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Kelly's Fic Timeline

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    This is a timeline to most of my fics, as they all belong in the same universe, namely mine. This contains spoilers, not to everything, but to major plot points. This is the result of a lot of fact-checking from Muppet Wiki's Fraggle History to movie release dates to the DVD box sets themselves. The only fics that I don't really use are "The Weapon", "The Mammals and the Cook" (though it would take place in 60,000,003BC, it's just a fable and unnecessary), "The Baby Fraggle" (because I don't know how old Fraggles are), and "After the Concert" (which takes place after the "Earl and Pearl" episode). I do make use of "The Announcement", however, as well as the obvious "Comeback King Saga", "The Elder Clan Adventures", "The Mighty Megalosaurus" ... I think that's it. No, I forgot "Fridge Day."

    Feel free to write fics in this universe, but be kind and cite it. I don't mind sharing. :excited:

    The timeline

    60,000,046BC: Amir, Earl and Pearl's true father, dies when killed by his wife Cayla's boyfriend. Earl and Pearl are born from the same egg.

    60,000,041BC: Fran Phillips is born to Louie and Ethyl Phillips, both successful business dinosaurs.

    60,000,040BC: Earl and Pearl start to show an interest in entertainment, which disgusts their current father, Dominic, who believes the wild ways of his ancestors is the only correct way.

    60,000,033BC: Dominic tries to make a hunter out of Earl. Earl is a good student but is picked on by others, who resent his intelligence. Later in the year, Pearl starts showing an interest in wooing males and Roy appears, being teased for having short arms. Earl saves Roy from being beaten and they become friends, but Earl's IQ takes a dip due to the beating he received by an angry jock.

    60,000,031BC: Roy's long-necked girlfriend dies and he runs off.

    60,000,030BC: Pearl gets interested in four-footers like Willie. Dominic can't stand it and Pearl threatens to leave. Earl starts lifting weights to woo females and become strong enough to topple his father as allowed by the Code of the Wilderness. Stan challenges Louie Phillips, but gets injured, forcing Earl to rethink his plan.

    60,000,029BC: Cayla becomes ill. Dominic leaves because he doesn't want to take care of her. Earl tries to stop him, but Dominic leaves anyway. Earl returns and tells his mother and Pearl that Dominic was killed to spare their feelings. Earl leaves school to take care of his mother. Pearl starts staying away more, but tries to support her family with her singing.

    60,000,026BC: Fran (15) dates a T-Rex (I made this one up, as she never mentions when). Earl goes to work as a janitor at Bob LaBrea High School. Fran finds Earl attractive, but her friends try to dissuade her from going out with him. Ethyl REALLY hates the idea.

    60,000,023BC: Pearl finally leaves with Buttons the rodeo clown. Earl joins Wesayso. Earl breaks his wrist at the high school gym while Fran is playing tennis. She tends to him. Earl finally gets the courage to ask Fran out, then proposes. Dominic returns just before the wedding and gives Earl hurling day gloves and leaves again. Fran and Earl get married.

    60,000,018BC: Pearl returns just long enough to meet Fran and then disappears again to continue her career.

    60,000,017BC: Robert Mark Sinclair is born.

    60,000,015BC: Charlene Sinclair is born.

    Unknown: Events of The Dark Crystal.

    60,000,004BC: Baby Sinclair is born (assumed, since he turns 1 supposedly during 60,000,003BC).

    60,000,001BC: The Fridge Critters rebel on Fridge Day. The Scavenger Pack decide to invent a new holiday since they don't have families to celebrate. Monica and Roy seem to come together. Robbie Sinclair gets a video camera.

    60,000,000BC: Wesayso destroys Pangaea. Wendy Richfield runs away from her father, B. P. Monica breaks up with Roy for the last time and leaves the neighborhood. Earl and Fran reluctantly decide to send the children off to Sinclair City in the hopes it is still lush. The Sinclair children meet up with the Scavenger Pack and the Howlin' J band. They meet the Monster Under the Bed and Baby and the Band unwittingly kill the subterranean Weeba beast. They find Wendy Richfield, who's being pursued by Wesayso. Eventually, all of them end up at Sinclair City. The Sinclairs, the Scavenger Pack, and the
    Howlin' J Band ally with the native cavepeople. Baby is haunted by an image of his father, but it turns out to be Pearl Sinclair. Charlene starts to get a crush on Crazy Lou of the Scavengers. Ethyl, Fran, and Earl pass away from the cold.

    59,999,999BC: Mizumi, a water elemental, appears in Pangaea thanks to the magic of Fraggle Rock.

    59,999,998BC: Baby Sinclair dies.

    59,999,996BC: Mizumi manipulates Robbie Sinclair into becoming Chief Elder, bewitches the surviving dinosaurs, and transports "New Pangaea" to the year 2009AD.

    11,900BC (give or take): Jareth becomes King of the Universe.

    10,000BC: Jareth gives his crown to the first Gorg King.

    699AD: Jareth becomes Goblin King. The Labyrinth is created soon afterwards. The first Fraggle Minstrel appears.

    1001AD: Pa Gorg is born.

    1245AD: Pa Gorg becomes King. In my fic, Pa discovers the Garden of Eden, which becomes what we know as the Gorg Kingdom of Fraggle Rock.

    1474AD: Pa marries Ma Gorg.

