chest with shut tight eyes so we could only assume she really did not see him “Ouch watch the hair Joe, it ain’t easy fixin’ it up.” Scolded her new cell mate agitatedly while smoothing his gorgeous white streaked hair; Piggy’s ears perked up at the familiarity of the voice but of course she would not lift her head for anything right now. The man’s eyes looked to the curled up figure lingering in the corner. “Hmm?" He questioned taking a look at her body shape. Who else had such a voluptuously glass hour figure and that gorgeous curly hair. “He-he-hey…it’s you!" He cried “Sweetheart don’t be scared ok baby?" He said rushing to her side and giving her arm a comforting rub. Piggy’s eyes flashed at him and before you knew it—the guy was flying. It took her a few minutes to realize just who she hit and once it hit her she immediately rushed to his side.

  20. The Count Moderator

    Oh, an update! So much intrigue... Love how Kermit's trying to deal with the gossip mongers. And the scene at the jail cell was great, especially Piggy getting back at Paris.
    But who's this Johnny? And who's the pig's new cellmate?
    We need to know, post more please!

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