    1510AD: Princess Gwenalot of Fraggle Rock discovers weapons when she is kidnapped. Crooner, a sacred Minstrel, tries to woo her, causing indignation amongst other Fraggles. Fishface of the Great Hall ("Great Hole" in his dialect) threatens mutiny. Princess Gwenalot meets Blundig, Roughchin, and No-Neck. Fishface momentarily allies with Princess Gwenalot to battle the Mean Genie. Princess Gwenalot's magic mirror goes missing. Princess Gwenalot starts to delegate authority between Blundig and Fishface. A mud explosion causes an unnaturally warm winter and the Great Freeze is delayed. Blundig leaves temporarily.

    1511AD: Sir Blunderbrain gets trapped in the Terrible Tunnel. Princess Gwenalot battles the Blue Dragon with Blundig's help. Blundig says she's going away for good. Tensions rise due to Fishface's ambition. "Blundig" (Mokey) returns, only to disappear (back to the future). Fraggle Rock undergoes the Fraggle War. Fraggles split up between Fraggle Rock and Fraggle Cave for good. Princess Gwenalot mistakenly ends up in Germany. Upon returning, Princess Gwenalot attempts to solve the mystery of the Blue Rock. Junior Gorg is born.

    1986AD: Events of Labyrinth.

    1999AD: Events of Return to Labyrinth.

    2008AD: Sarah Williams and Jenny (from Muppets Take Manhattan) begin planning a broadway version of Jareth's early years. Marjory the Trash Heap foretells great woe regarding the lost Gorg crown.

    2010AD: Mokey Fraggle, having been acting strange for nine years, learns something bad will happen to Fraggle Rock. Mizumi, having been defeated in Return to Labyrinth (assumed as of time of my fic), plots revenge. Sarah and Jenny discover a beat up old crown in their theater.

    2011AD: Opening night of the Broadway version of the story of Sir Hubris (Jareth). Mizumi orders Wander McMooch to kill Marjory the Trash Heap. The Fraggles decide to evacuate to avoid the coming danger. The crown is returned to Junior Gorg just as his 500th birthday party is winding up. Drumlin, Mizumi's greedy daughter, dies. Mizumi attacks the Gorg Kingdom and Fraggle Rock. Mizumi gets sent back to 59,999,999BC. Moulin, Mizumi's other daughter, becomes Queen of Moraine. Wembley Fraggle starts "telling" the story of this fic. The Muppets decide to drum up business by holding an athletic fair populated ultimately by Fraggles, Sesame Street inhabitants, and the Labyrinth goblins. Toby Williams, Sarah's half-brother, works on a project to help the Gorgs. Tosh and Lou Fraggles get stuck on a magical island temporarily. Jareth and Moulin begin their quest to form the Underground Council. Junior Gorg meets Jareth and Moulin. Skeeter, Scooter's sister, is in charge of the Muppet athletic event in Central Park. Cantus the Minstrel disappears in the magical island as Tosh and Lou return to Fraggle Rock. Sir David Tushingham and Jerome "Doc" Christian search for dinosaur evidence. They discover a video camera left by Robbie Sinclair. Sir David Tushingham discovers a vial of water of Moraine, which teaches them more of what happened to the dinosaurs. Sir David Tushingham dies upon arrival to New Pangaea. The Underground Council try to fend off Mizumi for the last time. Esker, bodyguard of Moraine, dies. Mizumi sends enchanted dinosaurs to defeat the Council, then battles herself. Mizumi is defeated.

    2012AD: Jareth's Labyrinth is renewed, as is his love life. Junior Gorg returns from a neighboring Gorg Kingdom. Jerome "Doc" Christian dies. Robbie Sinclair announces his marriage. Red Fraggle inherits Cantus' Magic Pipe.
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    This has been bugging me...

    This, upon nighttime reflection when I want to go to sleep (I get insomnia, so sue me), is incorrect. Jareth says he's been Goblin King for 1300 years during volume 1 of Return to Labyrinth. RTL takes place 13 years after the movie, which for convenience's sake I place in 1986 since that's the movie release year. Which means, he actually became king in 699AD. Oh well.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Can fix that for you if you wish it so... :coy:
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    If it's no trouble ... :)
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Taken care of. :shifty: *Leaves hot chocolate.
  6. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Sorry to bump this from so long ago, but as Because I'm a Villain might be the last fic of my universe for awhile (if I'm smart), I'd like to add some stuff.

    2003AD: Nicky Holiday gets hired by Doc Hopper to steal from prospective tenants in a real estate scam. Nicky steals Junior Gorg's crown and begins dating Piggy again. Doc Hopper dies and Piggy goes to prison.

    In the 2008 entry: Waldo C. Graphic and Cotterpin Doozer meet and begin dating.

    2009AD: Several Dorm residents are invited to Jareth's castle for a summer party. They try to solve Labyrinth puzzles and end up with their very own crystal balls for future wishes. Pearl Sinclair opens a saloon called Scorched and Snowed in Hensonville.

    In the 2012 entry: Pearl Sinclair gets temporary superpowers and opens a saloon in New Pangaea. Mizumi is temporarily freed from Jareth's control, but she is unceremoniously destroyed by Pearl.


    Also for 2012: Moulin recovers from her injuries and finds Rachel. California started persecuting "alternative lifestyles", forcing Foster to leave his parents, Bobby and Samson. Foster helps Moulin and Piggy and Kermit reconcile. A large wedding without governmnet approval occurs for several characters.

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